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Nike Pegasus 39 vs. 38 vs. 37 vs. 36: Differences and Reviews 2024

Nike Pegasus 39 vs. 38 vs. 37 vs. 36: Differences and Reviews 2024

    Nike has been manufacturing some of the world’s best running shoes for many years.The Nike Pegasus is one of the longest-standing running shoe franchises and one of the absolute best-sellers in the Nike lineup of running shoes.While it may not be the fastest running shoe on the market, it’s responsive enough to allow you to keep pace when you need it.It is a mid-priced neutral trainer that is suitable for runners of all levels, from the beginner to the advanced.Every two years, Nike makes major changes to the both the upper and the midsole of the Pegasus.The Nike Pegasus has had 30 versions since it was first released in 1983.Which Pegasus is best?Here I will be comparing the four latest models for Nike Pegasus:Pegasus 39,38,37 and 36.Nike Pegasus 39 vs. Pegasus38 vs. Pegasus37 vs. Pegasus36:which should you buy?What's the difference between Pegasus 36 and 37?What's the difference between Pegasus 38 and 39?In this Nike Pegasus 39 vs. 38 vs. 37 vs. 36 showdown article,I’m going to discuss all of the key construction and performance similarities and differences that exist among these shoes.And you can decide which model will suit you best.


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Review

Google Users Rating: 4.4/5

Price: $89.97


The iconic Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 returns with more perforations and engineered mesh in the upper that strategically target breathability across high-heat areas. A slimmer heel collar and tongue reduce bulk without compromising comfort, while exposed Flywire cables give you a snug fit at higher speeds.Right off the bat, it's gained some weight, but it's all in the name of comfort. It's also a durable shoe that can log serious miles, and it sure does maintain its signature stable ride!

The Pegasus 36 is a versatile running shoe which has a bit of something for everyone. It can handle long runs, tempo runs and has an extremely consistent ride. 

  • Grippy on dry & wet surfaces.

  • Perforated upper for ventilation.

  • Snug and modern fitting upper.

  • Great rubber coverage on outsole.

  • Cushioned and supportive heel, smooth transitions, breathable, lightweight.

  • Highly versatile.

  • Shines at <15km tempo runs.

  • Race-type tongue.

  • Very smooth transitions.

  • For some people may feel narrow.

  • Despite the improved upper, some found difficulty tightening the lacing.

  • The full-length Zoom isn’t as responsive as the 2-piece set-up.

  • Not a fun ride.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Review

Google Users Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $89.97


Take your training runs to the next level with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37. With unbelievable React cushioning and a new forefoot Air unit, they’re like a bolt of caffeine for your legs. The lightweight upper breathes incredibly well. Pared-down, perfectly placed padding helps reduce hotspots. The tall React midsole gives the shoe a similar profile to the Zoom Fly, and the Pegasus 37 does deliver a similar sensation of running atop springy, responsive foam. (Although the new Peg doesn’t feel nearly as bottom heavy.)

The 37th edition of the Nike Pegasus is a comfortable running shoe with a soft ride, but the part-Zoom, part-React midsole lacks versatility. The upper feels like a work in progress.The verdict: The 37 is a comfortable shoe, but it’s very un-Pegasus in the way its ride and fit character is delivered.

  • Thicker midsole, now with React foam, provides bottomless cushioning.

  • Gender-specific midsole design.

  • Excellent grip, dry & wet.

  • Affordable.

  • Roomy toebox.

  • Air Zoom cushioning in the forefoot.

  • Smooth transition.

  • Do-it-all trainer.

  • Bouncy and quick.

  • Runs warm.

  • Not so stable

  • Heel fit didn’t work for some.

  • Heavier than other Nike shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Review

Google Users Rating: 4.8/5

Price: $77.97 - $84.97


The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Road Running Shoe is the 38th model in the legendary Nike Pegasus line.The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 is a popular running shoe that offers comfort and versatility for everyday runs.The 38s, in addition to all regular training, happen to be useful for road time trialling, tempo runs, progression runs and even not-too-serious racing from 5km to the half-marathon.

This model features Nike React Foam through its midsole and has a Zoom Air Unit for an additional bounce. The laceless shoe uses a zippered system that allows for quick and easy entry that only requires one hand, securing the foot in a snug embrace. A big change Nike made with the Air Zoom Pegasus 38 was the fit, particularly in the shoe’s toe box.The forefoot is higher and wider, which will delight people who need volume. Finally, the tongue is longer and more padded. The Pegasus has always offered an impeccable lockdown, and this 38 version is no exception.

  • Versatile model.

  • Comfortable ride for easy runs.

  • Cushioning that absorbs shock well.

  • Easy to wear for different running distances.

  • Well-fitting mesh upper with secure lockdown and roomier than previously.

  • Outsole withstands high mileage with reliable grip for short portions of offroad running.

  • Great value for money.

  • Impressive build quality.

  • Increase in weight over previous version.

  • Less versatile than past Pegasus shoes.

  • The thick upper feels warm.

  • Some users report signs of creasing on the sole.

  • Minimal energy return.

  • Fall short for wet and mixed terrains.

  • Not great for off-road running.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 Review

Google Users Rating: 4.5/5

Price: $130

The thirty-ninth version of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is a certified workhorse that's perfect for slow, long, and faster efforts. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 can help you ascend to new heights, whether you're training or jogging, with its intuitive design. 

More lightweight up top than the Pegasus 38 and ideal to wear in any season, it has a supportive sensation to help keep your feet contained, while underfoot cushioning and double Zoom Air units (1 more than the Peg 38) give you an extra pop to your step.The shoe feels more like the Pegasus 36 and is better-suited to fast running, while still being as comfortable as the 37 and 38.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 is a comfortable, mid-range daily trainer designed to be durable. It doesn’t have an exciting or lively ride but it’s great bang for your buck and very stable.It's a great choice for newbies who are aiming to hit their first 5K or a marathon. And for long-time runners, it's a trusty pick if you want a good ol' fashion ride that will keep you stable.


  • Lighter than the Pegasus 38.

  • Great value for money.

  • Comfortable everyday running shoe.

  • High traction in the outsole.

  • Highly durable.

  • More responsive.

  • Stable when cornering.

  • Grippy on wet concrete and light trails.

  • Perfect for beginners.

  • Snug and comfy fit.

  • Not the softest or bounciest ride.

  • Not highly responsive for speed-work.

  • Warm upper.

  • Moderate underfoot softness.

  • Narrow toe box for wide feet.

Nike Pegasus 39 vs. 38 vs. 37 vs. 36: Comparision Side by Side

1.Construction and Material


Nike Pegasus 36 - The entire upper is a simple, almost seamless mesh that wraps from the front to the rear, with only a clipped Nike logo embossed on the side.The mesh upper is breathable enough for hot, sweaty long runs, and it doesn’t allow too much water in when forging creeks and streams on the trail.The highlight of the upper is the new tongue. Last year’s was thickly padded and tended to rub against the ankle. The 36 avoids any irritation with a thin, asymmetrical cut.

There’s also enough structure to the heel without any bulky overlay/counter to let you slip the shoes on without feeling restricted in the heel.The thin wrap around the back of the heel features a few stripes of reflective material which is a great thing to see on daily trainers.

Nike Pegasus 37 - The Pegasus 37 and Pegasus 36 use engineered mesh in their uppers. The difference between the two shoes is that the Pegasus 37 uses a more translucent, airy mesh which translates to a more breathable shoe.The Pegasus 36 uses Flywire to lock the midfoot down whereas the Pegasus 37 uses straps. The straps relieve some of the pressure on the foot.The new upper fits snug at the midfoot and is just wide enough in the forefoot, eliminating slop inside the shoe and helping you run fast with confidence.

Nike Pegasus 38 - The new sandwich mesh offers a softer feel for an overall more comfortable ride but it’s thick and not very breathable.The midfoot webbing delivers precise and pleasant foot lockdown by allowing the upper to wrap around the foot uniformly when tightening the laces.The tongue in foam adds extra support and improves comfort on the top of the foot.The wider forefoot allows the P38 to be suitable for feet of all shapes and sizes.

Nike Pegasus 39 - The upper of the Pegasus 39 is more stripped-back than that of the Pegasus 38 — there are fewer overlays, and the upper feels slightly more breathable. Nike says it has placed engineered mesh throughout the upper, which is stronger and more flexible than regular mesh. There’s also “Flywire technology,” which is a band of wires that wrap around the midfoot of the shoe from the laces to keep the foot in place.


Nike Pegasus 36 - The Pegasus 36 has a traditional EVA foam midsole called Cushlon with a full-length Zoom Air unit on top of its midsole.  Cushlon foam is a step above Nike’s Phylon (EVA) foam since it has rubber additives to make it lightweight and responsive.The Zoom Air is actually a low-profile airbag put in the shoe to reduce the weight of the shoe a little and to provide a more cushioned pad to land on.

Nike Pegasus 37 - The Pegasus 37 has Nike’s newer React foam which they call one of their “most complete” foams. The React foam and thick air bag are great at providing deep cushioning which doesn’t bottom out. The Pegasus 37 midsole is topped off with a forefoot-only Zoom Air bag.But the softer midsole of the Pegasus 37 makes it slightly less stable than the Pegasus 36.

Nike Pegasus 38 - The Peg 38 is very cushioned but the downside of the added cushioning in the Pegasus 38 is that the classic, all-rounder, versatile nature of the Pegasus takes a knock.The 10mm thick, large, forefoot-only Zoom Air unit provides a target landing area that absorbs shock and provides a pleasant springy rebound sensation.Even though there’s a Zoom unit in the forefoot and not in the rear, the ride still feels very smooth because the rearfoot and the forefoot are quite similar in density so transitions don’t feel disjointed.

Nike Pegasus 39 - The midsole contains Nike’s React foam.The React foam isn’t overly plush, so don’t put this shoe on and expect a soft, cushioned ride. In the Pegasus 39, Nike has added a second Zoom Air unit to the heel of the shoe. The 37 and 38 both had a forefoot unit for a responsive toe-off, but the Pegasus 39 has both a forefoot Zoom Air unit and a second in the rear of the shoe. This gives the Pegasus 39 more of a snap and a little more energy return. Pegasus 39 isn’t bouncy or plush, but for an everyday workhorse, it’s got a good amount of responsiveness.  


Nike Pegasus 36 - The outsole is made from a hard carbon rubber that can rival the most durable rubbers on the planet. It's the same outsole carried over from the Pegasus 35, so it still has a great grip on wet and dry surfaces.

Nike Pegasus 37 - Nike has largely balked the trend of deleting outsole rubber in favor of weight savings.The Pegasus 37 is no exception, with long strips of rubber on the lateral side (where you tend to see the most wear) and rectangular lugs on the medial side for traction as you push off. Grip was excellent, giving us no problems on wet and dry pavement and gravel.

Nike Pegasus 38 - Pegasus 38 has basically three different styles of blown rubber on the outsole material.It features a waffle pattern which not only protects that soft React foam that they have in the midsole, but it gives you a little bit of traction, too.The Peg also has rubber in the high-abrasion areas around in the heel as well as in the toe-off area. So, those are typically areas where you do see wear first in a running shoe.The rubber compound of the outsole, with 9% of Nike Grind (recycled materials), delivers a safe grip on city terrains.

Nike Pegasus 39 - The outsole of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 is very similar to the Pegasus 38 with some slight tweaks in the pattern. The result is the same. A consistently grippy thick and durable rubber outsole that will last longer than the shoe’s cushioning.Like other Nike running shoes, the Pegasus 39 has slightly more of a flared heel — Nike says this is to optimize landing, helping for a faster heel-toe transition. 

2.Sizing and Fit

Nike Pegasus 36 - The upper fits true-to-size and has sufficient foot splay room.

Nike Pegasus 37 - The Nike Pegasus 37 fits true to size but the engineered mesh upper is narrow.

Nike Pegasus 38 - The Air Zoom Pegasus 38 runs a bit large compared to other Nike shoes.This is not because of the large toe box, the length of the entire shoe runs large. Up in the toe box, Pegasus 38 has  got just a little bit more room than what  in the Pegasus 37 in order to be able to splay our toes and that feels terrific.

Nike Pegasus 39 - Fit-wise, the Pegasus 39 seems to address some of the issues runners experienced with the 37 and 38. It’s more true to size, and the heel has been slightly changed to prevent heel slip. The toe box feels roomier than on the Pegasus 37 and the Pegasus 38. It comes in a regular and wider width, but unless you’ve got particularly wide feet, the regular shoe should be suitable for most runners. 


Nike Pegasus 36 - You'll extract the same mileage from the Pegasus 36 as the 35 – which is around 450 miles.

Nike Pegasus 37 - The rubber is thick, hard, and durable. This is an outsole that won't let you down and will last 300-500 miles.

Nike Pegasus 38 - Nike points out that the Pegasus 38 is a durable shoe with a responsive and cushioned ride on the road. It will last 400-500 miles.

Nike Pegasus 39 - This is a brilliant bigger shoe and has enough durability to last for miles. It’s wonderfully reliable, and could easily get you around your first 5K, or your first marathon. 

Comparision Table

Nike Pegasus 36Nike Pegasus 37Nike Pegasus 38Nike Pegasus 39
Heel Drop10 mm10 mm10 mm10 mm
Cushioning typeBalancedResponsive/balancedBalancedBalanced
Cushioning amountMedium cushioningMedium cushioningMedium cushioningMedium cushioning
StabilitySome stabilityNot particularly stableStableVery stable
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to sizeTrue to sizeTrue to size, runs slightly narrow
Widths availableNormal/Wide/X-WideNarrow/Normal/WideNormal/Wide/X-WideNormal/Wide/X-Wide
Who is it forThese shoes are for casual to advanced runners who want a 10mm drop neutral shoe without the most expensive running tech, but a shoe that still has quality construction.It is a wonderfully Versatile shoe cushioned enough for beginners and has a snappy ride for picking up the pace. This is a do it all kind of shoe that works for any runner.People who like a responsive ride without sacrificing cushion.Mostly clear weather or indoor runner.Grab a pair of Nike Pegasus 39 if you're looking for a neutral running shoe that will last a long time and won’t break the bank.
Recommended for
  • Speedwork

  • Daily training

  • Long distance racing

  • Racing

  • Speedwork

  • Daily training

  • Long distance racing

  • Daily wear and light training

  • Longer road running

  • Short and mid-range runs at fast paces

  • Run in dry climates

  • Daily training

  • Speedwork

  • Long training runs to shorter speedier stuff

  • Everyday activities and sports that involve some lateral motion

Nike Pegasus 39 vs. 38 vs. 37 vs. 36: Which Should You Buy?

The Pegasus 39 trainers have enough updates and additions to make them well worth the money. This is a comfortable, versatile, stable, and durable daily trainer. The extended React foam in the midsole makes it more responsive, soft, and faster than the previous versions. Though it doesn’t meet the cut mark of a speed shoe, it does almost everything, including stretching the running miles.When you’re in the market for some new shoes, it is a smart move to choose the latest trainers.

The people I recommend the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 to are runners with wide feet who need a decent everyday trainer with a reliable foam that’s also not too terrible when it comes to energy return. Also, if you are a super shoe wearer, the 38 is a wonderful compliment as the feel and foam are similar to the various Flys. There is little to no adjustment required from trainer to super shoe and back again. Save some dollars and keep the super shoes for your super races and use the Pegasus for most of your training.

If you’re a runner looking for a firmer, versatile shoe, get the Pegasus 36. The Pegasus 36 has smooth ride transitions due to its full-length Zoom Air bag and is a more stable shoe than the Pegasus 37.But the Pegasus 36 has a more spacious upper than the Pegasus 37 with its narrow forefoot.

Shoe fit is a personal thing, You must identify which Nike Pegasus model will fit your needs best.

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