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Nike Alphafly vs. Vaporfly vs. Streakfly vs. Tempo: Differences and Reviews 2024

Nike Alphafly vs. Vaporfly vs. Streakfly vs. Tempo: Differences and Reviews 2024

    Nike has long prided itself on being at the forefront of innovation in the running shoe industry.Every runner wants to have a great race day. You want to feel fast, fresh, and fit.Over the past few years, Nike has introduced several revolutionary running shoes – the Nike Vaporfly,Nike Alphafly, Nike Streakfly and the Nike Tempo – that have significantly impacted the sport of running.The four models are Nike’s top of line road racers and were on top athlete’s feet for a ton of road running records and PRs.These shoes have similar configurations,and they also have many differences.You may be wondering which of them is best?Is Streakfly better than Vaporfly?Which is more stable Alphafly or Vaporfly?What is the difference between the Alphafly and the Vaporfly?Which is better for marathon Vaporfly or Alphafly?Are Vaporflys faster than Alphaflys?What is the difference between Vaporfly and Streakfly?What is the difference between Nike Streakfly and Tempo?Nike Alphafly vs. Vaporfly vs. Streakfly vs. Tempo: what Is Nike's fastest running shoe?Which is best for you?In this article,I will compare the Nike Alphafly,Aaporfly,Streakfly and Tempo and explain the technology that sets them apart.


Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% 2 Review

  • Release Year: 2020

  • Official Price: $275

Alphafly Next% is Nike’s newer, top-of-the-range racing shoe.When Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon in 1:59:40 in 2019, he did so in a prototype of the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%. This extraordinary achievement was years in the making, the culmination of a collaboration between Eliud and Nike, beginning with Eliud’s effort to break the two-hour marathon barrier in 2017. 

The Nike Alphafly Next% 2,which was released in 2020, is the latest addition to Nike’s running shoe lineup.The shoe was designed to build on the success of the Nike Vaporfly and take things to the next level.The Nike Alphafly features a number of updates and improvements over the Nike Vaporfly, including a thicker midsole and an additional carbon fiber plate. The shoe also features Nike’s latest foam technology, Nike ZoomX, which is designed to provide even greater cushioning and energy return than the ZoomX foam used in the Nike Vaporfly.ZoomX foam is unique in two ways: It’s incredibly responsive and lightweight. Working in tandem with the ZoomX foam and the Air Zoom pods, is a full-length carbon fiber plate that delivers a snappy sensation with each stride. WTo shave off some ounces, the Nike Innovation team developed a new Flyknit upper called AtomKnit. Flyknit fabric is steamed and stretched, delivering a lightweight, contoured fit with minimal water absorption and enhanced breathability.ith the additional foam and the two Zoom Air pods underfoot, the overall weight of this shoe increased. Once you take a few strides in the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% 2, you’ll never look at your favorite pair of old racing shoes the same way again. 


What Is Nike Alphafly 2 Best For?

The Nike Alphafly Next% 2 is a super shoe which was designed for narrow-footed runners and runners with high arches because it has a very narrow midfoot. It’s best suited to short, fast-paced workouts rather than long runs because of its firmer ride and prominent arch. The shoe certainly caters to the longer distances being marathon and half marathon.

Nike Alphafly 2 Pros And Cons

  • The best race shoe you can buy.

  • Above-average durability for a carbon shoe.

  • Atomknit material on the upper has a contoured fit while being lightweight and super-breathable.

  • Reflective details.

  • Quieter ride than previous versions.

  • Higher durability than the previous versions.

  • Efficient rocker geometry.

  • Good space even for wider feet.

  • Precise foot lockdown.

  • More ZoomX foam than Vaporfly.

  • Heavier than version 1.

  • Really high price.

  • Frequently sells out and can be hard to find.

  • Some runners note stability issues.

  • The low heel-to-toe drop may not be suitable for everyone.

  • Narrow midfoot which digs into your arch.

Where To Buy Nike Alphafly 2?

The Prototype colourway of the Alphafly Next% 2 sold out within minutes in selected countries and sold out wherever it was launched.However,you can still buy other colors from the website below.

Nike (up to 3% super cash back)

FARFETCH USA (2% super cash back)

Stadium Goods (up to 3% super cash back)



Dicks Sporting Goods

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Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% 3 Review

  • Release Year: 2020

  • Official Price: $250

The Vaporfly Next% is Nike’s most popular marathon racing shoe.In the Nike super shoe pecking order, the Vaporfly isn’t top of the range. It’s priced $25 below the Alphafly Next% but due to its more comfortable fit and lighter weight, it’s the more popular of the two Nike super shoes. Most of the elite Nike-sponsored runners also use the Vaporfly over the Alphafly.

The new Nike Vaporfly Next 3 super shoes retain the highlights of previous versions, with a few notable improvements.The main improvement is in weight and comfort. The shoe weighs 0.18 oz/5 g less while offering more ZoomX foam.Specifically selected Flyknit yarns and engineered zones in the forefoot bring a new level of performance to the Vaporfly. Ample breathability around the toes combined with soft, yet supportive yarns deliver the most customized upper for the Vaporfly. The result is a softer, cooler design that conforms to your foot.An updated thin outsole rubber uses less material without sacrificing durability, which helps reduce outsole weight and thickness. This allows for extra millimeters of ZoomX foam underfoot and a smoother transition through your stride.

A full-length, carbon fiber plate underfoot provides a propulsive sensation to help you push the pace.The new VaporWeave material is insanely strong and crazy lightweight. It’s also water resistant so go ahead and pour water over your head—these shoes won’t soak it all up.It doesn't offer as much speed assistance as other top tier carbon racers because of its gentle forefoot rocker but it's incredibly lightweight and extremely comfortable.


What Is Nike Vaporfly 3 Best For? 

Nike Vaporfly 3 is made for the chasers, the racers, the elevated pacers who can’t turn down the thrill of the pursuit. Nike reworked the leader of the super shoe pack and tuned the engine underneath to help you chase personal bests from a 10K to marathon. From elite runners to those new to racing, this versatile road-racing workhorse is for those who see speed as a gateway to more miles and more seemingly uncatchable highs.

Nike Vaporfly 3 Pros And Cons

  • The best road racing shoe on the market.

  • Has a little more grip on the outsole.

  • Wider toe area for a roomier fit.

  • Internal foam pod at heel for extra cushioning.

  • Light padding on the tongue helps reduce lace pressure at the top of your foot.

  • Greater stability.

  • Proven performance.

  • More comfortable fit.

  • Better breathability.

  • Incredibly light (and lighter than v2).

  • Soft, springy and highly responsive ride.

  • Little life-span.

  • Less aggressive toe spring than competitors.

  • Expensive.

  • Lockdown could be improved.

  • The tongue can be irritating.

Where To Buy Nike Vaporfly 3?

Nike (up to 3% super cash back) 

FARFETCH USA (2% super cash back)



Nike ZoomX Streakfly review 

  • Release Year: 2022

  • Official Price: $160

Nike has completed their performance shoe lineup with the Streakfly, which will perform equally well as a shorter race or interval day shoe.The Streakfly does share DNA with its older sibling, the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%. But the Streakfly is also something completely different with echoes of both old racing flats and a fan favorite Nike trainer.The Nike ZoomX Streakfly is a super soft, flexible racing shoe with a natural ride. It feels more like a trainer than a racer due to its relaxed transitions. This new version of the Streakfly is an evolution of the Zoom Streak series. 

The Streakfly is all about the speed you need to take on the competition in a mile, 5k or 10k race. With a low-profile design and sleek details, it feels like it disappears on your foot to help you better connect with the road on the way to your personal best.Full-length ZoomX midsole provides the ultimate lightweight responsiveness. The foam stack heights are lower than the Vaporfly, saving weight and giving you a more aggressive feel. The result is a shoe so light, it disappears on your foot while still giving you the responsive cushioning of ZoomX foam, helping you reach your fastest pace throughout the turns and accelerations of any race.

Ultra-thin knit upper is light in weight while still providing the support you need for racing. Extra reinforcement in the forefoot keeps you secure. An updated, sleek lacing system is laterally offset with a notched tongue to help relieve pressure on the top of the foot.


What Is Nike Streakfly Best For? 

The Nike ZoomX Streakfly may not fully live up to the hype surrounding its release, but it does serve an important role in the Nike range. It’s for runners looking for a racer that offers a straightforward design, high-stack cushioning, and easy ride.Presented as a 5 or 10K shoe, it can go well beyond but will have difficulty competing head-to-head with the heavy-hitting super shoes, much more effective for long distances.

The Streakfly is a really fun shoe because of its featherlight weight and its super soft ride. Its downside however is its fragile build so it can’t be used for regular training because of its fragile build- it’s even less durable than the Vaporfly/Alphafly.

Nike Streakfly Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
  • Perfect for 5km and 10km specific use.

  • Not so expensive.

  • Balance of support vs minimalism.

  • Work for all your road running.

  • Super lightweight.

  • Natural ride.

  • Good lockdown.

  • Grippy outsole.

  • Roomy toe box.

  • Soft, responsive, and protective cushioning.

  • Not as fast as carbon fibre shoes.

  • Terrible durability.

  • Tongue could be slightly wider.

  • Falls short for racing.

  • Heavy runners can “bottom out”.

  • Narrow-footed runners may experience poor lockdown.

Where To Buy Nike Streakfly?

Nike (up to 3% super cash back)

Foot Locker (4% super cash back)

KICKS CREW (7% super cash back)

Dicks Sporting Goods

Road Runner Sports

Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% Review

  • Release Year: 2022

  • Official Price: $159.97

The Tempo Next% is a daily trainer designed to be the training companion to the Alphafly Next%.It's fast, and it can rake up miles! The Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% is everything we can ask for in a dedicated tempo trainer. It's comfortable and it's loaded with bounce, springing you forward in each stride! After putting it to the test, it's safe to say that it suits middle to long-distance runs best. 

The Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% contains the same ZoomX foam and Zoom Air unit as featured in the Nike Alphafly Next%, but the outsole of the shoe is far more durable than the famous racer.Although Zoom Air is a longstanding Nike innovation, in the Tempo NEXT% Nike has isolated the pods from the surrounding foam, which allows runners to experience greater energy return.A full-length plate in the midsole helps stabilize the Zoom Air pods while also providing a propulsive feel with every stride. The Tempo NEXT% is available in a FlyEase model that features a collapsible heel for a quick and easy hands-free entry suitable for runners of all abilities. The lace-free design also includes a one-handed tighten and loosen mechanism.While being an exciting shoe, it doesn’t have a very exciting name. This is already the third Tempo-named shoe this year alone, the first two being the Hyperion Tempo and the Fresh Foam Tempo.It could be that Nike has such high confidence in it that they don’t feel that it needs a marketing push.

The Tempo NEXT% is available in a FlyEase model that features a collapsible heel for a quick and easy hands-free entry suitable for runners of all abilities. The lace-free design also includes a one-handed tighten and loosen mechanism.


What Is Nike Nike Tempo NEXT%

Designed to be the training partner to some of Nike’s speedier running shoes, such as the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2, the Air Zoom Tempo Next% is built for long training miles, not race day. It looks great and is very durable. If you’re looking to up your pace, log a decent amount of miles, and do so with minimal discomfort, then this is the shoe for you. The Nike Tempo Next% is perfect for runners who are looking for a comfortable running shoe that offers a fast, spring-loaded ride for mid to long-distance runs. 

Nike Tempo NEXT% Pros And Cons

  • Sleek design.

  • No break-in period.

  • Super breathable paper-thin upper.

  • Durable outsole and midsole foams.

  • Very comfortable.

  • Pushes you forward.

  • Best for fast long runs (~10 miles).

  • Explosively responsive forefoot.

  • Somewhat similar ride to the Alphafly.

  • Secure lacing system.

  • Poor traction on wet surfaces.

  • Clunky ride, especially at slower paces.

  • High price for a daily trainer.

  • Unstable at sharp turns.

  • Stack height isn’t legal.

Where To Buy Nike Tempo NEXT%?

Nike (up to 3% super cash back)

Foot Locker (4% super cash back)

JD Sports US (5% super cash back)

Dicks Sporting Goods


Nike Alphafly vs. Vaporfly vs. Streakfly vs. Tempo: Comparison Side by Side

1. Upper

Nike Alphafly 2 - The upper of the Alphafly 2 features a new Flyknit upper called AtomKnit — a lightweight, latticed material that cradles the foot and allows for maximum breathability. The laces are notched for a secure knot that doesn't feel too tight, even when laced for maximum stability. The heel cups are padded and provide an extremely good fit, even the first time you wear them.Atomknit is thinner and not as durable as Flyknit.

Nike Vaporfly 3 - The Vaporfly Next% has a Vapor Weave upper which is a very thin but very strong material that’s also slightly water repellent. Although this Vapor Weave feels almost plasticky, it’s a really strong durable material. It’s not super breathable, but it does feel like it really hugs your foot really well.The tongue of the Vaporfly Next% is lightly padded and not gusseted so it slides downwards during runs.

Nike Streakfly - The upper is hyper-thin and marketed by Nike as a knit material but it feels more similar to an engineered mesh. While there isn’t a toe bumper per se, the mesh in the front has a denser knit. A printed layer also reinforces the upper near the midsole edge.There’re a couple of minor imperfections on the Streakfly’s upper. When laced tight, the upper tends to pucker up. While it does not affect the fit, a $160 shoe should do better.

Nike Tempo NEXT% - Using seamless construction methods, the Flyknit upper of the Tempo NEXT% is lightweight and provides a secure, breathable fit. An integrated tongue stays in place once it’s tightened, while an offset lacing system allows for natural movement as you run.The upper of the Nike Tempo Next% is paper-thin, as you’d expect from a racing shoe. In fact, the lightweight Flyknit design is very similar to that found in the Alphafly.Another feature worth mentioning is the sideways lacing of the Tempo Next%. Nike says the asymmetrical lacing is designed to keep the foot securely in the shoe and prevent any hotspots on the top of the foot as you move. 

2. Midsole

Nike Alphafly 2 - The Alphafly Next% 2’s midsole consists of 100% of Nike’s premium super foam, ZoomX,but it also has the two Zoom Air pods in the forefoot which add extra cushioning and extra spring to each toe off.It makes the midsole lighter than that of the Tempo Next% and also makes the Alphafly 2 feel more responsive and bouncy. The Alphafly 2 feels softer and more forgiving so it’s better for longer runs when you need the extra foot protection.The carbon fibre plate in the Alphafly 2 is much stiffer and lighter than the composite plate in the Tempo. The stiffer plate allows for a more propulsive ride because it acts as a lever that springs you forward during transitions. 

Nike Vaporfly 3 - The midsole of the Vaporfly Next% is made of ZoomX foam which is super light and super bouncy. It allows the Vaporfly Next% to be one of the lightest racing shoes on the market with enough cushioning for a full marathon.ZoomX works in synergy with the integrated carbon fiber Flyplate and a rocker design to provide optimum responsiveness. The result is more efficient propulsion with every stride, especially at toe off, allowing you to go faster than with other shoes for the same effort, even on tired legs.The stiff carbon plate of the Vaporfly Next% is angled upwards in the forefoot but it isn’t rounded so it doesn’t function as a rocker: it gives you a forward-tipping sensation with each toe-off which is unique to the Vaporfly Next%.The Vaporfly Next% is better suited to shorter races because it is lighter and doesn’t have as much cushioning as the Alphafly Next%. 

Nike Streakfly - The brand didn’t go so far as to use a full-length carbon plate on this Streakfly.However, it still uses a Pebax (flexible polymer compound) shank to promote more stability.The foam is ZoomX. The ZoomX foam has the perfect level of spring which helps with performance and speed, and the more conventional stack heights mean a nice connection to the ground with no chance of rolling your ankle or feeling unstable while cornering. Combine this with the Pebax midfoot plate for stability and poise, and we found nothing to fault in its energized ride.The super-soft ZoomX midsole of the Streakfly has a very high rate of compression so you get a high level of ground feel (unlike in the Vaporly and Alphafly) because there isn’t any carbon plate in its midsole. 

Nike Tempo NEXT% - The midsole of the Tempo NEXT% contains ZoomX foam in the forefoot and React foam in the heel. The result is a one-two punch of responsiveness and energy return up front with superior cushioning and durability where you need it most. React is denser and heavier than ZoomX so the Tempo Next% is slightly heel heavy. As well as the two different foams, Nike has added an Air Zoom unit to the midsole. This sits underneath the ball of the foot and helps for a faster toe-off. It’s the same Air Zoom unit in the Alphafly Next%, and it definitely works — the sensation is almost like running on a bouncy castle at first, you definitely feel the push off as you run, and it takes some of the efforts out of running fast.The composite plate inside the Tempo Next % is highly flexible so it provides a forefoot which snaps quickly back into its original position during transitions.

3. Outsole

Nike Alphafly 2 - The outsole is an improvement over the previous 2 versions. The rubber strips covering the rear foot now extend further towards the midfoot so there is less exposed midsole foam in the midfoot. The forefoot rubber is also flat now compared to the ribbed forefoot rubber on the earlier versions so wear is spread more evenly.Grip is fantastic in the Alphafly 2, even though it doesn’t have a full ground contact outsole.You will have no issues with traction in wet conditions.

Nike Vaporfly 3 - In the outsole the ribbed rubber forefoot has been replaced with a thinner, waffle pattern rubber outsole with holes in it to save weight. The result is a quieter ride with more padded landings and more ground feel. The new waffle outsole also provides better grip because it feels softer and has more bite.The midfoot and the centre of the rearfoot has exposed foam on it. As usual, this exposed ZoomX foam is extremely brittle and gets scuffed very easily by the road so the Vaporfly 3’s durability isn’t great. 

Nike Streakfly - On the outsole, the entire forefoot is covered in thick, but soft ribbed rubber with two vertical strips on the rearfoot protecting the outer heel. There’s a lot of soft, exposed midsole foam on the midfoot.The Streakfly is designed for racing so there isn’t full outsole rubber coverage.Durability is the Streakfly’s biggest weakness. After just the first run, which was 10 km, I noticed a lot of scuffing on the lateral side of the rearfoot not covered with rubber. The problem with ZoomX is that it’s extremely brittle so it needs to be protected with rubber.

Nike Tempo NEXT% - The outsole of the Tempo Next% is designed to be durable. The entire forefoot is covered with thick rubber and there are two long strips of thick rubber on the rearfoot.Nike says the placement of the rubber is based on data from hundreds of runners, putting traction under the parts of the foot that most need it. It grips well on tar, pavement and grass in dry conditions but can feel slippery on wet pavement and wet grass.

4. Fit And Sizing

Nike Alphafly 2 - Fit true to size.The upper feels like it has a little more natural reinforcement in the new model with the fibers being a little tighter woven and more resilient to stretch. The heel and midfoot are normal width with the forefoot being normal to slightly wide. The heel is curved backwards to allow some room for the Achilles and has some padding at the top to prevent irritation. Overall, the dimensions are done pretty well and the added sidewalls with midfoot widening on the platform makes for a more comfortable midfoot than the previous version too.  

Nike Vaporfly 3 - For optimum fit, the Vaporfly 3 features an efficient lacing system and a thin tongue, although the latter can be a little temperamental and cause chafing. Nevertheless, the heel lock is secure and guarantees a good foot lock while running to prevent slipping. What’s more, the offset heel seam prevents chafing.As for the fit, this race shoe has a standard size and corresponds to the usual sizes. You can therefore choose your usual size for running shoes.

Nike Streakfly - The Nike ZoomX Streakfly has a true-to-size fit with a narrow fit but with ample space in front of the toes. Though the toe-box ceiling is shallow, it doesn’t constrict the foot.The conforming fit presses the foot over the ZoomX midsole, and that results in a better power transfer to the ground. And considering how soft the midsole is, the snug upper works to the Streakfly’s advantage.

Nike Tempo NEXT% - It is true to size and very comfortable. The opening is a little on the small side but the toe box is spacious and deep.

5. Stability

Nike Alphafly 2 - Stability is better in the Alphafly 2 because of its wide forefoot which flares out at its base. As a result of the wider forefoot, the Alphafly 2 is better on courses which have a lot of turns because you don’t have to slow down. 

Nike Vaporfly 3 - The Vaporfly is not a stable shoe and isn't even good at stability, but it provides more stability than previous versions.

Nike Streakfly - The Streakfly is a neutral shoe and is not for runners with stability needs. This shoe is going to let your foot do whatever it wants to do, which makes it best for runners with sound biomechanics. The Streakfly is a very natural-feeling shoe and should be considered a mildly cushioned racing flat as opposed to a lower profile super shoe.

Nike Tempo NEXT% - The Tempo is lesss stable and better suited to straight-line running.

Nike Alphafly vs. Vaporfly vs. Streakfly vs. Tempo: Comparison Table

Nike Alphafly 2Nike Vaporfly 3Nike StreakflyNike Tempo NEXT%
Shoe typeRacingRacingCushioningCushioning
Heel drop8 mm8 mm6 mm10 mm
Weight8 oz for men6.5 oz for men6 oz for men8.9 oz for men 
Cushioning typeResponsive/BalancedBalancedBalancedResponsive
Cushioning amountHighly cushionedHighly cushionedHighly cushionedLittle cushioning
StabilitySome stabilitySome stabilitySome stabilitySome stability
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to sizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
Best forRacing, speedworkRacing, speedwork, long distance racingLong distance runningSpeedwork

Conclusion: Which Should You Buy?

These shoes serve completely different purposes and have the variations you’d expect from two shoes targeting separate use cases. They both feature top of the line technology, are a little pricey, and will get other runners staring at your feet. It’s worth trying them both in-store or at home to get a real feel for them both. That way, you can make the best decision for your feet and for the purpose of the trainers themselves.

If you’re a runner looking for a cheaper racer for shorter distances like a half marathon or shorter, the Vaporfly Next% 3 is the better option for you. It has smoother ride transitions, a more durable outsole and gives you a forward tipping sensation during every toe-off.

Alphafly is the most super of the super shoes on the market right now. The air pods make it feel faster than the Vaporfly, plus the fact that Kipchoge wore it for, what Nike called, "the ultimate test run" proves how groundbreaking the shoes are. If you’re looking for the king of racing shoes which offers high levels of cushioning and responsiveness, get the Alphafly Next% 2. 

The Streakfly is a really fun shoe because of its featherlight weight and its super soft ride. Its downside however is its fragile build so it can’t be used for regular training.

If you’re looking for a trainer which is more durable and better suited to shorter, faster paced runs, get the Nike Tempo Next%. Designed as the training partner for the Alphafly, the Tempo Next% has the same ZoomX foam and Zoom Air unit under the ball of the foot, designed to give a spring to your stride. It’s fast, comfortable, and built to last for miles.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Can you run a marathon in Vaporflys?

The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly is a soft, bouncy super shoe best suited to marathons. It doesn't offer as much speed assistance as other top tier carbon racers because of its gentle forefoot rocker but it's incredibly lightweight and extremely comfortable.

How many miles do Vaporflys last?

On average, high-performance shoes like the Vaporfly Next% are designed to last around 300-500 kilometers (186-310 miles) before the cushioning and responsiveness start to degrade significantly. 250 to 300 miles.

Does the Streakfly have a carbon plate?

The Streakfly does not have a carbon plate though but instead has a Pebax plate. This provides the feeling of stability while pushing you forward in every stride.

Is Nike Streakfly good for track?

The Nike ZoomX Streakfly midsole is plush while still offering ground feel. That's why it shines when doing track work or other speed-focused efforts. You feel the ground better than on higher stack racers and have more toe control when pushing off.

Can you run a marathon in Nike Streakfly?

The Streakfly is comfortable enough for the marathon with its relatively generous cushion. However, runners note that, for this distance, a super carbon shoe would be better suited (e.g., Adidas Adios Pro or Nike Vaporfly).

What are Streakflys good for?

It's the same foam as seen on the Vaporfly and Alphafly. Those two shoes were designed specifically for the marathon, but they have been favorites for both elites and amateurs at all race distances. In the Streakfly it's a lower stack height, and it's marketed for use in shorter races, like the 5k/10k on the road.

Is Streakfly durable?

Durability is the Streakfly's biggest weakness. After just the first run, which was 10 km, many people noticed a lot of scuffing on the lateral side of the rearfoot not covered with rubber. The problem with ZoomX is that it's extremely brittle so it needs to be protected with rubber.

Can you wear Vaporflys on the treadmill?

The Nike Vaporfly line of racing shoes, which includes more compliant and resilient midsole foam and a carbon-fiber plate, have been shown to improve RE during treadmill testing. 

Can you wear Alphafly in marathon?

5k, 10k, half-marathon, full marathon — you name it, you can do it in these shoes. You can crush a track workout in these shoes. You can even knock out some speedwork on the road. But that's where the uses for the Alphafly stop.

Can you wear Alphaflys for 5k?

What sets the Alphafly apart from other carbon racers is that it's a lot more cushioned and stable so it blurs the lines between trainer and racer. The Alphafly is a true all-rounder. You're able to use it for a 5k or 10k race, or for a half or full marathon.

Are Vaporflys good for tempo runs?

The Vaporfly works best for races and workouts.It works best at a variety of fast speeds and although not stable enough for someone, has plenty of cushioning and speed for a 5k all the way to up to a marathon.

Can you run a marathon in Nike Tempo?

While having a very unique and highly responsive ride,the Tempo is a little too firm for easy and marathon paced runs. It's best suited to fast runs below 15 kilometres.

What are Nike Tempo best for?

This shoe helps you run fast but is also able to keep up with the training schedule required of marathon runners. It's quick enough to wear for speed sessions and durable enough to run long distances at race pace.

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