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Adidas Grand Court vs. Superstar vs. Stan Smith vs. Advantage: Differences and Reviews 2024

Adidas Grand Court vs. Superstar vs. Stan Smith vs. Advantage: Differences and Reviews 2024

    An excellent pair of sneakers will give your feet all the support they need, whether you’re doing high-intensity activities, running, or playing any sport.Adidas is a good brand to start if you are looking for high-quality sneakers.Adidas has gifted us with exceptional shoes suitable for almost any occasion for decades.Four of their most popular shoe models are the Adidas Grand Court,Superstar,Stan Smith and Advantage.They are not only iconic, but also comfortable shoes.All of them are low-top sneakers with a few distinctive features and some similarities.So, which one should you go for?What is the difference between Superstar and Grand Court?What is the difference between Stan Smith and Advantage shoes?What's the difference between Superstar and  Stan Smith?Are Stan Smiths the same as Superstars?Why are Stan Smiths so popular?What is so special about adidas Superstar?Are adidas Superstar worth it?Adidas Grand Court vs. Superstar vs. Stan Smith vs. Advantage: which is best for you?Knowing about their qualities, such as sizing, type of leather and general design, is key to making your verdict.In this review,I will compare Adidas Grand Court vs. Superstar vs. Stan Smith vs. Advantage, and show difference among them.Let’s get right into it…

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Adidas Grand Court Review


The classic 70s kicks from tennis’s first golden age, Grand Court sneakers pack a two-front punch of culture and genuine adidas heritage. Coated leather uppers lined with the iconic 3-Stripes and fit with rubber cupsoles makes them a timeless adidas classic. Transcending the courts where they were born, Grand Court shoes are definitive streetwear. Bulky enough for your baggiest sweats, tight enough to pair with your slimmest jeans and clean enough for your freshest khakis, lace yours up to elevate any outfit to a classy-casual ensemble. Displaying a style that lies between Stan Smith and Superstar, I love how versatile and straightforward the overall look of Grand Court is. Dressing up or down with the Grant Court is easy as this model could be donned with countless attires!

Go vintage black and white, or mix-up the signature 3-Stripes with a blast of color and pattern — including leopard print and iridescent designs to balance out style with an equal dose of comfort. Cloudfoam midsoles have you truly levitating with their plush cushioning that brings new meaning to peace of mind. Elevate your style in every way possible. Consistently reliable comfort and looks make Grand Courts the essential of the season. 

Adidas Grand Court may sound “grand,” but this sneaker is certainly uncostly with a price range that falls below $100.Overall, the Adidas Grand Court is a stylish and versatile shoe that can be worn for a variety of occasions.It is a great pick when you’re looking for a kick that will give a bang for your buck.


Adidas Grand Court Sneakers Pros and Cons

  • It is a stylish and versatile shoe that can be worn for a variety of occasions.

  • Affortable.

  • Durable.

  • Customizable fit.

  • Old-school charm.

  • Simple appeal.

  • Slip-free heel.

  • Cool side stripes.

  • Enduring cushioning.

  • Easy access.

  • The shoe’s durable rubber outsole provides good traction and grip on various surfaces, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear.

  • Lacks support.

  • Some users may find that the shoe’s sizing runs small or narrow.

  • The shoe’s leather upper may require some time to break in and conform to the shape of the foot for optimal comfort.

  • It is primarily designed as a casual lifestyle shoe and is not intended for intense athletic performance.

  • The leather material may not be as breathable as other shoe materials.

Adidas Superstar Review


With its roots in both hoops and hip-hop, the adidas Superstar can’t help but live up to its name.In 1969, adidas released this model as a low-top version of the Pro model, a basketball shoe that was popular decades prior.When it debuted, it was the first low-top basketball shoe to include an all-leather upper, non-marking outsole and rubber toe protection.Years later, the adidas Originals Superstar found its off-court home in the underground hip-hop scene, winning over rap legends Run D.M.C. and sparking creative collaborations. The Superstar’s popularity continued to grow and influence pop culture through the 1980s and 1990s.Through technological advances, adidas soon revolutionized the shoe with protective qualities that would later influence the rise of sneaker culture. By the mid-‘80s, the adidas Superstar found its way to the streets, becoming a signature fashion of many influencers and artists. 

Adidas Superstar is the perfect pair of sneakers that many Adidas fans desire. Comfort, durability, style and attractive design are the key features it possesses. Multiple colour range allows the users to pick the shoe according to his/her choice of colour. When compared to other shoes on the market, the Superstar tends to be very affordable. The design is also very minimalist, so you can wear the shoe in a variety of environments.The shoe has twenty special editions, with four ranges. Culturally, the shoe is iconic. 

Known as the Superstar II, the modern adidas Superstar rocks true-to-the-original details like a herringbone cupsole, zigzag 3-Stripes edging and that signature shell-toe while beefing up the padding for a more cushioned ride.While the silhouette lends itself well to new collaborations, colorways and technologies, the simple Superstar will always be the fan favorite.


Adidas Superstar Sneakers Pros and Cons

  • There are many colours available.

  • Great for all-day use.

  • Iconic style.

  • Very durable.

  • Affordable.

  • The shoe provides some level of arch support.

  • The comfort of the shoe is excellent.

  • Roomy toe box.

  • Rounded shell protects your toes.

  • Rubber Sole provides good traction and grip on the ground.

  • Very well-cushioned and padded.

  • Comfortable, removable insoles for any activity.

  • Limited edition models are expensive, but perfect for collectors.

  • Some people don’t like the thin shoelaces of this sneaker.

  • Stiff at first.

  • Run large.

  • Shell can irritate toes without proper fit.

  • Some reports of fakes.

Adidas Stan Smith Review


The adidas Stan Smith debuted in the 1970s as a streamlined, sturdy and performance-focused tennis sneaker.In 1978, adidas officially rebranded the shoe as Stan Smith, with Stanley Roger Smith’s portrait, signature and name as a backer for the shoe.Since then, adidas has re-imagined the Stan Smith in a rainbow of colors and a range of designs. With the flashy collars and simple and sleek design, the Stan Smith shoe sustained immense success both on and off the court.Over the years, the all-American shoe has evolved from athletic sneaker to fashion icon, appearing on runways, sparking collaborations and inspiring numerous variations on the theme.In 2012, adidas discontinued its market supply.  However, it re-released the Stan Smith in 2014, this time including modern readjustments, such as the Boost technology.The sneaker is also a celebrity favorite, worn by the likes of Barack Obama, Meghan Markle, and Jennifer Garder.

Although there have been hundreds of versions of the Stan Smith, the silhouette has remained consistent.Stan Smith sneakers feature three rows of barely-there perforations to represent the 3-Stripes heritage.“Adidas Stan Smith” is written on the tongue over a line-drawn portrait of the tennis player and his signature. “Stan Smith” is also written on the rear of the sneaker, below an Adidas logo. This product is also made with Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials. The sneakers go well with everything: an Oxford dress shirt and chinos,  a tank top and shorts, a T-shirt and jeans, and so on. You can purchase the shoe in black and white, although other color options are available. The shoe has the classic Adidas look that’s been modeled by many trendsetters and models.One winning aspect of these shoes is that cleaning them is exceedingly easy. For a slight additional cost, you also have customization options like changing the lacing system, materials, or colors.There’s also a personalization option, which allows you to add names and numbers to the shoe.


Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers Pros and Cons

  • The classic look of the shoe is mesmerizing.

  • The shoe is light.

  • Numerous colorways and collaborations.

  • Classic silhouette.

  • Easy to style.

  • Has a sharp and stylish silhouette.

  • Durable.

  • Weatherproof.

  • It is a renowned sneaker that’s as culturally relevant as it is a style icon.

  • Sustainably made with an affordable price point.

  • Takes some time to wear in.

  • The leather upper can also sometimes crease quickly.

  • Lack of support.

  • You’ll be following the crowd by wearing this sneaker.

  • Special edition drops sell out fast and can be hard to find in the resell market.


Adidas Advantage Review


Designed for the tennis court, adidas Advantage shoes have now been perfected for casual streetwear. These shoes have a sleek leather-like upper punctuated with perforated 3-Stripes, which maximize that much-needed airflow to your feet. The low-profile shape rides on a smooth rubber cupsole, and a cushioned sockliner brings comfort to every step.This adidas tennis skirt keeps you dry and comfortable, so you stay focused on the match. It has a smooth, extensive waistband and built-in shorts.

Adidas Advantage also features a comfortable and durable cloud-foam cup sole that offers adaptive traction over asphalt and other urban surfaces. The Cloudfoam sock liner in the midsole adapts to the shape of the foot thanks to memory foam, providing a step that gets increasingly comfortable for every day’s walk.This product is designed with comfort and endurance in mind, whether you’re touring the city, going on dates, or training at a slow pace, the adaptability of these shoes never ceases to amaze.


Adidas Advantage Sneakers Pros and Cons

  • Cheap Stan Smith alternative.

  • Excellent overall quality.

  • Sustainable version.

  • Versatile design.

  • Clean and simple design.

  • Out-of-the-box comfort.

  • Heal/arch support.

  • Heel causes discomfort.

  • Sole squeaks.

  • Few color variations.

  • Uppers feel cheap.

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Adidas Grand Court vs. Superstar vs. Stan Smith vs. Advantage: Comparison Side by Side

1.Sneaker Design

Adidas Grand Court - Adidas Grand Court has a sleek and modern design. It has a classic lace-up closure that provides a customizable and secure fit. The shoe’s leather upper with synthetic leather 3-Stripes and heel patch provides a sleek and stylish look, as well as added durability.Displaying a style that lies between Stan Smith and Superstar,I love how versatile and straightforward the overall look of Grand Court is. Dressing up or down with the Grant Court is easy as this model could be donned with countless attires!

Adidas Superstar - The Adidas Superstar shoes are well-known for their classic shell toes.In fact, no other shoes in the world have the same shell toes.On both sides of the Superstars are the iconic three stripes with serrated edges, which goes along well with the design of the sneakers, especially the thicker shoelaces.Superstar is available in a range of colors and textures. You can find anything from burgundy to camo and scale-like black.

Adidas Stan Smith - In fact, one of the main characteristics of the Stan Smith is the absence of the traditional three stripes on the sides. Instead, there are tiny holes that line up to form three simple lines.The shoe design provides a casual vibe instead of an athletic one, which many casual sportswear fans adore.The Stan Smith portrait is found on the tongue.In the heel area, you will find the iconic Adidas trefoil logo.All in all, the design and form of the shoe has basically stayed the same since it was originally introduced, but a myriad of new versions and colorways have appeared throughout the years.It is a versatile shoe that goes with any piece of clothing.

Adidas Advantage - This model, with its no-fuss design and basic colorway, allows a wide variety of styling options from casual low-down to sleek-smart office attire.Absent from the shoe are the iconic three stripes, which are replaced with plenty of tiny holes. There are 3 rows of tiny holes which create one stripe, so there are 9 rows.On the tongue of the shoe is a simple “Adidas” text logo. The same logo can also be found on the heels of the shoe. It is the ultimate pair of daily footwear, simply because it is clean and minimalistic. 

2.Construction and Materials

  • Upper

Adidas Grand Court - The Grand Court has a leather upper with synthetic leather 3-Stripes and heel patch, giving the shoe a sleek and sophisticated look. The upper is perforated for added breathability, helping to keep the foot cool and dry during wear. The shoe also features a padded collar and tongue for added comfort and support.

Adidas Superstar - The upper of the Adidas Superstar is a full-grain leather along with textile lining. It offers ultimate comfort and a good fit for the users. 

Adidas Stan Smith - The Stan Smith’s all leather upper is made with vegan alternatives to animal-derived ingredients with Primegreen, their own proprietary high-performance recycled materials.The leather is relatively soft and has a subtle, pebbled texture when you’re close up. It features a relaxed and flexible leather shoe tongue and a rounded toe box.

Adidas Advantage - Leather is a durable, flexible, and luxurious material. Here it is used in the uppers. However, cus-tomers have complained that the leather feels cheap and plastic-like and does not meet the expectations nor the typical high standards of such a material. The textile lining, however, appears to be comfortable and just fine, but this part of the shoe is much less noticeable. If you prioritize style and material quality, consider this downside before making your purchase.

  • Midsole

Adidas Grand Court - Cloudfoam midsole offers lightweight cushioning that's perfect for all-day wear.

Adidas Superstar - The midsole of the Adidas Superstar has EVA technology allowing the shoe to be comfortable to an extreme level. The midsole also adds to the durability of the shoe and holds the shoe together. The clear stitching details look appealing on the midsole.

Adidas Stan Smith - Adidas Stan Smith has an EVA midsole. It is the best in terms of comfort. The EVA midsole does not only adds to the comfort of the shoe but increases the grip and durability of the shoe. 

Adidas Advantage - The Advantage features the Cloudfoam midsole.It is essentially a newly developed EVA compound that forms a heel pad in the midsole. With every step, it provides underfoot cushioning and, through this,prevents foot fatigue by return- ing some of the energy to you in your next step. What's more, cloudfoam provides support to the heel and arch so that you won't need to rely on additional inserts of insoles. It's safe to say that with a pair of these,you really will feel like you're walking on clouds.

Tips: The latest releases of both Stan Smith and Adidas Advantage shoes feature Adidas Boost technology. In this advancement, the midsole includes closely packed thermoplastic polyurethane cells that enlarge and expand to create air pockets. As such, the Boost technology creates a much higher energy return and minimizes loss of power when making strides.

  • Insole

Adidas Grand Court - The shoe’s insole is made of soft foam, providing cushioning and support for a comfortable fit. 

Adidas Superstar - Regular Superstar shoes come with quite thin sock liners while still promising generous cushioning.With extra cushioning in the insole, the Superstar accommodates several types of feet. If you have high arches, or you have no arch at all, the soft insole gives you a comfortable feel during your activity. 

Adidas Stan Smith - The insoles are soft cushioned and display the Adidas and Disney logo along with the Primegreen lettering which likely means the insole is made with recycled materials as opposed to synthetic like it used to be.

Adidas Advantage - Adidas Advantage shoes come with cloud-foam sock liners for great ankle support and cushioning.

  • Outsole

Adidas Grand Court - The sole of the Grand Court is made of durable rubber, with a reinforced toe cap for added durability and protection. 

Adidas Superstar - The outsole of the shoe makes it comfortable and easy in walking or running. It has a rubber outsole designed especially for good grip and traction. A herringbone pattern of the outsole increases the grip of the shoe. The outsole makes the shoe stiff, but after wearing it for some time, it will get more and more comfortable.

Adidas Stan Smith - The shoes have a basic rubber outsole, nothing special like margom or anything like that. The rubber is grippy on all surfaces from concrete to wood flooring.It doesn’t get dirty all that easily too, which is a plus. And there’s the adidas logotype and the trefoil leaves emblem printed along the side of the outsole.

Adidas Advantage - It has a regular rubber outsole designed especially for good grip and traction. 

3.Size and Fit

Adidas Grand Court - True to size.The Adidas Grand Court is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, which provides a wide range of sizes to choose from to ensure a comfortable fit. However, it is important to note that the shoe’s leather upper may require some time to break in and conform to the shape of the foot for optimal comfort.

Adidas Superstar - Adidas Superstar runs a bit big! I recommend buying half size small.Also, the adidas Superstar is tighter due to the toe cap.However, the newer versions of Superstar have changed.It now runs more snug, suggesting you’d have to size up to get the right fit. 

Adidas Stan Smith - Adidas Stan Smith sizes runs small. Especially, if you are in EU region, and converting sizes from US sizes, you may have problem. For this reason, it is safe to buy Adidas Stan Smith half or one size bigger.

Adidas Advantage - Adidas Advantage runs a little large although not so much that it is uncomfortable. Just note you will have to tie your laces very tight. I would not recommend buying a smaller size as the fit would be too small. This sneaker is very comfortable.

Comparison Table

Grand CourtSuperstarStan SmithAdvantage
Color OptionsA little extensiveExtensiveVery littleVery little
StripesClassical 3-stripesClassical 3-stripes3 Rows of perforations9 Rows of perforations(there are 3 rows of tiny holes which create one stripe)
BackAdidas nameAdidas nameStan Smith nameAdidas name
TongueClassical Adidas LogoClassical Adidas LogoSketched picture of Stan SmithClassical Adidas Logo
ToeClassical leatherShell-toe rubberClassical leatherClassical leather
Ankle SupportNoNoNoYes
SizingTrue to sizeRuns bigRuns smallRuns a little large
Price$35 - $80$45 - $330$40 - $165$36 - $56

Final Verdict

The styling and features of each shoe are very similar. They both evoke the same feeling when you run and have the same levels of comfort. As such, the best shoe is mainly a matter of aesthetic appeal.

Superstar is a real classical shoe of Adidas.And,it has many more color options.For this reason, usually younger people prefer Superstar more. It has a timeless design and you can pair it with most of your outfits easily. 

Stan Smith has some unique features, that most of the Adidas shoes doesn’t have. For example, minimal Adidas branding, sketched picture of Stan Smith at tongue and three rows of perforations instead of three stripes.

However, if you need some arch support and shoes that offer functionality, I would recommend Adidas Advantage as a great choice for you.

Even though the design of the adidas Grand Court hasn’t changed much over the years, it’s still a popular shoe and very much in style. It works well as a casual sneaker, that you can mix and match with a lot of different outfits. It looks great in pretty much any color, so you can really customize your look by choosing the right shade for you no matter what clothes you’re wearing.

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