7 Best And Must-have YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Shades Reviews & Swatches 2021 (8% cashback)

7 Best And Must-have YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Shades Reviews & Swatches 2021 (8% cashback)

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Since 1978, the iconic Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick is the manifesto of a free and audacious femininity that breaks the rules to reinvent them. Lips are saturated with intense, stay-true color, thanks to the Coloreveal Technology while natural extracts provide comforting moisture that lasts all day. Provides medium to full coverage with a radiant, satin finish. The color definitely packs a punch, it's extremely opaque! They impress in so many areas, from pigmentation, longevity, texture, and even the pretty packaging - making them super quick to apply, with less need for touch-ups. Have you tried these lipstick shades from YSL? Today I will recommend you 7 best Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks, and you can find the reviews and swatches for them below before you buy. Besides, you will enjoy a cheap price with up to 8% cash back!

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1、YSL Rouge Pur Couture  Lipstick #1 Le Rouge review & swatch

£24 + 3.3% cashback@yslbeauty.co.uk 

YSL Le Rouge #1 lipstick is a medium red with neutral-to-cool undertones and a natural sheen. The color is more of a true red but with a tinge of warmth - not pinky red, orangey red or brownish red. Nothing. The perfect red that not only gives that glam pout but also brightens up your face. 

It has semi-opaque color coverage that applied evenly across the lips.  The texture, feels like silk on the lips, moisturizes, doesn't accentuate flakes, applies evenly and precisely. It feels very creamy on lips. Neither does it it accentuate the fine lines nor dry out my lips on my lips. The pigmentation is awesome. The stain stays on for good 8 hours but the lipstick's true color stays for around 4 hours. 


2、YSL Rouge Pur Couture  Lipstick #83 Fiery Red review & swatch

$38 + 5% cashback @sephora.com

YSL Fiery Red #83 lipstick is a rich, coppery red with warm undertones and a satin finish. It has nearly opaque color payoff in a single pass, which applied evenly and fluidly across my lips without dragging or tugging during application. 

The texture was creamy, lightweight, and emollient–thin without being clingy–and seemed to be rather forgiving and gave my lips a slightly smoother appearance. This shoule be one of your favorite daily lipstick.  It stays on well for five hours and is hydrating while worn.


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3、YSL Rouge Pur Couture # 9 Rose Stiletto review & swatch

$38 + 5% cashback@sephora.com

YSL #9 Rose Stiletto lipstick is described as a 'rich berry rose'. This shade is a lovely medium rose shade. It's feminine, elegant and pretty. It get the right amount of pigment without being too dark, vivid or soft.

This lipstick is so moisturizing even it doesn't say anything about moisture, and the color is gorgeous! It suits for pale, cool-neutral skin and It looks vibrant on most lips.  

Rose Stiletto is a perfect everyday shade for fall and winter. You can wear day and night and it's also matching really nice with many different makeup styles.  Rose Stiletto lasts about four hours, fading evenly and leaving behind a light stain that lasts another hour or so.


4、YSL Rouge Pur Couture # 70  Le Nu review & swatch

£24 + 3.3% cashback@yslbeauty.co.uk

YSL Le Nu 70  is described as a“basic nude.” It's a light-medium, rosy beige with warm undertones and a pearly sheen. The formula is semi opaque. This shade suits light to medium skin tones. 

The formula has satin finish and feels very comfortable on the lips.It's hydrating and does not accentuate any dry patches. The staying power is around 3 to 4 hours on lips. Fades evenly and leaves a pretty stain behind which won't leave your lips looking flat. 


5、YSL Rouge Pur Couture # 52 Rosy Coral review & swatch

$38.50+ 8% cashback@strawberrynet

YSL Rouge Rose 52 is a bright, medium pink-coral with warm undertones and a cream finish. This is your typical true coral shade and  it give an opaque finish almost instantly. It feels ultra moisturising and a little bit glossy on the lips! 

It would be perfect for spring and summer days. I think this shade will suit fair to medium skin tones. You alao can mix this with other shades or wearing it as a stain. It does fade evenly and leaves a lovely stain behind. The staying power is 3 to 4 hours on lips.


6、YSL Rouge Pur Couture # 90 Prime Beige review & swatch

$38.50+ 8% cashback @strawberrynet

YSL # 90 Prime Beige lipstick is a medium, dusty pink with warm undertones and a satin finish. It had opaque pigmentation that applied evenly and smoothly across my lips in a single, fluid stroke. The texture was lightweight, creamy with moderate slip, but it didn't feel too heavy or thick on my lips, so it was comfortable to wear. 

This formula is quite emollient and has a lot of slip.  It almost applies itself as it glides quickly across the lips, though I sometimes found it too emollient and too slippery. That extra slip meant that some shades isn't as pigmented as anticipated or that color gathered in my lip lines. The wear ranged from four to six hours on average and feel hydrating while worn.


7、YSL Rouge Pur Couture #72 Rouge Vinyle review & swatch

$38.50 + 8% cashback @strawberrynet

 72 Rouge Vinyles an iconic and luxurious lipstick. It's a deep reddish brown shade, it's deep but it's bright and beautiful.  It is incredibly pigmented, giving the lips an intense and beautiful color that lasts all day. It's a satin lipstick and feels very comfortable on the lips. It does not accentuate dry spots or even settle on the fine lines of the lips.

Due to its creamy spot structure, it cannot survive after meals. This lipstick fades evenly and leaves stains. The residence time is 5 to 6 hours.


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