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 Air Jordan 11 Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Spot Fake Air Jordan 11?

Air Jordan 11 Fake vs Real Guide 2024: How to Spot Fake Air Jordan 11?

    • The Air Jordan 11 is Michael Jordan’s eleventh signature shoe and one of the most iconic models in the Jordan line. However, with the rise of designer knock-offs and counterfeits, there are plenty of fakes when it comes to these Air Jordan 11. So how to tell real  Air Jordan 11 from fake? !How do you know if Jordan 11 are fake? How to authenticate Jordan 11 Cherry? What do real Jordan 11s look like?  If you are concerned about the authenticity of your Air Jordan 11, we have just the most complete and up to date legit check guide for Air Jordan 11 for you.


How About Air Jordan 11?

The Air Jordan 11 was originally released by Nike in 1996. it is often regarded as the most beloved signature model of all time. Designed by Tinker Hatfield and worn by Michael Jordan in key moments both on and off the court, the AJ11 is the definition of a classic silhouette. A patent leather mudguard surrounds the shoe, framed by uppers crafted with premium materials and a translucent outsole. On court, MJ has worn different iterations, including ‘Concord’, ‘Bred’ and ‘Cool Grey’, while off court he teamed with the Looney Tunes in the ‘Space Jam’ colorway. 


The Jordan 11 was released in several colorways upon its debut back in the day. The “Concord,” “Bred,” and “Columbia” makeups were all released by Nike in 1996. Interestingly enough, the first Jordan 11 colorway that anyone saw was the “Space Jam,” a mostly black colorway with purple accents and a white foam midsole. Despite appearing in “Space Jam” in 1996, the colorway didn’t release until 2000.

Notable Air Jordan 11 Colorways

Being that the Jordan 11 is the centerpiece of Jordan Brand’s Holiday madness, it has been released in a bunch of great colorways over the years. Popular, non-original Jordan 11s include the “Cool Grey,” which debuted in 2001 and was worn by Jordan with the Washington Wizards. Other colorways worth getting familiar with are the “Jubilee,” the low-top “UNC,” and the Women’s Air Jordan 1 Low “Concord Sketch.” There are many others, too. 

How Much is Air Jordan 11?

Usually, the Jordan Brand releases new 11s every December, and 2024 will not be an exception. However, when it comes to the price range, depending on the store and model, you should expect to pay something between $125 and $400 to get a pair.

Where to Buy Air Jordan 11?

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How To Spot Real Air Jordan 11?

1. The Overall Look of Air Jordan 11

(1)The Air Jordan 11 features a combination of ballistic mesh and patent leather on the upper, an outsole with both solid and translucent rubbers, and a carbon fiber torsional plate. The shoe also features a full-length air unit, housed within a phylon midsole for extra cushion. 

(2)Counterfeits will usually be "inflated" or "bulky" at the shape or toe box of the shoe. They'll also often have a longer/shorter toe box compared to retails.

(3)Also notice that the overall shape of the fake Jordan 11 Cool Grey is way bigger than the retail pair.  And  fake  Air Jordan 11 's Strap is much longer on the replica shoe than on the real one.


2.The Toe Box of Air Jordan 11

(1) The toe box is one of the things we need to consider when checking the real vs fake Jordan 11 Cherry 2022, when it comes to the shape of the toe box we see not-so-distinct differences, except for one indicator that we found on most replicas for the fake Jordan 11 Cherry is that patent leather color is darker. 

(2) Just like this side-by-side comparison, from nylon, laces, and patent, we can say that color flaw is a good indicator for legit checking Jordan 11 Cherry.


3.The Heel of Air Jordan 11

(1) The real Jordan 11 bred would have a distinct curved heel, while the fake has a straighter shape.

(2) There is one more thing quite easy to miss. If you look at the side of your shoe, you can notice a wavy line going along the midsole. This line should be thinner and placed closer to the midsole, while in the fake product it would be slightly wider.

(3) In order to legit check your Jordan 11 bred, we advise you to check the heel tab. The first thing you might notice is that the authentic heel tab is thinner than the fake one, and so is the heel itself. 

(4) The wavy line, made from shiny patent leather, would be more curved and prominent, whereas on the counterfeit product it’s more straight.


4.The Laces of the Air Jordan 11

 (1) If they are authentic, you will surely notice that they fit each other well. The shoelaces, which are slightly thinner in the original, will hug the tongue tightly and keep its distinctive shape. 

(2) In fact, the counterfeit Air Jordan 11 sneakers have their print that’s placed behind the shoelaces coloured differently than the authentic ones. 

(3) Furthermore, we ask you to ensure that the throat does not show any stitching. And finally, as you can see on the comparison, the eyelets should also be thinner.


5.The Logo of the Air Jordan 11

  • The Heel Jumpman Logo

(1) The stitching of the authentic Jordan logo has a more grainy texture. The fake Jordan 11 bred logo is smooth textured. While it might not be the most noticeable detail, it gives the original shoe a bit of a rough look. 

(2) Finally, the silhouette of the Jumpman is slightly bigger and bulkier on the fake sneaker, and the proportions of arms and legs can sometimes be wrong.


  • The Jumpman Logo on the Side of the Air Jordan 11

(1) In fact, the counterfeit Jumpman’s head has the stitching connected to the one from the man’s body by the shoulder. On the authentic Air Jordan 11 sneakers, the Jumpman’s stitching from the head isn’t connected to the body by the shoulder, as there is a gap between the two areas.

(2) Then, you can observe how, on the fake Air Jordan 11 sneakers, the Jumpman’s upper arm (the left one) is looking thicker on the lower side of it and on the upper part (near the ball), it seems to be thinner. And the legit Air Jordan 11 sneakers have their left arm looking on the same thickness all over it.

(3) Lastly here, on the left and right Jumpman’s shoelaces, you can see how the authentic sneakers have the stitching which makes the laces looking longer and more obvious than the stitching on the fake sneakers. The fake Ai Jordan 11’s Jumpman shoelaces seem to be merged with the legs and the Jumpmman’s sneakers, which makes the laces less visible and eligible.


  • The Jordan Logo on the Lace Throat

(1) The lace strap features the embroidered Jordan logo on both real and fake shoes. However, when it comes to comparing real vs fake Jordan 11 bred, you can notice a difference in quality. 

(2) The authentic logo looks more detailed, with neat and careful stitching. The fake, on the other hand, is patchy and less detailed.


 6.The Shininess of Air Jordan 11

In the fake vs real Air Jordan 11 image below, there has pointed out how, on the fake Air Jordan sneakers, the glossy material around the sneakers is shinier on the fake Air Jordan 11 than the one on the legit Air Jordan 11 pairs.

So, the shining of the glossy material on the side of the authentic Jordans is at a lower level than the shining of the material on the fake sneakers.


7.The Size Tag of Air Jordan 11

Denoted in yellow rectangle and circle for the authentic size tag, for example, font boldness is a big factor in checking the authenticity of this Jordan 11 Cherry, see how thin the letters are compared with the fake Jordan 11 Cherry, the font used is bolder when compared side by side.


8.The Insoles of Air Jordan 11

  • Insoles

Checking now the Insoles to compare the real vs fake Jordan 11 Cherry in 2022.

Denoted in the yellow rectangle, we are pointing out that the serial stamp on that retail insole is present, when compared with the fake insole, that stamp is missing.

Another thing to point out is how the markings are positioned, denoted in the yellow circle, we can see how more pronounced the markings are compared with the fakes.


  • Insole Stitching Density

On footbed stitching, we can say that the real Jordan 11 Cherry stitching is more consistent and threads are much shorter compared with the fake Jordan 11 Cherry.The difference is most prominent on the heel area of the shoe. 


  • Insole Print

Another important thing to check about the real vs fake Jordan 11 Cherry is how the Jump Man is printed and shaped.

Denoted in the yellow arrow, pointing out the authentic shape of Jordan's arm should be. When compared with the replica, the arms are looking thinner. Fabric material and how it was printed, are too close to compare.


9.The Outsole of Air Jordan 11

(1) At first glance, there’s almost no difference between real Jordan 11 bred vs fake, especially when it comes to the outsole. This goes to show how replicas can sometimes be very deceiving due to their relatively good quality. 

(2) However, the difference hides in the shade of the outsole, which in the original is a bit darker.

(3) Don’t forget to check that the sole is high quality and that the Jumpman logo can be seen under the transparent outsole. It would also be useful to remember that the carbon fiber check board should not be flat painted squares, but rather have a bumpy texture.


10.The Label of Air Jordan 11

  • Interior Tongue Label

(1) In the image with the fake vs real Air Jordan 11s, we have pointed out how the tongue label of the fake AJ11s have their text looking too thick.

(2) On the other hand, the authentic Air Jordan 11s have their text on the interior tongue label looking thinner than the one found on the fake label.


  • Shoebox Label

The box labels are one of the most consistent indicator we can rely on when it comes to Jordan 11s.

(1)There is not much to notice here except for a few minor differences in font, so be careful.  However, please take into consideration that the numbers of the UPC barcode on the authentic label are bolder.

(2) Based on our inspection REAL Jordan 11 of QR code printing is mainly found on retail box labels, when we compare it with fakes we can say that it's darker in print.


How to Spot Fake Air Jordan 11 Quickly?

When it comes to spotting fake Air Jordan 11s , there are a few key things to look out for. 

  • Verify the shape of the Air Jordan 11 sneakers from the rear side. usually, the fake sneakers will look “fatter” than the authentic ones, and not only that, but even the U-shaped patch on the middle of the sneakers will look wider than the legit patch.

  • Analyze the toe box area of the sneakers. Most of the time, the fake Air Jordan 11 sneakers will have their toe box looking over-inflated and a lot curvier than they have to be.

  • Check the Jumpman logo on the side of the sneakers. Most of the time, the fake Jumpman will have either too much stitching on the arm with the ball in the hand, or either less stitching, so watch out for different stitching-weights. Also, the shoelaces of the Jumpman can sometimes be less visible.

  • Analyze the print below the laces on the Air Jordan 11 sneaker. usually, the fake sneakers have the text below the laces looking blue instead of white, as the legit Jordan 11s.

  • Verify the interior tongue label with multiple lines of text. Mostly, the fake shoes have their text too thin

  • Look at the box label of your Air Jordan 11s. Usually, the fake Air Jordan 11s have their text on the box label looking too thick.

  • Check how shiny the glossy materials around the sneakers are. Almost every time, the fake Jordan 11s are too glossy, and that makes them reflect more light than usual.

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