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Thursday Boots vs. Red Wing vs. Beckett Simonon vs. Tecovas: Who Wins the Boots Brand Showdown?

Thursday Boots vs. Red Wing vs. Beckett Simonon vs. Tecovas: Who Wins the Boots Brand Showdown?

    • In daily life,some people need boots that focus on functionality and durability, while others solely choose them for style. Not to mention that when searching for the top boot brands, you’re bound to come across many different companies and options. With so many boot brands on the market, it can be easy to overlook the towering icons of the industry. Some such icons just like Thursday Boots, Red Wing, Beckett Simonon and Tecovas, which get compared frequently. So Which brand is best for boots? What boots are comparable to Thursday or Red Wing? Are Thursday boots comfortable? Are Beckett Simonon worth it? Are Tecova boots high quality? If you’re wondering which brand is the best, this article will tell you everything you need to know before picking one over the other for your next pair of boots or shoes.
  • Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots Brand History and Origin

Thursday Boot Co. is a New-York based company that started in 2014. And they’ve come a long way since then, selling various styles of men’s and women’s boots and other accessories too. They’re now available in all 50 states and 60 countries around the world.

The co-founders of Thursday Boot Co., Conner Wilson and Nolan Walsh, started the company because they wanted to bridge the gap between work boots and fashion boots, without the crazy price tag that’s usually associated with them.

They found work boots to be too clunky and not very versatile for wearing outside of work, and many fashionable boots to not be durable or comfortable enough for long-term wear. They also found most boots to either be too expensive or bad quality for a cheaper price, there was no in-between.

So they decided to create Thursday Boot Co., which finds that balance between comfort, durability, versatility, and honestly priced shoes. The company is big on functional fashion and offering shoes that won’t break the bank but also won’t fall apart quickly.


Thursday Boots Prices

Many of Thursday Boot Company’s boots range from $150 to $300, which is a decent price for a quality pair of boots.

When comparing Thursday Boots vs. Red Wing, the similar price points might make it even harder to decide.That being said, Thurdsday Boots are slightly more affordable than Red Wing.

Thursday Boots Design & Style

From classics like the Chelsea and Chukkah to lace-ups and Western styles, Thursday has a good-looking selection of leather boots for all occasions.

Since the leather may be thinner than it is on other brands of leather boots, you might find yours to be lighter in weight and more flexible. Both of these elements equate to a more comfortable wear.

Thursday took care when designing their boots, choosing features like these to ensure your feet are happy all day:

  • Cork-bed midsoles that form to your feet

  • Flexible elastic goring

  • Fully-lined glove leather interior

  • Shock absorbing insoles

And Thursday Boots are water-resistant and will keep your feet dry when it’s raining. Whether you choose suede or one of the brand’s other high-quality leathers, your feet will thank you when it’s wet out. 


Thursday Boots Quality & Material

Thursday Boots are made from high-quality leather sourced from reputable tanneries around the world. The specific materials used may vary depending on the boot style, but common types of leather used in Thursday Boots include:

  • Chromexcel leather from Horween Leather Company in Chicago

  • Roughout leather from CF Stead in Leeds, England

  • Suede leather from Charles F. Stead Tannery in Leeds, England

  • Nubuck leather from Du Puy in France

In addition to leather, Thursday Boots also incorporate other materials such as rubber for the outsole, cork for the footbed, and steel for the shank.


Thursday Boots Durability

Thursday boots are also long-lasting, but not as much as Red Wing boots. For a longer lifespan, Thursday boots require adequate attention and upkeep. A pair of Thursday boots last about 2-3 years on average.

Thursday Boots Reviews

  • They offer a variety of boots and shoes for both men and women, as well as accessories 

  • Their website is well-organized and contains a thorough FAQ page 

  • Each product has a detailed description, personal sizing methods, and images for reference

  • Their website includes plenty of product reviews for would-be customers to consult

  • They take pride in honesty and high-quality, lasting shoes, so customers will know they are making a smart purchase

  • No discounts or promotions, as they use a direct-to-consumer approach

  • Thursday Boots only has two physical locations, and both are in New York

Where to Buy Thursday Boots Cheapest?

Two Popular Thursday Boots 

1.Thursday Boots Captain (@$199)


The Captain pairs well with any fall outfit and has a clean finish, made with premium leather designed to age beautifully with wear. The slight heel and cap-toe of the Captain add a little height to your walk, and the laces ensure a snug fit.

Goodyear Welt Construction makes them water resistant, so they can be worn in any season. Cork-bed midsoles and a fully lined glove leather interior make the Captain comfortable all day long.

2.Thursday Boots President (@$199)


The President boot is very similar to the Captain, with only subtle exterior differences. The President, like the Captain, is Goodyear water-resistant with its durable rubber outsoles.

These boots also have a cork heel designed with comfort in mind. They’re more rugged looking than the Captains, and they’re designed so that the leather ages aesthetically. 

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  • Red Wing Boots

Red Wing Brand History and Origin

Red Wing Shoes (Red Wing Shoe Company, LLC) is an American footwear company based in Red Wing, Minnesota that was founded by Charles H. Beckman in 1905.

Within 10 years of its inception, Red Wing Shoes was producing more than 200,000 pairs of boots per year and was the primary company manufacturing footwear for American soldiers fighting in World War I. Red Wing Shoes continued its tradition of producing footwear for wartime use by manufacturing boots for American soldiers during World War II.

Though Red Wing Shoes is known primarily for their leather boots intended for heavy work,in recent years the company has expanded its line-up to include athletic-styled, work shoes and footwear designed for specific job applications such as slip-resistant shoes designed for the service industry and boots for the mining industry that utilize a metatarsal guard.

The company produces Oxfords, chukkas, hiking boots, and logger styles, as well as 6-inch and 8-8 1/2 inch work boots.[citation needed] While the core of Red Wing's focus is on work boots, in 2008 Red Wing Shoes added a Heritage catalog and also has experimented with more fashion-oriented shoes.


Red Wing Boots Prices

 A lot of their footwear ranges from $250 to $350, but they also come with many more features in comparison and offer extra protection.

This price range can be expected across any of their collections, but many of their die-hard customers feel they’re worth the cost (especially for those who work in harsh conditions).

Red Wing Boots Design & Style

Known for their reliable work boots, Red Wing’s main focus is for added protection on the job site rather than everyday wardrobe staples.

Still, you can find many different designs, each of which comes with a construction quality that helps defend your feet against harsh working conditions.

If you’d rather stick to something that’s more stylish, don’t hesitate to look at their heritage collection, which takes a more casual approach while still being protective. 

No matter which route you take with their catalog, all of their boots are made with upstanding quality.


Red Wing Boots Quality & Material 

Red Wing is also widely known for the quality of its products.

Although they may have many stylish designs, they are well-known for their craftsmanship and for creating durable boots that last for years (and in some cases, decades).

Their boots are made to take a beating, stocked with various protective features such as waterproofing, protection from electrical hazards, steel toe, and more.

They also offer a mix of outsoles including Wedge soles and a variety of Vibram soles, ranging from the Mini-lug 430 to the Montagna 100 lug commando sole.The premium materials, construction and the labour more than justify the price-tag.

If you spend your time in potentially dangerous working conditions, Red Wing’s are definitely the better solution compared to Thursday Boots.


Red Wing Boots Durability

The combination of thick rubber outsole, leather footbed, and leather upper make the Red Wing a high-performance boot.

A pair of Red Wing boots will last for at least a decade. However, in order for Red Wing to survive as long as possible, they must be cleaned and cared for on a regular basis.

Red Wing boots that are well-maintained can last up to two decades.

Red Wing Boots Reviews

  • Made in the USA

  • Interesting leather options that age and patina beautifully

  • Durable and can hang with work, riding, or just as a style boot

  • All Red Wing’s leather options are durable, easy to care for, and age wonderfully.

  • The lacing system isn’t made as good as it could be. 

  • Very little shock absorption

  • The Red Wing boots are a little heavier than normal work boots, but that’s to be expected given the industry. 

Where to Buy Red Wing Boots Cheapest?

Two Popular Red Wing  Boots 

1.Red Wing Iron Ranger 8111 (@$349.99)


As part of Red Wing’s Heritage line, very little has changed about the about the Iron Ranger in the last few decades. It’s firmly a casual boot, particularly with its shiny nickel eyelets part and signature round, bulbous toecap.

The boot is pretty ubiquitous, and this is often the first boot a guy spends money on.The leather is thick and oil tanned, and the sole is a Vibram mini lug, attached to the upper with a 270-degree Goodyear welt.

2.Red Wing Classic 6-Inch Moc-Toe (@$319.99)


The classic moc-toe has gained a lot of popularity over the years in part because of the Goodyear construction and also, the contrasting sole with Traction Tred. 

This boot was created using Red Wing’s No. 23 last. This was developed in the 1950s and is arguably one of the most popular last styles.

  • Beckett Simonon Boots

Beckett Simonon Brand History and Origin

Beckett Simonon isn’t your usual boot company. Crafted in Bogota, Colombia, their business model is making fine leather products under fair conditions of their employees, facilities, materials and construction. Their practice isn’t just marketing speak: they recently earned their B corporation badge, an enormously difficult to acquire certification that denotes a companywide commitment to standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

A big part of their low environmental impact is also what makes their footwear so inexpensive: each boot is made under a batch process, where they open orders for a month and deliver them straight from their factory in a 8-10 week period. This saves on storage space and labor, and so long as you have the patience, they can make an affordable, high quality product that’s sold direct to consumer. 

Beginning in the early 2010s, this small leather goods manufacturer has evolved to feature a full range of reasonably priced dress shoes, loafers, boots, sneakers, and bags.


Beckett Simonon Boots Prices

Beckett Simonon  boots cost between $239-$299. Sales and coupons for purchasing multiple pairs of shoes can bring these costs down lower.

Beckett Simonon Boots Design & Style

While the Goodyear welt ranks up with ‘Made in Italy’ or ‘premium quality’ in the lexicon of buzzwords, Beckett Simonon currently utilizes a Blake stitch on all of their dress shoes and boots.

A Blake stitch is a process by which the leather upper is folded under the insole, and then sewn directly onto the sole of the shoe using a single thread. This produces a lighter, more streamlined shoe than a traditional Goodyear welt.

While welted shoes are more time and labor intensive to produce, they aren’t necessarily better quality than a Blake stitched one. While Beckett Simonon would prefer a welted boot, stitching makes for an elegant and streamlined dress shoe. Either of these are far better options than glued shoes, though.


Beckett Simonon Boots Quality & Material 

The shoes – which are hand-made one at a time – feature Blake construction, and the outer sole is fully re-solable. 

Blake welting, or Blake stitching, is a method of connecting the upper, insole and outsole together via a single stitch on the inside of the shoe. Blake welting allows shoes to be more flexible and narrow, since the stitch is on the inside of the shoe, and allows the outsole to be resoled when needed.

They also feature full grain calf leather upper and full grain leather lining – full grain leather being the most expensive and aesthetically-pleasing kind of leather – as well as sturdy and re-soleable leather soles and extra durable rubber heels.


Beckett Simonon Boots Durability

Beckett Simonon makes their boots and shoes to order, so they can take several weeks, and even up to 3 months to arrive, but the wait is worth it. They offer incredible value for your money—especially because of their leather quality.

Beckett Simonon Boots Reviews

  • Beckett Simonon uses some of the best leather I’ve seen in sub-$300 boots and shoes

  • All their boots and shoes feature Blake stitch construction, which is fully recraftable, flexible, and lightweight

  • They offer free shipping and returns in the US

  • Beckett Simonon offers many leather colors and sizing options for their collections

  • The wait time can be anywhere from 4-12 weeks, which is a deal breaker if you need your shoes soon for an event. 

Where to Buy Beckett Simonon Boots Cheapest?

Two Popular Beckett Simonon Boots 

1.Beckett Simonon Gallagher Boot (@$259)


The Gallagher is an understated moc toe, something akin to Thursday’s Diplomat, albeit much dressier. The boot really reminds me more of an apron-style, a much sleeker design that can be dressed up easily - a rare quality in a moc toe.

The boot displays few panels, tight stitching all around the upper ,and absolutely no flaws when they came out the box.

2.Beckett Simonon Elliot Balmoral Boot (@$259)


Originally designed in the 1800s for Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert as an indoor/outdoor walking shoe, Balmoral Boots have always pushed the boundaries of fashion. One subtle row of hand-punched broguing adorns the toe-cap for a casual touch. 

The Elliot Balmoral Boot’s svelte profile is pleasing to the eye, and the cozy interior will have you walking in a world of comfort. Not clunky, chunky, or chintzy they always turn heads worn with formal attire or casual duds.

  • Tecovas Boots

Tecovas Brand History and Origin

Tecovas was founded by Paul Hedrick in 2015. Though the brand is relatively new, its mission is to provide timeless cowboy boots handcrafted from materials that are meant to last decades—and remain stylish for just as long. Favoring more understated designs with longevity in mind, Tecovas boots are meticulously made by hand in Léon, Mexico in a process that requires over 200 steps. Every boot is crafted with top-quality materials under the expert eyes and hands of Tecovas’ team of artisans.

The brand offers a limited range of cowboy boots in both men's and women's sizes, but almost every style is available in a variety of colorways and materials, from bovine to suede. Tecovas also creates their boots in multiple lengths, with the shortest being an ankle-height mule and the tallest a knee-high boot. 

There’s enough variation in their offerings to have options that meet every shopper’s liking. In addition to cowboy boots, Tecovas also sells apparel, bags, and accessories, though they were not included in this test.


Tecovas Boots Prices

 Tecovas boots start at $235, the more exotic the materials the boots are made of, the more expensive you can expect the price tag to be.

The brand sells direct-to-consumer so that you aren’t faced with the outrageous marked-up prices you’ll find at other retailers.

Tecovas Boots Design & Style

Tecovas offers a few different combinations of boot designs, but in essence, it breaks down to a combination of round or square toe, and short or tall heel (a few more variations include a wedge sole, zipper shaft, and Chelsea.) From there, each style is defined by a combination of design features and a different hide. 

While Tecovas currently offers 11 cowboy boot styles for women, there are over 40 variations to choose from, thanks to the many colorways and materials available in each design. The Annie boot alone is available in 7 different variations, from black bovine to cornflower blue suede.

While the Annie boot features a classic and understated stitched design, other boots, such as the Jolene, feature more intricate patterns and cutouts for a bolder look.


Tecovas Boots Quality & Material 

Tecovas boots are made with high-quality materials that are designed to be durable and comfortable. Here are some of the materials commonly used in Tecovas boots:

  • Full-grain leather: Tecovas boots are made with full-grain leather, which is the highest quality and most durable type of leather. Full-grain leather is made from the top layer of the cowhide and retains the natural grain and texture of the hide, giving the boots a rich, natural look and feel.

  • Cowhide lining: The interior of Tecovas boots is lined with soft, supple cowhide leather, which provides a comfortable fit and helps the boots conform to the wearer’s feet over time.

  • Leather outsole: Tecovas boots feature a leather outsole, which is durable and provides good traction. The leather outsole is also more breathable than synthetic materials, helping to keep the feet cool and dry.

  • Cushioned insole: Tecovas boots come with a cushioned insole that provides additional comfort and support. The insole is designed to conform to the shape of the foot, providing a customized fit.

  • Steel shank: Tecovas boots feature a steel shank in the midsole, which provides additional support and stability. The steel shank helps to distribute weight evenly across the foot, reducing foot fatigue and improving comfort.

Overall, Tecovas boots are made with high-quality materials that are designed to be durable and comfortable. The use of full-grain leather and cowhide lining provides a soft, supple feel, while the leather outsole and steel shank provide support and stability. The cushioned insole adds an extra layer of comfort, making Tecovas boots a popular choice for western wear enthusiasts.


Tecovas Boots Durability

A sturdy heel and sole design goes a long way towards the longevity of your boots. Tecovas uses ¾ Goodyear welt construction and various stacked heel designs. Take a close look, too, at the variety offered. You’ll find wedge roper boots, studded ostrich boots and a plain-toe Chelsea boot, for instance.

Tecovas Boots Reviews

  • Traditional construction method results in a classic Western-style boot, rather than a hybrid

  • Virtually no break-in period

  • A wide variety of exotic hides are available (though at a premium)

  • The shorter ‘roper’ style heel is a little less dramatic than on a normal cowboy boot

  • Available in half sizes in wide widths

  • Tecovas boots are priced competitively compared to other high-end western boot brands, making them accessible to a wider range of customers.

  • Tecovas boots are only available for purchase online or at their retail stores, which may be a drawback for customers who prefer to try on boots before buying.

  • While Tecovas offers a range of styles, colors, and finishes, some customers may find the selection to be limited compared to other western boot brands.

  • Some customers have reported issues with sizing, including boots running too narrow or too wide for their feet.

Where to Buy Tecovas Boots Cheapest?

Two Popular Tecovas Boots 

1.Tecovas' Earl Roper Boot (@$265)


The bestseller from the most talked about Western boot brand, the Earl has a subtle, casual style that can be worn anywhere.

Designed to be both practical and stylish, it features a heel shorter than that of a traditional cowboy boot. The vamp is left unadorned in order to showcase the ultra-soft, hand-burnished calfskin, bovine, or goat leather.

2.Tecovas Cartwright Boot (@$275)


The Cartwright is one of Tecovas’ original boots: they launched with two men’s and two women’s boots. 

It’s a standard 12” cowboy boot with decorative stitching in the toe and leather piping in the shaft. The Cartwright uses traditional boot-making methods and materials, so it has a half Goodyear welt and a leather sole. 

Thursday Boots vs. Red Wing vs. Beckett Simonon vs. Tecovas Specifications Comparison

Thursday Boots

Red Wing 

Beckett Simonon


UpperThursday proprietary Chrome, Rugged & Resilient, or WeatherSafe suedeS.B. Foot Tanning Companytalian full grain calfskinLeather uppers 
SoleLeather insole, DuraEVA comfort stripLeather insole, cork fillingBlake stitch constructionCushioned insole
OutsoleCustom, Rubber StuddedVibram Rubber/Leather outsole
ConstructionGoodyear weltUSA with traditional construction techniquesBlake stitch Handmade construction
Shipping2-5 daysOrders ship within 48 hours. 4-12 weeks 2-6 business days 
WarrantyFree 30-day returns12-month warranty and free 30 day returnsFree 60-day returnsReturns and exchanges are 100% free  within 30 

Conclusion: Which's the Best Boots Brand for You?

All Thursday Boots ,Red Wing, Beckett Simonon and Tecovas boots have benefits and drawbacks that make them experts in their respective fields.So, what’s your take on this topic? Which brand do you believe is the best?

  • Thursday Boots 

Thursday Boots are marketed towards men and women who are looking for high-quality, stylish, and durable footwear for a variety of occasions, including work, casual wear, and outdoor activities.

They offer a wide range of styles, from classic dress boots to more rugged, workwear-inspired designs, with a focus on using high-quality materials and construction techniques.

Their products are designed to appeal to fashion-conscious consumers who are also looking for practicality and functionality in their footwear.

Thursday has the greatest variety of styles, and they’re much better about keeping consistent stock on their site. If you’re shopping online, it’s a much easier process with Thursday Boot Company. 

Who is Thursday Boots for?

If you have a more slimmed down contemporary style, Thursday Boot Company has better options for you. Plus, Thursday puts out a lot of different boot styles so it’s easy to pick up multiple pairs. 

  • Red Wing

Red Wing boots are iconic: the Iron Ranger and Classic Moc Toe are excellent boots. If you’re looking to try some boots on in person, you’ll have a much easier time finding a Red Wing store to go get your fit in person.

Red Wings have more room in the toes, but that also makes them much bulkier. If your style is more traditionally rugged, then this bulkier look is ideal. 

Who is Red Wing boots  for?

If you want a heavy, chunky, outdoorsy, old world workboot, Red Wing is for you. A lot of guys like boots because they want to wear the kind of clothes their grandpa wore, and Red Wing is unabashedly old fashioned.

  • Beckett Simonon

Across the board, Beckett Simonon's sizing is absolutely spot-on, which is tough to do for any shoe company. I also have to commend them for their superior construction methods and materials, which are felt in the comfort of their insoles and through their longevity while in use. 

If there’s a single downside to ordering from Beckett Simonon, it’s that in most cases, you’ll be waiting on your shipment of shoes. This is the tradeoff in the battle between time and money. It’s often that the shipment of shoes will take at least a couple of months to actually get to you. But for a handmade pair of shoes for this quality, I say it’s well worth your time. 

Who is Beckett Simonon for?

Beckett Simonon is an excellent brand for you if you’re looking for a top quality pair of shoes or boots and you’re on a budget. You also must be willing to endure the waiting period, so if you’re ok waiting a few months before your new boots arrive, you’ll be pleased with Beckett Simonon when they arrive.

  • Tecovas

If you’re looking for high-quality cowboy boots that are both stylish and durable, Tecovas is definitely worth considering. The brand offers a wide range of boots, from traditional Western styles to more modern designs, all of which are crafted from premium materials and built to last.

One of the standout features of Tecovas boots is their ¾ Goodyear welt construction, which provides excellent support and stability while also allowing for easy resoling when necessary. Additionally, many of their boots feature Vibram soles, which are known for their superior traction and durability.

Who is Tecovas boots for?

If you love the cowboy lifestyle or live in Texas, you should get the brand. If you need work boots too that allow you to vibe the western spirit then buy Tecovas. For those looking for a beautiful, high-quality, handcrafted cowboy boot, Tecovas’ Annie boots are absolutely worth the hefty price tag. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, choosing between the two depends on individual preferences and needs. 

  • If rugged utility and innovation are crucial, Thursday Boots might be the choice. 

  • If you want a heavy, chunky, outdoorsy, old world workboot, Red Wing is for you.

  • If sleek design, flexible construction, and sustainable sourcing matter more, Beckett Simonon could be the brand for you.

  • If you’re looking for a high-end pair of cowboy boots that will last for years and look great doing it, Tecovas is definitely worth considering.

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