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Adidas NMD vs. Ultraboost vs. Cloudfoam vs. Ultrabounce: Differences and Reviews 2024

Adidas NMD vs. Ultraboost vs. Cloudfoam vs. Ultrabounce: Differences and Reviews 2024

    Adidas has been in the sneaker game for decades.The brand is the undisputable winner when it comes to making premium quality footwear.Whether you want shoes for your sporting activities or casual wear, you will not miss a suitable Adidas pair.NMD,Ultraboost,Cloudfoam and  Ultrabounce are four of the best selling Adidas products.And They are beloved for their classic yet modern look, and for the comfort and style they provide.There’s a whole bunch of differences and a whole bunch of similarities among these shoes.It’s very confusing for someone that maybe hasn’t had any of them and you’re wondering which one should you purchase for what you’re looking for.

    Which is better NMD or Ultraboost?What are Adidas NMD good for? Are NMDs good for standing all day?What is so special about Adidas Ultra Boost?What is the meaning of Cloudfoam?What is the difference between Ultraboost and NMD?What is the difference between Adidas Ultraboost and Ultrabounce?What's the difference between Adidas Cloudfoam and Ultrabounce?Adidas NMD vs. Ultraboost vs. Cloudfoam vs. Ultrabounce:which one should you choose?To help you decide, I've compared some of the similarities and differences in materials, price, and comfort, before coming to an overall conclusion on which I think you should buy.


  • Adidas NMD Overview

Price: $52 - $250 (from infant to adult)

Review: The Three Stripes had a massive hit with the Ultra Boost. It built on Tubular by introducing new styles to the line. And some guy named Kanye debuted a collection under the brand.Building on that momentum, adidas is looking to end 2015 strong by launching a totally new style under its Originals wing. Dubbed the NMD, the new silhouette uses two of adidas’ most popular technologies — Primeknit and Boost — not for running or basketball, but for traveling the streets on a daily basis. 

The technologies applied to NMD are similar to Ultraboost, though this product line has more creative details and thus appears more appealing to the young generation.Meanwhile, NMD sneakers easily reach more customers at an affordable price. If we are talking about streetwear, you will undoubtedly see more NMD shoes around you.Every piece of the NMD has a purpose. The three-stripe branding provides midfoot support, and the blocking on the side of the midsole isn’t merely a callback to the adidas Micropacer – it’s fundamental to the shoe’s structure. By stripping the sneaker down to its essentials, adidas created the NMD’s simple, streamlined silhouette.

With a variety of colorways and classic midsole plugs, there's a pair of adidas NMD sneakers to match everything you've got in the closet. And there are multiple types of adidas NMD sneakers to choose from. Pick up a pair of NMD_S1 sneakers with a sock-like fit and a rugged rubber outsole for a look that's as unique as it is comfortable.Or grab a pair of adidas NMD_R1 shoes that are the classic running shoes reimagined into a streetwear staple. Finished with a linear Trefoil logo on the midsole plug, these shoes are the quintessential adidas NMD footwear. Toddlers' adidas NMD sneakers look just like the ones their mom wears with a lightweight and durable one-piece EVA outsole and a stretchy, laceless upper that makes them easy to slip on and off. No matter the occasion, adidas has a pair of NMD shoes for you. 


Adidas NMD Pros and Cons

  • Well-made, comfortable, and stylish.

  • Breathable.

  • Lightweight.

  • Easy to put on.

  • Gorgeous colorways.

  • Highly comfy to running, tennis, and just hanging out in general.

  • Suitable as a work shoe fashion as well as for regular everyday use.

  • Perfect for sports or brisk strolling, the fit is perfect.

  • Both the pricing and the shoe’s accessibility make it a solid buy.

  • It’s a little large.

  • Some people developed blisters as a result of the low-cut style.

  • White is difficult to clean.

  • Not so durable.

  • Lack support.

Where to Buy Adidas NMD?

adidas (10% super cash back)

Foot Locker (4% super cash back)

Finish Line (5% super cash back)

Stadium Goods (up to 5% super cash back)

FARFETCH USA (2% super cash back) 


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  • Adidas Ultraboost Overview

Price: $72 - $250 (from youth to adult)

Review: In 2015, ADIDAS releases a new product line called Ultraboost. This footwear has new technologies incorporated into it, from the Primeknit upper and the Boost midsole. They are very famed for the snug fit around your feet and their breathability.The Adidas UltraBoost line is a reliable cushioned pick for casual runners, whatever generation you go for.Many sneaker lovers loved these sneakers so much that mostly they remain out of stock.Since 2019, Adidas has been updating the iconic Ultraboost silhouette annually. 2024 is here, and the three stripes brand did not disappoint.The new addition of Adidas Ultraboost shoes - Ultraboost 21,22 and Ultraboost light 23, have been the center of attention since these were launched.

A big part of Ultraboost’s popularity comes from celebrities who enjoy and promote Ultraboost shoes through their outfits. However, it gives off the impression that Ultraboost is not as accessible.Although they’ve been adopted by the fashion world and can be worn for every day, adidas Ultraboost are running shoes first and foremost. With their sock-like Primeknit upper and energy-returning Boost midsole, Ultraboost gives runners a feeling of responsive cushioning with every stride. Their colorways were easy to match with, and the Boost midsole was instantly recognizable. New Boost iterations like the adidas Ultraboost Uncaged, which ditches the midfoot cage, and the adidas Ultraboost Parley, made from recycled waste, continue to up the game for streetwear. 


Adidas Ultraboost Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Snazzy, modern design.

  • Durable and grippy outsole.

  • Sock-like fit.

  • Good shock absorption.

  • Well-cushioned heel.

  • Good for easy days and moderately long runs.

  • Smoother ride transitions.

  • Better stability.

  • The continental rubber outsole is divided into portions that are both hard and supple.

  • Not great on wet surfaces.

  • Lockdown isn’t adequate for speedwork.

  • Small rocks can get stuck on the outsole.

  • Boring ride.

  • Sweaty on hot summer days.

  • Thin forefoot cushioning.

Where to Buy Adidas Ultraboost?

adidas (10% super cash back)

Foot Locker (4% super cash back)

Shop Premium Outlets (up to 4% super cash back) 

FARFETCH USA (2% super cash back) 

Champs Sports (4% super cash back)



  • Adidas Cloudfoam Overview

Price: $22 - $95 (from infant to adult)

Review: The Cloudfoam sole is an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) memory foam.  EVA foam is a technology that has been used in sneakers since the 1970s and is considered to be the foundation of the modern sneaker.The Cloudfoam is the low end of the Adidas line with this midsole EVA shoe foam.  It is a soft foam that does a good job at molding to your foot providing a great fit.The shoes that are made of Cloudfoam are designed for both comfort and arch support.  The name Cloudfoam is meant to inspire the mental image of walking on a cloud all day.But it does not mean that they are purely runner shoes and you can not wear them casually.

The inner of the shoe is made comfortable with memory foam in the sock liner.It makes the sneakers a bit bouncy and gives a springy feel that is liked by athletes with high arches or suffering from foot pain.They are also suitable for long-standing hours.The forefoot construction of Cloudfoam is very suitable for nurses with wide feet.For a long time, the ultra-breathable feature lets the moisture dry out and provides your feet with perspiration and a pleasant feel. Its built technology controls the temperature, and you never feel stuffy.If your feet are very sweaty, you can wear these sneakers in hot weather.They are quite suitable for indoor and outdoor wear.



Adidas Cloudfoam Pros and Cons

  • Without any pinch or pain, you feel comfortable with the cushioning in these shoes.

  • Step-in comfort.

  • Its natural material provides you with extra softness.

  • Such shoes have good traction on the insoles to make it non-slippery.

  • The flexible midsole is very supportive and bouncy.

  • Ultra-breathable.

  • The waterproof feature makes them weather-resistant in the rain as well.

  • Extends beyond athletic and casual shoes, available as sandals and children’s shoes as well.

  • Weak cushioning and midsole.

  • Laces cannot be adjusted.

  • Cloudfoam comfort could be compromised by the differences in the available footwear designs.

Where to Buy Adidas Cloudfoam?

adidas (10% super cash back)

Foot Locker (4% super cash back)



  • Adidas Ultrabounce Overview

Price: $36 - $80 (from child to adult)

Review: Powered by a lightweight bounce midsole, these cushy silhouettes help you go at full speed and feel like champs. The elastic laces and hook-and-loop straps are easy to fasten, so you can rush toward the playground in no time. Plus, the non-marking rubber outsole gets top marks for leaving floors scuff-free. Made with a series of recycled materials and an upper that features at least 50% recycled content, these sneakers represent one of the brand's solutions to help end plastic waste.

A Bounce midsole and insole provide a smooth ride and unrivaled comfort for those in motion whether you're hitting the gym or running errands. The padded collar and tongue pair with a reinforced lace-up front closure to ensure your foot stays securely in place through each stride. Stay on track with a flexible rubber outsole that provides multi-surface traction to keep you in the race.Bounce technology by Adidas offers stability and versatility no matter what your workout throws at you. In the gym or the court, Bounce technology will provide the type of responsiveness you need in your footwear.A model that, due to its quality-price ratio, is a great ally for beginner runners.


Adidas Ultrabounce Pros and Cons

  • It is a running shoe designed to complete all types of soft training. 

  • Lightweight performance sneaker design.

  • Aerodynamic, low-top design for speed and quickness.

  • Affordable price.

  • Lots of color options.

  • Bounce midsole cushioning returns energy to supercharge your training.

  • Mesh upper provides breathability and comfort.

  • Rubber outsole provides durable traction on varied surfaces.

  • Synthetic lining adds a silky texture.

  • Reinforced lace-up front closure for a snug fit.

  • Supportive synthetic overlays.

  • Some may find it a bit heavy for a running shoe.

  • Not much support.

Where to Buy Adidas Ultrabounce?

adidas (10% super cash back)

Foot Locker (4% super cash back)

Finish Line (5% super cash back)

Champs Sports (4% super cash back)

Adidas NMD vs. Ultraboost vs. Cloudfoam vs. Ultrabounce: The Key Differences

1. Upper

Adidas NMD -The Adidas NMD comes in both a mesh and Primeknit version.Primeknit and mesh upper covers give these shoes an unmatched lavish feel.The Primeknit structure doesn’t have a solid shape, however, so it would feel loose for narrow feet. And, you won’t feel like your feet are locked in the right place.The NMD also features a unique lacing system that is designed to provide a secure fit while also allowing for a personalized fit. 

Adidas Ultraboost - Adidas Ultraboost shoes are only made with a Primeknit upper, a separated lace cage and heel-to-toe Boost. Boost is made of eTPU, and Primeknit is digitally knit into one piece, providing lightweight, seamless comfort created with less waste.The Ultra Boost features a standard lacing system that provides a secure fit. 

Adidas Cloudfoam - Cloudfoam comes with  a breathable knit upper design. This is similar to Boost as it is also thickly padded and has a soft, breathable textile lining. 

Adidas Ultrabounce - Constructed with a series of recycled materials, the textile upper of these shoes features at least 50% recycled content and represents one of the brand’s solutions to help end plastic waste. The breathable upper offers an airy and breezy feel.

2. Midsole

Adidas NMD - Adidas NMD features a full-length BOOST cushioning unit.When the Boost technology first debuted, it was like nothing the world had ever seen. Made from hundreds of foam capsules welded together, Boost technology delivered 20% more energy return than EVA rubber, the midsole standard in the industry. More energy return meant a shoe that responded to each stride, giving back what you put into your run.

NMD shoes are comfy but still firm at the same time. You won’t feel like you are stepping on clouds with these shoes, yet your steps will also be more agile.If you’re looking for the famous Boost feel with a little more firmness, the NMD is your pair. The NMDs are great for those of you who don’t like that much cushion and like a little firmness to their step.

Adidas Ultraboost - UltraBoost obviously also offers a Boost midsole, which is the main selling point of Adidas shoes. With Adidas Boost technology, you get more energy returns than with other midsoles on the market. The midsole absorbs what you put in and then releases it back when your foot takes off again with each stride.You can stand and walk for the whole day in Ultraboost shoes, and your feet won’t be complaining at all.If you want a ton of Boost and for it to feel like you’re walking on a cloud all day, then the UltraBoost is what you want.

Adidas Light Boost 23 cushioning is a new generation of adidas Boost material that's 30% lighter than ever before. Because heavy legs are the last thing you want when you're running, the lightweight cushioning gives you the freedom to run far and fast. Keeping your impact light, the Ultraboost Light shoes also have a 10% lower carbon footprint than the previous Ultraboost.

Adidas Cloudfoam - The Cloudfoam shoe is the more traditional EVA midsole that right out of the box provides a light, reactive, and comfortable energy absorption and a spring like energy return feel to the shoe.The Cloudfoam is soft cushioning. It instantly molds according to the foot shape and causes a snug fit, and provides comfort to the foot.The criticism of this midsole is that over time the compressed EVA will lose its energy return faster than the Boost.

Adidas Ultrabounce - Some of the most significant technical details of these adidas Ultrabounce are found in the Bounce technology of its midsole. A compound that favors comfort while running, providing great rebound and shock absorption. Features that make this running model for men and women a very complete model.The Bounce technology foam makes them a very cushioned adidas running model, perfect for runners who are just starting out in the world of popular running.

3. Outsole

Adidas NMD - The NMD has a basic flat rubber outsole that will last long despite not having any outstanding features.This doesn’t mean the outsole of the NMDs is not comfortable. That just means that it isn’t as comfortable as the UltraBoost itself.This detail proves that NMD is an everyday shoe. 

Adidas Ultraboost - Adidas Ultraboost’s outsole is made of a toughened rubber compound, the product of a collaboration between Adidas and Adidas to develop a more durable traction-enhancing compound.UltraBoost has a Continental rubber outsole, some little nubs, and a torsion system (red piece below) all of which are supposed to provide the traction and performance needed for running purposes.

Adidas Cloudfoam - The Cloudfoam outsole is the also a great product.  It is a lightweight energy absorption that provides more of a standard sneaker feel.  It doesn’t have the same grip as the Boost, but is also less expensive.

Adidas Ultrabounce - The non-marking rubber outsole gets top marks for leaving floors scuff-free. Stay on track with a flexible rubber outsole that provides multi-surface traction to keep you in the race.

4. Comfort

Choosing which of the four sneakers are the most comfortable is a tough one to call as deciding what's comfortable and what's not is entirely subjective.

Adidas NMD - For something ready to wear out of the box, NMD would take the cake. This is a shoe that most people who test it find pretty comfortable, thanks to its considerable cushioning and molded top.You may find the added flexibility and the absence of the cage to be more comfortable with a pair of NMD's

Adidas Ultraboost - The upper of the Ultraboost is better for you if you want a snug fit from your shoes, though it might not be comfortable when you unbox them for the first time. Ultra Boost has a more dense sole that extends to the upper part of the shoes.The solid cushioning is excellent for supporting people with big body sizes. They bear extra weight well and remain in good shape for longer.Boost also includes a pressure-reducing feature in its design and offers more room for your feet to move and relax.

Adidas Cloudfoam - The Cloudform is a very comfortable alternative and some athletes prefer the EVA style of sole due to the performance when the shoe is brand new.Cloudfoam has a soft padding that keeps your feet cozy and gives you a bouncy lift as you walk. The midsole pads are molded to contour naturally with your foot so that you hardly feel any pressure on your underfoot.The forefoot construction of Cloudfoam is very suitable for nurses with wide feet.

Adidas Ultrabounce - A Bounce midsole and insole provide a smooth ride and unrivaled comfort for those in motion whether you're hitting the gym or running errands. The padded collar and tongue pair with a reinforced lace-up front closure to ensure your foot stays securely in place through each stride. 

5. Breathability

Adidas NMD - The Adidas NMD has the added virtue of being equally comfortable in cold and warm conditions. By weaving the fabric with wider gaps between the threads, Adidas primeknit keeps its design distinct from other brands on the market.On a cold day, you are better off with the NMD as the upper part will not let in cold air, helping to keep your feet warm.

Adidas Ultraboost - With its mesh or Primeknit upper layer, Ultra Boost will guarantee you this feel any day. This will keep your feet sweat-free and ventilated.The mesh vent of your Ultra Boost will also help to disperse odor so that you can have the shoes on all day and still not detect any unpleasant smell from the feet.

Adidas Cloudfoam - Cloudfoam comes with both a comfortable midsole and a breathable knit upper design. The material used to make Cloudfoam can endure extreme heat and keep your feet from the effects of such weather.Besides, it has a thermal regulating technology to keep the feet cool and hygienic.

Adidas Ultrabounce - It’s made with a breathable mesh, which allows for airflow and helps to keep the feet cool and dry. 

6. Durability

In terms of durability, these shoes are very durable and will last for many miles. They will maintain the shape and the colors from the inside out, so you won’t ever be disappointed!However, the range that these shoes last varies based on what they are being used for and for how long. In this category, there is no definite winner.

7. Sizing

If you think these shoes come from the same brand, you would be surprised to know their sizes fit very differently.

Adidas NMD -  NMD is not true to size. They seem to run bigger.These shoes don’t hug your feet like a glove, so you might want to size down, especially when you have thin feet.

Adidas Ultraboost - UltraBoost is true to size, so you will not need to select a smaller or bigger size.

Adidas Cloudfoam - These shoes really do run way big,and you should select a smaller size.

Adidas Ultrabounce - It is true to size.

Conclusion: Which Should You Buy?

When it comes to choosing among the Adidas NMD,Ultra Boost Cloudfoam and Ultrabounce, it can be a difficult decision. All of them are popular and offer a lot of features and benefits. In order to make the right decision, there are some important factors to consider.

Ultra Boost shoes are popular with top-tier long distance runners and celebrities. However, NMD is more common as it is easy to wear and affordable. It is just a lifestyle shoe to wear every day and go to the park or whatever you do while the UltraBoost is meant for running straight up. UB's are superior to NMD's in all cases except cold/damp weather use. 

Cloudfoam is made for light wearing during walks and light causal activities. It is comfortable and protective against abrasion, slips, and shock. However, Ultra Boost looks like a better version than Cloudfoam. It has more supportive midsoles and better interior lining.

As you can see, Ultra Boost emerges as the winner in most categories. It is your perfect racing partner. I think everyone should have a pair of UltraBoost just to try out because it really is super comfortable.

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