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25 Popular Hair Color Ideas for Asian Skin Tones in 2024

25 Popular Hair Color Ideas for Asian Skin Tones in 2024

    • We all know that Asian women have always been admired for their beauty and grace. Have you wondered how the actors in those Korean dramas have such perfect-looking hair? They often use the best and suitable dyes for Asian hair.Asian hair differs in texture and structure in comparison to Caucasian and natural black hairtypes, so what is the best hair color for Asian hair? What is the most common Asian hair color? What color is natural Asian hair? Here are 25 Asian hair color ideas for Asian hair that might just help you on your way.



How to Choose The Right Hair Color for Asian?

Before choosing the right hair color, you need to determine your skin tone. Take a close look in the mirror to understand whether your skin is closer to red, yellow, or dark.

1.Yellow Skin Tone

Women with yellowish skin tones should think about dark red, raven black, blue, brown, and olive. If you have yellowish skin, forget about the blonde, fiery red, and orange hues. They’ll make your face look unhealthily yellow.

2. Red Skin Tone

Asian girls with reddish skin tones should avoid dark red hair color since it will only amplify the redness. In order to negate the reddish effect, choose dark blond, light brown, dark green or dimmed purple.

3. Dark Skin Tone

If you are an Asian woman with darker skin tone, you have the freedom to create blonde and light brown locks. Go for bright hues and don’t hesitate to create beautiful highlights. The best hair color for an Asian woman with dark skin is light brown.

Most Popular Hair Color Ideas for Asian  

1.Auburn Asian Hair Highlights


Auburn highlights never go out of style, especially for those Asian women having black hair. Such a highlight flatters olive skin tones. The combination of black and auburn brings a little warmth to your hair texture. This auburn shade is the perfect way to feel vampy and sexy without too much effort – these highlights are sure to keep you on everyone’s radar.

Apply the auburn shade near the roots of your face. After that, sweep through the middle and tips of your hair.

2. Burgundy Highlights


Burgundy is one of the most common Asian hair highlights. The subtle cool-hued red color can add elegance to your style. It can give a colorful glow to the Asian hair color. 

When selecting a burgundy hair color shade, remember the rule of opposites – warm hair color shades are for cool skin undertones while warm skin undertones can wear cool burgundy hair color shades.

3.Dark Brunette

1659526439304059.png Karolina Grabowska

It’s time to return to the dark side for 2024 as dark brunette reign over pale platinum this year. This is good news to many of us who have tried so hard to restrain ourselves from bleaching. Dark brunette is a universally flattering hue that’s easy to maintain. The glossy brown shade brightens up your complexion and goes well with any makeup styles. 

In addition, this versatile hue is also suitable for any occasion, be it at work or in the university. With dark colours, your black hair roots will not appear as obvious. This makes dark brunette a low maintenance hair colour for those who don’t want to have to dye their hair often. 

4.Red Highlights 


If you’re looking for some low-maintenance hair colors, red highlights can be for you. When it comes to red highlights, there is a myriad of options. The warm shade of red highlights suits all types of hair colors. Some of the red shades which suit Asian skin tone are cherry coke, dreamy magenta, fall red, and wine-toned balayage.

5.Chocolate Brown Asian Hair Color


This shade of brown is perfect for those who don’t have much experience in hair coloring. It’s a flattering shade that can instantly brighten up your whole aura. It’s also a popular Korean hair color, so consider it if you want a look that’s inspired by your favorite Korean celebrities.

6.Golden Blonde Tinge


 Asian ladies can turn their boring chin-length bob into one of a kind hairstyle. The strands are dyed in an ashy brown hue sparing the roots dark while the front chunks are tinted in a vivid golden blonde hue creating gorgeous side-swept money pieces. Finish off with soft waves.

7.Copper Highlights for Asian Skin Tone

1659527558889441.png Tamara Bellis

Black-haired girls will look extremely stylish with this reddish hue of copper highlights. Not only will it add shine to your tresses but will also is perfect for professional purpose. For a three-tone look, add two slight highlights of golden shades.

If you’ve light brown hair, chunky copper red highlights blend very nicely. At the same time, it creates the perfect color combo for summer and spring. As the highlight fade, you will get a natural red tone.

8.Small Pony with Undercut


Those razored sideburns are a true statement for your short sleek hair. The blonde shade must be dark, with caramel tones. When having thin hair, pinning the strands in a short casual pony is an ideal option. It will reveal your face allowing you to stun your audience with impressive makeup. 

9.Mushroom Brown


Source:Instagram Twicetagram

Those who have tried dyeing their hair grey or silver will know how difficult it is to achieve the perfect shade – and even more so to retain the colour beyond a week. But this is unavoidable, as Asian hair is notorious for turning brassy after multiple washes. 

However, your grey hair dreams are not yet shattered. Introducing mushroom brown, a greyish light brown hue designed specifically for Asian hair. It’s much easier to maintain compared to its grey counterpart, and is flattering for all skin tones, even warmer ones!

10.Blue Highlights for Asian Hair


Get a complete makeover with these unconventional blue highlights. Dye the roots of your tresses teal and give off a Kawai or artsy vibe. Asian women have prominent features. Blue highlights can add more aesthetic appeal to those features. To prevent your facial features from being washed out, accentuate the look with a bold lip color.

11.Very Pperi Purple


Purple has always been a popular shade when it comes to makeup, fashion and needless to say, hair colour. While lilac was one of the hottest colour trends of the past years, it has taken on a stronger bluish tone for 2024. This is in line with the Pantone colour of the year – Very Peri, which is a rich shade of periwinkle that’s both eye-catching and unique. 

And when BTS Jungkook rocks the shade, it MUST be the best hair colour for Asians in 2024! 

12. Balayage Highlights


These highlights work great on black hair. As the hue is softly added in layers to the tresses, they create a softening effect. If you want to get highlights that look more natural, this is for you. We’ll recommend you to get the job done in a salon. 

Your stylist will take sections, backcomb them and paint on the bleach. It will give your hair a seamless blend. Once done, it will look awesome from all angles.

13.Rusty Ash Brown Peek-a-Boo Hair


Source:Instagram  twicetagram

Hair trends come and go quickly, but the peek-a-boo hair trend is here to stay for another year. Also known as hidden highlights, or underlights, this hair look involves highlighting only the bottom layer of your hair. This creates a beautiful contrast with the darker top layer and works great for those who want to keep their bold hair transformation under wraps. 

While you can choose any colour combination you prefer, the best hair colour for Asians in 2024 involves a black top layer with rusty ash brown peek-a-boo highlights. The result is a chic and sophisticated hair look that will instantly make you look stylish! 

14.Black and Denim Waves Highlights


Whatever is your skin tone, this Asian hair highlight will look great on you. The shade blends wonderfully with the black color. Undoubtedly, having this highlight will definitely draw the attention of the passersby. You can also wear it to the office without looking very bold. 

It’s due to the subtlety this highlight offers. However, this is not a curly hair color. Women with straight or wavy hair can consider this.

15.Copper Highlights


Coloring hair with hues other than black started becoming a fad in the ’90s. Among the first popular colors was, you guessed it right, COPPER! It was a great shade for those who wanted to change their hair color but weren’t ready yet for something that was bold and very obvious. 

Today, you can definitely use this hair color as highlights on your dark hair.

16.Dark Hair with Auburn Highlights


A short hair with auburn highlights might be the change you needed if you’re aiming for a glamorous look. The bob shape is probably the best option because it’s also long enough to style flattering waves. 

You can use a wand or a straightening iron to pull off those curls.

17.Black and Blonde Hair Highlights


Want some hair color ideas for old women? This highlight is especially recommended for those ladies who want to keep their hair darker. If you too want to hide grey hair, give this highlight a try. Start by highlighting the base of your roots. 

As you proceed, lighten the hair down. And black and blonde hair highlights is a loophole for keeping gray hairs invisible thanks to thewide stripes of blonde highlights!

18.Ash Brown Ombre Hair


Cool ash blonde shades can go lighter, darker and bolder with an ash blonde ombre.Start with dark hair on top (or leave your roots untouched), then transition to ash brown and lighter shades of brown near the tips.

 Keep your hair well-maintained by protecting it from dryness and discoloration.

19.Ashy Brown Highlights


If you’ve neutral or cool skin tones, go for ashy brown highlights. It’s the meeting point of brown and silver. In case, the ends of your hair are lighter, ask your stylist to cool down the ends of your hair with ashy brown highlights. 

The best part of such a highlight is it requires low maintenance. Just use a purple shampoo and apply a conditioner after every wash.

20.Bluish Black Hair


Most East Asian women do have naturally black hair, but some go the extra mile and go for a bluish black hair color. It makes a beautiful contrast against porcelain Asian skin.

 It is also a good shade to pick when you love dark hair color.

21.Golden Brown Asian Hair Color


If you’re ready to get a lighter shade than chocolate brown, then this golden brown and blonde shade is the way to go. The best thing about this Asian hair color is its nice, warm glow, which works even better if you have that signature morena tan.

22.Hues of White and Grey


Grey hair isn’t just a sign of aging anymore. White and grey highlights, done in a braided way, can add volume to your shoulder-length tresses. This combination has become a trend among many young Asian women.

 If placed right, white and grey highlights can add a certain playfulness to your long and dark tresses. Look at the image to get the highlight as is done here.


1659586689593820.png Tyler McRobert

You cans, wear this reddish-brown color as highlights as dip-dyed hair, or as your new haircolor. It's also not a far cry from your naturally dark hair, so you can try this color if you'renot yet ready for a drastic change.

24.Cool Toned Plum Asian Hair Highlights


Source:Instagram GLAMIRIS

The black hair of Asian girls makes them perfect for the plum highlights. Their dark base stabilizes the look.  Always, pick complementing colors because these plum shade highlights look best when in contrast. 

Consider your skin and eye color too. If you want a sleeker look, mix cooler plum highlights with a blue shade.

25.Ash Grey Highlights


Some ladies love to experiment with their hair while others do not. If you’re looking for a simple, minimalistic approach toward hairstyle for grey hair with the round face women, then you may want to consider this look. Brushed, smooth hair sometimes speaks louder than any edgy ‘do.

Best Hair Dyes For Asian Hair In 2024

Since Asian hair is different from other types of hair, it is recommended to use products that are exclusively formulated for them. 

Best Hair Dyes For Asian HairBest ForColors Available
Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair DyeDamaged HairBeige, Brown, Burgundy, Red, Black
Bigen One Push Hair ColourInstant Hair DyeDark Brown and Black
Salon de Pro Hair ColourGrey CoverageAsh Brown, Brown, Chestnut
Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour TreatmentSensitive ScalpsBlack
ShoHan Instant Powder Hair Colour- BlackNatural Asian HairBlack, Dark Brown
Etude House Bubble Hair ColouringDyed Asian HairBlack, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Blonde

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What to Consider When Getting Highlights?

There’s no doubt that hair highlights are a must if you want to have gorgeous-looking hair. But what are things you need to consider when choosing hair highlights? Here are some of them:


How light should you go? This will depend on your complexion. For warm skin tone, beige and sandy blondes are recommended. On the other hand, golden blonde tones are best for people with olive skin tones.

2.Placement and Size

Thickest and lightest strands must be around the frame of your face, and the size must regress on the strands towards the crown.


This will all depend on your personal preference. Types of highlights include balayage, hygge, lowlights, sombré, ombré, and many more.

What Hair Color Looks Good on Asian Skin Tone?

The reason we are delving deep into the subject is that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the hues and tones that everybody around us uses.
Sometimes we don’t consider our own features while getting hair colors done and merely because it looks nice. Here are some guidelines to follow before you get your hair colored. 

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