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Yeezy Slides vs. Foam Runner vs. Adidas Adilette 22: Which is the Most Comfortable One?

Yeezy Slides vs. Foam Runner vs. Adidas Adilette 22: Which is the Most Comfortable One?

    Kanye and Adidas created some of the most monumental sneakers in history like the Yeezy 350s, Yeezy 700s, epic Foam Runners… And, the Adidas Yeezy Slides.Yeezy Slides and Foam Runner are undoubtedly the most popular option for summer. Their low price point, futuristic design and endless number of different colorways fit almost any style.

    Now Adidas came out with the new Adilette 22 slides.The Adidas Adilette 22 Slide shares many design details with the Adidas YEEZY Slides.Kanye West is not too happy about this and felt Adidas had copied off his design.Adilette 22 slides are officially called the Adidas Slides Yeezy lookalikes and even called official fake Yeezys.However, several fans feel otherwise, as they don’t find too many similarities between the Adilette 22 and Yeezy Slides. Have a look at them yourself.Today I’m comparing the Adidas Yeezy Slide vs. Foam Runner vs. Adidas Adilette 22.What is better Foam Runners or Yeezy Slides?Does Foam Runners run like Yeezy Slides?Do Yeezy Foam Runners fit like the slides?Are Adilette 22 comfortable?Are Yeezy Foam Runner comfortable?Yeezy Slides vs. Foam Runner vs. Adidas Adilette 22:which one is better?What's the difference between Yeezy slides and Foam Runner?What's the difference between Yeezy Slides and Adilettes 22?Which one of these three slides is best for you.In this comparison, I’m going to be talking about:

    • The similarities
    • The differences 
    • Pros and cons of the Yeezy Slide,Foam Runner and Adilette 22. 


Yeezy Slides Review

It was in 2018 that Kanye West unveiled the first edition of the 'Yeezy slipper'. This happened while Kanye was wearing the slides to a wedding. In 2019, a year after the release of the Yeezy 'Slipper', adidas and Yeezy joined forces for the release of the 'Yeezy slide'. The Yeezy Slide is Kanye West’s interpretation of an important part of any athlete’s shoe rotation, the sandal-like slide. The Yeezy slides take on a minimal look as the design is one piece.The first collection consisted of three pairs coloured 'Desert Sand', 'Bone' and 'Resin'. The model consists of a thick 'EVA Foam' material, which makes the slide durable and lightweight. Part-Croc, part Yeezy, the Yeezy Slide is highly sought after.Due to its popularity, Yeezy slides seem to have no competition whatsoever. 


The Yeezy slides are designed to be comfortable and versatile. They’re waterproof and lightweight, and they’re perfect for any setting. That means they can be worn anywhere, from the shower to the kitchen. The Yeezy slides are available in a variety of colors, and they’re available in various styles. Black and white are two of the most popular colours, and you can also find them in any colour you prefer. The black Yeezy slide is a classic style, and it can be worn with any outfit. They come with a serrated sole that features numerous ‘fins’ underneath for that extra comfort.

One of the most coveted releases this year, the adidas Yeezy Slides returns with the launch of the “Onyx” colorway. Featuring an all black foam contraction, the style’s color directly references its name. It was initially revealed in February 2024 at the Donda 2 listening event in LoanDepot Park Stadium in Miami. With a comfortable sole and stylish design, these slides will have you looking good at the beach or by the pool.

  • Very Stylish.

  • It’s got this super minimal and super clean aesthetic.

  • Enthusiast's Item.

  • Waterproof and lightweight.

  • Durable.

  • Variety of colors to choose.

  • Very Comfortable.

  • It is one of those shoes that you can throw on with pretty much any pair of shorts or any pair of sweats and it looks great.

  • They’re perfect for any setting. 

  • Quite Pricey.

  • There are some parts of the shoe that can rub in certain situations

Where to Buy Yeezy Slides?

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Foam Runner Review

The Foam Runner’s journey started as early as 2019, when both Kanye and Steven Smith debuted the design during Day 3 of the Fast Company Innovation Festival. The Yeezy Foam Runner is one of the most bought and sold pairs of Yeezys after the Slides and is one of the most popular pairs of sneakers of 2021. In the year plus since its first drop, the Yeezy Foam Runner has been a wildly popular footwear model that generates endless opinions and debate. 


Just like the slew of Yeezys already brought to the table, the Yeezy Foam Runner is not your ordinary casual footwear. It boasts its experimental flair, well-designed durability, comfort, and fit. The Yeezy FOAM RUNNER is the perfect example of a popular sneaker. It is extremely stylish and comfortable. However, it is best worn during the summer season when temperatures are low and humidity is high. They also look best in warm climates. They can also be a great choice for casual wear.Today, the Foam Runner is arguably at its most popular, offering new colorways en masse.

  • Affordable.

  • Offering new colorways en masse.

  • It boasts its experimental flair, well-designed durability and fit.

  • Incredibly comfortable.

  • Easy to slip on and off.

  • Eco-friendly.

  • Lightweight.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Hard to cop.

  • No half sizes.

  • Blister former.

Where to Buy Foam Runner?

Adidas Adilette 22 Review

One of the most-talked footwear products lately was the adidas Adilette 22, which has a unique, glitch aesthetic that felt like it was a fitting techwear piece. The adidas Adilette 22 Slides Black are open-toe sandals that feature a rubber outsole with synthetic inner and outer lining. The sandals have a 3D topographical design on the outside and a contoured footbed.

Featuring a bio-based EVA midsole made with 25% plant-based content derived from sugarcane, these slides keep your fresh and relaxed from the shower to the streets.Sporting futuristic design details inspired by the human expedition to Mars, the adidas Adilette 22 lets you experience comfort that is out of this world.Unlike other adidas sandals and shoes that typically display the adidas trefoil logo prominently, the adidas Adilette 22 Slides sport only a small branding on the outside of the foot bed with the words "THE BRAND WITH THE THREE STRIPES" in all caps, as well as a tiny adidas trefoil logo to the immediate left of the statement.


However,there’s been some controversy surrounding the adidas Adilette 22, as Kanye West labelled the pair as “a fake YEEZY made by adidas themselves.”But Kanye’s adidas footwear isn’t readily available to the masses, and this coupled with adidas’ nurtured expertise in more experimental designs might explain why the Adilette 22 is so daring with its new aesthetic.

Even though they're technically the most expensive Adilette the brand has listed on its website, the $55 slides are still affordable if you can get them retail. 

  • The slides are made with natural and renewable materials.

  • Slip-on design with a synthetic upper enables easy on and off.

  • Synthetic lining provides breathability.

  • Synthetic outsole delivers traction and support.

  • Contoured footbed offers ergonomic comfort.

  • Many people may not like the text on the lateral side that says “THE  BRAND WITH THE THREE STRIPES”.

  • There’s been some controversy surrounding the adidas Adilette 22.

Where to Buy Adidas Adilette 22?

Yeezy Slides vs. Foam Runner vs. Adidas Adilette 22: Comparison Side by Side


Yeezy Slides - Yeezy Slides use EVA foam with some variants of the shoes being different in minor aspects like having outsoles with grooves and such.

Foam Runner - These are made similarly to the Yeezy Slides.Foam Runners use EVA foam, apparently made by harvesting algae to make foams and keep the lake clean. It is an excellent initiative that offers good comfort when wearing shoes.

Adidas Adilette 22 - The Adidas Adilette 22 Slides features plant based EVA foam.Unlike the Yeezy slides that are chunkier, Adilette has a sleeker body with a flat surface.


Foam Runner is the most durable shoe among these three. It has been used to withstand the worst of situations that any shoe can go through, including subzero temperature and 90* temperature surfaces where this shoe reigned supreme.

Yeezy Slides and Adidas Adilette 22 are not known for being that durable and come in last. Most reviews talk about other features of this shoe rather than durability, making it obvious.

3.Fit and Sizing

Yeezy Slides - Adidas can never get their sizing right. They can’t just call a shoe a 9 and make it a size 9. It’s always a half size big or a half size smaller.If you’re in between sizes (like a true to size 10.5), you would probably go with 10 unless you’ve got a fatter foot. In that case, you’d go with an 11.However,the new 2024 Yeezy Slides seem to run true to size compared to the older versions.They fit a lot closer to a standard pair of slides than the previous Yeezy Slides.

Foam Runner - The Yeezy Foam Runner is considered to run true-to-size. However, as the silhouette is only offered in full sizes, those in between are typically recommended to go down.

Adidas Adilette 22 - As far as sizing recommendations go for the Adidas Adilette 22, if you’re a full size, go with your true size. However, it will fit maybe a little bit long and also a little bit wide.

Some variants may be looser or tighter than the average consumer variety, so do mind. Best if you go to a store and try for yourself if you ask me.


Yeezy Slides - Yeezy Slides can cost between $100 to a considerable amount of $2000, making any user think twice if they have a budget set for themselves and do not intend to buy expensive shoes.

Foam Runner - They range from $100 to $500, but the range is cheaper than the Yeezy Slides, where the range is too huge for anyone who wants ordinary shoes for ordinary to somewhat high prices.

Adidas Adilette 22 - Priced at $55.

Table for Comparison

Yeezy SlidesFoam RunnerAdidas Adilette 22
ComfortMost comfortableSomewhat comfortableComfortable.
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to size but may require to size down.Need to size up.
MaterialEVA foamEVA foamEVA foam
AvailabilityNot easily accessible nor available on retail

Not easy to find unless you search properly.

Widely available for purchase
One-piece constructionYesYesYes
PriceCheap rangeSomewhat moderate to somewhat expensive range.Relatively moderate to a costly range.


Now that you know the fundamental differences between Adidas Adilette 22, Foam Runners, and Yeezy Slides, which ones will you choose?It all depends on which factor of the shoes you prioritize the most.

If you think that durability is what you want the most, Foam Runner will do fine.It’s incredibly comfortable and it’s very easy to clean because it’s made of one material.

That being said, the Adidas Adilette 22 is not a bad slide. It’s a little bit cheaper, it’s a little bit easier to get, and it’s got a very unique look.And if you like a firmer feel underfoot, you’re going to want to go with the Adilette 22 because while it is a little bit firmer than the Yeezy Slides, it’s not uncomfortably firm.

But if you want to go experimental and try something different, the Yeezy Slides are just for you.While this shoe is not the cheapest shoe both in retail price and definitely not in resale price, it is incredibly comfortable.It fits relatively true to size if you grab a newer colorway. And design-wise, at least in my opinion, the Yeezy looks better.

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