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Logitech M275 vs. M330 vs. M331: Differences and Reviews 2024

Logitech M275 vs. M330 vs. M331: Differences and Reviews 2024

    Whether you’re a working professional or a student, you need a reliable wireless mouse. Logitech is one of the best-known computer-accessory makers, The build quality of their wireless mouses is great and also they are known for their excellent battery performance. If you want to buy a cost-effective Logitech wireless mouse, the Logitech M275, M330 and M331 are all worth considering. So you will be wondering which is better of the three? What's the difference between them? In this post, I will make a full comparison of Logitech M275 vs M330 vs M331 from Design, DPI, performance, wireless connectivity, battery life, pros and cons etc. to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!


Logitech M275 vs. M330 vs. M331:Overview

| #1 Logitech Wireless Mouse M275

Google Users Rating: 4.2/5

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The Logitech M275 is a beautifully designed wireless optical mouse that is specifically made for right-hand usage. It has a compact design that would fit a medium-sized hand very well. Its unique curved shape guides your hand to a natural position. This mouse has a matte finish on its body. Also, the curved edges of this mouse have a patterned textured rubberized surface that enhances the mouse’s grip. It works well with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers and Laptops. By plugging in the Logitech unifying receiver, you can connect Logitech M275  to any desktop, laptop, smart TV, etc.


The Logitech M275 also features Logitech’s optical tracking technology, that lets you control the cursor and the mouse’s other operations in the smoothest possible manner. The tracking is accurate on any wooden surface metal surface or any opaque type of surface. It comes with an impressive battery life of up to 18 months. Although the features are quite basic, due to its durability and wireless speed transmission this mouse also deserves the best position in the market.

Simple, clean designButton click experience is average

Perfect in hand comfortability (for right


A little bit lound click sound
Wide wheel enhances scrolling experiences

Smooth cursor control and easy precise

tracking/text selection

The Logitech advanced 2.4 GHz provides

fast data transmission

Good battery life

| #2 Logitech M330 SILENT PLUS

Google Users Rating: 4.7/5

The Logitech M330 is a wireless mouse in a portable form factor, meaning it is smaller than normal mice. On the top of the mouse, you will find the left and right buttons, which are made of plastic as well as the rubberized scroll wheel. It is the first mouse in the world to receive “Quiet Mark” certification and flaunts up to 90% noise reduction. It can silently glides along the desk, minimizing workplace distractions.


Logitech M330's optical motion tracking technology and a rubber scroll wheel make navigating multiple computer application pages a breeze, allowing you to concentrate on getting things done. This mouse may be connected to a variety of devices wirelessly via an included nano receiver, allowing the mouse to be up to 33 feet away from the computer.It is designed for use with a variety of operating systems, including Windows RT, 7, 8, 10 or later; Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Linux Kernel 2.6+2 and Chrome OS. Powered by a single AA battery, you are looking at up to 24 months of use thanks to the auto-sleep power-saving mode.

Restrained design to take anywhere

Its design makes it only suitable for


Wireless connection works very wellLack of features and extra buttons

Advanced optical mouse tracking

technology accurately registers movements

Really Extremely quiet
24-month battery life

Compatible with PC, Mac, Laptop,


| #3 Logitech M331 SILENT PLUS

Google Users Rating: 4.5/5

The Logitech M331 is a great option for those who want a wireless mouse that is affordable, reliable, and easy to use. It is a comfortable fit in your hand with its ergonomic design while at the same time having an attractive look. The sides are made of a rubberized material, which makes them easier to grip.  It also has advanced optical tracking for ultra-precise accuracy and movement on any surface.  Its 1000 DPI Optical Tracking gives excellent performance even in gaming.With the Silent Plus Technology, the clicks of Logitech M331 are silent and won’t annoy you. This mouse is great if you also work late at night when you need even the clicks to be silent.


The mouse has an impressive 24-month battery life thanks to its exceptional and efficient engineering. The M331 also has a feature where the mouse puts itself to sleep after a period of non-use. The Logitech M331 has a 2.4 GHz wireless technology and has a 10m range for its Unifying Connector.It is also compatible with any Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, or Linux based computers or laptops.

Comfortable designDesigned only for right-handed users
Silent feature works great

With rubber grip, the sides get dirtier and need

to be cleaned regularly

Features Logitech Advanced Optical

Tracking for ultra precise moves on almost any surface

Wireless connection up to 10m

Works with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS or

Linux-based computers

 24 Month battery life

Logitech M275 vs. M330 vs. M331: Detailed Comparison 

Before diving into my in-depth discussion, look at the table below to get a key specs of them.

Logitech M275Logitech M330Logitech M331
Wireless range10 meters10 meters10 meters
HandedRight HandedRight HandedRight Handed
DimensionHeight: 105.4 mm,
Width: 67.9 mm,
Depth: 38.4 mm
Height: 105.4 mm,
Width: 67.9 mm,
Depth: 38.4 mm
Height: 105.4 mm,
Width: 67.9 mm,
Depth: 38.4 mm
Weight100 g (including battery)91g (including battery)91g (including battery)
1 AA battery1 AA battery1 AA battery
Battery LifeUp to 18 monthsUp to 24 MonthsUp to 24 Months
Buttons3 (Left/Right-click, Middle-click)3 (Left/Right-click, Middle-click)3 (Left/Right-click, Middle-click)
Sensor technologyLogitech Advanced Optical TrackingLogitech Advanced Optical TrackingHigh Precision Optical Tracking
Sensor resolution1000 dpi1000 dpi1000 dpi
Scroll WheelYes
Yes, Rubber, 2D , mechanica
ConnectivityWireless USB Connectivity using Logitech Nano ReceiverWireless with 2.4 GHz  Logitech Unifying
Wireless with 2.4 GHz  Logitech Unifying
Silent Touch TechnologyNo


Logitech M275, M330 and M331 look similar. All of the three mice have an asymmetric shape with a curved design on the side and designed for right-hand use only. If you’re a leftie, you’re out of luck. The design has a curved shape on the left side, so you will get a great ergonomic feel holding the mouse. The backside is higher to comfort your hand. The Logitech M331 differs from the M330 and M275 by offering a rubberized texture on the sides which gives a natural grippy feeling at your fingertips.


All the three mice have a sensor resolution of 1000 DPI which results in a smooth and quick hovering experience for regular office use.However, if you play FPS games you may need to get some higher DPI options. Because it is when the screen resolution goes up and above 2K that you start to feel the slowness of the mouse.

Silent Plus Technology

Both Logitech M330 and M331 provide “Silent Plus” technology which aims to reduce the level of click noise, While Logitech M330 doesn't. So clicking the left, right and press the three buttons under the scroll wheel, Logitech M275 has a crisp "da da da" sound, and Logitech M330 and M331 only have a very slight "bobobo" muffled sound, the latter is more suitable for living in the bedroom , library, office and other.


In terms of performance, all the three mice perform very well. They  is are suitable for regular use, and you would not find any lags. You can browse the internet, perform basic regular work and get your work done fast with these mice. However, I would not recommend the M275, M330 and M331 mice for FPS gaming.

Wireless Connectivity

The Logitech M275 mouse supports a 2.4 GHz Logitech Nano Receiver. It connects quickly with your computer, laptop, or smart tv by plugging the Logitech Nano receiver. Both Logitech M330 and  M331 Silent Mouse share the same connection technology  which is a 2.4GHZ wireless connection through a  Unifying Connector. You can get reliable connectivity up to 10 m (33ft). It is nearly three rooms in size.You would not see any disconnect even if you use it for long hours and the connection is very much stable. All of thye three mice do not support Bluetooth connectivity.

Battery Life
The Logitech M275 has a battery life of 18 months. This battery life is standard as compared to other mice from Logitech.This mouse also has a power-saving mode, also known as a sleeping mode. Logitech claims a battery life of 24 months for both the M330 and M331 which is longer that Logitech M275. Both these devices also have a power-saving function which puts the mouse on standby after a couple of minutes of inactivity. Keep in mind that all the three mice run on non-rechargeable single AA batteries.

Logitech M275 vs. M330 vs. M331: Verdict

The M275,  M330 and M331are all great Mice from Logitech which  give smooth clicks and can boost your productivity. However, the Logitech M275 doesn't offer  Silent Plus technology, so it's not ideal for people who want a quiet typing environment.

For people who are looking for a wireless mouse that is comfortable, convenient, and even quiet, both Logitech M330 and M331 is a perfect choice. In fact, The Logitech M331 is identical to the M330 virtually in all aspects except grip and price. They have the same hardware and silent technology that perform equally well. if you are concerned about budget, the Logitech M330 Silent Plus is your way to go. If you don’t mind shelling some extra buck, go for the Logitech M331. Its extra rubber grip will give you better experience in daily usage.

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