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Where To Buy CHANEL Bag The Cheapest in 2023? (Cheapest Country, Discount, Price, VAT Rate & Tax Refund)

Where To Buy CHANEL Bag The Cheapest in 2023? (Cheapest Country, Discount, Price, VAT Rate & Tax Refund)

    Chanel created its unique fashion identity and keep attaining the absolute modernity by following the avant-garde artistic work. Chanel handbags are highly sought-after, iconic statement pieces, and demand is always higher than supply. They are definitly worth buying. In search of a coveted Chanel bag, it’s not uncommon to travel to another country to make a purchase. You can get the cheapest prices for the Chanel Classic flap bag, 2.55 Classic bag, Boy Bag, flap wallet, etc., because you’ll get a tax-refund in other countries. So where is the cheapest country to buy Chanel? Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris than in London? What country offers the highest tax-refund for Chanel bags? How to buy Chanel bag tax free? In this guide, I'm going to tell you which is the cheapest country to buy Chanel and recommend you some best and cheapest place to buy new and second-hand Chanel bags online!



The Cheapest Country to Buy Chanel 2023

Let's look at the Chanel cost comparison between the US, Europe, HK, Japan,  Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. In this comparison, I will calculate the price difference with the currency exchange, sales tax and the VAT Refund amount. 

For example, we will look at the price of small Chanel classic flap bag, color Black. Pricing and exchange rates are as of July 7. 2023.

Country & RegionLocal PriceUSD Equivalent PriceGeneral VAT Rates
United States

$8,200 excl. tax


0%-9.55%(Sales Tax-different states vary)

United Kingdom

£6,510 incl. VAT



France €7750$7909.8120%


83820 SEK$7971.8925%


Ұ1,053,800 incl. VAT


Consumption tax: 10%

AustraliaAU$12,960$8835.67Goods and services tax: 10%


$8802.09Goods and services tax: 7%


HK$65,100 incl. VAT


There is no VAT or sales tax in Hong Kong

MalaysiaMYR36,920$8341.626% GST

What is VAT?

While over 160 countries use a value-added tax, it is most common in the European Union. It can be labelled VAT, TVA, IVA, moms, MwST, and a few others depending on each country.

VAT Rates:

VAT is commonly expressed as a percentage of the total cost. For example, if a product costs $100 and there is a 15% VAT, the consumer pays $115 to the merchant.

What's a VAT Refund?

VAT is a tax on consumption rather than income, and it ranges from 5-25%. If you pay this tax when shopping abroad, you can often get your money back after you've returned home, since travelers are typically entitled to a refund for the VAT portion of prices for goods.

* EU VAT standard rates are set by member countries and can fluctuate. Your refund will likely be less than the rate listed above, especially if it's subject to processing fees.

Let me summarize the analysis from the chart:

If you're an EU citizen, it's best to buy in Europe, because it's more expensive in the US; The USD bag prices are sales tax excluded, which means they can be more expensive if sales tax are added.


How to buy Chanel bag tax free?

1) Eligibility for VAT refunds

To qualify for a VAT refund, you must:

  • Be a resident of a non-EU country at the time of purchase;

  • Have been in EU for less than six months;

  • Be at least 16 years old;

  • At the time of purchase, you must be able to produce evidence of the above, such as a passport or, as an exception, an original, valid identification card if you live in a non-EU country that is part of the Schengen Area (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein).

  • A stamp by the customs office at the point of departure from the EU definitively exempts the seller from collecting VAT. It is up to the seller to reimburse the VAT paid on the basis of the customs validation.

2) Qualifying for a VAT refund

  • The item(s) you buy must be retail purchases of a tourist nature.

The total amount of your purchases, inclusive of all taxes, must be greater than €100. They must have been bought in the same shop and on the same day. At the time of purchase, the retailer will give you an VAT refund form, which must be signed by both the retailer and you.

  • By signing the form, you agree to comply with certain procedures.

When you leave EU territory and prior to checking your luggage, you must present both your purchases and the VAT refund form to customs. The concept of "luggage" may be extended to include the boot and the passenger compartment of the private means of transport.

You must do this before the end of the third month following the month in which you made the purchase(s).

Note: This receipt then has to be stamped by EU Customs as you are leaving the EU, not the country you bought the item in. For example, you purchase a purse in France then go to Spain and you leave Spain to go back to the US. The VAT refund receipt needs to be stamped in Spain.

The amount that the item is taxed is dependant on the material and the country of origin – not the country it was purchased from but the country it was manufactured in. 


How much is the sales tax in US?

Each country in Europe has their own VAT. It is the same in the United States, each State has their own rate of sales tax. The rate varies and can go up or down every year. You can't apply for tax-refund in most States in the US, there are a few exceptionals:

1. What about tax-refund in the US?

  • States with no sales tax

 A few states in the US do not impose sales taxes, because they want to encourage people to shop. The states that do not have sales taxes are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. If you’re travelling in the US and you're lucky enough to visit these States, make sure you shop until you drop.

  • States with tax refund

There are two states that have a tax refund program for tourists, they're Louisana and Texas. You can claim the sales tax back after shopping. There are rules of course and processes that you need to go follow. But it works just like claiming VAT back in Europe. 

2. If you're an US citizen, where do you buy Chanel Bag the cheapest?

It's obvious right? If it's definitely cheaper to buy a Chanel Bag in Europe. You can apply for tax-refund and get a large discount. So for those in US that have missed the opportunity to buy before tax-refund, your next goal should be to shop in Europe.

3. Is Chanel Cheaper In Paris than in London?

Yes. The first is the exchange rate. Unlike other European countries, the UK uses pounds instead of euros. Based on the dollar, the pound is stronger than the euros. This could affect the pricing of Chanel products in London as compared to Paris. 

What's more, Paris is the home base for Chanel, where the products are made. That means that buying in Paris means you don't have to incur the transport and import expenses.

In London, the option of VAT tax refund is not available. In 2021, the UK has become the only country in Europe that does not offer VAT-free services to international tourists. But the UK retains VAT tax exemption for cross-border shopping, which means that international tourists do not need to go to the UK  for shopping,  just sit at home and click on cross-border e-commerce shopping sites.

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The cheapest place to buy Chanel online

1. The Luxury Closet

Based out of Dubai and founded in 2011, The Luxury Closet is a leading online boutique for buying and selling new and pre-loved luxury items like handbags, clothes, watches and jewelry. With more than 40,000 unique items as part of thier selection, they feature top luxury brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier, Rolex, and more. They accept items and deliver globally.


Chanel Prices: $222  - $19,234

Coupon or Discount: 

- Up to 70% off on selected Chanel items.

STUDENT & YOUTH DISCOUNT: 10% off - up to $60.

ESSENTIAL WORKER DISCOUNT: 10% off - up to $60.

Extrabux Cash Back: 6-7% Extrabux cash back

2. Shopbop

Shopbop is a US online fashion apparel and accessories shop opened in 1999. It has been a subsidiary of since 2006.  Shopbop is the global online retail destination for style inspiration and discovery, offering women and men a curated selection of ready-to-wear & accessories from over 1,000 established and emerging designers. Debuting new arrivals, compelling editorial content, and style guidance daily, Shopbop provides best-in-class customer service, fast, free shipping worldwide and free returns in the U.S. and Canada. 


Chanel Prices: $1100  - $8950

Coupon or Discount:

  • Sign up for 15% off your first purchase.

  • FREE shipping and FREE returns.

Extrabux Cash Back: 4.5-5.6%

3. What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around, also known as “WGACA”, is the premier purveyor of the finest luxury vintage accessories and apparel from around the world. For over 25 years, they've elevated traditional vintage shopping into a high-fashion experience with their unique vision and concept. WGACA's selection of top-tier pre-owned accessories and apparel from brands such as vintage Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, and Saint Laurent are housed with a coveted collection of vintage denim, rare rock tees, and other one-of-a-kind finds. 


Chanel Prices: $445 - $18,500

Coupon or Discount: 

-Sign up to get 10% off.

Extrabux Cash Back: 3-4% Extrabux cash back

4. Vestiaire Collective

Founded in Paris in 2009, Vestiaire Collective is a social commerce platform that enables people to buy and sell luxury, pre-owned fashion products. Join the global fashion activist community and discover thousands of carefully curated new bags, sneakers, shoes, watches, and more. Sustainable fashion shopping has never been easier.

They add over 3,000 pieces to their marketplace every week. From Chanel to Gucci, Fendi to Burberry,  Vestiaire Collective has an unrivaled selection of vintage and designer clothing for your sustainable fashion shopping.( Including Chanel ready-to-wear, Watches, Timeless/Classique, and vintage Chanel)


Chanel Prices: $29  - $157,681.76

Coupon or Discount: 

-Enjoy NO Selling Fee on your first listing up to $1,000 and shop $30 off your first order $150+ (code: WELCOMEUS)

Extrabux Cash Back: Up to $16-20 Extrabux cash back


FARFETCH exists for the love of fashion. FARFETCH is a British-Portuguese online luxury fashion retail platform that sells products from over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world. The company was founded in 2007 by the Portuguese entrepreneur José Neves with its headquarters in London. 

They've got the pre-owned Chanel Boy bag, classic 2.55 quilted-flap, backpacks and tote bags dating back to the‘90s. For more from the brand, shop pre-owned CHANEL accessories too.


Chanel Prices: $155 - $46195

Coupon or Discount: 

-Get an extra 15% off for a limited time + Free shipping.

-10% off for essential workers.

Extrabux Cash Back: 4-5% cashback

6. Stockx

Founded in 2015, StockX is an online marketplace for buying and selling sneakers, streetwear, watches, and designer handbags. 

StockX operates much like the actual stock market, allowing users to buy and sell at whatever price they agree upon while giving users real-time feedback on what their sneakers are being bought and sold for. 

The website acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers, making otherwise potentially shady resale market transactions safe and secure. Shop all of the latest collections on StockX from the 2.55, Classic Flap, Boy Bag or Wallet on Chain.


Chanel Prices: $600 - $12,280

Extrabux Cash Back: 3.2-4% cashback

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