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Adidas Gazelle vs. Samba vs. Campus vs. Superstar: Differences and Reviews 2024

Adidas Gazelle vs. Samba vs. Campus vs. Superstar: Differences and Reviews 2024

    For casual sneakers to wear in day-to-day life, Adidas is one of the best options on the market.When it comes to classic kicks, there’s no denying that Adidas has four of the most iconic styles in their arsenal: the Gazelle,Samba,Campus and Superstar.In fact, many like to compare the Adidas four snaekers because of their similarities.And they do have affordable and budget-friendly trainers too.If you have to choose one, which one would you pick?

    What is the difference between Adidas Gazelles and Sambas?Do Adidas Samba fit like Gazelle?What is the difference between Campus and Gazelle?What is the difference between Adidas Gazelles and Superstar?What's the difference between Adidas Samba and Superstar?Is Adidas Campus better than Superstar?Adidas Gazelle vs. Samba vs. Campus vs. Superstar:which is best for you?Knowing about their qualities, such as sizing, type of leather and general design, is key to making your verdict.In this review,I will compare Adidas Gazelle vs. Samba vs. Campus vs. Superstar, and show difference among them.Let’s get right into it…

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  • Adidas Gazelle

Official Price: $80 - $850 (From youth to adult)

Adidas Gazelle History and Origin

Gazelle shoes from adidas have been a fan favorite,especially in the UK,since they first hit the scene in 1968 as a soccer shoe. Thanks to its simplistic yet stylish design, paired with a constant marketing revival, this shoe has been firmly in the limelight for well over 50 years.Gazelle was the first-ever shoe by Adidas that was made of suede.

By the 1970s it was quickly realized that the Gazelle was not merely a pair of training shoes but could also be used in soccer or other athletic activities. When revived in 2016, Gazelle was designed similar to its 1991 model and still carries the Hip-Hop, BritPop, and the Madonna era vibe.After its 1966 conception, the adidas Gazelle has established itself as arguably one of the most revered silhouettes within the 3-Stripes brand's arsenal. During the 90s, it became a staple lifestyle accessory of the Northern UK locals. Nowadays, the shoe has seen somewhat of a fashion revival thanks to its recent collaborations and the re-emergence of terrance styles, leading to a surge in popularity.

The Adidas Gazelle is one of the most popular all-time classics. In fact, it is arguably one of the most iconic sneakers from Adidas, along with the Campus and Superstar.Today it is available in a wide variety of colourways and comes in slightly differing iterations. The most popular of which are the OG, the Vintage and the simple ‘Gazelle’, which is modelled after the 1991 version.


Adidas Gazelle Pros & Cons

  • Stylish, retro design.

  • Inexpensive.

  • Great comfort.

  • Very durable.

  • Fashionable hues.

  • Versatile.

  • Fits perfectly.

  • High quality materials.

  • A bit stiff tongue.

  • Squeaky outsole.

  • Limited cushioning.

  • Narrow fit.

  • Not suitable for wide feet.

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  • Adidas Samba

Official Price: $55 - $130 (From baby to adult)

Adidas Samba History and Origin

The adidas Samba is one of adidas’ oldest shoes, initially introduced in 1949 for indoor football players,which is when the brand invented the shoe as a means to help players train on hard, icy grounds.Since then, people have been seen around the world in the iconic unisex sneakers. On and off the field, the Adidas Samba Shoes have been gracing the feet of soccer players and sneakerheads for decades.Now,Adidas Samba shoes've become one of Adidas most popular styles.It takes a fascinating skill of iteration to keep up this long without having to alter much of the original charm. And this is where Samba is a clear winner. 

Similar to the Gazelle, many different versions have been released over the past 70+ years, leading to the ‘Super’, ‘Super Suede’, ‘Classic’ and ‘OG’ versions that are widely available today.Worn by a countless number of celebrities and fictional characters from TV and film, they’ve firmly been cemented into social and pop culture.The Samba is still a Futsal player’s option, but it’s more often seen as a streetwear staple nowadays. With design collaborations landing left, right and centre.


Adidas Samba Pros & Cons

  • Affordable price.

  • Superb comfort.

  • Durable build.

  • Flaunts a vintage look.

  • Great grip for indoor courts.

  • Removable arch support foam.

  • Aesthetic style to match casual outfits.

  • Fits true to size.

  • Wide array of colorways available.

  • The tongue is too big.

  • Insoles wore out too soon.

  • Not for wide feet.

  • The squeaking of outsole.

Where to Buy Adidas Samba?

adidas (8%-10% super cash back)

Foot Locker (3%-4% super cash back)



  • Adidas Campus

Official Price: $80 - $140 (From youth to adult)

Adidas Campus History and Origin

Released in 1980 as a basketball shoe, Adidas Campus is today regarded as one of the most popular retro sneakers of all time.It arrived at a time when Adidas was already popular with the Pro Model, the Superstar, Stan Smith or the Gazelle.Initially, in the early 1970s, it was called ‘Tournament’, but later was renamed in 1980 as ‘Campus’. In the growing Hip-Hop culture at that time, Adidas Campus gained popularity and was an essential part of Hip-Hop fashion.It was later revived in 2017.Campus quickly turned into a lifestyle sneaker and was included into the hip-hop revolution of the 80’ and 90’s as an attire centerpiece. 

With its simple, classic look this style is easy to adapt to various streetwear styles and enjoyed as a casual shoe by more than just sneakerheads. Sure, you won’t be getting a lot of street credit wearing these, but you can pull together some really dope outfits because the Adidas Campus does a great job of pulling outfits together because it is neutral and goes well with just about anything.


Adidas Campus Pros & Cons

  • Stylish, retro looks.

  • Perfect for any outfit or occasion.

  • Also meant as on-court basketball shoes.

  • Better than Superstars.

  • Additional cushioning for comfort.

  • Comfortable for long walks.

  • Flexible instep.

  • Soft inner sole even with thin material used.

  • Wide range of colors.

  • Durable.

  • Comfortable fit.

  • Too narrow for wide feet.

  • Lacks long term arch support.

  • Need to be cautious about dirt.

  • Easily susceptible to water damage.

  • Unruly tongue.

Where to Buy Adidas Campus?

adidas (8%-10% super cash back)

Foot Locker (3%-4% super cash back)

KICKS CREW (8.5%-10.5% super cashback)


Flight Club

  • Adidas Superstar

Official Price: $50 - $330 (From baby to adult)

Adidas Superstar History and Origin

With its roots in both hoops and hip-hop, the adidas Superstar can’t help but live up to its name.In 1969, adidas released this model as a low-top version of the Pro model, a basketball shoe that was popular decades prior.When it debuted, it was the first low-top basketball shoe to include an all-leather upper, non-marking outsole and rubber toe protection.Years later, the adidas Originals Superstar found its off-court home in the underground hip-hop scene, winning over rap legends Run D.M.C. and sparking creative collaborations. The Superstar’s popularity continued to grow and influence pop culture through the 1980s and 1990s.Through technological advances, adidas soon revolutionized the shoe with protective qualities that would later influence the rise of sneaker culture. By the mid-‘80s, the adidas Superstar found its way to the streets, becoming a signature fashion of many influencers and artists. 

Adidas Superstar is the perfect pair of sneakers that many Adidas fans desire. Comfort, durability, style and attractive design are the key features it possesses. Multiple colour range allows the users to pick the shoe according to his/her choice of colour. When compared to other shoes on the market, the Superstar tends to be very affordable. The design is also very minimalist, so you can wear the shoe in a variety of environments.The shoe has twenty special editions, with four ranges. Culturally, the shoe is iconic. 


Adidas Superstar Pros & Cons

  • There are many colours available.

  • Great for all-day use.

  • Iconic style.

  • Very durable.

  • Affordable.

  • The shoe provides some level of arch support.

  • The comfort of the shoe is excellent.

  • Roomy toe box.

  • Rounded shell protects your toes.

  • Rubber Sole provides good traction and grip on the ground.

  • Very well-cushioned and padded.

  • Comfortable, removable insoles for any activity.

  • Limited edition models are expensive, but perfect for collectors.

  • Some people don’t like the thin shoelaces of this sneaker.

  • Stiff at first.

  • Run large.

  • Shell can irritate toes without proper fit.

  • Some reports of fakes.

Where to Buy Adidas Superstar?

adidas (8%-10% super cash back)

Foot Locker (3%-4% super cash back)

Champs Sports (3%-4% super cashback)


Adidas Gazelle vs. Samba vs. Campus vs. Superstar: Comparison Side by Side

1. Design & Style

Adidas Gazelle - The Gazelle trainers are everyone’s favorite because of their minimalist design. Gazelle, modeled after their previous version keeps intact the aura of the period while adding a more contemporary spin to the style.This pair was inspired by training shoes, so they have more of an athletic appearance but at the same time look casual as well. They feature a lot of the colorways from that period, but the silhouette is much slimmer. Lace-up closure ensures an adjustable fit. Besides the signature stripes, they also have some detailing and look athletic and casual at the same time.From effortless to dressing to impress, they are easy to pair with any outfit. 

Adidas Samba - Smooth leather, signature 3-Stripes and an instantly Recognizable rubber outsole come together in one streamlined look loved by soccer players, skateboarders and everyday fans.It has been produced in a variety of color schemes, yet the original black with three white stripes is by far the most popular. The shoe features a tan gumsole that distinguishes it from other Adidas shoes.

Adidas Campus - The Adidas Campus is a modern take on the classic Gazelle. It features a higher top design and a synthetic leather upper.Adidas Campus features a fresh look, which is sleek and classic with a hint of vintage nostalgia. It bears the signature 3 stripes of Adidas and the logo at the back. Lace-up closure for a custom fit. These are chunkier than Gazelles, thus great for creating chic and contrasting looks. So, you can wear these anywhere with anything. Whether it be a dress, sweatpants, skirt, or even a suit, it’s hard to create a bad look with Adidas Campus.The Campus also features a rubber outsole and a more modern design.

Adidas Superstar - The Adidas Superstar shoes are well-known for their classic shell toes.In fact, no other shoes in the world have the same shell toes.On both sides of the Superstars are the iconic three stripes with serrated edges, which goes along well with the design of the sneakers, especially the thicker shoelaces.Superstar is available in a range of colors and textures. You can find anything from burgundy to camo and scale-like black.

One contrast among the four pairs is the color of the tongue. Samba,Campus and Superstar shoes usually have the same colored tongue while Gazelles have white tongues regardless of the shoe color. 


Adidas Gazelle - The upper of the Adidas Gazelle is made from Suede Nubuck. The suede material gives the Gazelle a vintage look.However this also makes them also a bit vulnerable to wet weather and to be easily stained. The reinforced toe box, the contrast stripes and heel tab add some nice retro vibes to this classic sneaker. The trefoil logo is present on the tongue and heel while the Gazelle text appears in gold by the iconic stripes.A few models from this line also feature usual leather and nubuck leather with synthetic leather overlays. 

Adidas Samba - The primary leather for Samba is synthetic leather. Artificial leather also has robust durability.The T shaped suede overlay in the toe cap area and the elongated tongue are elements that are specific to this style.

Adidas Campus - In general, the upper of the adidas Campus featured a nubuck leather. It is a material that fits the retro look perfectly and it gives it some serious durability. On the flip side, however, these may give you some blisters at the beginning if you have a wide foot and the breathability is quite limited. For this reason I would say that the Campus is not the best choice in the summer unless the upper is made of textile like the one we had some years ago made of Hemp. The design of the upper is pretty classic and has many similarities with the Superstar and Gazelle, with the three stripes on the side and leather heel tab and tongue. 

Adidas Superstar - The upper of the Adidas Superstar is a full-grain leather along with textile lining.Grain leather enhances the durability of the superstar to a greater extent.


Adidas Gazelle - Gazelle often has a standard rubber sole (gum is available on the Indoor version).The outsole features a diamond pattern for enhanced traction.The sneaker is intended for street fashion, and the rubber sole makes up for more ease in that regard.

Adidas Samba - The adidas Samba always features a rubber gum sole as standard.The gum rubber material was originally chosen for the Samba sole to make the shoe slip-resistant for basketball and indoor soccer. The gum sole provides a good grip on slippery surfaces; it’s softer than a rubber sole; and more flexible.The gum sole is instantly recognisable due to its brown or tan colour, which often contrasts the rest of the shoe.

Adidas Campus - Adidas Campus has a rubber outsole for all its models. Rubber outsoles are great as they are durable and provide a lot of flexibility.They are also easier to clean, so all you will need is some shoe cleaning wipes and it will be done!

Adidas Superstar - The outsole of the shoe makes it comfortable and easy in walking or running. It has a rubber outsole designed especially for good grip and traction. A herringbone pattern of the outsole increases the grip of the shoe. The outsole makes the shoe stiff, but after wearing it for some time, it will get more and more comfortable.


Adidas Gazelle - The sole unit for the Gazelle is the typical one for a retro shoe with a non removable EVA midsole that sits on top of the rubber outsole that features a diamond pattern for enhanced traction. Given this combo there isn’t much arch support, especially if you are standing up for hours in these.

Adidas Samba - Much like all retros there is a removable EVA insole that makes up for most of the cushioning in the sole when you first put these on. It wears out after a while, much faster than the rest of the shoe but that is why it is removable so you can get a fresh one.

Adidas Campus - TCampus took a different route for their insoles. Instead of regular insoles, they use special Ortholite insoles for better cushioning.  

Adidas Superstar - Regular Superstar shoes come with quite thin sock liners while still promising generous cushioning.With extra cushioning in the insole, the Superstar accommodates several types of feet. If you have high arches, or you have no arch at all, the soft insole gives you a comfortable feel during your activity. 


Adidas Gazelle - The Gazelle has stylish looks without sacrificing any good features. I wear the Gazelle casually, and it feels and looks great. The rubber outsole has an intelligent pattern that enables a good grip. The traction of the boots is excellent and smooth. Also, the addition of the padded arch makes the sneakers comfortable.

Adidas Samba - For indoor footballs, the Adidas Samba works excellently. The innovative technology of the Samba allows you to make passes and shots smoothly. Moreover, the shoe had an excellent surface grip. 

Adidas Campus - Overall, I think that the Adidas Campus is a well-designed pair of retro sneakers which is perfect for all-day walking and casual activities, thanks to the comfortable insoles.

Adidas Superstar - Superstar is much better for basketballs. However, you could also use it for casual wear, making it a versatile pair of sneakers. The shoe’s rubber sole increases its flexibility and displays excellent traction. As a result, you can also use it as a running shoe.

6.Fit & Sizing

Adidas Gazelle - The Gazelles are true to size. So, you don’t have to get a large size or low when purchasing the shoe. But for wider feet, you might want to go half a size up. 

Adidas Samba - Samba is true to size. Yet, there is a drawback. It’s not the best for people with wide feet. So, if you have wide feet, you won’t feel comfortable wearing them.

Adidas Campus - While they run true to size, if you have wider feet you want to go a half size up on these. Even so, given that most Campus sneakers feature leather upper you will need to break them in for a while.

Adidas Superstar - Adidas Superstar runs a bit big! I recommend buying half size small.Also, the adidas Superstar is tighter due to the toe cap.However, the newer versions of Superstar have changed.It now runs more snug, suggesting you’d have to size up to get the right fit. 

Comparison Table

Adidas GazelleAdidas SambaAdidas CampusAdidas Superstar
Suede nubuckSynthetic leather(while the toe cap is entirely nubuck suede)Nubuck leatherGrain leather

Rubber outsole

Tan gum rubber soleRubber outsoleRubber outsole
InsoleNon removable EVARemovable EVAOrtholite Regular
Tongue ColorWhite Same as the upperSame as the upperSame as the upper
SizingTrue to size(go half a size up for wide feet)True to size(go half a size up for wide feet)True to size(go half a size up for wide feet)Runs big
InspirationSoccer FootballBasketballBasketball
BudgetMedium RangeLow RangeLow RangeMedium Range

Final Verdict: Which is Best for You?

There is no fixed winner in this debate. The styling and features of each shoe are very similar. As such, the best shoe is mainly a matter of aesthetic appeal.I hope you can put behind the whole Adidas Gazelle vs. Samba vs. Campus vs. Superstar debate and pick the one that favors your style and purpose!

When it comes to performance, the Gazelle is the clear winner. It has a more comfortable fit and a lighter sole which makes it the better choice for running and other physical activities. The Campus is better suited for everyday casual wear.The Adidas Ortholite insoles make a world of a difference and make the Adidas Campus much more comfortable than the other three, especially for long hours of walking.

The Adidas Samba is best for those who play soccer and require a shoe that can last long under an affordable budget.However,it’s not the best choice for people with wide feet. 

 If you want a shoe that you want to use for a long time, then the Superstars are the best choice. Additionally, the Superstar is optimal for both narrow and wide feet persons. You can also wear it for casual wear and sports. So, if you are a basketball player, the Superstar is the winner for you.

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