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Adidas Yeezy Slides Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Real?

Adidas Yeezy Slides Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Real?

    When Yeezy slides first hit the market in December 2019, they were an immediate hit.The minimal design of Yeezy slides makes it easy for counterfeit manufacturers to duplicate.Although there are aficionados that can’t be so easily swindled by fakes, many everyday shoppers end up buying a false product without ever giving it a second thought.Designed to mimic the look and feel of the originals, these knock-offs are available in almost every shoe store around America.Thankfully, there are a few things you can look for that’ll help you determine if the slides are real or fake.So how do you know if the product you’re eyeing is genuine?How to spot fake Yeezy slides?How do I know if my Yeezy slides are real?What does a fake Yeezy tag look like?Here's everything you need to know about fake Yeezy slides, from how to identify fakes from genuine pairs.Along with every step of the guide on how to spot fake Yeezy Slides, you are going to assist to a few real vs fake Yeezy Slide images that will show you every detail that’s flawed on the fake pairs, and at the same time, you’ll also see what should the real slides look like.And at the end of the article, there are a few websites to buy new and second-hand Yeezy slides online for the cheapest.


1.The Overlook of Adidas Yeezy Slides

To authenticate Yeezy slides start by analyzing the overall look of the model,take a look at the quality, measurements, and overall shape. The Yeezy slides take on a minimal look as the design is one piece.In fact, it's made of just two elements: an inflexible rubber upper and a serrated foam sole designed to look like shark's teeth.They come with a serrated sole that features numerous ‘fins’ underneath for that extra comfort.In this case, the authentic sole that looks like shark teeth is something that makes this model stand out whereas the replica slides failed to copy that sharp, defined and original look of the sole. 

Most fake brands will have a similar look, but the teeth will be smoother and spaced farther apart. The opposite applies to the peak on the shoe's strap. Real Yeezys have a softer, smaller point here, but knock-off straps will be larger and sharper.

At the toe box, the real slides will have a wide and round opening, while fake ones are usually flatter and narrower. Sometimes, faux toe boxes will also lift up higher than their authentic counterparts. 

You’ll also find that the manufacturing quality of the fake slides won’t look as good, and it may display a seam that isn’t as smooth. 


As a result,the look of the counterfeit model looks cheaper because of its easy-to-spot flaws. 

01) Real Yeezy slides have a heel that sits nearly flush to the floor, while fake slides have a heel that lifts too far upward. 

02)The real slides will have a wide and round opening, while fake ones are usually flatter and narrower.

03)The authentic strap has a more rounded peak, while the fake one is more pointed.The tips of the fake slides themselves are more pointy and larger than they are supposed to be.

2.The Heel 

01)The surface of the genuine heel includes lines that create a distinct portion, but they aren't as prominent as they are on the fake one.

02)The lines on the genuine heel aren't intended to be absolutely straight; they should be a bit curved.

03)The fake pair obviously has its tail lifted up way too much when compared to the authentic pair’s tail, as the fake one is too curvy and too far away from the ground.


3.The Top 

01)The authentic model did not successfully generate the rounded cut-out that the original model has.

02)The authentic shoes have a wider and larger opening of the toe box which looks thinner (the rubber) than the fake pair’s toe box.

03)Fake Yeezys often have unfinished, string-like pieces protruding from the edge of the toe box since counterfeit manufacturers tend to overlook details.


4.The Footbed 

01)The engraving on the fake pair slides will never look as finely finished as the original pair. The replica pairs the logo will not be as deep and are pale and asymmetrical. 

02)If the iconic three-stripes logo is absent on your slides, it’s definitely a sign of a fake pair.

03)The edge is too angular on the fake Yeezy Slides. Whereas, the authentic logo is rounded in the corners.

04)Because the lines are much thinner on the replica Yeezy Slides, this naturally creates more spacing in between the logo lines.


A telling way to check this is by running your finger over the logo, and it’ll also have a visible difference if you look closely enough.

5.The Interior 

01)Fake slides won't usually have the words "Yeezy" under the strap, and any text that is included won't be as 3D or bubbly.

02)The authentic Yeezy Slides have their “YEEZY” and the “MADE IN CHINA” text thinner since it fits less deep inside the rubber.


6.The Size Tag/Inside Label

01)The text in the replica size tag all share the same font boldness without differentiation. The authentic tag has text that is bold, thin and regular.

02)The letters on the "adidas" logo for the authentic tag all share equal distance in spacing and letter boldness.The letters have unequal thickness and distance/spacing between each letter at the replica.

03)The security code is a 3 digit number on the end of the bottom code. Both, the left and right Yeezy Slides should have a size tag inside. Make sure that the security codes DO NOT match each other. Adidas makes sure that the left and right slide have unique codes.If the codes match, then it is a replica Yeezy Slides. If they do not match, it does not prove authenticity completely, since fake manufacturers sometime get this correct.


7.The Box

01)The quality of the authentic box is different- its surface is smooth while the fake one is grainy and rough.

02)Replica boxes for the Yeezy Slides usually have inconsistencies with font thickness, spacing, and sloppiness. This is true even for extremely good counterfeit Yeezy Slides, but it may be harder to detect.

03)Fake Yeezy slides have less spacing in between the lettering, and the font is usually a bit off from the original. Good counterfeit Yeezy slides will do their best to copy all of the details on the box but still get a few things wrong.

04)The overall quality of fakes is usually much cheaper. You’ll need a keen eye to tell the difference, but it’s possible. In addition to the cardboard being thinner, the cardboard may feel rough, and the paper inside may be poor.

05)Fake Yeezy boxes usually exhibit product labels with fuzzy or inconsistent text. On authentic boxes, each character in the product label is fully printed, and the text itself is a dark, saturated ink.


8.Feel of the Yeezy Slide

01)Authentic Yeezy slides are very sturdy and won't really bend much if you try to twist and manipulate them. If you’re able to easily twist and fold your slides, you most likely have fake Yeezys. Fakes are made from cheaper materials that are not as sturdy as their authentic counterparts. 

02)Due to low-quality materials, fake Yeezys are easily prone to damage – including scratches and creases. Authentic slides shouldn’t have any defects, especially on the upper and exterior parts of the shoe.


9.UV Light Check


In a dark room, carefully shine an ultraviolet light over the slides and their packaging.UV light can show hidden details such as marks and excess liquid/glue stains.Authentic Yeezy Slides should be completely clean and stain or mark free on the shoe itself and the box as well.The 2 marks shown above are stamps from counterfeit manufacturers.

10.Scan The Barcode

If you're still unsure, then check to see if there is a barcode on the box. There may also be a smaller white label on the slides themselves. There are several mobile apps(such as Legit Check) that can check the authenticity of your products for you. Once you download one, use the tool to scene the barcode. In seconds, the app will check the code against the codes associated with real Yeezys, to see if there's a match.

Note that all Yeezy sneakers have a unique barcode that relates to a specific combination of:

  • Colorway – CORE/CORE/CORE (GW5350)

  • Style – Slide

  • Size – From 4 to 16 (US)

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