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Comme Des Garçons Sneakers Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Real?

Comme Des Garçons Sneakers Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Real?

    • One of the most popular and coveted sneakers of recent years are undoubtedly the Comme des Garçons Converse sneakers. whether you’re strolling the streets of a bustling city or attending a prestigious event, these sneakers will always make a statement. However, with the rise in its popularity, the market has also seen an influx of counterfeits. There are many replicas of the CDG Converse and it is important for you to know how to spot fake Comme Des Garcons Converse pairs. So how can you tell if Comme des Garçons are fake? How can you tell the difference between real and fake CDG Converse shoes? What does fake Comme Des Garçons Converse look like? How do you check if Comme Des Garçons Conversee is original? In this fake vs real guide, I will explain you how to tell if Comme Des Garçons Converse sneakers fake! 


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What About Comme Des Garcons Sneakers?

Comme des Garçons, often called CDG, is a Japanese fashion brand founded by Rei Kawakubo and headquartered in Paris.Its primary store in France is in Paris, with other boutiques in cities like London, Melbourne, Hong Kong, New York City, and Tokyo's Ginza district. 

Converse and Comme des Garçons first teamed up in 2009, and since then, their collaboration has become one of the most long-standing and strongest partnerships in the sneaker industry.


What's interesting about the collaboration is that the two major brands were successful in combining two completely different styles. While Converse is famous for its casual and sporty style, Comme des Garçons got its fame for its avant-garde and experimental designs. But by bringing together the best of both worlds, the collaboration has created a unique identity in the sneaker world.

The sneaker collection is minimalist, innovative, daring, and includes unique details. Think, for example, of the characteristic heart-shaped logo that you see on both the side and back of the sneakers. The sneakers come in striking color combinations, each with their own unique look. These features make the shoes true eye-catchers and stand out from the crowd.

In addition to the heart-shaped logo, other unique elements can be found on the shoes. Think of striking color combinations and experimental materials. For example, the Chuck Taylor All Star is available in a metallic version, and the Jack Purcell is executed in a striking Polka-Dot print.

How To Spot Real Comme Des Garçons Converse Sneakers?

1.The Overall Look of Comme des Garçons Converse Sneakers 

(1)The Overall Quality

  • Genuine CDG products exhibit impeccable craftsmanship. The stitching should be even, the material of high quality, and there should be no obvious glue marks or imperfections.

  • The Converse collaboration is another area where the quality of materials plays a vital role in authenticating the sneakers. You’ll feel just how expensive it is if you can touch the material use.

(2)The Comme Des Garçons Converse Sneakers Materials

  • Genuine Comme des Garçons PLAY Converse sneakers boast high-quality canvas uppers, providing a comfortable and breathable fit. The rubber soles should be sturdy and well-crafted, ensuring both style and functionality.

  • While counterfeit replicas may attempt to imitate the appearance of Comme des Garçons PLAY items, they often fall short in terms of material quality—and inferior materials means counterfeits will lack the the premium feel and finish of authentic Comme des Garçons PLAY pieces.


2.The Logo of Comme Des Garçons Converse Sneakers

The heart logo, especially on the Play line, is a common detail that counterfeiters often get wrong.Check for the heart's shape, the placement of the eyes, and the thickness of the outline. Any inconsistencies can be a sign of a counterfeit.

(1)The Heart Shape

  • The authentic Comme Des Garcons CDG Converse heart has to be really close to touching the stitching above.

  • However, this is flawed on the fake CDG sneakers. In fact, the fake sneakers have the heart logo looking smaller than it has to look like, and it is placed further from the stitching below it.


(2)The Heart Eyes

  • This is a common flaw on the fake Converse CDG sneakers: the eyes are 100% circles, and the authentic CDG Converse sneakers never have that perfect circle shape.

  • On the other hand, the authentic CDG Converse shoes have the left eye looking less like a perfect circle, and it has a different shape.

  • Then, the right eye, which looks more like a circle on both the real vs fake CDG Converse, still has a flaw on the fake shoes.

  • This time, you can see how the fake eye looks less like a circle this time, and it has a more random shape, while the authentic shoe has this eye looking almost like a full round circle, and it looks more like an oval.

  • To be more precise, the fake shoes have a less round shape, and the authentic eye is more of a circle on the right eye.


3. The Interior Tag of Comme Des Garçons Converse Sneakers

We’ll now go through a detailed comparison of the real and fake CDG Converse size tag.

  • Comme des Garçons PLAY does not create Converse sneakers in half sizes, so double-check that your pair is a whole size in US (MEN’S and WO’S) and UK sizing.

  • The text on authentic pairs should be thin, clean, and legible. Counterfeit pairs often include text that is too bold. On the other hand, the authentic shoes have all of their numbers looking thinner than the ones found on the fake pair.

  • Also, if you look at the eyes of the heart, you can see how they are too small on the fake pair, and how they are bigger on the real CDG Converses.


Now let’s also have a quick look at another real vs fake CDG Converse comparison and let’s analyze a new fake size tag.

  • Now,moving on to the text below the “FABRIQUE EN VIETNAM” text, the “15020..” text may differ from a pair to another. The fake CDG Converse text letters are obviously thicker than they have to look like, and this text on the authentic CDG Converse sneakers is noticeably thinner.

  • And fake CDG heart doesn’t have the eyes touching the top and the bottom sides. On the other hand, the authentic CDG Converse heart logo on the size tag has the eyes covering the white area from the top to the bottom side.

  • On the other hand, as you may see that the fake shoes don’t have the black bars above and below the size tag. Keep in mind that there are newer releases of the authentic shoes which do not have the black bars, and therefore, we do not consider the bars reliable signs of authenticity.

  • Lastly, on the real vs fake CDG Converse size tag, we can see that the fake Converse CDG sneakers have the text that indicates the “UK” size a lot thicker than the “UK” text on the authentic size tag.


4.The Insole of Comme Des Garçons Converse Sneakers

  • Genuine CDG shoes have a specific insole design that includes the brand's name and sometimes other details.

  • Fake CDG versions might use a different font, have misspellings, or lack the signature branding altogether.


5.The Stitching of Comme Des Garçons Converse Sneakers

  • On the authentic Converse x CDG sneakers, you should not meet any stitches hanging where they should not be. But the fake Comme Des Garcons CDG Converse pairs may have extra threads and hanging stitches.


  • Pay attention to the stitching below the laces, which should almost meet the top of the printed heart logo with little space in between. Counterfeiters often get this detail wrong and leave ample space between the stitching and heart logo. 

  • Besides, you can even notice how the fake Converse CDG shoes also have poorer stitching quality compared to the legit shoes.


6.The Distance Between the Holes on the Side of CDG Converse Sneakers

On below picture, we have used the green line highlighting the right distance between the holes on the side of the Comme Des Garcons Converse, and the red line showing you the distance on the fake shoes.

  • You can easily spot how the fake Comme Des Garcons CDG Converse sneakers have a tiny distance between these two holes on the side of the shoes.

  • At the same time, the legit Converse sneakers have a longer and bigger distance between these two  holes.


7.Double-Check the CDG Converse Online

  • Before making a purchase, especially from third-party sellers, take a moment to compare the Des Garcons Converse sneakers with the official photos on the Comme des Garçons website or trusted retailers.

  • Counterfeit CDG Converse sneakers often have slight discrepancies in design or detailing that can be spotted when cross-referenced with official product images.

  • You can even find nonexistent Comme des Garçons onverse sneakers from third-party sellers, with designs and colors the Japanese fashion brand has never used.


8.Realistic Pricing of Des Garcons Converse Sneakers

Remember the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

Genuine Comme des Garçons items have a price tag reflecting their quality and brand value. If you find a product significantly cheaper than its market value, it's a potential red flag.

How Much Are Comme Des Garçons Converse?

Official Price is $90 - $150

The Comme des Garçons Converse resale market remains strong. Rare or limited edition versions can command high prices, making them not only a fashion statement but also an investment for some.

9.Purchase CDG Converse Sneakers from Reliable Vendor

Always purchase the Des Garcons Converse sneakers from reputable vendors, be it the official store, trusted department stores, or verified online retailers.

Avoid buying from questionable websites or sellers who don’t have a history of legitimate sales.

Where to Buy Comme Des Garçons Converse Sneakers?

Given the prevalence of counterfeit Comme des Garçons PLAY items in the market, it is crucial to purchase from trusted and reputable sources. The best way to ensure the authenticity of your purchase is to buy directly from official Comme des Garçons boutiques or authorized retailers, such as below websites:

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How To Spot Fake Comme Des Garcons Converse Quickly?

So that concludes this guide on how to spot fake real vs fake Comme Des Garcons Converse sneakers. Here are the top 5 signs to look for to distinguish between a pair of counterfeit and genuine Comme Des Garcons  sneakers.

  • Analyze the inner tag of CDG Converse . Mostly, the texts on the size tag of the fake Comme Des Garcons Converse shoes have their size tag’s text looking too thick.

  • Inspect the shape of the CDG heart logo. The authentic heart has to be placed close to the stitching above it, and most of the time, the fake hearts are too small and they are too far from these stitches.

  • Check the shape of the eyes on the CDG Heart logo. Most of the time, the fake eyes look like perfect circles or they just don’t follow the right pattern.

  • Look at the stitching on CDG Converse. Most of the time, the fake Comme Des Garcons Converse sneakers will have extra threads and stitches hanging around the shoes where they shouldn’t be.

  • Verify the holes on the side of the CDG Converse. Mostly, the fake shoes have a tiny distance between these two metal holes, and the authentic CDG Converse shoes have a bigger distance.


1.Do Comme des Garçons Converse sneaker run big or small??

The Converse x Comme des Garçons fit is based on the original Converse Chuck Taylor All Star and runs large. Therefore, we recommend taking half a size smaller than your own size.

2.Why is Converse Comme des Garçons expensive?

Comme des Garçons is a luxury clothing brand; the brand's collections are showcased during Paris Fashion Week. Due to its long-standing history and high-end quality designs, its clothing comes with a heftier price tag than other clothing brands.

3.How to tie the Converse x Comme des Garçons?

You can tie the CGD x Converse shoe in different ways, such as skipping the first or second lace eyelet, or tying the laces once around the calf. 

4.What is the name of the Converse sneaker with the heart?

The official name of the Converse sneaker is the Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY Chuck 70. The term 'Play' in the name refers to the heart-shaped logo on the side of the shoe, which the designer of Comme des Garçon designed herself.

5.Why Converse CDG remains a staple in fashion circles?

    • The charm of Comme des Garçons Converse lies in its minimalist yet striking design. These sneakers often feature a monochrome color palette, with the iconic heart-with-eyes logo designed by Filip Pagowski. 

    • The simplicity of these shoes makes them versatile, allowing them to be paired with a wide range of outfits.

    • And these sneakers are made with durable materials, ensuring longevity and comfort. This quality has contributed to their continued popularity.

    6.How do you style the Converse x Comme des Garçons?

    With its minimalist and unique design, the shoes is easy to combine with different outfits and styles. The sneakers are perfect for a casual outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, or you can make your outfit more elegant by combining the sneakers with a dress or long skirt. 

    7.How to maintain and clean the Comme des Garçons sneakers?

    • The shoes can be best maintained and cleaned by regularly removing dust and dirt and cleaning them with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Then let your sneakers dry at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.

    • In addition, spray the sneakers with a protective spray to make them water and dirt-repellent.

    • Do not put the sneakers in the washing machine to avoid damaging the material and quality.

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