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SHEIN vs. Romwe vs. Zaful vs. Boohoo: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

SHEIN vs. Romwe vs. Zaful vs. Boohoo: Which Brand is the Best? (History, Quality, Design & Price)

    Shopping stores like Romwe, Shein, Boohoo and Zaful have really just taken the fashion world by storm these last couple of years. They are all your one-stop online shop for today's most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. Their clothes are not only beautiful and comfortable, but they are also insanely cheap. The discussion around these brands has been fascinating. You might be wondering whether Romwe or Shein or Zaful or Boohoo, which one is better. Or thinking whether they are authentic or which has the best quality? Are Romwe and Shein the same company? Is romwe or shein cheaper? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’m going to give you a brief comparison between these three online shopping sites to help you pick up the best option.


  • SHEIN Review

SHEIN Brand History and Origin

Shein is one of the most popular fast-fashion retailers in the world. It's a Chinese online fast fashion retailer that only sells online. It was founded in 2008 by Chris Xu in Nanjing, China as SheInside and sold women's fashion. The company is known for its cheaply priced apparel which is made directly in China. In 2015, the brand officially changed its name to Shein. Now SHEIN is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce company. The company mainly focuses on women's wear, but it also offers men's apparel, children's clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, homewear and other fashion items

SHEIN mainly targets Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East along with other consumer markets. In 2020, Shein was the most talked about brand on TikTok and Youtube and the 4th most talked about brand on Instagram. At Shein, you'll find hundreds of tops, dresses, bathing suits, jeans, and outerwear for under $20.  Shein currently serves over 220 countries. 


SHEIN Price: 

SHEIN X ARTIST: $1.75-$32; Clothing: $1-$154; Dresses: $2.40 - $133; Tops: $3 - $104.99; Lingerie & Loungwear: $1 -$79.99; Activewear: $1- $166; Shoes Bags Accs: $0.75 -$89.99; New in Trends: $8-$120

SHEIN Design

SHEIN prides itself on offering on-trend styles catering to both young women and teens, that won't break the bank. SHEIN adheres to the concept that "everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion". SHEIN is able to stay on top of the latest fashion trends from around the globe while rapidly bringing these styles to market. So whether you're searching for boho dresses and graphic tees or patterned blouses and chic swimwear, SHEIN is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the modern yet economical fashionista. It aims to promptly offer stylish  products at appealing prices to every user in the world.


SHEIN Quality

Shein produces all its clothes in cheaper, overseas factories to keep its costs at a minimum, this allows you to buy clothes at dirt-cheap price. You should not expect clothes you get through Shein to be top quality. They are inexpensive for a reason, but this does not mean they are a total rip-off. Sometimes, you end up with clothes that last for years. Other items lose their shape or color after a couple of trips through the washing machine. When looking for something on Shein, remember to pay close attention to reviews.


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  •  Romwe 

Romwe Brand History and Origin

There's another trendy fashion brand making waves on social media: Romwe. ROMWE is a subsidiary of SHEIN. They both have the common headquarters at Nanjing, Shenzhen Global E-grow E-Commerce Co.  Romwe is one of the prominent online websites known for its cute and suitable clothing at an affordable price.  ROMWE is a one-stop shop for all things cool born in 2010. There is an endless range of girls' and guys' apparel, trendy accessories, buzzworthy gadgets and the latest in home décor.

Even though Romwe has its own website, it is also available on Amazon. This means you can shop any outfit and get it delivered in just two-three days if you are a Prime user.


Price: Daily New :$1-$266; Clothing: $2 - $43; Denim & Jeans: $6 -$57; Shoes & Accs: $0.34-$59;  Underwear & Sleepwear: $0.99 $11; Beachwear: $2-$30; Home & Pets:  $5-$28.

Romwe Design & Style

Romwe is best known for making cute and chic clothing at an affordable price. Tons of its dresses, tops, bottoms, sleepwear, and more are under $30, and you'll rarely find anything over that price point. 

Romwe's clothes have hundreds to thousands of reviews on Amazon from shoppers who love how comfy, cute, and affordable they are. Some of its best-sellers, like the Summer Spaghetti Strap Dress and Tie-Dye T-Shirt Swing Dress have over 1,600 raving five-star reviews combined, saying they're flowy, lightweight, and perfect for vacations. Plus, alongside its more casual dresses, Romwe also has outfits that work for more formal events and dinners, like this pretty Sweet Scallop Pleated Dress and this Ruffle Trim Wide-Leg Jumpsuit that both come in black, navy, and burgundy.


Romwe Quality 

The Romwe brand's focus is on producing vast amounts of cheap clothing at high speeds – essentially, the definition of fast fashion. Their factories are ISO Certified. ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization that provides world-class standards for quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems. If I'm paying $10 for a sweater I'm not expecting it to be the best quality sweater I own. However, many pieces of clothing are look very nice.

They take some of the steps of taking towards sustainability and environment-friendly products. They have begun using an innovative Digital Printing technology to print graphics and patterns onto fabrics. 


Where to Buy Romwe for the Cheapest?

  • Zaful 

Zaful Brand History and Origin

Zaful is a huge clothing store that offers affordable clothes. It was founded in Hong Kong in 2013. The company is owned by WISEON E-COMMERCE (HONG KONG) LTD. The company has grown into an international brand. Zaful operates globally, and it delivers products in both western and Asian countries. It operates several websites, and the one that you will be able to access depends on your country.

Zaful is a big brand that can be compared to Shein. Zaful offers thousands of items. If you go to any of its websites, you will be thrilled as a shopper because almost anything you can think of, as far as clothing is concerned, is there. While Zaful offers clothing for both men and women, most of its clothing lines are for women. They even have Plus Size clothing.The inventory size of the company is huge, with literally thousands of clothing and accessories to choose from.


Zaful Price:  Tops: $3.14 - $39.99; Dresses:   $5.28 - $36.28; Swimwear: $4.18 - $29.99; Accessories: $0.95 - $110.99; Plus Size: $4.66 - $52.99; Spider Man Clothes: $9.99 - $38.99

Zaful Design & Style

ZAFUL is your one-stop online shop for today's most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. In ZAFUL, the trend research process provides nutrients for their clothing design. They use top fashion data resources as an engine to provide direction of the design and sustain an agile mind of a fast fashion brand. With the professional trend researcher work behind the scenes, more popular categories and choices are provided.  

Till now, they have over 400 pattern copyrights in total with varied styles to satisfy your taste. Their affordable collections are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista.


Zaful Quality 

From the pattern making to the inks using, Zafu aims at generating a green way of manufacturing. In their factories with advanced equipment, their professional pattern cutter and sewist adjust these patterns carefully to better fit customers' body shape. They invite real models to try on these patterns. Also, they review these pattern strictly by three sides: design side, pattern cutting side and inspection side in order to make sure it's on the right way. 

They have 128 suppliers around the world as partner. These multiple partnerships let they own excellent garment and fashion resources in order to deliver more high quality and varied products. 


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  • Boohoo

Boohoo Brand History and Origin

Boohoo Group plc is a United Kingdom-based online fashion retailer, aimed at 16-30 year olds. The business was founded in 2006. It specialises in own brand fashion clothing, with over 36,000 products. It offers going out tops, casual dresses, blouses, denim, form-fitting bodysuits, footwear, and loungewear for fashionistas. 

Boohoo is Pretty Little Thing's sister brand. Growing rapidly, the company has acquired the brands and online presence of several defunct high street retailers. And with over 10 million followers on social, and fans all over the world, they've created a community of babes.  You can even shop by figure - PETITE, TALL, MATERNITY on the website.


Boohoo Price: 

Coats & Jackets: $4 - $80; Plus size clothing:$1.60 - $80;  Dresses:  $2 - $112; Tops: $1.60 - $48; Shoes: $3 -$56; Beauty: $ 2 - $220; Skincare : $0.80 - $120.

Boohoo Design & Style

Style never sleeps - they are dropping over 500 new products a week, so you always have the latest looks for less. They make fashion accessible and fun, so every girl can get the wardrobe of her dreams. One thing they love more than your amazing style is your individuality - they want to help you show it off, do your thing and look incredible at the same time. They've got all the outfits and inspo you could ever need. From date-night dresses to a pick-me-up when you've had a bad day.

With the latest styles and trends, from boots to sneakers, the possibilities are endless. They've got beauty products from eye poppin' shadows to cute blushers and contours with hues perfect for any event. From face products, including quenching face and eye masks to skin treatment items you'll fall in love with, find the missing pieces to add to your beauty regimen. 


Boohoo Quality 

A great strength to their brand is that they are able to simultaneously offer both trendy and contemporary designs with affordable prices. The majority of things from Boohoo have good quality. The fabric of low price items are probably lower quality, but they would be ideal for a night out but as a staple item in your wardrobe you'd be wary.

They're working on communicating how products are more sustainable in a simple way. Together, Polyester and Cotton account for over 80% of the fibres we use. They've developed a better materials guide, which sets out our priority materials and preferred alternatives. This list covers polyester, cotton, viscose, acrylic and animal-derived products. 


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  • Conclusion

SHEIN vs. Romwe vs. Zaful vs. Boohoo: which brand is the best?


Shein provides a wide range of accessories and fashionable clothing for formal wear and for going out for women, men, children. At Shein, you'll find hundreds of tops, dresses, bathing suits, jeans, and outerwear for under $20. Shein makes it possible for you to look extremely fashionable without maxing out your credit card. Many Shein customers caution to pay attention to the website's size chart before checking out as their sizing errs on the smaller size


Romwe is also a wholesaler from China, similar to SHEIN. The brand's focus is on producing vast amounts of cheap clothing at high speeds – essentially, the definition of fast fashion. The items that Romwe carries are almost identical to the clothing and accessories offered by Shein.  Romwe offers informal clothes like T-shirts, loungewear, leggings,  oversized clothing and more. It also has a collection for men, along with a home decor and pets section. The price are cheaper than Shein.


Zaful is a  online retailer is based in Hong Kong and sells women's and men's clothing for a very modest price. It has a vast collection of casual and home clothing. Its cheap and affordable pieces are made directly in China and then are shipped all over the world. It has a lower brand recognition than Shein. However, Zaful customers note that the website's sizes are quite small so when you're selecting a size, opt to purchase one or two sizes up. Zaful adds hundreds of new styles daily, including the latest trends like wrap tops, oversized shirt jackets, faux leather pants, and cozy loungewear. There are no shoes and no products for children.

Boohoo is a UK-based online fashion retailer, aimed at 16-30 year olds. It offers going out tops, casual dresses, blouses, denim, form-fitting bodysuits, footwear,  loungewear, beauty and skincare items for fashionistas. In terms of pricing, Boohoo is usually more expensive than Shein but the website is usually always offering 40 to 70% off of everything.

Because of this additional discount, prices end up being quite similar to the prices you'll find on Shein's website. If you're on the market for an oversized, monochrome hoodie and sweatpant set, look no further than Boohoo.

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