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Nike Metcon 6 vs. 7 vs. 8: Differences and Reviews 2024

Nike Metcon 6 vs. 7 vs. 8: Differences and Reviews 2024

    The Metcon range by Nike are regularly ranked among the best cross training shoes.With the Nike Metcon 8 being the latest Nike cross-training shoe on the market, you’ve likely wondered what the differences were among this model, the Nike Metcon 7 and 6.These models are fantastic cross-training shoes in their own right and each has its own list of pros and cons.Upon first glance, both shoes look similar.And they share many similarities like their midsole and outsole construction.However,they also have some key differences.If you’re a Nike Metcon fan, then you’ve like been on the fence wondering which Nike training shoe models to go with.

    What is the difference between Nike Metcon 6 and 7?What's the difference between Nike Metcon 7 and 8?Nike Metcon 6 vs. 7 vs. 8:which Metcon version is best?What are Metcon 6 best for?Is Metcon 7 worth it?What are Metcon 7s for?Can Metcon 8 be used for running?Is Metcon 8 good for cardio?In this article, I'm going to dive into all of the major differences among the Nike Metcon 6,7 and 8. I’ll talk about construction, performance, and sizing differences that are worth noting.


  • Nike Metcon 6 Overview

Release Year:2020

Price: $82 - $288

Nike Metcon 6 Review

The Nike Metcon 6 is a superb training shoe, designed for athletes working out in the gym, fitness classes, CrossFit, or functional fitness facilities. The Nike Metcon 6 continues the evolution of the Nike Metcon line. It’s not a completely new design and that’s a good thing. Nike took what worked on the Nike Metcon 5, added a few extras, and created something better.

Like in the 5, the 6s also come with hyperlift inserts that can be placed underneath the midsole to raise the heel when certain workouts call for it, a great innovation that further cements the versatility of the Metcon range.The high-raised wrap-around outsole also carries over exactly the same from the Metcon 5 with ropetech technology designed to help you withstand friction when rope climbing.The 6 also has a dual density midsole, comprised of softer foam for comfort in the front part of the foot and firmer foam in the heel to aid stability when lifting. 

If there was an issue with Metcon 5, it was a breathability story.Since the Metcon 6s arrived, that problem’s been completely eliminated.The biggest innovation in the Metcon 6 is centred around breathability.The Metcon 6 features an upper filled with tiny holes and perforations, never large enough to compromise fit and lockdown, yet big enough that they’re obviously visible. These play a key role in keeping you cool, leaving plenty of room for air to vent. Whilst not a huge amount has changed on the 6th version, what has been changed seems to have addressed these issues of feel underfoot.


Nike Metcon 6 Pros and Cons

  • Versatile training shoe.

  • New, lightweight, breathable upper.

  • Great stability.

  • Comfortable.

  • Great quality overall.

  • Hyperlift inserts prove useful.

  • Solid feel under foot due to dual density foam.

  • Improved fit and feel when running in a workout.

  • Not really suitable for running.

  • A bit narrow, so may not be suitable for athletes with wider feet.

  • Tough heel cup rubs heel.

  • Polarising design- love it or hate it.

  • May not be sufficient to replace a traditional lifting model.

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  • Nike Metcon 7 Overview

Release Year: 2021

Price: $130

Nike Metcon 7 Review

The Nike Metcon 7 is the gold standard for weight training—even tougher and more stable than previous versions. The Nike Metcon 7 claims to be the toughest and most stable Metcon yet- the gold standard for weight training.The Metcon 7s have what all the other Metcons have, which is a firm, stable heel ideal for squats, and a cushioned foam forefoot in the midsole that makes it ideal for plyometrics and running.

Metcon 7 has also added React foam that ups the comfort to keep you ready for high-intensity cardio. Plus, a tab locks down your laces so you can forget about them coming untied when you're focused on your next PR.The Nike React foam gives you a little ‘pep in your step’ and on the 7, as compared to the Metcon 6, the revamped rubber wraps support the arch for better grip during activities like rope climbs.The Metcon 7’s medial side features an elongated rope wrap, great for climbing to new heights – both literally and figuratively. And you can move assured that your shoes stay tied thanks to a convenient lace lock tab.Visually the shoe also looks much more akin to a running shoe than ever before with a chunkier sole containing React foam and a sleeker upper design.The divided upper and angular rope wraps have gone and been replaced with a sleeker aesthetic. 

For the runners here who add in any type of strength or plyometric training to their programs, it’s vital to have a different pair of shoes for this strength training for both sets to remain fit for purpose.


Nike Metcon 7 Pros and Cons

  • Flexible enough for running and jumping.

  • Updated React foam midsole boosts comfort while still remaining springy.

  • Sporty appearance.

  • Firm base ideal for squatting.

  • Extra-thick media rope grip for abrasion resistance.

  • Hook-and-loop closure on laces keeps them locked down during WODs.

  • Hyperlift now in heel until for better weightlifting support.

  • Runs a little narrow.

  • Might get squeaky after several wears.

  • Heel can be uncomfortable for heel strikers when running.

  • High levels of wear and tear after 2 months of wearing 4 x per week.

  • Not great for intervals of running longer than 400 meters.

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  • Nike Metcon 8 Overview

Release Year: 2022

Price: $88.97 - $160

Nike Metcon 8 Review

The eighth edition is a stable shoe that is perfect for deadlifts and squats, and has enough flexibility to handle a bit of running or HIIT. The Nike Metcon 8 is the latest iteration of the popular cross-training shoes, and from the look of things, not much is changing from the Nike Metcon 7s. That’s not necessarily bad, as the Metcon 7s were the best pair of Metcons yet. The difference from the 7s is more design options.Some of the biggest changes with the Metcon 8 are the customization options. The color palette has been redefined and on the lateral heel, where there’s typically the Nike React logo, you can opt for a short, personalized message.This includes being able to add chrome to every part of the shoe, down to the laces, and the option for a marble finish on the outsole.

The Nike Metcon 8 is better than the Nike Metcon 7 in the top half. The materials are more durable due to added overlays. The lace lock system has been updated, so nothing randomly catches onto your pants or laces during your workout. This upgrade isn’t too surprising considering that one of the main complaints about the Metcon 7 was that the upper snagged and ripped too easily. You might notice that the toe box feels a little roomier, too.The Nike React Foam is alive and well. The base remains cushioned, springy, and lightweight — making for a versatile shoe that helps you crush both metcons and strength-based workouts. And finally, the Metcon 8 is just a tad lighter than its predecessor, although it’s slight enough that you might not even notice it.

It’s obvious that the adjustments made to the Metcon 8 are a response to feedback they got about the Metcon 7. And that’s why you’re always in good hands with Nike.


Nike Metcon 8 Pros and Cons

  • Latest version of one of the best CrossFit shoes on the market.

  • Custom colorways and designs.

  • Arch Support.

  • Supportive and durable upper.

  • Wide and flat heel provides a great amount of stability.

  • Enough flexibility for short cardio bursts.

  • Lace lock update.

  • Handstand clips and rope guard.

  • Has just the right amount of cushioning to keep you comfortable without being too soft for heavy lifts.

Not much has changed from prior version.

Good at a lot of things, but not great at one single thing.

Clunky heel.

Expensive, at $160.

Where to Buy Nike Metcon 8?

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Champs Sports (4% super cash back)

JD Sports UK (up to 6% super cash back) 




Nike Metcon 6 vs. 7 vs. 8: Comparision Side by Side

1. Construction & Materials


Nike Metcon 6 - The Nike Metcon 6’s upper is a lightweight and breathable mesh that gives a secure and comfortable foot lockdown while ensuring a good breeze, especially when it’s hot.Finally, the durable screen print gives structure to the upper for better durability without decreasing breathability.

Nike Metcon 7 - The Nike Metcon 7’s upper construction has been changed to a slightly softer mesh material. It’s fairly breathable and the upper has some additional synthetic materials covering the medial toe box, which is nice for durability during toe dragging exercises like burpees.There is a chain-link mesh in the forefoot and mid-foot and synthetic layers over the toe box for additional durability. Whilst the chain patterned upper is tough, breathable and flexible, the extra overlays have already started to show some signs of weakness and wear after some long rope climb workouts. 

Nike Metcon 8 - In the Nike Metcon 8, mesh upper with synthetic overlays that extend from the forefoot back to the start of the heel. These overlays feel slicker than the chainlink mesh in the Metcon 7, and the upper in the 8 doesn’t stretch as much.Additionally, the medial rope guard has been removed in this model. The upper around the toe box in the Metcon 8 does feel a bit more durable, which was a problem area in the Metcon 7.

Laces and Tongue

Nike Metcon 6 - The Nike Metcon 6 utilizes Nike Flywire on its three inner eyelets and this model has 6 total eyelets, one being for lack-locking.

Nike Metcon 7 - This model has five eyelets and the three lateral eyelets utilize Nike’s Flywire technology. The tongue in the Nike Metcon 7 also features a lace-lock system to help prevent the laces from coming undone mid-workout.

Nike Metcon 8 - In the Nike Metcon 8, there is a traditional lacing system with five core eyelets. The Tongue on the 8 also only features the lace lock mechanism at the top as opposed to the bottom, like in the Metcon 7.


Nike Metcon 6 - The outsole rubber on this model is THICC, noticeably more so than the previous generations. It feels much more rugged and stickier than before, probably since it doesn’t really need to flex as much. It includes breaks in it all throughout the forefoot so you have dedicated flex points that relieve some pressure from the back part of the rubber. The problem about the old one piece outsole was that the rubber would just stop flexing and you’d get heel slip. By adding the hyperlift inserts, the heel is raised more to give 6mm more heel to toe drop for added mobility during squats.

Nike Metcon 7 - The outsole tread is made from a thick, sticky rubber, and gives good grip on all surfaces.There are flex grooves throughout the forefoot, just the right size to bend comfortably and not pick up stones.In the Nike Metcon 7, the outsole has been brought in slightly at mid-foot and the heel now has more convexity to it.The purple slits you see on the forefoot of the Nike Metcon 7 are super maneuverable and that’s actually the Nike React Foam midsole. This is a pretty big difference compared to the fully rubber outsole of the Nike Metcon 6.On the heel of the outsole of the Nike Metcon 7, there’s also a cut where you can see the Hyperlift construction. 

Nike Metcon 8 - The outsole construction used in the Nike Metcon 8 is the exact as the Nike Metcon 7. Both shoes feature a full rubber tread patterning with the flex grooves in the forefoot, midfoot outsole wraps, and cutout in the heel where you can see the Hyperlift.One thing to note with the outsole is that if you’re training outdoors, keep an eye on the exposed foam around the base of the forefoot. If you’re doing a lot of cutting and multi-directional work on concrete, then you may experience some breakdown here.


Nike Metcon 6 - The midsole relies on dual density foam that gives comfortable and adaptive padding during high-impact training.Also, the removable Hyperlift insert increases the heel to toe drop from 4 to 12 mm to adjust the setup depending on the exercises.In the Nike Metcon 6, there isn’t really a ton of midsole to work with. What provided the Nike Metcon 6 with its versatility, for the most part, was its dual-textured insole.

Nike Metcon 7 - The Nike Metcon 7 feature Nike React Foam throughout its midsole and has an extended outsole layer that wraps on the mid-foot medially and laterally over this material. This is a big change for the core Nike Metcon line.The heel has a built-in Hyperlift insert and TPU heel clip which adds to this model’s overall stack height.

Nike Metcon 8 - The midsole construction is the exact same in the Nike Metcon 8 and Nike Metcon 7.Both shoes feature Nike React foam throughout the sole.In the heel, both models feature Nike React foam, a TPU clip, and the built-in Hyperlift insert. Since both models feature similar midsole components, their stack heights are also virtually the same.


The Nike Metcon 8 and Metcon 7 both feature similar insoles. Both models have thin foam removable insoles that have similar shapes due to the last construction being comparable with one another.This is a big change compared to the dual-material insole that the Nike Metcon 6 utilizes.

Both insoles work well and the additional Nike React Foam in the Metcon 7 and 8 's midsole makes up for the thinner and more “traditional” insole used in it. If you enjoyed the split insole that came in the Nike Metcon 6, then it might be worth stocking up on a few pairs while they’re on sale.

2. Performance

The Metcon series was released specially for CrossFit training with unbeatable stability and traction. For this section, I will discuss and detail the performance differences among the Nike Metcon 6 vs. 7 vs. 8 in different training contexts. 

Running and Daily Wear

The Metcons can be great for training, but there are better choices than these if you are looking for running shoes. The heel construction can make it a little uncomfortable to run long distances. If you plan to jog for a short distance, both can be doable, but there are better running shoes. Similarly, they are also not super comfy for daily wear due to a stiff heel construction. They are just suitable for training and the gym.

CrossFit and Lifting

Essentially, the Metcon 6 will feel more comfortable to wear over longer periods and at higher intensities, saving you from getting that awful clammy feeling in the feet.

In the Nike Metcon 6, you get additional Hyperlifts that raise the heel from 4mm to 12mm. This is useful for folks who want to promote dorsiflexion when training.In the Nike Metcon 6, there’s virtually no midsole and the insole has a split which features a more stable and dense heel material and a slightly more responsive forefoot material.

When it comes to lifting and the stability you’ll get from these shoes, the Nike Metcon 8 and Nike Metcon 7 are virtually similar. Both models have a similar midsole and outsole construction, so stability is super similar in both shoes.In general, the reworked upper makes the Metcon 8 a better option for CrossFit compared to the Metcon 7. Even though both shoes perform almost similarly, most users prefer the upgrade. For lifting, both shoes are great since their outsole construction is very similar. However, if you are looking for a pair of shoes only for lifting, Metcon 7 can do a great job in terms of price and availability.

HIIT Training, Agility, and Plyometrics

In the context of these three models, they’ll all work for casual plyometrics, HIIT, and agility in functional fitness workouts, but the Nike Metcon 6 has a bit short for longer duration sessions.Their midsole and outsole construction doesn’t offer the most responsive construction and if you’re training in a more athletic setting for a majority of your training, then this could be something important to consider.

The Nike Metcon 7 and 8 implemented Nike React Foam into their midsole. This provides this model with a nice level of reactivity especially through the forefoot that the Nike Metcon 6 lacks.This foam is fairly soft and responsive, so when doing multiple bounding activities in one session, the feet don’t feel nearly as beat up when training on this material.

3. Sizing

The Nike Metcon 6,7 and 8 are similar across the board regarding sizing. These models have lengths that fit true to size and have what I would describe as a neutral width.And there are only a few small discrepancies.

The first subtle discrepancy between the Metcon 8 and Metcon 7’s sizing is that the Metcon 8 does run a tiny bit longer than the 7.It seems like the Metcon 7’s upper pulls the toe box up a tiny bit more than the 8’s upper.The Metcon 7 featured an internal lacing structure with Flywire tech, which hugs the midfoot slightly tighter than the more “traditional” lacing system in the Metcon 8.

The Nike Metcon 6 is true to size lengthwise, but as usual with the Metcon line, it’s built on a narrow last.The narrowness is most pronounced in the heel and midfoot which keeps the foot locked in tight even when the laces are looser.

Honestly, these sizing discrepancies are so subtle that I don’t think most lifters and athletes will notice much of a difference between these shoes’ fits. It will likely only impact a small population of athletes who have specific sizing and fit asks.

4. Durability

Overall, I think the Nike Metcon 6, Nike Metcon 7, and Nike Metcon 8 are all fairly durable in their own ways.

The Nike Metcon 6’s durability comes from the synthetic upper materials and extended outsole layers that help protect the mid-foot and upper from abrasion and friction. 

In the context of durability for the Nike Metcon 8 and Nike Metcon 7, both shoes do a pretty good job across the board, but there are a couple of areas that can be problematic for these shoes.The first area is with the exposed foam on the forefoot of both models’ outsoles. If you train a lot outdoors, pay close attention to this area because the foam can take a beating during multi-directional exercises.The second area is around the toe box in the Nike Metcon 7. Some lifters and athletes have had issues with the upper pulling off of the sole or ripping in their model’s toe box.

Conclusion: Which is Best for You?

The Nike Metcon 6 is constantly praised for its stability, while the Nike Metcon 7 has ushered in a new age of Nike Metcon cross-training shoe tech.

As you can see, the Metcon 8 is definitely a better version of the Metcon 7s with upgraded breathability, durability, comfort, and performance. Even though the price range is a bit expensive, it is an excellent investment for efficient training on both shoes.The Nike Metcon 6 has a slight edge for overall stability and the Nike Metcon 7 or 8 has a much more versatile and high-tech feel to it.

Honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong either way opting for one of these models. Go for the Metcon 6 for max stability, and opt for the Metcon 7 or 8 for stability blended with a bit of versatility.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are Nike Metcons meant for?

Nike Metcons can be used for just about any type of workout that isn’t cardio training. That means you can use them for CrossFit workouts, Olympic weightlifting, and more.

Are Nike Metcon good for CrossFit?

The Nike Metcon is designed for all round fitness whether you love lifting in the gym, jumping into a HIIT class or are a CrossFit regular. 

Can you squat in Metcons?

Yes, you can squat in the Nike Metcon 8. This model's Hyperlift insert in the heel provides a nice amount of stability for heavy squats, and the rubber outsole gives you a nice level of traction.

Can Nike Metcon be used for running?

The Metcon 6, 7 and Metcon 8 are sub-par for running, walking, and standing.Their stable outsole and midsole construction — and typically heavier weights — can feel pretty uncomfortable for those looking for a shoe to tackle longer runs.

Are Nike Metcon comfortable?

The comfort comes principally from the dual-layered mesh upper. It's the most comfortable and forgiving upper yet in the Metcon series. Your foot doesn't feel trapped by plastic or rubber overlays.

Are the Nike Metcon 6 suitable for weightlifting?

Yes, one of the advantages of this model is that it comes with removable Hyperlift inserts to increase the heel-to-toe drop from 4 to 12 mm. This feature turns the Metcon into lifting shoes although some users still prefer to use traditional lifters for this activity.

Do the Nike Metcon 7 and Nike Metcon 6 Have Removable Insoles?

Yes! The Nike Metcon 7 and Nike MEtcon 6 both have removable insoles. The Nike Metcon 6 features a dual-textured insole, while the Nike Metcon 7 has a standard thin insole.

Do the Nike Metcon 7 and Nike Metcon 8 fit true to size?

The Nike Metcon 7 and Nike Metcon 8 have similar last construction. They both fit true to size for athletes and lifters with narrow and neutral-width feet. You may want to pass on these models if you have wide feet.

What are Metcon 8 good for?

Nike Metcon 8 cross-training shoes are good for lifting, cross-training, CrossFit, and some versatile workouts. This model is designed to be stable for heavy lifting and responsive in the forefoot for versatile training.

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