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Rossi vs. Blundstone vs. Redback vs. Beckett Simonon: Who Wins the Boots Brand Showdown?

Rossi vs. Blundstone vs. Redback vs. Beckett Simonon: Who Wins the Boots Brand Showdown?

    If you like boots and have researched the boots brands, ,then you’ve probably heard of Ross, Blundstone, Redback and  Beckett Simonon. All four brands make high-quality and durable boots that are worn for work or other activities. However, deciding between these iconic brands can be difficult due to their excellent reputation. So Are Blundstones or Redbacks better? Are Rossi boots comfortable?Are Beckett Simonon worth it? Are Blundstone boots high quality?  Which brand of them is the best? Read on and let’s explore the details and determine which brand stands out as the ultimate choice for all.
  • Rossi Boots Review

Rossi Brand History and Origin

Rossi Boots is an Australian family-inherited business established in 1910 by Arthur and Albert Rossi. The brand began in Adelaide, South Australia, and started as small workshop manufacturing boots for the South Australian Police Force. Rossi Boots has since transformed into a respected brand that gives rise to prime boots for different industries.

The overall quality of Rossi boots is quite high are they’re known to withstand wear for an extended period while still staying comfortable.

It is also worth noting that Rossi deals with the sale of other accessories as well, including footbeds, socks, and belts. As a footwear manufacturer, Rossi produces different boots and you’ll find in their collection boots for men, women, dress boots, outdoor designs, work boots, among other varieties.


Rossi Boots Prices:

Rossi boots typically range in price from $130 to $200. 

The most popular models are the Endura and Endura II, which cost roughly $150. The Safety and Craftsman variants are more expensive, with prices ranging up to $200

Rossi also sells limited edition boots that are more expensive than regular models. 

Rossi Boots Design & Style

Rossi Boots are engineered to handle the diverse Australian landscape, which requires comfortable, durable and quality products. In their history, Rossi have gained a reputation for producing footwear that meets specific high demand industries, notably supplying the Australian Military with boots. Nowadays their footwear range includes boots & shoes; hiking, casual, safety, dress and work.

Rossi boots often have a more purified, formal look, with many styles providing complex stitching and other design attributes.  Rossi brand provide diverse styles, so there are choices to suit an array of tastes and fondness.


Rossi Quality & Material 

Rossi boots are manufactured from first-rate materials, but they are inclined to be made from excellent materials, which can prepare them to be more durable and robust. Rossi boots are typically made from full-grain exclusive kip leather and offer a durable Endura rubber sole. 

Rossi make highly durable footwear with strong leather that will last for years if taken care of correctly. You can’t go wrong with this option in terms of how durable their products are.


Rossi Boots Pros and Cons

  • Air cushion mid-sole

  • Cushioned Innersoles as well

  • Strong leather rear pull tab

  • Minimal stitching means the leather moulds well to your feet and gets more comfortable with wear

  • Heavier in weight due to the rubber in the sole

Where to Buy Rossi Boots Cheapest?



Two Popular Rossi Boots 

 1.Rossi 303 Endura Boot (@$205)


The Rossi 303 Endura is an underrated every-day boot. Made with top materials  -- full grain natural kip leather, an Endura rubber sole that will last you for years, and even a leather tab at the back instead of the usual material ones that wear out over time – these boots will last and last. 

2.Rossi 503 Kidman Boot


Rossi premium Kidman Boot is crafted from a single piece of Australian yearling leather. Featuring an elegant and refined shape on a Goodyear welt and rubber outersole. 

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  • Blundstone Boots Review

Blundstone Brand History and Origin

Blundstone is an Australian brand that originated in 1855 by John and Eliza Blundstone. The couple ventured into a 93-day boat expedition to Tasmania’s capital, Hobart, and commenced a family affair. The company began as a minor business, and the first Blundstone boot was manufactured in 1870. Blundstone boots were originally structured for farming and external activities but have developed as a trend idol since then.Built for rugged terrain, Blundstone boots are generally worn as everyday footwear.They are a highly versatile, all-in-one footwear that you can not only wear with casual clothes but are ideal for rougher use as well.

The company has since come up with backcountry-appropriate models, including insulated winter boots and steel-toed work boots.


Blundstone Boots Prices

Blundstone boots typically cost between $150 and $250. The price varies according to the style, size, and material used in the boot’s production. 

The most popular style is the traditional, which costs roughly $180. Premium leather and safety boots are more expensive, with prices ranging up to $250. 

Blundstone also sells limited edition boots that are more expensive than regular models.

Blundstone Boots Design & Style

The company's best-known product is its line of laceless, elastic-sided, ankle-length boots. At first, it was the original: the chunky, quirky, unlined #500 boot from the brand's Originals Series -  although the boots are colloquially known as "Blunnies" in Australia.  It combined the comfortability of a Chelsea with the durability of an Australian bush boot, a laceless style that deters snags on spiky bushes (hence the name) and doesn't slip on rocky terrain.

There are also many Blundstone designs that can be worn in other situations, not just for work. There are options for walking, hiking, traveling, etc.

International audiences have adjusted to the boot's unique look, and they've become beloved, pillar parts of millions of wardrobes. These bells and whistles include variations both aesthetic and comfort-enhancing.


Blundstone Quality & Material 

Blundstone boots are carefully engineered to offer maximum safety and comfort. The steel toe cap on many of its designs guarantees complete protection against cuts and other intense impacts on the boot.

Many Blundstone work boots have a heat resistance of up to 284°F (140°C). The boots will withstand many strenuous industrial applications, including harsh chemicals.

The XRD technology used in Blundstone boots construction is a thin, lightweight, and highly breathable material for enhanced comfort and shock absorption.

The acid/oil-resistant soles make Blundstone boots more durable in industrial situations. The sole meets the AS 2210.3:2019 slip-resistance standards, making them suited for application on slippery surfaces.These are lightweight and breathable boots that share the brand’s focus on comfort, stability, and cushioning. And they also have in common Blundstone’s main material which is quality leather.


Blundstone Boots Pros and Cons 

  • Backed by Blundstone's Comfort Guarantee

  • Light weight

  • Versatility- they’re stylish enough to wear going out & strong enough for work

  • Cushioned heel pad for increased shock protection

  • Moulds well to your feet and gets more comfortable with wear

  • They have to be worn a few times to break in

  • The sizing of the boots can be different

Where to Buy Blundstone Boots Cheapest?



Two Popular Blundstone Boots 

1.Blundstone 510 Original Chelsea Boot (@$209.95)


Blundstone 510 are casual and workwear boots,based on the Blundstone 500. The tough look and comfort of this shoe are the main features of the Blundstone 510.Popular among outdoor enthusiasts, the boot features a 100% weatherproof leather upper with a full-length cushion footbed for all-day comfort. 

2.Blundstone 585 Classic Chelsea Boot (@$229.95)


Blundstone 585 is a renowned boot admired for its voguish pattern and ease.Made from high-quality leather, this boot is built to last and features a rubber sole for traction and comfort. The sleek design is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re dressing up or down. 



  • Redback Boots Review

Redback Brand History and Origin

Redback boots are heavy-duty footwear trusted by the Australian Defence Force for over two decades. The Cloros-owned family business has been the sole supplier of the famous Redback’s Terra Combat Boots for the Australian Army since 2000.

The company majors in the production of lightweight, tough boots designed for intensive applications in high-risk zones and manufacturing industries.

However, despite the great reputation of Redback boots, the footwear received some tough criticism during its test years with the army. Australian soldiers complained about the limited number of sizes available. Others cited the soles that were not appropriate for tropical climates. Redback reviewed these flaws and took over as the official supplier of Redback boots to the Australian defense force in 2000.


Redback Boots Prices

Women's boots: $182 -$350; men's boots: $170-$299.

Redback Boots Design & Style

Redback boots are made with a keen eye for comfort and stability over long working hours. The boots feature a detailed sole technology and lightweight design, making them extremely comfortable.

 Redback majors in the production of lightweight, tough boots designed for intensive applications in high-risk zones and manufacturing industries. Worn in the Industrial, agricultural, public safety, outdoor and auto industries, Redback's  premium boots are designed for lasting, all-day comfort. They are more suited for work than casual wear as the design looks more industrial.

Redback boots are constructed with 3-piece leather. The pull-on Loops make it easy to slip on and off quickly. Three-layer counter design provides longer lasting lateral stability and heel shape with no rough edges.


Redback Boots Quality & Material 

Redback boots feature top-notch technology, with keen attention to body construction and a well-thought sole design, making them highly comfortable.

The body construction sports full-grain leather, which is 30% thicker than ordinary leather used on regular boots.

The TPU construction technology on the sole makes Redback highly resistant to tough objects and other harsh chemicals. The shock-absorbent heel on the midsole makes the boot more stable and comfortable. The TPU soles are highly slide-resistant, thanks to the multi-directional lug design that makes them suited for use on many surfaces.

The anatomic sole support minimizes arch sagging, which may cause foot strain and fatigue.


Redback Boots Pros and Cons 

  • 100% full-grain leather

  • Fully Australian Made

  • Light weight

  • Air cushioned sole is like walking on a cloud

  • The 3-piece leather formation makes these boots comfortable from first wear

  • Deep tread gives premium slip resistance

  • More suited for work than casual wear as the design looks more industrial

Where to Buy Redback Boots Cheapest?



Two Popular Beckett Simonon Boots 

1.Redback Boots Great Barrier (@$195)


The six-inch Chelsea boot uses elastic panels that are angled to increase the conformity of the lightly-oiled leather uppers. Underfoot, the transparent molded polyurethane sole adds a unique style we’ve not seen before, as well as loads of grip that resist oil and acid.

2.Redback Easy Escape Boots (@$185)


 The Classic Easy Escape 6’’ work boots feature a fatigue fighting Anatomic Support System , rigorously tested Full Grain leather and superior oil/acid slip resistant TPU soles that ensure maximum traction on any terrain.  

  • Beckett Simonon Boots Review

Beckett Simonon Brand History and Origin

Beckett Simonon isn’t your usual boot company. Crafted in Bogota, Colombia, their business model is making fine leather products under fair conditions of their employees, facilities, materials and construction. Their practice isn’t just marketing speak: they recently earned their B corporation badge, an enormously difficult to acquire certification that denotes a companywide commitment to standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

A big part of their low environmental impact is also what makes their footwear so inexpensive: each boot is made under a batch process, where they open orders for a month and deliver them straight from their factory in a 8-10 week period. This saves on storage space and labor, and so long as you have the patience, they can make an affordable, high quality product that’s sold direct to consumer. 


Beckett Simonon Boots Prices

Beckett Simonon  boots cost between $239-$299. Sales and coupons for purchasing multiple pairs of shoes can bring these costs down lower.

Beckett Simonon Boots Design & Style

While the Goodyear welt ranks up with ‘Made in Italy’ or ‘premium quality’ in the lexicon of buzzwords, Beckett Simonon currently utilizes a Blake stitch on all of their dress shoes and boots.

A Blake stitch is a process by which the leather upper is folded under the insole, and then sewn directly onto the sole of the shoe using a single thread. This produces a lighter, more streamlined shoe than a traditional Goodyear welt.

While welted shoes are more time and labor intensive to produce, they aren’t necessarily better quality than a Blake stitched one. While Beckett Simonon would prefer a welted boot, stitching makes for an elegant and streamlined dress shoe. Either of these are far better options than glued shoes, though.


Beckett Simonon Boots Quality & Material

Beckett Simonon shoes – which are hand-made one at a time – feature Blake construction, and the outer sole is fully re-solable. 

Blake welting, or Blake stitching, is a method of connecting the upper, insole and outsole together via a single stitch on the inside of the shoe. Blake welting allows shoes to be more flexible and narrow, since the stitch is on the inside of the shoe, and allows the outsole to be resoled when needed.

They also feature full grain calf leather upper and full grain leather lining – full grain leather being the most expensive and aesthetically-pleasing kind of leather – as well as sturdy and re-soleable leather soles and extra durable rubber heels.

Beckett Simonon makes their boots and shoes to order, so they can take several weeks, and even up to 3 months to arrive, but the wait is worth it. They offer incredible value for your money—especially because of their leather quality.


Beckett Simonon Boots Pros and Cons 

  • Superb value

  • A firm and soft-to-the-touch tempered leather

  • An surprisingly durable leather outsole

  • The footbed molds nicely to the foot, despite there being no filling

  • The last is supportive, spacious, and comfy

  • Not water resistant

  • They take a couple of months to be made and sent to you

  • There’s some loose grain on one boot, meaning the leather is inconsistent

Where to Buy Beckett Simonon Boots Cheapest?


  2. to 4.6% cashback

Two Popular Beckett Simonon Boots 

1.Beckett Simonon Dowler Boots (@$259)


The boot has a really versatile look and it really is easy to dress down with a t-shirt and jeans or dress up with chinos and a button down. 

You can’t wear them with a suit, but the sleek silhouette gives them a refined air and snug, secure fit. It’s not as much a dress boot/work boot hybrid as other modern, direct-to-consumer brands like Parkhurst, Thursday or Taft — the toe cap is too bulbous — but it’s nonetheless an extraordinarily versatile shoe.

2.Beckett Simonon Gallagher Boot (@$259)


The Gallagher is an understated moc toe, something akin to Thursday’s Diplomat, albeit much dressier. The boot really reminds me more of an apron-style, a much sleeker design that can be dressed up easily - a rare quality in a moc toe.

The boot displays few panels, tight stitching all around the upper ,and absolutely no flaws when they came out the box.

  • Conclusion: What is the Best Boots Brand for You?

You may not tell the difference between Rossi, Blundstone ,Redback and Beckett Simonon boots at a glance in most of their designs. Other outstanding qualities shared by these two giant Australian brands include:

-Quality leather construction;

-Lightweight footwear;

-Focus on comfort;

-Great sole design with outstanding ankle support;

-Water-resistant / waterproof capabilities.

Choosing between these four great companies is obviously a tough decision. Ultimately, your decision should be based on personal preferences and specific requirements, considering factors such as design aesthetics, intended use, fit, and comfort.


Rossi boots are perfect suitable for hiking. They’re made of high-quality leather and have a tough sole that offers great traction on a variety of surfaces. 

Rossi boots are also waterproof, which is essential for hiking in wet weather. They are also comfy and give decent foot support, which is vital for hiking across rugged terrain.


Blundstone boots are well-known for their comfort and adaptability, making them ideal for hiking. They’re made of high-quality leather and have a slip-resistant sole, so they’re perfect for rocky terrain. 

Blundstone boots are also lightweight, which is helpful while hiking for long distances. They are also simple to put on and take off, which is useful when you need to take a break and rest your feet.


Redback boots are known for being great work boots that are long-lasting and comfortable. Air-cushion midsole is the main pros of the Redback product. 

The Cushioned Innersoles and Strong leather rear pull tab are attractive features of the Redback brand. Right out of the box Redbacks are more flexible and can fit your feet much easier. Redback boots are much lighter than Blundstones.

Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon is an excellent brand for you if you’re looking for a top quality pair of shoes or boots and you’re on a budget. 

Across the board, Beckett Simonon's sizing is absolutely spot-on, which is tough to do for any shoe company. I also have to commend them for their superior construction methods and materials, which are felt in the comfort of their insoles and through their longevity while in use. 

Ultimately, choosing between the four depends on individual preferences and needs. 

-If you don’t mind a heavier, more sturdy boot, choose Rossi boots, because durability and support are two of the main things you’re looking for in a boot

-If you focused on work boots, choose the Redback boots, which puts its focus on the sole design for enhanced comfort, making the boots the best for a long day of work.

-If you want a more stylish boot that’s lightweight and comfortable, get the Blundstone boots, which with the less ankle support is fine with you

-If sleek design, flexible construction, and sustainable sourcing matter more, Beckett Simonon could be the brand for you.

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