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Orthofeet vs. Vionic vs. OOFOS vs. Birkenstock: Who Makes the Most Comfortable Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

Orthofeet vs. Vionic vs. OOFOS vs. Birkenstock: Who Makes the Most Comfortable Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

    • Living with Plantar Fasciitis can be bothersome, but you can enhance your quality of life by mitigating the pain through the use of well-crafted, supportive footwear. And today We have curated the four most popular shoe brands specifically designed to alleviate this pain - Orthofeet, Vionic, OOFOS and  Birkenstock. But when it comes to style, features, and design, ALL four recovery sandals/slides  have different highs and lows. So which one is right for you? Which is more comfortable Orthofeet or Vionic? Are OOFOS shoes better than Birkenstock? Is orthofeet and Vionic the same? What is the difference between Vionic and Birkenstocks? In this comparison guide, we are going to discuss these questions from design, price, quality of these brands.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia, causing heel and arch pain. It is often caused by overuse or excessive stretching of the tissue, worsened by factors like flat feet, unsupportive shoes, tight calf muscles, and high-impact activities. 

Common symptoms include morning pain and stiffness, worsened pain with activity, and a tight feeling in the foot. If left untreated, it can lead to arch pain and the development of Heel Spurs. Seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and early intervention to prevent worsening of the condition.


Orthofeet vs. Vionic vs. OOFOS vs. Birkenstock Overviews

1.Orthofeet Review

Orthofeet Brand History and Origin 

Orthofeet, Inc. was founded in 1984 by the Bar brothers, Aharon, a PhD in biomedical engineering, and Michael, a mechanical engineer.During the first 15 years of its operation, Orthofeet developed and manufactured innovative orthotics that have been sold primarily to the orthopedic market.

Its patented custom-made orthotics are based on expandable foam, which molds directly to the foot, thus eliminating the step of taking a cast of the foot, and allowing instant fabrication on site. Orthofeet’s unique off-the-shelf orthotics are designed with a special moldable construction, which allows dynamic shaping to the contours of the foot for enhanced comfort and performance.

In 2000, Orthofeet introduced the Orthotics Shoe, a high-end line of depth shoes that combines attractive styling with innovative comfort features. Orthofeet has realized that it can substantially improve the shoe’s performance by adding a functional support to the bottom of the foot, a crucial feature, which was lacking in most shoes, including high-end comfort shoes. Using its expertise in foot biomechanics and orthotics design, Orthofeet has integrated in all of its shoes a customized orthotic, which provides precise support along with excellent cushioning. The combination of the orthotic support and the shoe’s other unique comfort features, such as relaxed fitting last, ergonomic sole, and soft padded lining, has resulted in an exceptional wearing experience and unsurpassed comfort.


Orthofeet Shoes Prices

Orthofeet Shoes prices range from $140 to $160, depending on the design and model., and some clearance shoes low to $99.95.

Design & Style

Orthofeet focuses on creating shoes with a therapeutic and functional design to address specific foot conditions and provide pain relief. The shoes often feature extra-depth design, adjustable features, and soft interior linings to accommodate various foot issues.

Some key features of Orthofeet shoes include extra-depth design to accommodate orthotic inserts and swollen feet, soft interior linings to minimize friction and enhance comfort, and a lightweight construction for reduced fatigue. 

One thing we love about the Orthofeet website is the ability to filter by common foot conditions like achilles tendon, back pain, bunions, diabetes, overpronation, heel spurs, and much more. 

What’s more, Orthofeet also sells orthotic inserts, which can be used with the brand’s footwear or inserted into other compatible shoes. These inserts are designed to provide arch support, cushioning, and shock absorption for added comfort and foot stability.


Quality (Technology & Comfort)

Orthofeet utilizes an Ortho-Cushioning system with cushioned insoles, contoured orthotic arch support, and ergonomic soles. The brand's focus is on providing cushioning, shock absorption, and support to alleviate foot pain and enhance comfort.

The designs strike a combination of superior cushioning, arch support, and anatomical shape to enhance stability, alleviate pressure points, and promote proper foot alignment. 

Orthofeet shoes come in many different styles, including sandals, slippers, and boots for both men and women, and you can try them risk-free with Orthofeet’s 60-day Wear Test.


Orthofeet Shoes Pros and Cons

  • Very comfortable

  • Good support

  • Well-cushioned sole

  • Good value

  • Variety of styles

  • Runs a bit short

Where to Buy Orthofeet Shoes Cheapest?

Two Popular Orthofeet Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

1.Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit (@$119.95)


This sneaker is a great choice for people with bunions, swollen feet, or hammertoes. We've even included it in our roundup of the best orthopedic shoes.

The stretchy knitted upper helps these shoes mold to your specific shape—and the arch support is actually customizable. Simply slide a plastic arch booster under the orthopedic insole for a little extra arch support, along with two insole spacers to help you find your perfect fit.

2.Orthofeet Gemini (@$104.95)


Men with back pain will love this casual shoe you can wear just about anywhere. Its cushioned sole, rocker design, and premium orthotic insoles offer anatomical arch support that realign the foot the posture of your body.

The shoe’s soft, padded fabric interior is breathable and lightweight, while the soft leather upper moves comfortably with your foot.

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2.Vionic Review

Vionic Brand History and Origin 

Vionic Shoes produces stylish-driven, supportive footwear for men and women that deliver the brand’s signature Three-Zone Comfort for all-day wear.It was founded in 1979 by Phillip Vasyli, a veteran Australian podiatrist who desired to create a low-cost method of relieving pain for the many people who suffer from common orthotic ailments.

His invention of heat-moldable insoles was the inspiration for the brand’s product line, which balances Three-Zone Comfort stability, cushioning and “ultimate arch support,” with style.

The signature contoured design of Vionic shoes and sandals provides maximum support for the heel, arch, and ball of the foot, distributing weight evenly and offering relief for a range of common orthopedic conditions, such as plantar fasciitis.


Vionic Shoes Prices

All Vionic shoes are under $200, with sandals around $70, sneakers around $120, and boots around $170. 

Design & Style

Vionic is a brand of footwear and orthotic inserts known for its innovative and stylish designs. Vionic offers a variety of shoes for both men and women, including sandals, flats, sneakers, loafers, boots, and slippers.

These shoes are designed to provide comfort and alleviate common foot-related issues such as plantar fasciitis, overpronation, and heel pain.

What sets Vionic apart is the brand's incorporation of biomechanical technology into its footwear. The patented orthotic support system called Orthaheel Technology or Vio-Motion Support provides stability, proper alignment, and cushioning.


Quality (Technology & Comfort)

Vionic employs Orthaheel Technology, a biomechanical orthotic system that aims to provide stability, proper alignment, and cushioning to the feet. Vionic's orthotic technology promotes natural foot alignment and provides arche support. Vionic addresses similar foot conditions to Orthofeet, with emphasis on specific conditions such as overpronation, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain.

When it comes to shoes for support and comfort, Vionic is a go-to recommendation from podiatrists. In fact, the brand works with podiatrists to formulate its designs.

Vionic Shoes are made with high-quality, durable leather. This material provides strength, flexibility, and long-lasting wear.And Vionic insoles and sandals often feature EVA, a flexible material known for its supportive and shock-absorbing properties. EVA provides cushioning and helps distribute weight, reducing the impact on the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.


Vionic Shoes Pros and Cons

  • Comfort and Support

  • Orthotic Technology

  • Pain Relief

  • Stylish Designs

  • Positive Customer Reviews

  • Some customers have experienced fit problems with Vionic Shoes.

Where to Buy Vionic Sandals Cheapest?

Two Popular Vionic Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

1.Vionic Bella Toe Post Sandal (@$79.95)


Sandals aren’t always synonymous with comfort or support, but this pick is Vionic's best-selling flip flop for a reason. The supportive, ergonomic design hugs your foot to give you support all day long.

The lightweight midsole provides shock absorption and the footbed is made with microfiber to keep your feet in place.

2.Vionic Miles II Sneaker(@$109.95)


This shoe is the next-gen edition of Vionic’s best-selling Miles active sneaker, which we called out round-up for the best orthopedic shoes.

The Miles II is a lightweight sneaker offering arch support and extra cushion. It features a removable midsole and an outsole made from a durable rubber.

3.OOFOS Review

OOFOS Brand History and Origin 

OOFOS is a unique brand of footwear that can truly make your hard-working feet and body feel better. Founders of OOFOS saw the need to design footwear that can absorb shock during a workout, athletic sport, or ease the feet on hard surfaces. They researched tirelessly to get a unique material that can be a perfect fit for this need of absorption different from the common footwear in stores.

OOFOS was incorporated in 2010 and sold its first pair in 2011. This makes OOFOS the original recovery footwear brand. The experience and knowledge of the founders, Lou Panaccione, Paul Brown, Juan Diaz, and Steve Liggett, in the footwear industry combined with their interest to make footwear feel better, makes OOFOS a much better choice for your health and fitness.


OOFOS Shoes Prices

Women's Sandals: $39.99 - $99.95; Women's Clogs: $44.99 - $88.95; Women's Slippers: $114.95- $119.95; Men's Sandals: $59.99 - $99.95; Men's Clogs: $79.95.

Design & Style

Then they turned up the style side with a variety of colors and gradients from matte black to patriotic red, white, and blue to limited edition looks like the NYC Marathon OOahh Sport Slide.

The company offers two main types of sandals: slides and thongs. Both types are available in a variety of styles, though the classic OOahh Sport Slides Sandal and OOriginal Sandal (thong) are the most popular.

An advantage of the Sport Slides is that you can wear them with socks, which is a plus if it's cold outside, or if your feet are looking a little less than presentable.


Quality (Technology & Comfort)

OOFOS sport slide sandal was inspired by the needs to athletes and were designed to protect active people not just from suspicious shower floors but from the enormous wear and tear they put on their feet and legs. They took the sport slide style and amped it up with a proprietary foam that does more than give your feet a chance to breathe, it actively supports your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to help you recover from your workout and avoid stress injuries.

One part of OOFOS is the proprietary OOfoam technology. OOFOS absorbs 37% more impact than traditional foam footwear materials for the perfect blend of cushion and stability. The second part is the patented footbed. It cradles and supports arches to reduce energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47% when compared to competitors' footwear. So walking is easier. Recovery is faster. And you feel better.


OOFOS Shoes Pros and Cons

  • Inexpensive

  • Optimal blend of plush cushioning and stability

  • No rubbing or chaffing of straps

  • Incredibly comfortable and easy to put on

  • Easily rinsed off if they get dirty

  • Perfect for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis

  • Last up to a year of regular use

  • Don’t get sweaty or hot

  • Scientifically proven to increase recovery

  • Not attractive

  • The color coating peels off overtime on the colorful models

  • The foam on the sole gets flimsy and folds under over time

Where to Buy OOFOS Shoes Cheapest?

Two Best Oofos Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

1.OOFOS Ooahh Slide Sandal (@$59.95)


Recovery sandals should do two things: Feel great and support your feet, thereby reducing stress on your lower extremities. Some recovery sandals feel as cushy as bedroom slippers without doing much for your tootsies. Others offer plenty of support without being particularly comfy.

The OOFOS Ooahh Slide Sandals do it all, with a fit that feels wonderful the moment you slide them on. With excellent arch support and a cushioned footbed, the experience is akin to walking on clouds. 

2.OOFOS OOlala Sandals (@from $69.95)


One of the more popular designs for women is the OOlala. These sandals range in sizes from 5 to 11. They resemble your favorite flip-flops, yet offer much more support. 

The sandals use a special type of foam from the brand Oofoam, which allows you to feel as though you’re walking on a cloud.

4.Birkenstock Review

Birkenstock Brand History and Origin 

Birkenstock is a shoe manufacturer known for its production of Birkenstocks. Founded in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock, its original purpose was to create shoes that support and contour the foot, compared to the flat soles of many shoes during that time. At Birkenstock, tradition and heritage are important hallmarks of a brand that dates back not years or even decades, but centuries.

Birkenstock is deeply rooted in the fine art of crafting premium quality shoes that are good for you. Since 1774, Birkenstock has passed this commitment down from one generation to the next. The result is the absolute best in quality, comfort and support.By 1925 Birkenstocks were sold all over Europe. In February 2021, L Catterton, the private equity firm backed by Bernard Arnault's LVMH, said it had agreed to buy the German footwear group Birkenstock in a deal.


Birkenstock Shoes Prices

Birkenstocks pricing varies due to the materials used, from EVA rubber, synthetic leather, Vegan, Suede, Oiled and Smooth leathers; the pricing of Birkenstocks can vary from $49.95, all the way to $320.

Design & Style

The most commonly spotted Birkenstocks are those with one or two leather straps and buckles on them, and those have become the staple for both men and women around the world. They are easy to match with trousers, jeans, and even dresses to give a certain 90s  chicness. The brand even has even come up with wool covered winter versions of the shoes for comfort all year round.

Birkenstocks come as sandals or slip-ons. The early Birkenstocks assume the color of natural leather that is brown and most times, black. But with lots of advances in the fashion world, footwear comes in different designs and colors, but usually black and brown. 

The Birkenstocks are designed to get the exact shape and size of the wearer's feet. A fitting Birkenstock has to be customized to get the shape of your feet. Though sometimes, one can be lucky to buy a pair that fits as though customized.


Quality (Technology & Comfort)

Birkenstock sandals are mostly made of leather, suede, and jute. With more than 250 years of history, you can be assured about the quality of Birkenstocks in terms of quality, comfort, craftsmanship, and support. They are proud to carry both firm and soft footbed Birkenstocks. Both provide excellent arch support and help alleviate pain from common foot problems including plantar fasciitis.

The Birkenstock hard and soft footbeds are made of resilient cork and latex and shaped to create a healthy walking environment for your feet. Additionally, the cork/latex blend is pliable and reacts to natural body warmth. Therefore, over time, Birkenstock shoe inserts yield to the characteristics of an individual foot. Many long-term Birkenstock wearers maintain that the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become. In short, the shape of Birkenstock follows the contours of a healthy foot.


Birkenstock Shoes Pros and Cons

  • Cork footbed that molds to your foot

  • Comfort

  • Durability

  • Cushioning

  • Shock absorbing sole

  • Less joint impact

  • Hgh quality materials

  • Long lasting

  • Not as much cushion as other picks

  • Not cheap

Where to Buy Birkenstock Shoes Cheapest?

Two Popular Birkenstock Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

1.Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA (@$49.95)


Essential, streamlined, pared down, simplified. If these words are music to your minimalist ears, or if you travel frequently and want a recovery shoe that adds mere ounces to your suitcase or pack, you’ll love the Birkenstock Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals. 

It’s easy to see why EVA versions of the cult-classic Arizona Birkenstocks are so popular: Modeled after classic Birkenstocks at less than half the price, the EVA Arizona Sandals wrap feet in contoured comfort,while also being waterproof, extremely versatile, and very lightweight.

2.Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed Suede Leather (@$158)


The biggest style of the moment, Birkenstock's Boston clogs are on plenty of people's wishlists right now (including ours). In fact, they're so popular that select sizes are almost completely sold out at multiple retailers – so you're going to want to grab them now to add to your seasonal rotation ASAP.

Orthofeet vs. Vionic vs. OOFOS vs. Birkenstock Sandals/Slides Comparison Side by Side


  • Orthofeet - Orthofeet sandals are engineered with unique features designed to provide unsurpassed comfort and pain relief: Two-way strap system allows an easy way of getting in and out of the sandals. And foam-padded straps enhance comfort and eliminate irritation.

  • Vionic - Vionic sandals, on the other hand, feature patented leather straps as the upper with a padded neoprene upper liner.

  • Oofos - Oofos slide upper features a unique material known as Oofoam. Oofoam is closed cell foam that is found only in Oofos. It is water-friendly and dries fast. With the material, the slide offers lightweight and maximum comfort.

  • Birkenstock - Birkenstock uses a variety of leather for the sandals. Besides natural leather, they also use synthetic leather, such as birkibuc and birko-flor. Lastly, some of their models have suede and nubuck leather as well.


  • Orthofeet - Premium Orthotic Insoles with anatomical arch support that control overpronation and help ease pain from heel to toe, all the way up your knees, hips, and lower back.

  • Vionic - the Vionic sandal features a flexible medium-density EVA midsole that also absorbs shock and reduces stress on every part of your leg. It also features a durable TPR outsole with well-patterned treads for maximum traction and firm grip. The outsole is, however, more grooved than Oofos outsole.

  • Oofos -Just like the upper, the Oofos slide features Oofoam as the midsole. The flexible Oofoam absorbs up to 37% shock impact on your feet. It contours to the shape of your foot to give you maximum support and comfort.

  • Birkenstock - The midsole of Birkenstock is composed of cork and natural latex. The footbed is designed with distinguished characteristics that mimic the contour of a normal healthy foot. This feature helps to support your foot arch and hold your foot together.

3.Footbed/Arch Support

  • Orthofeet - Orthofeet utilizes an Ortho-Cushioning system with cushioned insoles, contoured orthotic arch support, and ergonomic soles. 

  • Vionic -  Vionic sandal features an orthaheel technology footbed. It is biomechanically designed to hug your arches and support your feet.

  • Oofos -With the Oofoam, Oofos offers great arch support to your feet. It conforms to the shape of your feet and lifts your foot arch to minimize the pressure on your toes. The patented footbed gives you a cushiony feeling and makes you feel like you are walking on a cloud.

  • Birkenstock - Birkenstock has a contoured footbed that mimics the shape of a normal foot. Although it allows for a break-in period, the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become. The footbed material also protects your feet from fungus or any microbial being.


  • Orthofeet - Standard, wide, and extra wide sizes available

  • Vionic - With Vionic sandals, you should order the nearest size down if you are a half size.

  • Oofos - Oofos slides are true to size, but if you usually wear half sizes as a man, you have to order a half size down. But as a woman, you order a half size up for a better fit. Moreover, the Oofos slides mostly come in a narrow size. However, it is inappropriate to fit tight on your feet.

  • Birkenstock - It comes in both narrow and wide fits. It also has buckles for adjustment to your suitable size. And it is true to size.


  • Orthofeet - //

  • Vionic - Vionic is lighter than Orthofeet,while Vionic ranges from 7 oz. - 10 oz.

  • Oofos - Oofos is very lightweight, which ranges from 4.8 oz. - 6 oz.

  • Birkenstock - Oofos is lighter than Birkenstock and Birkenstock's weight is around 8.8 -14 oz.

Conclusion:Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between Orthofeet ,Vionic, Oofos and Birkenstock depends on personal preferences, budget, and any existing foot conditions. To help you narrow down which Orthofeet, Vionic,Oofos or Birkenstock shoes could benefit you, consider these factors:

  • Orthotic-friendly: If you have a diagnosed foot condition, look for an orthopedic shoe that can accommodate a custom orthotic if necessary. 

  • Budget: Orthopedic shoes can get expensive, as can most specialty sneakers, but it's an investment in your health and comfort.

  • Style and activity: Both brands have heaps of shoe styles to choose from, including active shoes, sandals, flats, boots, slip-on sneakers, dress shoes and heels, and hiking shoes. Consider your intended use case to help choose the right pick for you.


Orthofeet focuses on creating shoes with a therapeutic and functional design to address specific foot conditions and provide pain relief. The shoes often feature extra-depth design, adjustable features, and soft interior linings to accommodate various foot issues.

Still, Orthofeet is a great option, especially if you experience conditions such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, diabetes, or arthritis. 


The brand’s orthotic-inclusive shoes can benefit anyone and everyone, from those who regularly experience foot and lower-body pain to those who are looking to stave off those issues.

By incorporating its patented orthotic technology into a wide array of footwear—from Vionic flats, heels, and wedges to sneakers, sandals, slippers, and more—the brand provides all-day, any-situation support.

Whether you’re an athlete, a high-heel enthusiast, or a person dealing with excess weight due to pregnancy or obesity, this footwear will help take the load off you.


Oofos makes sandals for people who want to relieve their joint pain. The design of the sandals can reduce pain in your entire lower body and also help you feel comfortable when you spend long hours on your feet. After a 12+ hour shift, you’ll love that you can come home to these sandals.

 Oofos sandals are also suitable for travelers who spend a lot of time on the road. You can wear a pair from your home to the airport and easily slip them off to go through security before slipping them back on before getting on the plane.


Birkenstock makes comfortable and beautiful slides and sandals. It has blended both usefulness and style into footwear that could be seen in a man's and a woman's closets. Aside from natural leather, Birkenstocks sandals feature patented synthetic leathers like birko-flor and birkibuc. Some of these sandals are also made with nubuck and suede leathers. 

Birkenstock sandals are more versatile and stylish than other sandals and slides. The other slides are mostly limited to recovery and indoor footwear, while Birkenstock sandals are for any occasion with any choice of cloth.

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