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12 Most Popular Adidas Samba Alternatives in 2024

12 Most Popular Adidas Samba Alternatives in 2024

    When it comes to athletic footwear, Adidas is a brand that needs no introduction.And their iconic Adidas Samba sneakers have been a staple in the fashion world since their introduction in the 1950s.He is everywhere. In magazines, on the streets, on Instagram and Pinterest - just not in shops, unfortunately.Nearly five months into 2024, the sold-out shoe's popularity is showing no signs of slowing down.The shoe is almost non-stop sold out. On and offline.They can be spotted in resell platforms going for almost double their retail value.However, not everyone can afford to splurge on a pair of Adidas Sambas, and some may be looking for more affordable alternatives.Thankfully though, Adidas—and brands like Nike and New Balance—sell a bunch of similar styles, some of which are equally popular.

    What shoes look like Adidas Samba?What shoe is similar to Adidas Samba?What shoes are equivalent to Adidas Samba?Are there Adidas Samba alternatives? Where to buy swaps of the viral Adidas Samba sneakers?In this article,I will list 12 Adidas Samba Alternatives that have got that same retro feel.These shoes are perfect for those looking to make a fashion statement without sacrificing comfort or quality.Check them out below.

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Where to Buy Adidas Samba?

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Best Alternatives to Adidas Samba

1. Adidas Gazelle

Official Price: $80 - $850 (From youth to adult)

Review: Gazelle shoes from adidas have been a fan favorite,especially in the UK,since they first hit the scene in 1968 as a soccer shoe. Thanks to its simplistic yet stylish design, paired with a constant marketing revival, this shoe has been firmly in the limelight for well over 50 years.Gazelle was the first-ever shoe by Adidas that was made of suede.

It is the sweetheart of many streets wear fashionistas. It tends to go with any street wear outfit and it has a good fit on the legs. Gazelle has up to 33 products on the Adidas website.Most Gazelle shoes have a high platform. Some have single, while others have double platforms. The soles are very relaxing and comfy. They can be worn for up eighteen hours at a stretch.The adidas Gazelles come in a zillion colors and are constantly popping in/out of stock. These have a very similar profile to the Sambas when on.This is a Harry Styles, Austin Butler and Jacob Elordi-approved shoe. Get in on the style before it becomes as hard to purchase as the Samba.


Where to Buy?

adidas (8%-10% super cash back)

Foot Locker (3%-4% super cash back)



2. Nike Killshot 2

Official Price: $90+

Review: The Nike Killshot 2 is a popular sneaker that has a similar design to the Adidas Samba.Originally introduced as a J. Crew exclusive update to the Nike Killshot 1, the Killshot 2 took the forums by storm. Nike Killshot 2 is a great sneaker for someone who is looking for something that can straddle business casual and casual. It’s a sneaker you can wear when meeting a coworker for drinks or with shorts to the beach.It has a low profile and a sleek silhouette, with a leather and suede upper. The Killshot 2 also features a gum rubber sole, providing both durability and traction.

One of the unique features of the Nike Killshot 2 is the vintage-inspired design. It has a timeless look that never goes out of style. The Killshot 2 is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to find a pair that matches your style.


Where to Buy?

Nike (2.5%-3% super cash back)

KICKS CREW (8.5%-10.5% super cash back)



3. Adidas Nora

Official Price: $80

Review: Technically a skateboarding shoe, these adidas Noras come in some cool colorways, but the ones that look the most like Sambas are…you guessed it…almost always sold out.

Nora Vasconcellos made history as the first woman on the Adidas Skateboarding team. Now, she made another. She’s the first woman skater to make a signature Pro silhouette for the brand. Released in October 2022, Adidas Nora is the second Pro skate sneaker dedicated to a woman. From adidas Skateboarding comes Nora Vasconcellos' first signature skate shoe, in a casual black and white colorway. Drawing from vintage tennis designs, the slim unisex silhouette boasts a dual-layer suede toebox paired with durable textile quarters made from eco-friendly materials. With a vulcanized construction, an off white midsole, and rubber outole for traction, the adidas Nora skate shoes are a stylish addition to any sneaker rotation.


Where to Buy?

adidas (8%-10% super cash back)


Skate Warehouse

4. Puma Super Liga OG Retro 

Official Price: $35.99 - $65.99 (From kids to adult)

Review: The Puma Roma is a classic sneaker that has been around since the 1960s. It has a similar design to the Adidas Samba, with a low profile and a sleek silhouette. The Roma is made with a leather upper and a rubber sole, providing both durability and comfort. It also features the iconic Puma Formstrip on the sides of the shoe.With its timeless and vintage appeal, the PUMA Super Liga OG Retro is perfect for any person of any age from the different cultural background. It also helps that basic colorways in black, white, and red allow diverse outfit choices. 

What’s more, they’re affordably priced, fresh-yet-timeless, and well-made, right on down to the vintage suede and leather material mix. When you can’t get enough of iconic sneakers and want to add a versatile pair to your rotation, I strongly urge you to snap these up. The Puma Roma is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to find a pair that matches your style. 


Where to Buy?

PUMA (up to 5% super cash back)

Walmart (up to 4% super cash back)

Finish Line (4%-5% super cash back)

Nordstrom Rack

5. Adidas Tobacco

Official Price: £100

Review: This is the best underrated Adidas style — low profile, comfortable enough, and great colors. There’s something charmingly old-school about these Adidas Tobaccos, which also come in a rustic green. 

These adidas Tobacco Shoes feature rustic and muted colours inspired by the archival model. Serrated 3-Stripes on the soft suede give them a monochromatic look. These trainers have a classic adidas look that pairs with new and vintage clothing alike.Having the classic T-toe and gum sole, the Tobacco is often branded as a more mature and ‘grown-up’ sneaker. It is also made from suede material. The entire look gives off a vintage shoe but it has a modern aura around it. The shoe has a rubber outsole that feels soft from the inside. It has laces as closure. It comes in different sizes. Buyers can buy their exact size because it is true to size and has a regular fit.In case you find out that your favorite design from Adidas Samba has been sold out, you can check out Adidas Tobacco.


Where to Buy?

End Clothing (up to 3% super cash back)

FARFETCH USA (1.5%-2% super cash back)


adidas UK

6. New Balance 574

Official Price: $54.99 - $134.99 (From kids to adult)

Review: The 574 has a similar design to the Adidas Samba. Since the late '80s, the New Balance 574 has bedecked the feet of the most influential members of the jet-set. Described as the symbol of ingenuity, the New Balance 574 has undergone countless spin-offs.New Balance broadened its reach in the world of sneakers with the 574. The big “N” logo, suede side, panels, new color palette, and lower price point made the brand more accessible.The collection has grown throughout time to include sneakers, golf shoes, and the 574 iconic running shoes. You can wear these New Balance shoes for jogging, walking, golfing, or simply for fun.

One of the unique features of the New Balance 574 is the ENCAP midsole technology. It provides both cushioning and support, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The 574 is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to find a pair that matches your style.

Where to Buy?

New Balance (1.5%-2% super cash back)

Foot Locker (3%-4% super cash back) 

Champs Sports (3%-4% super cash back) 


7. Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

Official Price: $55 - $390 (From kids to sdult)

Review: Mexico 66 is a classic slim-fitting sneaker with a leather upper and silver detailing. This particular style was the first pair of Onitsuka Tigers to be designed with their signature stripes in the 1960s. The Tiger sneakers stand out thanks to their rounded silhouette, refined details, and how comfortable they are right out of the box. These Japanese shoes debuted at the 1966 pre-trials for the Mexico Olympics, and they grew in popularity when they became the official shoe for the Japanese delegation to the games. 

It has a low profile and a sleek silhouette, with a leather and suede upper.The Mexico 66 also features the iconic Onitsuka Tiger stripes on the side of the shoe.It's one of the affordable heritage runners from Onitsuka Tiger you can add to your sneaker rotation if you're looking for practical, timeless, all-rounder kicks for the everyday grind.They go well with almost all types of clothing. So whether it is skinny jeans or pants, the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 will complement any outfit you decide to wear. The Mexico 66 is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to find a pair that matches your style.

Where to Buy?

Onitsuka Tiger


KICKS CREW (8.5%-10.5% super cash back)

FARFETCH USA (1.5%-2% super cash back)

8. Adidas Velosamba

Official Price: $65 - $130

Review: VeloSamba is another interesting pick for an alternative. It is fully known as the VeloSamba Vegan Cycling shoes.Designed with city riding, commuting and indoor cycling in mind, the Velosamba is your incognito bike shoe.It made from vegan and recycled materials. It's two-bolt cleat compatible with a full-length reinforced midsole for efficient pedaling that still flexes for comfortable walking. Its vegan upper is coated for water-resistance to help keep your feet dry.

As thick as it looks, it is also very comfortable on the feet. It has a fierce look but a warm feel. The sole is made from water-resistant rubber that keeps the feet dry and free from sweat. It has a single but thick platform.The shoe is designed with great attention to details, especially for its function. It can be used for city riding, commuting and indoor cycling.


Where to Buy?

adidas (8%-10% super cash back)



9. Vans Old Skool

Official Price: $65

Review: The Vans Old Skool is a classic sneaker that has a similar design to the Adidas Samba. It has a low profile and a sleek silhouette, with a canvas and suede upper. The Old Skool also features the iconic Vans side stripe on the side of the shoe.The Old Skool was the first Vans shoe to feature the ‘Side Stripe’, which was a doodle that founder Paul Van Doren did and then incorporated into shoe designs.It is the most iconic and popular line in the Vans brand. Old Skool created a huge craze in the 90s for its highlighted stitching.

One of the benefits of the Vans Old Skool is the versatility it provides. It can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any occasion.Old skool shoes have such a versatile style that can go with any outfit you wear with them. While these shoes belong to the low-top classification, their paddings still give them a slight edge in overall height.Old Skool is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to find a pair that matches your style.


Where to Buy?


Foot Locker (3%-4% super cash back) 


ASOS US (up to 1% super cash back)

10. Adidas Handball Spezial

Official Price: $110

Review: Perhaps one of the most similar in silhouette to the Samba, the Handball Spezial, commonly referred to simply as just the Spezial, is arguably even more of a terrace icon compared to the Samba. Adidas Handball Spezial draws inspiration from terrace wear and culture and is admired by many for its sharp yet straightforward design. Its throwback style and comfy interior make it worthy of a sneaker staple, like many from the Spezial range. 

The shoe is one of the most recommended now by fashionistas. It can be worn for various occasions and it can be paired with any outfit. This fine -looking shoe has become an attraction for the youths in particular. It is easy to rock and super easy to maintain.It is made of quality materials that include suede and leather. It can be wiped with wet or dry towels immediately after the wearing without causing damage to it.The top part is made with soft suede and the down part is made with soft rubber sole. It feels good from the inside and it can be worn for long. It also has a lace closure for firmness. Try it with a plaid shirt, jeans and a face cap. See you looking great!


Where to Buy?



End Clothing (up to 3% super cash back)

11. Nike SB Pogo

Official Price: $67.97 - $90

Review: The SB Pogo is Nike’s version of the Samba. These come in both men’s and women’s sizes, as well as white or black.Skate in comfort with the Nike SB Pogo. It delivers a broken-in fit straight out of the box. Its canvas and leather upper ages to perfection. And the raised taping increases control for the perfect flick.Features:

  • Premium canvas and suede for optimal performance.

  • Vulcanized construction fuses the sole to the upper for a flexible, broken-in feel.

  • Snappy and responsive, Zoom Air cushioning helps provide a quick-off-the-ground sensation.

  • Raised taping and reinforced toe area deliver durability and excellent board control.


Where to Buy?

Nike (2.5%-3% super cash back)

KICKS CREW (8.5%-10.5% super cash back)


12. Adidas Hamburg

Official Price: $457 - $128

Review: The Hamburg was perhaps one of the most easily recognisable pairs with its translucent and hollowed-out midsole. The simple approach and design language the Hamburg had made it somewhat of a hit in the 80s where athletic sneaker designs were increasingly becoming more and more technical.This shoe is a modern version of a retro shoe with sleek features that make it very attractive. It is made from recycled materials because Adidas attempts to contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem. 20% of the materials used to make the top part are gotten from up to 50% recycled content.

The top part is made from leather while the down part is made from rubber. The sole is quite strong but the feeling is soft from the inside. The inside is well lined.The shoe can be paired with different outfits and it can be worn for various occasions. Hamburg is one of those cool timeless retro shoes that your kid can rock anytime. Style it with a white T-shirt and a pair of shorts.


Where to Buy?

End Clothing (up to 3% super cash back)


adidas AU

Freequently Asked Questions

Are Sambas still in style 2024?

You can't go wrong with the classic Adidas Samba sneakers. This pair is unisex so you can expect everyone to be wearing these all year.

Why is everyone wearing adidas Samba?

Celebrity style and social media influence has made a big impact on the Samba's popularity, but all-in-all it's just a good shoe. It's at an accessible price point, and although OG colourways sell out with the quickness, there's almost always restocks.

Why is it so hard to find Adidas Samba?

As with most trending items that center the Venn diagram of comfort, affordability, and style (with bonus points for being celebrity-approved), the Adidas Samba has reached cult status—which also means it’s sold out nearly everywhere. More popular colorways like black and white are currently out of stock in most women’s sizes. However, you’ll likely find a pair on resale sites like Stockx and GOAT, just at a higher-than-retail price.

Why do Adidas Sambas have long tongues?

The tongue of the shoe protects the foot (and sock) from being pinched or abraded by the laces. In the event of inclement weather it also adds a little protection to the top of the foot to help prevent rain or snow from getting inside the shoe.

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