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Blundstone 500 vs. 550 vs. 585: Differences and Reviews 2024

Blundstone 500 vs. 550 vs. 585: Differences and Reviews 2024

    Blundstone is a popular Australian brand that is also popular in America.The universal style of the Blundstone boot makes it perfect to go hiking and explore the topography of the mountains but to also wear with slacks or jeans as you make your way around the terrain of the concrete jungle below.They come in a variety of styles and colors that can accomplish anything and go everywhere.Three of their most renowned styles are the Blundstone 500,Blundstone 550 and the Blundstone 585.These elegant boots are used everywhere from hiking to industry to the countryside, even on formal occasions.However, these boots are very similar and very hard to tell apart.They have a lot of features in common, but there are some differences as well.So you should be aware of the differences before making your purchase.

    What is the difference between Blundstone 550 and 585?What's the difference between Blundstone 500 and 550?What's the difference between Blundstone 500 and 585?Blundstone 500 vs. 550 vs. 585: which boot is best for you?Which Blundstone is most comfortable?In this post,I've broken down the key differences among the Blundstone 500, 550, and 585,so you can find the ideal pair quickly and easily.Read on to explore the features, pros, and cons of each among this trio of greats from a legendary Australian brand.


Blundstone 500 Chelsea Boot Review

Price: $209.95-$214.95

The Blundstone 500 is also known as the Blundstone Original. After the debut of the boot in 1969, it became the best-selling and the most popular Blundstone. This is the closest Blunnie to their original Chelsea boot, but is made with more modern manufacturing processes. Originally the 500 Chelsea boot’s appearance and durability appealed to farmers, builders, and manual laborers who worked on their feet all day. Over time, the 500 started to become a staple for adventurers, creatives, and fashionistas all over the world.Original Blundstone 500 boots are durable and comfortable that is ideal for formal and informal wear.

This classic boot features a premium oil-tanned leather elastic-sided upper and patented SPS System for comfort. The outsole is heat resistant to 140°C and includes PORON in the heel strike zone for increased shock protection. The 2.5-millimeter-thick weather-proof leather provides great protection against the elements, and an injection-molded dual-density polyurethane outsole ensures a softer step every time.A well-designed shock protection system of 500 boots reduces shock by 33 percent, while a removable Cambrelle footbed wicks away moisture for all-day comfort.There is cotton or Cambrelle lining inside to make them breathable and comfortable.Additionally, flexible elastic panels along with finger loops at the top of the shoe make them easy to slip on and off. This modern version of the classic Chelsea boot also features an eye-catching tartan print side stretch insert that adds a unique touch of style.Blundstone offers a wide range of sizes and widths, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit. 

Overall, these lightweight leather boots are sure to be a wardrobe staple for years to come with superior comfort technology, superior protection from the elements, and unique styling features.


Key Features Of Blundstone 500 Chelsea Boot

  • 2.5 mm thick weather-proof leather upper.

  • Cushioned removable footbed.

  • Thermoplastic urethane (TPU) outsole.

  • SPS Max Comfort system – Ergonomic design reduces fatigue while increasing comfort.

  • Handy pull tabs at the back make the boots easy to slip on.

  • The stretchy elastic side panels make the boots easy to pull on and off, and adjust to the shape of your feet.

  • With the suede leather and minimal styling, these boots have a timeless, rustic look.

Blundstone 500 Chelsea Boot Pros & Cons

  • Closest to the original Blundstone boot for construction style.

  • Easy pull-on design.

  • Top-notch waterproof leather.

  • Versatile look – dresses up or down.

  • System of extreme comfort.

  • Removable padded footbed.

  • Unlined so its slightly more breathable.

  • Build to last.

  • Outstanding shock absorption.

  • Weather ready – water-resistant leather and build for adventures.

  • Leather needs to break in before being comfortable to wear.

  • Slightly less high density foam in the heel.

  • Lacks arch support.

  • Less supportive than some Blundstone models.

  • Can be a bit heavier than other Blundstone boots.

  • Outsole not as slip-resistant as lug soles.

  • Suede requires more care and maintenance.

Blundstone 550 Classic Chelsea Boot Review

Price: $229.95

Blundstone 500 is the Original Series boots, whereas Blundstone 550 boots represent the Classic Series.Blundstone made a few updates to their Original and released the 550 back in 2017. At the time, they called it a Blundstone Super 550. Now they just call it the Classic 550. 

The 550 is made with genuine leather, has a cemented sole construction, features a removable footbed, and has those two nifty nylon pull tabs in the front and back. It has two high density foam pads in the heel, some leather lining in the shaft, and a slightly taller outsole for greater durability. The boots use superior leather and provide better comfort and shock absorption than the previous model. Classic Blundstone 550 Series boot has a WeatherSealed coating that makes them water-resistant.The outsoles of the boots have steel shanks that stable your feet in the ground. 

The 550 is leather lined in the shaft, has a little more high density foam in the heel, features a steel shank which adds arch support, the leather is dyed all the way through, and the TPU outsole is 5mm thicker.These additions make the 550 a better boot overall—slightly more durable in the outsole,and  more comfortable with the insole and leather lining.Summarily, with such features as superior shock absorption and flexible construction materials, it’s not hard to see why so many people choose the Blundstone 550 Classic Chelsea boot for their adventures.


Key Features Of Blundstone 550 Classic Chelsea Boot

  • Thick breathable leather upper of around 2.5 mm.

  • Walnut brown premium water-resistant leather.

  • SPS Max Comfort system for outstanding shock absorption.

  • Rugged work boot styling.

  • Full-length cambrelle and EVA/Prorn removable footbed.

  • Front and rear pull-on tabs and elastic gores.

  • It features a unique shock dispersion system that helps absorb shock when walking or running on uneven surfaces.

  • Strategic flex grooves allow the soles to flex naturally with your feet for added comfort.

  • One hundred percent leather lining on the inside.

Blundstone 550 Classic Chelsea Boot Pros & Cons

  • Removable comfort footbed.

  • Water-resistant nubuck leather.

  • Extra set of footbeds for custom fit.

  • Thick breathable leather upper for comfort and durability.

  • Twin-needle reinforced stitching for maximum durability.

  • Excellent grip on slippery floors.

  • Great for workplace/industrial use.

  • They’re really easy to put on and take off.

  • Protection from slips and falls.

  • Shock dispersion system for superior shock absorption.

  • It can take a few days of light use for these boots to break in.

  • Fit is narrow.

  • Not designed for extreme cold weather.

  • Heavy tread can feel clunky.

  • The outsole is only glued to the leather upper.

  • The leather upper is genuine leather, which is sub-par for this price point.

  • Genuine leather is more susceptible to damage and creasing compared to full grain leather.

Blundstone 585 Classic Chelsea Boot Review

Price: $229.95

Blundstone 585 is a renowned boot admired for its voguish pattern and ease.Made from high-quality leather, this boot is built to last and features a rubber sole for traction and comfort. The sleek design is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re dressing up or down. They also offer great insulation against cold temperatures as well as breathability in hotter climates, making them an ideal choice for any season.With pull-on tabs and elastic side panels, these boots are quick and easy to put on while also providing a snug fit that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Because XRDTM Technology can absorb impact energy, the 585 was designed with your comfort in mind throughout the manufacturing process. Thanks to these shoes, your feet will remain supported and pleasant throughout the day.It contains a chiselled square toe, giving it a slender and dressy appearance. When compared to other Original boots, the Iconic Blundstone 585 provides superior durability, comfort, and shock absorption.


Key Features Of Blundstone 585 Classic Chelsea Boot

  • Rustic brown premium water-resistant leather.

  • Removable comfort footbed with XRD Technology in the heel strike zone for shock absorption and comfort.

  • 6-inch shaft height  – This ensures adequate coverage for most activities without feeling overly bulky or clunky. 

  • Like the 500 boots, the 585’s come with a cushioned and breathable foam footbed that can be replaced with custom orthotics.

  • Flexible studded rubber outsole.

  • Business casual aesthetics.

  • SPS Max Comfort’s technology for absorbing shocks provides a higher level of both comfort and security.

  • Constructed with a leather upper and a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) outsole for increased wearability and traction.

Blundstone 585 Classic Chelsea Boot Pros & Cons

  • Extra set of footbeds for custom fit.

  • Premium leather upper.

  • Durable and waterproof construction.

  • Last for years.

  • Cushioning in the midsole for use throughout the day.

  • The synthetic sole provides superior traction on most surfaces.

  • 6-inch shaft height for adequate coverage and protection.

  • Comfortable foam footbed.

  • Breathable waterproof membrane keeps feet dry in wet weather.

  • Versatile business casual style.

  • Easy to slip on design with a secure fit.

  • Relatively costly.

  • Limited color options are available.

  • Not grain leather is used.

  • Leather requires care and polishing.

  • Not designed for heavy outdoor use.

  • No steel toe protection option is available.

Where to Buy Blundstone Boots?

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Blundstone 500 vs. 550 vs. 585: The Key Differences

1. Upper Material

Blundstone 500 - The 500 series Chelsea boot features one piece of chrome-tanned genuine leather upper with single stitching at the heel. Along with the leather upper are the double-sided elastic gores, a known feature in all Chelsea boots.The oil-treated leather upper protects your foot from oil or water splash. The one piece of leather used as the upper prevents breakage because it allows minimal seams.

Blundstone 550 - The Blundstone 550 is structured of whole-grain leather, a standard material popular for its longevity, water resistance, and permeability. This leather is massive and tough, creating it perfect for work boots. The upper part is constructed of a single chunk of leather, sewn to the sole, and fortified with stretchable side panels.

Blundstone 585 - The Blundstone 585 is constructed of nubuck leather, a leather sanded to manufacture a mushy and velvety texture. Nubuck leather is also water-proof and absorbent but needs more care than whole-grain leather. The upper part 585 is also designed of a single leather segment, with flexible side channels and stitching that fortifies the construction. 

2. Outsole

Blundstone 500 - Blundstone 500 Chelsea boots use a 5 mm TPU outsole with a slip-resistant tread pattern. It stands up well to everyday wear and tear.Back in the years of its conception, the 500 series boasted of longevity and durability,including the outsole. Unfortunately,as great as it may have been in the past, the outsole seems to have some serious manufacturing issues at times. The outsole is prone to cracking, thereby it becomes a hazard and unusable. Furthermore, because of the nature of the design as a whole, the outsole can never be re-soled. 

Blundstone 550 - The 550s have a 10 mm TPU rubber outsole that provide superior shock absorption capabilities while remaining lightweight enough.. Thus, 550 boots will last almost double of the 500 models boots.

Blundstone 585 - Blundstone 585 classic boot features synthetic material soles that provide good flexibility and cushioning while also offering superior traction on any surface.The sole also provides XRD® Technology, which offers remarkable impact absorption and lessens tiredness on the feet.

3. Interior Lining

Blundstone 500 -  The Blundstone 500, which is unlined, provides better breathability and would be more suitable throughout the seasons, warm or cold.

Blundstone 550 - The Blundstone 550 has a full interior leather lining at the heel and synthetic lining at the forefoot. Because of this, it fits more tightly and helps your foot to stay warmer.

Blundstone 585 - Inside the Blundstone 585, the boots are fully lined with leather for additional comfort.The fully lined with leather, is designed to add more cushioning and foot comfort, but may not be suitable for the summer.

4. Insole

Blundstone 500 -  Blundstone 500 features a polyurethane midsole with a memory foam insert in the heel, which ensures maximum comfort for your feet. However, the insole is not as thick as the Classic 550 and 585.It has a thin footbed covered with Cambrelle, a non-woven synthetic material that wicks moisture without hesitation.

Blundstone 550 - The 550’s insole is better than the 500’s because of that added heel cap. It has a memory foam disc attached to the heel, which creates enough comfort and stability for your feet.The 550’s insole is thicker than the 500’s footbed and is covered in soft, velvety fabric. 

Blundstone 585 - Not only is the Blundstone 585’s insole thicker than the 500’s, but it also has a memory foam disc at the heel for added comfort and better shock absorption. It is also covered in soft, velvety fabric.

5. Fit and Sizing

The Blundstone 550 and 585, which are part of the Classics series, has a wider fit compared to the Blundstone 500, which is part of the Originals series. Therefore, the Blundstone 550 and 585 is great for those who need a little extra room.Concerning sizing, it is suggested to go a half-size down from your casual size for a comfortable fit. 

Blundstones come in UK/AU sizes, which are different than US sizing. For instance, I’m a size 10.5 in US sizing, which makes me a size 9.5 in AU sizing, which Blundstone uses. For men, finding the right size is pretty simple—just get a full size lower than you normally would in your normal sneakers or dress shoes. For women, it’s a bit trickier—UK sizing doesn’t have a different set of sizes for men and women, so ladies may need to find out their male-counterpart sizing, and then drop a full size from there.

6. Comfort/Support

This is the part where the Blundstone 550 and 585 have more benefits to offer than Blundstone 500. The Classic features interior lining at the shaft and forefoot for a cozy and warm feel. The interior lining also contributes to the durability of the boot.The extra foam at the heel ensures comfort and support to your feet.

The arch support seems to decline with the 550s over time. The steel shanks help with the posture but get prickly later.On the other hand,the 558 follows a similar route. But the high-density foam in the removable outsoles manages to prevent the deterioration in the posture for a good while.

7. Durability

Back in the years of its conception, the 500 series boasted of longevity and durability,including the outsole. Unfortunately,as great as it may have been in the past, the outsole seems to have some serious manufacturing issues at times. The outsole is prone to cracking, thereby it becomes a hazard and unusable. Furthermore, because of the nature of the design as a whole, the outsole can never be re-soled. 

It is undeniably true that the Classic is more durable than the Original.The interior leather lining at the shaft and synthetic lining at the forefoot ensures durability as they support the stitches. On the other hand, the 585 has nubuck leather. So, it looks velvety and soft compared to the 550. In terms of longevity, it doesn’t last long as the 550 because the leather isn’t that hard. In contrast, the leather does not develop a patina for which the color won’t fade away after prolonged use.

Comparison Table of Blundstone 500 vs. 550 vs. 585

Blundstone 500Blundstone 550Blundstone 585
UpperOne piece of chrome-tanned genuine leatherWhole-grain leatherNubuck leather
Outsole5 mm TPU outsole10 mm TPU rubber outsoleSynthetic material soles + XRD Technology

Interior Lining

UnlinedFull interior leather lining at the heel and synthetic lining at the forefootFully lined with leather
TractionSlip-resistant lugsSlip and oil-resistant lugsLow profile lugs

Removable Footbed

Arch StitchX
StyleHeritage, rusticRugged, work bootBusiness casual
Shaft Height5 inches5 inches6 inches
FittingSnug fitRoomy interiorRoomy interior
PriceEconomicalSlightly higher costSlightly higher cost
Suitable ForEveryday wearVersatile, work, casual wear, light outdoor activitiesRegular wear, stylish outings, light activities

Conclusion: Which Blundstone Is Best For You?

Blundstone 500 holds its popularity due to its low cost and versatility.It is great for daily wear because it is an amazing pair of Chelsea boots. And it has a narrower fit and is thus more suitable for people with narrower feet. All these Blundstone 500 come with various color choices like black & grey wash, stout brown, brown and olive, mustard brown, and black navy tartan. This allows you to pick a pair of boots that best effortlessly suits your style and personality.

If you need better comfort, durability, and water-resistant boots, 550s should be your first choice. It has thicker leather upper, interior leather lining at the shaft, heel, and synthetic lining at the forefoot. These linings are for your warm and cozy feel. They also enhance the durability of the stitches.

The Blundstone 585 is a warm and toasty winter shoe because it has leather inside and additional padding in the footbed. Although the Blundstone 585 looks much like the Blundstone 500, it has a broader fit and is thus better suitable for those who want more room. The 585 might not have robust durability, but the color never fades away.If you prioritise a more stylish look and need a boot that’s a bit comfier to care for, the 585 is an amazing choice.

Regardless of your decision, these boots are crafted with the highest craftsmanship, promising years of reliable performance and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blundstone 500 comfortable?

As with all Blundstone boots, comfort technology stands at the core of their design. These lightweight Blundstone leather boots are perfect for all-day comfort and support.

Are Blundstone 500 true to size?

Blundstone boots fit true to size. While their leathers will stretch and mold to your feet over time, if you prefer a wider fit select a half size up. 

Do Blundstone 585 run small?

This shoe runs true to size. I recommend sticking with your usual size.

Are 550 Blundstones waterproof?

No, Blundstone 550’s are water resistant but not waterproof.

Are Blundstone 550's feal leather?

Yes, Blundstone’s are made with real leather, though the grain of the leather isn’t mentioned on their site.

Are 585 Blundstones waterproof?

Yes, 585 Blundstones are waterproof. They have a water-resistant leather upper and a waterproof and breathable membrane lining.

Are Blundstone 585 nubuck?

Yes, the Blundstone 585 is made of nubuck. Nubuck is top-grain cowhide leather that has been sanded or buffed on the outside to give it a velvety nap. It’s durable and water-resistant, making it a great choice for boots.

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