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4 Affordable Perfumes that Smell Like Gucci Guilty in 2024

4 Affordable Perfumes that Smell Like Gucci Guilty in 2024

    • Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Perfume by Gucci reintroduced in 2019, is new and better than before. This natural, floral perfume has top notes of bright bergamot, fruity mandora and sweet and spicy pink pepper. Heart notes are a feminine and floral blend of rose, geranium, violet and lilac. The base notes that complete this fragrance are warming amber and patchouli for a musky and alluring finish. As one of Gucci's best-selling fragrances, chances are you already own Guilty Pour Femme perfume. But at a handsome price tag, which is why many of us can hardly afford to get a regular sized bottle. Luckily, there are quite a few excellent alternatives on the market that can give you similar results, so keep on reading for some product recommendations.


  • About Gucci Guilty Pour Femme Eau de Parfum


Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot

Middle Notes: Lilac, Violet, Geranium, Rose

Base Notes: Patchouli, Amber

The Gucci Guilty collection enters a new chapter, reintroducing the original Pour Femme scent as a rich eau de parfum, combining superior floral notes and enhanced natural fragrances. Individual, yet fusing together naturally, the men's and women's perfumes embody a declaration of self-expression and fearlessness.

Superior floral tones and enhanced fragrances flourish into a refined Eau de Parfum for women. This citrus perfume is strengthened, with a higher perfume concentrate than the classic Eau de Toilette, radiating with commanding ingredients: Mandora, Pink Pepper, Lilac and Patchouli. Opening the mood of this perfume for women, citrus notes of Mandora are followed by nuances of Bergamot and Pink Pepper. The heart defines this Gucci scent's complexity, where lilac contrasts rose and violet notes layered with Geranium oil. Defining the scent, Patchouli blends with ambery notes to add a layer of seduction. 

In case you have tried Guilty Pour Femme EDP but cannot spend the bucks to repurchase, today's article is for you! If you keep reading, you will find some exciting affordable perfumes similar to Gucci Guilty Pour Femme EDP!

  • Affordable Alternatives to Gucci Guilty Pour Femme EDP

| Salvatore Ferragamowomen Eau De Parfum

($28.97, up to 0.1% cashback at FragranceNet)


Scent Type: Chypre Fruity

Top Notes: Green Leaves, Grapefruit, Star Anise, Cassia, Bergamot, Black Currant, Neroli, Coconut

Middle Notes: Peony, Pepper, Lily-of-the-Valley, Nutmeg, Spices, Carnation, Rose, Brazilian Rosewood, Iris

Base Notes: Musk, Exotic Woods, Vetiver, Cedar, Sweet Almond, Sandalwood, Raspberry

How Long Does Salvatore Ferragamo EDP Last? 

4-6 Hours.

What Does Salvatore Ferragamo EDP Smell Like?

On paper Salvatore Ferragamo begins as a soft, almost soapy and refreshing blend of grapefruit, green notes, black currant and bergamot. However on the skin the spices are much more prominent and you may clearly smell the pepper, coconut and anise.

The middle notes are so beautiful, flowery and sweet on both skin and paper. The rose note is delicate and fresh, while the spices mantain that unique balance in the opening. At this point you may much prefer the fragrance when worn on the skin because it has much more 'oomph' and character than on paper.

There is no doubt that this is a very classy scent, which is a truly hard to find characteristic in most fruity fragrances these days.

There is a cool, watery crispness to this fragrance and it seems like it carries a lightness to it that after a while, you just smell freshness. Great for office, casual, anytime fragrance. Not super feminine but a hint of floral sweetness. 

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| Parisienne Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

(from$15.74 to $90.08, up to 0.1% cashback at FragranceNet)


Scent Type: Floral Woody Musk

Top Notes:  Blackberry, Cranberry, Vinyl

Middle Notes: Damask Rose, Violet, Peony

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Vetyver, Patchouli

How Long Does Parisienne EDP Last? 

3-4 Hours.

What Does Parisienne EDP Smell Like?

Musky and powdery floral. With fruity, floral, woody, earthy, musky notes and a characteristic note of vinyl and lacquer that reminds us of the smell of makeup powder.

Parisienne opens up something synthetic in a very original and sexy way because of the vinyl, first sweetened by fruit, then turning into a powdery scent of violets to magically intertwine with roses. Now the fragrance smells of dusty roses with a soft woody and musky background.

This is not a classic feminine rose. Is not overpowering or penetrating. It sits close to the skin and whispers to you. She is rather playful, flirty and naughty. You get the violet and some sharpness of the vinyl note.

The staying power is sad, but if you have the budget to buy more and you don’t care to spray often then you will enjoy this.

| Trussardi My Name Eau de Parfum

($60.13/100ml, up to 4.5% cashback at Sabina)


Scent Type: Amber Floral

Top Notes: Heliotrope, White Violet

Middle Notes: Lilac, Musk, Arum Lily

Base Notes: Vanilla, Amber

How Long Does Trussardi My Name EDP Last? 

4-6 Hours.

What Does Trussardi My Name EDP Smell Like?

Sweet, floral powder and musk is not exactly a groundbreaking idea. But the lilac note is a lovely twist that makes this stand out from the bunch. Lilac isn't used in perfumery as often as many other florals, and it has a tendency to turn screechy or cloying when it's done wrong. Like a sweet nectar, but airy and fresh with the smallest hint of greenery.

The rest of the perfume is a beautiful blend of almond-like heliotrope, light creamy vanilla, powdery violets and fluffy white musk. None of the notes are too sweet or too sharp, everything feels smooth and balanced. It's a comforting, clean, soft scent that is suitable for daytime use year round, but especially fitting in spring, when the lilac trees also start to bloom.

This is a relatively shy scent, no loud performer. It can hardly be oversprayed and is very affordable, so an extra spray or two won't hurt.

| Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau De Parfum

(from$12.59 to $43.46, up to 0.1% cashback at FragranceNet)


Scent Type: Amber Floral

Top Notes: Pomegranate, Persimmon, Green Accord

Middle Notes: Black Orchid, Lotus, Champaca

Base Notes: Mahogany, Amber, Black Violet, Whipped Cream

How Long Does CK Euphoria EDP Last? 

3-5 Hours.

What Does CK Euphoria EDP Smell Like?

Opens with a tart & fruity pomegranate with a sugar-crystal texture, purple/violet tones & green accents, but already the orchid, mahogany and what smells like patchouli are swelling through. You may smell patchouli here, being built by green notes in combination with mahogany to give a deep, dark-green patchouli vibe with licorice-y facets. As it's drying down, the tartness settles a bit, and you get a faint whipped cream note. 

Overall, you may get a tart, sugar-crystal textured, sour-purple/pomegranate scent with licorice-y wood/patchouli underneath. Performance is well above average for year round wear, although the tartness may verge on too tart in warmer weather. Those who enjoy tart purple/violet & patchouli scents with strong performance might like this. Enjoy!

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