Reviews & Swatches: 8 Best and Popular Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick Shades 2021

Reviews & Swatches: 8 Best and Popular Givenchy Le Rouge Lipstick Shades 2021

    Givenchy Le Rouge Luminous Matte Hydrating Lipstick is a true fashion accessory, timeless and elegant, encased in genuine leather. The packaging is absolutely classy and luxurious. This lipstick-as-accessory delivers intense colors and a semi-matte finish. It glides effortlessly on the lips, delivering an intense color from the very first stroke. The formula blends the replenishing and hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid spheres to the smoothing effect.The lips feel instantly smoother and supple, in an extremely comfortable and intense color that lasts for 12 hours. The iconic shades are very popular, for example, Givenchy Le Rouge 306, 307, 333, 204 .etc. Today I will bring you 8 best Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks reviews and swatches. Hope this guide can help you to make a choice.

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1、Givenchy Le Rouge 304 Mandarine Boléro Lipstick

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Review & Swatches:  

304 Mandarine Bolero is a muted red orange with warm undertones and a glossy, cream finish. It's a lovely, bright reddish orange which makes it a favorite among many girls.

It goes evenly and opaque on the lips in just one swipe. The texture is lightweight, creamy, and smooth. The lipstick is fairly comfortable and hydrating during the initial hours of wear when it is still in the creamy stage, but once it settles to a more matte finish, it is neither too hydrating nor drying. 

Staying power is pretty good. It does transfer during the creamy stage, but once it settles to matte, the transfer is considerably lesser.  It stays for 6-7 hours with light snacks and drinks before I notice some fading. 

It's subtle enough for everyday wear and the finish is nice and moisturizing and makes lips look juicy. It's a perfect shade for spring and summer!



2、Givenchy Le Rouge 306 Carmin Escarpin Lipstick

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Review & Swatches:   Le Rouge 306 Carmin Escarpin lipstick is described as a "warm poppy red."  It's a orange-red with warm undertones and a soft, luminous shine. It's a perfect warm/orange-red lip color for years. The colors pop wonderfully and are not tacky or dated. 

The colour is seriously gorgeous – a true one-swipe wonder.  The consistency is lightly creamy, easy to apply, and applied evenly. The color coverage is very nearly opaque. Not once did the shade appear patchy or dull. It's creamy enough to feel luxurious, but not too heavy.  

I was blown away by the longevity of the formula and that I only needed to apply twice during an intense 12 hour day, and left behind a soft stain and was nicely hydrating. I would highly recommend it for the ones who prefer bold and bright shades. 



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3、Givenchy Le Rouge 307 Grenat Initié Lipstick

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Review & Swatches:  

Givenchy 307 Grenat Initié is a  a deep brick red semi-matte lipstick with neutral-to-cool undertones and a natural sheen. Some lipsticks can catch or emphasize imperfections on the lip, but this is a formula that masks imperfections.  It has a very classic take on red with the signature glossy sheen of the Le Rouge range. That sheen gives it such a smooth, plump, and juicy effect on the lips. 

The texture Is lightweight, creamy without being too emollient, and comfortable to wear, plus it smooth out lip lines, which is always appreciated. The formula is very creamy and glides on nicely. 

It has good pigmentation in a single layer, which applied evenly and smoothly across lips without dragging.  For bold looks you can apply without blotting, for a more natural daily look you can lightly tap and blot. If you blot it gently the color fades to a lovely undertone, still adding that pop of colors to your lips. 

This shade lasted well for five and a half hours, left a faint stain behind, and was hydrating over time.



4、Givenchy Le Rouge 333 L'Interdit Lipstick

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Review & Swatches:  

Givenchy Le Rouge 333 L'Interdit is a medium-dark red with warmer undertones and a natural sheen. The color is just a touch darker than a bright red rose and it's gorgeous. It's a true red and looks good on everyone. The color is gorgeous, and settles into the lines of lips.

It has very nice texture and color lasts pretty good and smells very good. It's luxurious, comfortable, flattering, and easy to apply. It has nearly opaque color coverage in a single pass with an even lay down of color achieved in one, fluid stroke.

It's great for thin lips because it seems to keep them looking more full. It's also a shade of red that works with olive to medium skin tone and enhances your lips. With the satin finish, I feel great wearing it all day long with a more casual outfit before I transition into a nighttime, holiday look. It wears beautifully for five to six hours and is hydrating while worn.



5、Givenchy Le Rouge 317 Corail Signature Lipstick

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Review & Swatches:  

Givenchy Le Rouge 317 is described as a "coral orange." It's a medium orange with warm, reddish undertones and a luminous finish. It had rich, opaque color coverage, and the consistency was creamy and helped it apply smoothly to the lips.  It's a more muted shade of orange with less red in it than the average orange lipstick.

It's very lightweight, non drying and moderately hydrating formula. The texture is in between a satin and a cream which make it easy and smooth to apply. Although is creamy, it doesn't fill into your lip cracks neither does it migrate into your lip lines. 

The pigment is a very good thing that a single layer is enough to show up over my already pigmented lips. It's also never patchy and does have a very light floral scent that isn't too overwhelming.

It's even a nice color to wear on bronzed skin. It's a great travel buddy to take with you when you are craving for that sun kissed tan. It lasts for 5.5 hours on average. 



6、Givenchy Le Rouge 204 Rose Boudoir Lipstick

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Review & Swatches:  

Givenchy Le Rouge 204 Rose Boudoir is described as a "rosy pink-toned red." It's a slightly brightened, medium-dark pink with warm undertones and a soft shine. This shade is a lip colour that’s easier to wear than the reds or bright colours.  It will suit most skin tones.

This lipstick is super creamy and smooth, and just glide on the lips like butter. It goes on evenly and opaque in one swipe, good enough to cover pigmented lips too.  It does feel very comfortable and lightweight on the lips. The finish is not flat matte, instead it makes the lips look soft and supple.

Staying power is pretty good. It stays for 5-6 hours with light snacks and drinks before I notice some fading, but the color is still visible by the 7-hour mark.  It's a perfect everyday wearable color and pairs well with most makeup looks. It is also a great office-wear color.



7、Givenchy Le Rouge  315 Framboise Velours Lipstick

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Review & Swatches:  

Givenchy Le Rouge 315 is described as a 'deep raspberry pink' and it is indeed a stunning, warm-toned pinkish-berry shade. 

This is a full coverage berry with a lovely satin finish. The lipstick has got intense pigmentation. The lipstick feels very lightweight and comfortable to wear on the lips.The color payoff is great and the finish is very creamy semi matte and the lipstick glides on the lips easily.The creamy texture gives lot of nourishment to dry lips.

It feels velvet soft and doesn't instantly wear off.  The color lasted for five hours and was hydrating. You also need only a tiny touchup after dinner and drinks. The lipstick is perfect for special occasions or a date night. This shade will suit all Indian skin tones too.



8、Givenchy Le Rouge 105 Brun Vintage Lipstick

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Review & Swatches:  Givenchy Le Rouge 105 Brun Vintage is described as a "muted rose." It's a muted rose color with a hint of brown undertone. It has a subtle, warm undertone and a satin finish. It's definitely a very easy-to-wear and flattering color for most complexions.

Although shade #105 is named Brun Vintage,  there is more pink than brown. This is a beautiful dusty pink - the brown part is missing in natural light, though you can see undertones in artificial light. It's subtle enough for daytime wear. 

This shade has a good texture an a good feel. It has rich, opaque color coverage that applied evenly and made lips look smoother. This one had less of a sheen compared to other shades in the range. This shade wore well for five hours on me. This is a good shade for everyday use. It's a pretty shade for a light skinned/warmed tone woman. 



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