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Nike VaporMax vs. Adidas Ultraboost vs. HOKA Bondi: Differences and Reivews 2024

Nike VaporMax vs. Adidas Ultraboost vs. HOKA Bondi: Differences and Reivews 2024

    Nike,Adidas and HOKA are three of the most popular running shoe brands.These brands manufacture high-quality running shoes for runners of different experience levels, from beginner and recreational runners to elite runners.And their best running sneakers have been subject much comparison — the Nike Air VaporMax,Adidas Ultra Boost and Hoka BondiDifferent features make these shoes incredible and distinct from each other.What is comfier, Adidas Ultra Boost or Nike VaporMax?Which is better Ultraboost or HOKA?What's the difference between Nike VaporMax and Adidas Ultra Boost? What's the difference between Adidas Ultra Boost and HOKA Bondi?Nike VaporMax vs. Adidas Ultraboost vs. Hoka Bondi:which is best for you?In this article, I will discuss the similarities and differences among Nike VaporMax vs. Adidas Ultraboost vs. Hoka Bondi shoes to help you narrow down your shoe choices and find the best running shoes for your needs.

Nike VaporMax Review

First Released Year: 2017

Price: $210

Released in 2017,VaporMax is a part of the Nike Air Max line of sneakers which is known for having a midsole area filled with compressed airbags. It is also an expensive shoe in the series.

The VaporMax series was revolutionary for Nike because of the evolved air cushioning technology.VaporMax shoes feature an innovative air cushioning system that eliminates the traditional foam midsole, offering a lightweight feel and increased flexibility.Its translucent sole makes you look like you are floating. That design touch allowed the VaporMax to look different than any other Air Max model from the past. Eliminating the need for a midsole allows more air to be put directly into your underfoot.The shoes are super responsive because of the ultra-cushioned outsoles, and they do not even add weight because they are just air units.Experienced runners have raved about this shoe because of its comfort, durability, and pro- tection, and have described working out in them as "running on air".

It has a muted yet striking color palette, and is wearable as both a running shoe and as a casual pair of shoes. Apart from its high tech and beautiful design, this product has great arch support and feels so luxurious to wear for just about anyone.

Nike Air VaporMax 2023 Flyknit

Step into the Air VaporMax 2023 to see how it's done. The innovative tech is revealed through the perforated sockliner (pull it out to see more). The stretchy Flyknit upper is made with at least 20% recycled content by weight to help preserve the nature we love to explore.This striking sneaker boasts the first one-piece Air unit to run the entire length of a shoe for smoother transitions, adds unbelievable cushioning and is the lightest with this innovative Air unit to date.


Nike VaporMax Pros and Cons

  • This shoe weighs less than any other model with this Air unit so far.

  • One-piece Air unit runs the entire length of a shoe, allowing for smoother transitions and adds unbelievable cushioning.

  • Signature Nike visuals throughout for a heritage-rich look.

  • Rubber outsole for long-lasting traction, grip and shock absorption.

  • Flyknit upper innovation.

  • Seamless collar sculpts the ankle and helps reduces hot spots.

  • Great for more hardcore or serious runners.

  • Higher price point compared to Air Max shoes.

  • Some users have complained of inflexibility.

  • May not be worth buying for some one who already owns a pair of Nike's shoes.

Where to Buy Nike VaporMax?

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Adidas Ultraboost Review

First Released Year: 2015

Price: $190

Adidas Ultraboost is a line of shoes produced by Adidas, with the first model released in 2015. Ultraboost shoes are best known for using Adidas' Boost foam in the soles of their shoes. While the not first shoe to incorporate it, it is the most popular line to use it and has gone on to release different models.The Adidas UltraBoost line is a reliable cushioned pick for casual runners, whatever generation you go for.Many sneaker lovers loved these sneakers so much that mostly they remain out of stock.

A big part of Ultraboost’s popularity comes from celebrities who enjoy and promote Ultraboost shoes through their outfits. However, it gives off the impression that Ultraboost is not as accessible.Although they’ve been adopted by the fashion world and can be worn for every day, adidas Ultraboost are running shoes first and foremost. With their sock-like Primeknit upper and energy-returning Boost midsole, Ultraboost gives runners a feeling of responsive cushioning with every stride. Their colorways were easy to match with, and the Boost midsole was instantly recognizable.

Adidas Ultraboost Light 

Released in March 2022, The Adidas Ultraboost Light is the first version of the Ultraboost in awhile that feels like a running shoe.Praised for its cushioning, stability and style, the all-new adidas Ultraboost Light is recognized by Runner’s World as one of 2023's best training shoes.

Adidas Light Boost cushioning is a new generation of adidas Boost material that's 30% lighter than ever before. Keeping your impact light, the Ultraboost Light shoes also have a 10% lower carbon footprint than the previous Ultraboost.A low-volume, slightly wider fit sits up top with a surprising amount of security for a one-piece upper. The ride underfoot is cushioned in the heel and slightly firmer in the forefoot with an LEP plastic plate that helps facilitate motion forward. It also has improved heel lockdown due to the modified heel counter.

It’s better suited to moderately-paced runs rather than easy runs due to its firm ride but its weight and upper prevent it from being a proper performance daily trainer. 


Adidas Ultraboost Pros and Cons

  • Snazzy, modern design.

  • Durable and grippy outsole.

  • Sock-like fit.

  • Well-cushioned heel.

  • Better stability.

  • Improved heel lockdown.

  • Wide and stretchy toe box.

  • Good energy return.

  • Smoother ride transitions.

  • Good for easy days and moderately long runs.

  • Not great on wet surfaces.

  • Small rocks can get stuck on the outsole.

  • Lockdown isn’t adequate for speedwork.

  • Boring ride.

  • Thin forefoot cushioning.

  • Sweaty on hot summer days.

Where to Buy Adidas Ultraboost?

HOKA Bondi Review

First Released Year: 2011

Price: $131.99 - $165

The HOKA Bondi series has been a long time favorite for those that like high stack rockered shoes. A lot of fans use it as a walking shoe – whether that's recreationally or because they're runners who walk a lot for their job.

HOKA Bondi 8

The eighth iteration of the Hoka Bondi remains as runners' beloved plush and cushy daily trainer that excels on easy days and recovery sessions. Bondi 8 takes a bold step forward this season reworked with softer, lighter foams and a brand-new extended heel geometry. Taking on a billowed effect, the rear crash pad affords an incredibly soft and balanced ride from heel strike to forefoot transaction.

While the new Hoka One One Bondi 8 is bigger and better than ever, it remains loyal to its roots and keeps its classic high cushioned profile and meta-rocker platform.Bondi 8 incorporates an even softer EVA foam and a completely new upper making it the roomiest, most versatile and softest Bondi yet.With its humongous foam, your foot will find itself in a very comfy position. On top of this, it will allow you to move with precision, thanks to its highly stable ride.

Overall, the Bondi 8 from Hoka is a daily running shoe that's great for those who want a very cushioned ride. 


HOKA Bondi Pros and Cons

  • Sleek design.

  • Ultra soft cushioning.

  • Great cushion for a smooth ride.

  • A touch springy.

  • Padded heel and tongue for comfort.

  • Perfect for narrow feet.

  • Upper is soft as hell.

  • Wider upper and base.

  • Ideal for daily running.

  • Not ideal for speed, tempo, and races.

  • It's still heavy.

  • Narrow Fit.

  • Tight midfoot.

Where to Buy HOKA Bondi?

Nike VaporMax vs. Adidas Ultraboost vs. Hoka Bondi: The Key Differences

1.The Upper

Nike VaporMax 2023 Flyknit To help ensure the Nike Air VaporMax was the lightest shoe on the market, Nike constructed the shoe’s upper with woven Flyknit material. The stretchy Flyknit upper is made with at least 20% recycled content by weight to help preserve the nature we love to explore.The Flyknit offers the perfect amount of stretch and support. The combination of VaporMax and Flyknit makes the shoe the perfect running partner.

Aididas Ultraboost Light - The Ultraboost has an upper that is made of Primeknit, which is a lightweight, stretchy material that provides a sock-like fit and great breathability.A critic described the Light’s Primeknit as “one of the best knit uppers ever made.”Despite the material being quite pliable, it’s still able to secure the foot well thanks to its quintessentially Ultraboost TPU cage and heel clip.

Primeknit is a bit thicker and features more padding, most noticeably around tongue, ankle collar, and heel. Its plastic cage lacing system doubles as the Three Stripes logo and provides added foot support. While this makes it slightly heavier than the VaporMax, it's beneficial for those looking for a locked-in feeling when running. 

HOKA Bondi 8 - The upper is a new design of Hoka’s traditional engineered mesh. But, on this 8th version, the lines look like they are pulling back to the heel and this is not only a more modern design but has a specific function.While designs on the upper may look cool, sleek, and modern, they actually serve a purpose in holding the foot securely in place and help guide the foot with every stride. 

2.The Midsole

Nike VaporMax 2023 Flyknit The VaporMax was lower to the ground without the extra midsole material.Most VaporMax shoes are made of the same full-length VaporMax Air Unit, which uses 75% recycled materials. The bounce provided by the VaporMax felt better for running faster

Aididas Ultraboost Light - The midsole of the Ultraboost Light is where things get interesting. The Ultraboost has a new midsole foam called Light Boost which takes inspiration from Boost Light from the Sub 2. The Ultraboost Light rides significantly firmer than 21 and 22.Not only is its midsole denser but it also has a webbed strobel lasting underneath its insole which prevents your foot from sinking down into the midsole. Most of the Ultraboost Light’s cushioning is situated in the heel so it’s a shoe that’s more suited to heel strikers. It feels a lot softer and more cushioned when you land on the heel.The cloud-like cushioning of the Ultra Boosts felt better for running longer distances.

HOKA Bondi 8 - Bondi 8 kept Hoka's classic engineered EVA foam.The foam is placed strategically in line with Hoka’s classic Meta-Rocker platform and under typical strike zones like the heel and midfoot.There are beveled lines in the foam which look nice but serve the purpose of absorbing shock and helping move the stride forward. The Bondi has a heel stack height of 39mm and a forefoot stack height of 35mm. With such large stack heights, there is very little road feel in the shoes. Instead of road feel, you get massive amounts of foot protection and shock absorption.

3.The Outsole

Nike VaporMax 2023 Flyknit The outsole features Air-Sole technology throughout the entire length of the sneaker. Unlike previous models of Air Max sneakers, which focused on filling the sole with as much air as possible, the VaporMax focuses on using less air more efficiently instead. The tread pattern is made up of precisely placed air pod units, based on research results, to deliver the exact amount of air needed to support a runner’s stride. These treads behave like small pistons so as each lug gets pushed down into the air unit, the pressure is increased and as you step off the pressure releases, resulting in a springy responsive ride. 

Nike refers to these air pods as “Tuned Air” or "TN" for short. The translucent air sole of the sneaker is designed to almost appear as if you are floating off the ground, adding another unique feature to the shoe. Of course, some colorways are not translucent but they still look pretty unique.

Aididas Ultraboost Light - The Ultraboost Light features Continental rubber outsole.On this new Ultraboost outsole, there is less crystal rubber than last year’s. The heel area has been changed from transparent crystal rubber to regular blown rubber. Durability is excellent due to how thick and hard the outsole rubber is. There’s an LEP, plastic shank situated on the outsole of the Ultraboost Light which makes the forefoot stiffer. In contrast, the Ultraboost features the Continental Rubber Outsole which provides 30% more traction than other outsoles.

HOKA Bondi 8 - The outsole uses a combination of exposed EVA foam and rubber overlays to protect the platform and maximize traction on the road.The result is convincing, with a good grip on wet pavement and easy dirt roads.

4. Fit and Sizing

Nike VaporMax 2023 Flyknit VaporMax shoes are true to size, and you can quickly go for your regular size to get the perfect fit. If you have wide feet, you could go for a bigger size on VaporMax Plus, but that should not be required for the regular VaporMax shoes since the upper portion is made of super stretchy material.

Aididas Ultraboost Light - The Ultraboost Light fits true to size although if you prefer a snug fit, you can go down a half size because the Primeknit is stretchy so it will conform to your feet. It has a narrow fit so I don’t recommend it for wide feet. 

HOKA Bondi 8 - The HOKA Bondi 8 fits true to size when it comes to the length of the shoe.The toe box has adequate height and foot splay room but like all Hoka shoes, the Bondi fits narrow so you might have to size up or get the wide version.

Comparison Table

Nike VaporMax 2023 FlyknitAididas Ultraboost LightHOKA Bondi 8
  • 9 colors(men)

  • 10 colors(women)

14 colors
  • 31 colors(men)

  • 23 colors(women)

  • Men's: 10.8oz

  • Women's: 8.90oz

UpperFlyknitPrimeknitEngineered mesh
Midsole-Light BOOSTEVA foam
OutsoleTPU, RubberContinental rubberRubber
SizeTrue to sizeTrue to sizeTrue to size

Conclusion: Which Should You Buy?

The VaporMax shoes are not designed to deliver optimal running or training performance. Rather, they are modeled to look like running sneakers but their functionality is more so for everyday use as lifestyle shoes. If you are searching for a pair of comfortable & innovative sneakers for daily use, VaporMax Plus meets your needs.

Conversely,the Ultra Boost is the best option,whether you’re a serious runner or just startin.Adidas Ultraboost Light stays true to its roots as a peppy, everyday trainer that also works for stylish streetwear.Coming in as the lightest Ultraboost ever, while this is not a speed day shoe, the decreased weight makes it far easier on the legs while maintaining the progressions made for the previous couple of versions that continue to make this a true running shoe.

Ultraboost shoes are however pretty expensive, hence if you’re on a budget, you should go for HOKA shoes.HOKA Bondi 8 is a shoe for runners who aren’t too fussed about speed and want an enjoyable, comfortable running shoe. They’d suit beginners and heel strikers, as well as runners who have room in their cupboard (and wallet) for a dedicated recovery run shoe. They’re a neutral shoe but it does feel as though the wider sole adds a little stability to your stride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Nike VaporMax still cool?

In fact, the Vapormax is just as popular as any of Nike's icons and it's not hard to see why. Not only ultra-comfy, this is one of those pairs that merges the line between sports and everyday wear. They don't look out of place in the gym but they also look bangin' with a pair of cuffed jeans!

Are Nike VaporMax good for running?

Yes.You get full length impact protection without feeling gummy.The impact protection is at a level that works for running. You can run 5-6 miles at a time in these bad boys and your legs don't take a beating.

Are Nike VaporMax comfortable?

Worth every penny! These shoes are good quality, the legit Nike brand and very comfortable.

Are Nike Vapormax good for wide feet?

No.Those Vapormax won't stretch out enough to ever be comfortable.

What is special about VaporMax?

Where previous Air Max models filled the sole with as much air as possible, the VaporMax focuses on using less air, more efficiently. Using pressure maps of the foot, the designers were able to pinpoint the exact amount of Air as well as Air placement needed to support a runner's stride.

Are Nike VaporMax walking shoes?

The original VaporMax and VaporMax 2 should be limited to casual wear.

How long does Nike Vapormax last?

If you wear any pair of Nike shoes fairly regularly and don't wear them in harsh conditions or terrain too often, they will remain wearable and as comfortable as when you first got them for between 1-3 years on average.

Are Nike VaporMax breathable?

The stretchy and supportive FlyKnit upper on the Nike Air VaporMax is made from recycled yarn. It's seamless, breathable and lightweight.

Do VaporMax Flyknit run small?

Generally speaking, it's a true-to-size sneaker, although it does follow a slightly narrow fit, so if you have noticeably wide feet I'd recommend taking half a size up from your regular size.

Why is Ultraboost so popular?

The Adidas UltraBoost has long been a better running shoe than its reputation suggests. That's largely because its stylish design pigeonholed it in some quarters as a lifestyle shoe, but those good looks didn't stop it being a durable, comfortable running shoe in which you could happily rack up a lot of miles.

Are Ultra Boosts good for running?

Absolutely, Adidas Ultra Boosts are known for their excellent cushioning and comfort, which makes them suitable for running. They provide responsive cushioning and energy return, reducing the impact on joints during runs.

Is Ultraboost a daily trainer?

The Ultra Boost is a really great daily trainer that could double as a race day pick as well.

Do adidas Ultraboost have arch support?

These Ultraboost shoes feature a soft adidas PRIMEKNIT upper that hugs the foot. The Torsion System provides lightweight arch support for midfoot stability while BOOST cushioning gives you instant energy return with each step, helping you power effortlessly through long days.

Is adidas Ultraboost for walking?

While originally introduced as a running shoe, the Ultraboost has enjoyed crossover success as a lifestyle-ready sneaker offering remarkable comfort. The Boost midsole returns energy with every step, and it lasts even longer when used solely for walking.

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