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Aarke vs. SodaStream vs. Drinkmate: Which One Wins the Soda Maker Showdown?

Aarke vs. SodaStream vs. Drinkmate: Which One Wins the Soda Maker Showdown?

    Have you ever wondered why fizzy drinks taste so good? Are flavors, smells or bubbles stinging your mouth? Or maybe the bubbles make the drink taste more interesting and encourage us to drink more? The soda market has grown dramatically in recent years, with flavors from brands like LaCroix, Bubly and AHA becoming staples in nearly every store and refrigerator. At the same time, interest in more affordable and environmentally friendly options has led to an increase in home soda dispensers. Now you can make carbonated drinks anytime, anywhere, with Drinkmate, Aarke, SodaStream, you can carbonate your drinks without diluting them. So what's the difference between them, and which soda maker brand should I choose?

We love a good sparkling drink any time of year. Whether it's a glass of soda to celebrate weddings and graduations, or a non-alcoholic sweet drink on a hot day.

So why not make your own at home?

By investing in a sparkling water machine, you are saving money and the planet, both financially and environmentally, compared to bottled water.

What are the most popular soda maker brands in the world?

  • DrinkMate 

  • SodaStream

  • Aarke

Our Top Picks: The Best Soda Makers

Straight to the Point

  • DrinkMate OmniFizz Sparkling Water and Soda Maker


Carbonating anything but water can void the warranty of many soda makers, but the Drinkmate lets you carbonate whatever you like from juice to wine and even cold brew. It's easy to use, has a great mix of price and performance, and delivered excellent fizz in our tests.

  • SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker


- Our second choice is the SodaStream Art for its retro look, quick-connect cylinder technology, and dishwasher-safe bottle. Most importantly, its bubbles are very fine.

  • Aarke Carbonator III Sparkling Water Maker


- Aarke Carbonator III is the esthetician for soda makers worldwide. Its shape is luxurious and the material is excellent. These seem to be more than enough to make up for its high price and somewhat lackluster performance.

How to choose the best soda maker with the best reputation? How are they different?

DrinkMate OmniFizz

SodaStream Art

Aarke Carbonator 3


$110.99 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back $114.95 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back$199 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back

  • Amount of CO2 added: 7 grams

  • Amount of CO2 left after 24 hours: 7 grams

  • Height: 16 inches

  • Bottle material: Plastic

  • Bottle size: 850 milliliters

  • Available in: 4 colors

  • Comes with: 1 bottle; 1 CO2 cartridge; 1 "Fizz Infuser"

  • Amount of CO2 added: 6 grams

  • Amount of CO2 left after 24 hours: 6 grams

  • Height: 17 inches

  • Bottle material: Plastic

  • Bottle size: 840 milliliters

  • Available in: 4 colors

  • Comes with: 1 bottle and 1 CO2 cartridge

  • Amount of CO2 added: 4 grams

  • Amount of CO2 left after 24 hours: 3 grams

  • Height: 16.34 inches

  • Bottle material: Stainless steel and BPA-free PET plastic

  • Bottle size: 840 milliliters

  • Available in: 4 colors

  • Comes with: 1 bottle and 1 CO2 cartridge

What We Like
  • Can carbonate any beverage

  • Customizable carbonation levels

  • Can carbonate any volume of beverage; other machines require the bottles to be filled to capacity

  • One charge produces excellent fizz

  • Run quietly

  • Affordable

  • Slim and compact

  • Compatible with any brand’s carbonation cartridges

  • No batteries or electricity needed

  • A chic new Scandi-inspired look

  • “Quick Connect CO2” technology for fast, “one-click” cylinder insertion

  • Easy bottle installation

  • Lasting carbonation

  • Infinite bubble control

  • Fine bubbles

  • Dishwasher safe, BPA free, reusable bottles

  • Cordless — manual operation

  • Wide range of flavoured syrups

  • Sleek design

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Durable

  • Simple carbonation mechanism

  • Customizable carbonation levels

  • Smudge-resistant finish

  • Doesn't need electricity

  • Doesn't take up much space

What We Don't Like
  • Larger bubbles, not always suitable for everyone

  • May overflow when carbonating liquids that aren't water

  • Construction doesn’t feel as durable as other brands

  • Bottles need to be hand washed and should be replaced more frequently

  • A bit more expensive than the entry-level machines

  • Can only carbonate water

  • Expensive

  • No CO2 canister included with purchase

  • Multiple charges needed to get high levels of carbonation

  • Only carbonates water

Soda Makers Tests & Reviews: Their Pros and Cons

Here's our ranking of the best soda makers:

  1. DrinkMate OmniFizz Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

  2. SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker

  3. Aarke Carbonator III Sparkling Water Maker

#1. DrinkMate OmniFizz Sparkling Water and Soda Maker

Score: 90/100

$110.99 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back


#1 ProCarbonate any liquid

One of the biggest attractions of the DrinkMate OmniFizz is that it can be used to carbonate any liquid.

You can directly add tasty fizz to water, juices, iced tea or iced coffee, energy drinks, wine, cocktails, and even flat soda or beer! 

Many soda makers recommend against carbonating any liquid other than water—and you could even void your warranty if you do. Some carbonation mechanisms can easily clog, reducing the efficiency of it or causing it to fail completely.

#2 Pro. Highly carbonated

Unlike other soda makers, Drinkmate actually offers the highest concentration of carbonation.

The Fizz Infuser is the key part of the DrinkMate system. Instead of connecting the infusion nozzle to the machine, the Drinkmate connects the nozzle to a cap that you screw on. This makes it easier for the carbonation to be absorbed in a sealed environment, rather than being exposed to the open air immediately after the bottle is removed.

While screwing on the infusion cap may be an extra step, the cap itself slides easily into the machine, eliminating any doubt that the bottle is secure.

#3 ProFast and efficient

In testing, it was a very effective and efficient carbonator for both water and juice. Where other soda makers take two or three charges to get the soda fizzy like store-bought, the Drinkmate does it in just one.

So, it adds the most carbon per press - helpful if you're in a hurry.

#4 ProUniform bubbles

It performed well in all the tests we ran. All beverages also had an even distribution of carbonation, fine bubbles and a great mouthfeel.

When we tested it with apple juice and wine, the result was very refreshing, with just the right amount of carbonation, strong but not aggressive. We were particularly impressed with the carbonated wine, as it is almost identical to Champagne.

#5 ProLlight and compact

The machine's small countertop footprint makes it a great choice for small spaces, and it doesn't require electricity or batteries.

 The OmniFizz is tall, slightly deeper than it is wide (40 x 19 x 12 cm / 16 x 7.5 x 4.7 inches), but it's a slender device that easily finds a spot on a kitchen counter.

It's made almost entirely of matte plastic, which doesn't do much aesthetically, at least in black. However, there are three other color options—red, white, and arctic blue—that would make for a fun pop of color on a bar or kitchen counter.

Its only control is a large silver button on top, which is pressed to carbonate.

#6 ProStrong customization

Another benefit of the Drinkmate soda maker is that the bottles don't need to be filled to a certain level to increase carbonation. This can be useful if you want to carbonate something small, like a glass of wine.

Unlike other bottles that only have a maximum fill line, this included bottle has a clearly marked fill line, as well as low and high bubble levels, allowing you to easily see if more or less carbonation is needed.

The manual lists the number of seconds required for carbonation of different beverages.

#7 ProQuiet

The DrinkMate OmniFizz is one of the quietest models we've tested.

#8 ProIt works with any brand of 60L CO2 cartridge.

The Drinkmate can accept standard 60-liter carbonation cylinders from any brand. To help keep things cost-effective, the manufacturer has a trade-in program with which you'll score discounted CO2 cylinders when you send back your empties.

#9 ProAffordable

It's available directly from Drinkmate or Amazon, and you can get the OmniFizz with bottle and cylinder for just $142.99.

That makes it a more expensive option than SodaStream's base model, the Terra, but less expensive than most other models.

#1 ConSlightly larger bubbles

Drinkmate's carbonation manifests itself as relatively large bubbles that sometimes explode on our palate. This isn't always the most pleasant for some people.

#2 ConNeed to replace the carbon cylinder

The machine requires 60L CO2 cylinders to operate. Note that canisters tend to run dry relatively quickly so it will cost money to constantly refill the canisters. 

#3 ConSome drinks are much more fizzy than others.

Just remember to stop at the filling line, this machine will give the drink extra froth. Because apple juice is denser than water, it froths a lot when it's carbonated, which does cause some to leak out the top of the bottle.

#2. SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker

Score: 85/100

$114.95 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back


SodaStream, part of PepsiCo, is the world's leading sparkling water-maker brand. The Art is the brand's most advanced sparkling water maker yet.

#1 ProImprovement in appearance

The Art elevates the sparkling water experience and stands apart from other SodaStream machines with its slim silhouette, retro design, stainless-steel trim, and unique carbonating lever. 

On this model, the lever replaces the usual button, which the brand claims gives users more control over carbonation. Plus, the fun design with stainless-steel trim will look great on any countertop.

It comes in two colours - black or white - so would look chic in any kitchen.

#2 ProDishwasher-safe bottle 

SodaStream introduces new features into its products, quick-connect cylinder technology and dishwasher-safe bottles designed to provide functionality and ease-of-use for consumers.

For example, the company’s latest machine features QuickConnect technology, allowing users to quickly click the carbonating cylinder into the right place. The Art also comes with a 1-liter reusable bottle, which saves the ocean from being littered with plastic bottles.

#3 ProVariety of flavors

As with other SodaStream machines, the Art is compatible with the range of add-on flavours. These include SodaStream’s own (including cola, cream soda, and diet tonic water), as well as big-brand names such as Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7Up and 7Up free. These add versatility, and can further cut down on plastic use.

#4 ProFully carbonated

Not only does SodaStream Art look and feel great, it dissolves 6 grams of CO2 into each bottle of water, time after time again, and remains fully carbonated for 24 hours.

The amount of carbonation is infinitely adjustable—the lever can be pulled multiple times or held longer for fizzier water.

#5 ProFine bubbles

The Art produces bubbles with a finer texture, and the smaller bubbles create a softer, longer-lasting fizz on our tongues with each sip.

Even more impressive, water and flavored drinks kept their fizz for several days while stored in the refrigerator in the SodaStream bottles, thanks to the snug cap with a gasket that keeps air from escaping.

#1 ConCarbonated water only

We also use the DrinkMate - a cheaper competitor - which can carbonate almost any liquid. But SodaStream says using anything other than water can damage the machine.

#2 ConNot sure if it's best to inflate

One downside to the Art is one that's common to all soda makers: It's hard to tell when a machine has fully carbonated a bottle. While there is usually a pressure release noise after about five twists of the handle, ideal results are only obtained after three additional CO2 injections.

#3 ConThe bottle cannot be overfilled

It’s important to note that while the bottle can hold 1-litre of water, the fill line is actually 840ml to leave room for carbonation.

SodaStream now has three popular models Art, Duo and Terra: How do they differ?

All three machines feature innovative quick-connect cylinder technology that allows for seamless cylinder connections with just one touch.

  • The Art – Experience the craft of sparkling with SodaStream's Art. This Sparkling water maker features a slim silhouette, retro design, stainless steel trim, and a unique carbonating lever, allowing for a complete personalized water experience. Users can elevate their beverages by pulling on the lever to create a customizable drink to perfectly suit tastes, level of fizz and flavour palettes.

  • The Duo — For a more versatile way to sparkle, SodaStream's Duo is the first sparkling water maker to be compatible with two different bottles; the new, modern 1L glass carafe and 1L dishwasher safe carbonating bottle. It is the perfect accessory for hosting and or taking the bottle anywhere on the go. Awarded the RED DOT Prize 2021 for outstanding product design, the Duo is equipped with a modern industrial design that is a perfect addition for any gathering.

  • The Terra — SodaStream's most convenient way to enjoy endless bubbles at home, the Terra, has an upgraded sleek design combined with a beautiful mix of textures, high polish, and matte finish, along with a more ergonomic carbonating button. "Terra", Latin for "Earth", reflects SodaStream's environmental mission to eradicate the use of single-use plastic.

#3. Aarke Carbonator III Premium Sparkling & Seltzer Water Maker

Score: 80/100

Price: ($199 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back)


#1 ProLuxurious appearance

This metal soda maker exudes luxury on our kitchen countertops. Aarke’s carbonator is made from stainless steel with a copper, white, matte black, black chrome, brass, or stainless steel finish. 

While most others are constructed from cheaper plastics.

#2 ProIt takes up less room on the counter

Aarke makes the slimmest and most compact carbonators on the market, with an innovative design that creates bubbles with just the pull of a handle. 

#3 ProAarke works like most other carbonators

Carbonating is also simple, as the handle just gets pulled down and gas is released into the bottle. The process is complete when the machine makes a whistling noise, which takes just a few seconds. 

You can repeat the carbon injection until the water is gently bubbled, or fully carbonated.

The nozzle is now made of stainless steel and has been redesigned to allow for a smoother and more steady flow of air. 

#5 ProSeasonable

As with Aarke’s competitors, users can purchase Aarke Essences and Syrups to give their beverages hints of flavors like lime or soda syrups.

Aarke recommends flavor can be added to the glass but should not be added into the bottle. 

#1 ConCompatible with standard CO2 cylinders from most major brands.

Aarke does not sell CO2 canisters, but they are designed to work with SodaStream's CO2 bottles. This is a good thing because SodaStream has a strong exchange program. Your first canister will cost $30, but mail back the empty canister and you'll get a replacement for only $15.

#2 ConVery durable

The iconic Aarke water bottle bottom piece is engineered with a screw-in mechanism for increased durability. This ability to separate the metal and plastic components also makes it possible to recycle bottles at the end of their lifetime. Being BPA-free and non-toxic, the PET bottle is right at home from the countertop, to the dinner table, to your on-the-go tote bag.

#3 ConLess bubbles

Aarke's drink was the least fizzy of all the models tested, going completely flat after only a few hours.

The Aarke does its job, but it takes at least 3 extra passes to produce the optimum amount of air bubbles.

#4 ConThe consistency of the bubbles is less than perfect

With the DrinkMate and SodaStream there is a continuous release of gas into the water almost every time you operate them. But when using Aarke, sometimes it releases a small amount of air bubbles, and other times it releases a large amount of air bubbles.

#5 ConAlmost ridiculously expensive.

The Aarke Carbonator III is available on Amazon and comes with one CO2 cylinder for $300CAD/$260USD, or you can purchase the device by itself on the company’s website.

In terms of pure aesthetics, Aarke is the definitive winner. But it's hard to ignore the fact that Aarke's machine costs about $90 more (SodaStreams come with CO2 bottles, Aarke doesn't) compared to other popular brands.

Final conclusion

Drinkmate’s OmniFizz is a slim, lightweight, cordless soda maker, and I love being able to manually control the fizz of the water. This soda maker is very simple and easy to set up and I can use Drinkmate's OmniFizz to carbonate a variety of drinks including juice, wine. It's versatile and requires no plugging in.

The result is a sparkling water that is very refreshing, has just the right amount of carbonation, is strong but not aggressive, and has lots of tiny bubbles distributed throughout.

$110.99 FROM Drinkmate 


$110.99 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back

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