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Aarke Carbonator 3 vs. Pro: Differences and Reviews 2024

Aarke Carbonator 3 vs. Pro: Differences and Reviews 2024

    • As with continuous soda fountains, a home carbonator can save you money. It also means you'll always have soda on hand and won't have to lug heavy cans home from the store or dump them out on the street for recycling. SodaStream is the most popular manufacturer, with three to four mostly plastic models available. SodaStreams works well, but doesn't look particularly good. Recently, a carbonator with a friendlier design has entered the market, the Aarke.

Which are the best home carbonators?

If you consider yourself a soda drinker who regularly uses expensive cans and bottles, then it might be time to invest in a good old-fashioned soda machine!

Not only can you save a lot of money, you can also reduce the use of plastic bottles and save the environment.

Aarke is the most popular carbonator brand on social platforms TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Due to its high-end design and excellent quality, I think you can choose between the following two carbonators:

  • Aarke Carbonator 3

  • Aarke Carbonator Pro

But which one to choose?

Aarke Carbonator 3 vs. Pro: How are they different?

In order to help you choose more comprehensively, we have made this comparison table:

Carbonator 3Carbonator Pro


FunctionSparkling Water MakerSparkling Water Maker
Bottle TypePET Plastic w/ Steel BaseGlass
Bottle Capacity800ml (to fill line)800ml (to fill line)
Bottle WashingHand WashDishwasher Safe
Custom CarbonationYes - Choose from 3 levels of carbonationYes - Choose from 3 levels of carbonation
Requires PowerNoNo
CO2 Cylinder TypeStandard 60L Screw-in CylindersStandard 60L Screw-in Cylinders
Bottle PlacementScrew InPlace In
Dimensions5.9" Width x 16.1" Height6.7" Width x 20" Height
Included Bottles11

Editor's review: Aarke Carbonator 3 vs. Pro: Which one is best?

My number one choice is Aarke Carbonator 3!

The Aarke Carbonator III is a compact and slim stainless steel carbonator that is sure to impress with its elegant appearance.

Comparisons and honest reviews of the best carbonators

#1. Design

As with any kitchen appliance that may find a permanent home on your countertop, it's important to have a beautiful design. And Aarke is the most fashionable and high-end carbonator brand we have ever seen.

If you dream of sitting in a retro soda shop, look no further than the Aarke Carbonator III.

Made from stainless steel, this metallic soda maker exudes luxury on your kitchen countertop.

In addition to the stainless steel option, the Aarke Carbonator II is also available in brass, white, matte black, chrome black and copper – popular colors for modern kitchens. This variety of finishes is unique compared to other soda makers.

In fact, the entire exterior of the Aarke carbonator is made of metal. This is not only for style, but also makes the machine more durable. Because the process of carbonating water involves a lot of pressure, metal materials may be able to withstand more wear and tear than plastic materials.

Since the Aarke Carbonator 3 has a more old-school design, we can assume that the Carbonator Pro has a more modern design.

The Aarke Carbonator 3 is one of the slimmest soda machines on the market. The Carbonator Pro is slightly larger and has a sliding cover on the front that encloses the glass bottle for safety, making it slightly bigger.

The Carbonator Pro boasts a sleek, elegant, and modern look that’s available in both silver stainless steel, sand and matte black. 

Aarke Carbonator 3Aarke Carbonator Pro

#2. Size

Measuring 51cm high and 17cm wide, the Carbonator Pro will stand out on most countertops, and while it may not be significantly larger than many other carbonators on the market, it still feels imposing for its size.

It weighs over 8 pounds, so it’s a bit heavy to move. This means that if you invest in this machine, you'll likely have to leave it permanently on your countertop instead of making the effort to store it away when not in use.  If you have a wet bar, though, this will become the star of your countertop.

The dimensions of the Aarke Carbonator 3 are 15cm wide, 41cm high and 26cm deep, which is quite slim. At just 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg), it's light enough to move from room to room, or from the counter to the bar when entertaining guests.

Aarke Carbonator 3Aarke Carbonator Pro


#3. Bottles

The Carbonator 3 comes with a high-quality food grade BPA-free PET plastic bottle.

The main focus of the Aarke Carbonator Pro is its eco-friendly star: the glass bottle.

Whether you care about the environment or your health, reducing plastic in any way is always beneficial.

So fans will be happy to know that this product comes with a high-quality glass bottle that holds 27 ounces of water and can be thrown into the dishwasher without hesitation.

Aarke Carbonator 3Aarke Carbonator Pro


#4. Easy to set-up

All Aarke carbonators can run unplugged, which sets them apart from some of Sodastream's soda makers, so you can save resources, too.

The Aarke carbonator comes with a high-quality manual that contains plenty of clear instructions and illustrations on how to set up, use and maintain the machine.

The Aarke Carbonator III comes fully assembled, all you need to do is install the pressurized CO2 cylinder.

The base of the Aarke Carbonator 3 requires a drip tray to be inserted, but the bottle doesn't rest on the drip tray while you're carbonating. I didn't experience any drips while testing, but the best part is that any accidental spills are caught instead of spilling onto the counter.

Simply fill the bottle with water and screw the bottle onto the machine. Once the bottle is secured, pull the lever down for a few seconds to inject gas into the water.

Additionally, this version features a pressure release valve that emits a quieter, less irritating sound to signal when the water is carbonated. 

This carbonator is also designed with a commitment to reducing plastic waste, as the precision nozzle is made from a single piece of stainless steel. 

The benefit is that this polished steel nozzle delivers a calm and controlled stream of gas into the water, absorbing carbon dioxide from the water more efficiently and creating the perfect bubble size.

Aarke Carbonator 3Aarke Carbonator Pro


#5. Easy to use

Setting up the Carbonator Pro is easy. It comes with a pretty hefty user manual. So even if you can't figure out how it works, these instructions will help you.

Place the carbonator on its side on a towel or cloth, slide the cylinder into the bottom and screw it into place. Once everything is set up, fill the glass bottle to the indented filling line (measuring 24 ounces), place the bottle on the base of the machine, and press the cover until you hear a click.

Next, you can start carbonating by pressing the button until you hear a buzzing sound.

One buzz will produce a little fizz, two buzzes will produce a medium fizz, and three buzzes will produce a super fizz. (I found that pressing the button twice was the best option for drinking immediately, and pressing the button three times was the best option when I wanted to save some water for later use. After three presses, the water was still a little bubbly even after leaving it in the refrigerator overnight.)

After that, push the pressure release lever halfway down and you will hear it release. Finally, press the release handle fully to lift the cover.

Remove the bottle and you have perfect sparkling water that's as good as, if not better than, any store brand water I've tried.

One slightly annoying detail about the Carbonator Pro is the residual water often found in the machine after carbonation, which also requires extra time to clean up.

Aarke Carbonator 3Aarke Carbonator Pro


#6. carbonation

The Carbonator 3 and Pro produce about the same amount of carbonation, they have more bubbles and last longer. But the bubbles of Pro are slightly smaller than those of 3, making it easier to swallow.

Big fans of regular soda also sometimes crave the bubbly flavor. To add a little pizzazz, you can use Aarke's own brand of flavorings and mixes, which are sugar-free and made from natural ingredients. But they are too expensive at $13.50 each.

#7. price

At $229 for the Aarke Carbonator 3 and $349 for the Aarke Carbonator Pro, they are among the most expensive countertop carbonation units on the market today.

The Carbonator Pro is $120 more expensive than the Carbonator 3 and doesn’t have many new features except for the design of the glass bottle and button operation.

Compared to the more affordable SodaStream, whose machines range in price from $90 to $190, the Carbonator Pro's $349 price tag becomes even more daunting.

Still, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. The Carbonator Pro is a top-of-the-line device that has the best looks and the toughest build quality. It's also worth considering that the included glass bottle and renewable CO2 cylinder are more environmentally friendly than some competitors.

#8. Gas cylinders

The machine utilizes carbon dioxide canisters for carbonation. Unfortunately, the base price does not include a canister, but this machine is compatible with most carbon dioxide cylinders for sparkling water makers.

Both Carbonators are compatible with standardized 60 liters/425g CO2 cylinders and gas canisters available from most major brands. The CO2 cylinder is easily installed by gently pushing and screwing it into the base of the machines.

Aarke is engineered to work with SodaStream's CO2 bottles. That's a good thing since SodaStream has a robust exchange program. Your first canister will cost $30, but mail back the empty canister or return it at Staples or another partnering retailer and you'll get a replacement for only $15. 

Final verdict: Which carbonator is the best?

My number one choice is Aarke Carbonator 3!

The Aarke Carbonator III is a compact and slim stainless steel carbonator that is sure to impress with its elegant appearance.

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