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Charles & Keith Bag Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How to Tell if a Charles and Keith bag is Real?

Charles & Keith Bag Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How to Tell if a Charles and Keith bag is Real?

    • People from all over the world simply dote over the style and sophisticated vibe that chaperones Charles & Keith bags. If you’re wanting a well-made, classic, and affordable handbag, then Charles & Keith handbags are for you! Whether you’re looking for a simple organizational tote, a casual bucket bag, or a stylish satchel,Charles & Keith carries these beautiful pieces at an affordable price. However, sadly enough there are a number of online portals and largely the online sellers that sell the imitation or the cheap copy of the branded handbags. So how can you tell if a Charles & Keith bag is real?How to identify real Charles and Keith bags? How do you know if Charles & Keith bag is authentic? Where to buy Charles & Keith Bag cheapest? How can you tell the difference between a fake or genuine Charles & Keith bag? How do you know if Charles Keithbag is authentic? Read on and  this illustrated guide outlines the key clues to give any bag a Charles & Keith authenticity check.



How to Spot Fake Charles & Keith Bags?

1.The Material of the Charles & Keith Bag

Check the material. If it is leather, it should smell like leather. If it is durable canvas, it should be sturdy and well sewn. The material can tell you a lot about the quality of the bag.

Some fake bags use cheap canvas or leather, and the major give-off is the auxiliary pockets which are always left unfinished. The stitching around the bag is too visible and untidy.


2.The Zipper of Charles & Keith Bag

Among many things that come to the detection of a fake designer’s back; the zips are always the most evitable.

If you look at an authentic Charles and Keith bag, the sizzler will be very symmetrical and straight. While a fake bag will have very untidy stitching of the zip, and the zip itself will be visibly low quality.


3.The Seams of Charles & Keith  Bag

Charles & Keith handbags are characterized by very neatly finished seams, which are made with their. Crooked and irregular seams are a sign that you are looking at a fake product. 

If there are no seams at all (for example, if the lining is glued on), they should also become suspicious.


4.The Straps of Charles & Keith Bag

The fake vendors can mimic everything almost to make it look alike. But straps are sometimes left out. Because they use the initial quantity of material on each bag, they sometimes make the straps too short or too broad. When you feel the stap, it feels different and not as smooth as an authentic Charles and Keith bag.

The attachments of each strap to the bag are another give-off. The stitchings are too visible and untidy. The major give-offs in fakes are the limited effort on its finesse and minor detailing.


5.The Inner Lining of Charles & Keith Bag

Check the lining. If the inside of the Charles Keith  bag feels tight and sounds like paper rubbing together, then it is a sign of a fake.

Genuine designer bags usually have a soft high-quality synthetic lining inside. Again, check the seams of the lining if relevant and observe if they are double seams (not always the case).


6. The Logo and Tags of Charles & Keith Bag

(1)Usually, the fake websites go by with an odd-looking brand name whereas the original goes by the name CHARLES & KEITH. So, whenever you shop from any website make sure to check the label on that particular product and match it with the original one.


(2)Charles & Keith label with hologram.The label (tag) of the bag shows the serial number and a hologram.The hologram has several rings, shimmers in different colors and shows the lettering "CK Kalvin Klein".


(3)Every Charles and Keith bag comes with an eight-digit serial number that could be verified if it also has a QR code. The fake ones always have more or less than eight digits in their serial numbers.


7.The Care Card of Charles & Keith Bag

Original Charles Keith  bag care instructions  alwaysare in english language. But  some fake Charles & Keith Bag care card  is written in chinese characters .


8.The Feel of a Genuine Leather

You have to check the quality of the leather used in the bag. Mostly the fake ones use the cheap quality leather in their bags. 

Whereas, Charles & Keith bags mostly use Faux leather, Nappa sheep leather, and other original leathers in their bags which makes them look different and feel different. However, the fake leather is a lot rough and sticky as compared to the original one.


9.The Smell of Charles & Keith Bag

The smell of a bag can reveal its authenticity. Many fake bags are made of synthetic materials and smell like glue or chemicals. Make sure that the bag does not smell intensely of them.


Source:Charles Keith Ins

10.The Price of Charles & Keith Bag

What is to be noted is that the designers of the Charles and Keith bags and the other branded stores always keep a little margin on their products. So, if there is a latest handbag in the collection and that is priced at a price that is 50% off the retail price, you can be assured that it is merely an imitation of the brand and not really an authentic product. Don’t fall for it! 

Yes, it is true, if the handbag belongs to the last year’s collection, there may be a difference in the price but never on the fresh arrivals.

If prices are too high for you to fit your budget, there are always Charles and Keith discount codes to use at the official store, and get them, without a doubt, authentic bags.


11.The Return Policy of Charles & Keith

Using a Charles and Keith discount code or not, the store has a very flexible return and exchange policy. If your vendor does not show any flexibility, then it is either the unverified seller or the bag is indeed a fake.

It’s imperative to mention here that fake Charles & Keith bags (or other products for that matter) are not backed by a Charles and Keith return policy. The original Charles and Keith return policy states that, in case of dissatisfied products or a change of decision, every customer can return it within 30 days of purchasing/receiving their order. When opting for a return, make sure the product is in the condition in which it first came.

Moreover, all returns are absolutely free if you received a wrong or defective product!

12.The Packaging of Charles & Keith Bag

Finally, you need to distinguish the original and fake packaging. 

The Charles & Keith products mainly come in a black box with Charles and Keith labelled prominently on it and the product is perfectly wrapped in it. 

However, the fake packages usually come in clear plastic boxes and crumbled packaging with a fake label right on top of it. The fake packaging of Charles & Keith will look a lot shabby.


Where Are Authentic Charles & Keith Bags Available?

Charles & Keith bags are available in Charles & Keith boutiques worldwide and online. And you can also get a second-hand and vintage Charles & Keithbags on some resale websites! Sign up at, you can get up to 12% cash back on Charles & Keith bag purchase at these websites!

Authentic Charles & Keith bags are sold exclusively:

On Amazon, their highest rated items are the Sonoma Double Handle Signature North/South Tote, the Sonoma Reversible Novelty North/South Tote, and the Elaine Bubble Lamb Novelty Key Item Flap Backpack.

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What Should be Done if You Spot a Fake Charles Klein Bag?

As a responsible citizen and as a good Samaritan, it is your duty to report it immediately to Charles & Keith’s online security fraud screening if you spot a fake. This protects innocent customers from fraud and helps to make a secure and friendly shopping environment for you in the future.

Unfortunately, if you have landed a fake Charles & Keith handbag, Charles & Keith wouldn’t be able to help you get a refund, but your help would be appreciated in identifying the culprits responsible for it.

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