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Where To Buy Tissot Watches The Cheapest In 2024? (Cheapest Country & Place, Discount, VAT Rate & Tax Refund)

Where To Buy Tissot Watches The Cheapest In 2024? (Cheapest Country & Place, Discount, VAT Rate & Tax Refund)

    Tissot has been the brand of choice for famous wearers like Elvis Presley, Nelson Mandela, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Tissot watches are known universally for their precision and quality with a long and imposing history dating back to 1853. Ranging from intricate to classic, each watch has a distinctive style and is made from high-quality materials. This Swiss manufacturer provides affordable timepieces that are reliable as well as stylish. So, where can you buy Tissot watches the cheapest? Is Tissot cheaper in Europe or USA? How to buy Tissot Watches duty free in Europe? In this guide, I will help you to find the best country and place to buy cheapTissot watches!



The Best & Cheapest Country to Buy Tissot Watches 2024

The prices of IWC watches vary between countries, because of the currency exchange rate, current prices, VAT, taxes and other factors that play a role in how much the luxury watch cost. 

Let's look at the Bottega Veneta cost comparison between the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan,  Singapore, and China. In this comparison, I will calculate the price difference with the currency exchange, sales tax and the VAT Refund amount. 

For example, we will look at the price of TISSOT PRX POWERMATIC 80 STEEL & 18K GOLD BEZEL

(T931.407.41.291.00) at different countries. Thanks to Tissot's expertise and craftsmanship, gold timepieces have unmatched longevity, generation after generation. The Powermatic 80 movement boasts 80 hours of power reserve, which is enough to continue telling time accurately even if the watch is not worn for three days.

Pricing and exchange rates are as of September 28. 2024.

Country & RegionLocal PriceUSD Equivalent PriceGeneral VAT Rates

United States


$1,850 (tax included)

0%-9.55%(Sales Tax-different states vary)

United Kingdom




Swiden21495 kr$1905.5525%
AustraliaAU$2950$1910.08Goods and services tax: 10%




Combined federal and provincial/territorial sales taxes range from 5% to 15%.




There is no VAT or sales tax in Hong Kong




13, 9, or 6% depending on the types of goods and services
Taiwan (China)NT$64100$2012.975%
SingaporeSG$2700$1875.74Goods and services tax: 7%




The rate of GST varies from 5% to 28% depending upon the category of goods and services, the general rate of tax being 18%.


  • What is VAT?

While over 160 countries use a value-added tax, it is most common in the European Union. It can be labelled VAT, TVA, IVA, moms, MwST, and a few others depending on each country.

  • What is VAT refund?

European countries let foreign (non-EU) travelers claim a so-called VAT-refund on eligible purchases. VAT translates as “value added tax”. VAT charge in Europe fluctuates anywhere between 7 and 25 percent and is already included in the market price of an item, unlike in the U.S., where tax is an extra amount charged at checkout.


As you can see from the table above and the chart: If you are going to purchase the Tissot watche,  the cheapset place is in Europe (especial Swiden, Switzerland, Ireland, Finland). Because you can get higher VAT-refunds and cheaper prices on luxury in Europe. 

The most expensive country to buy Tissot watches is China. When European luxury goods are shipped for sale overseas, they typically incur import/duty taxes and higher transportation costs. These extra costs result into higher retail prices abroad.

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How to buy Tissot Watches duty free in Europe?

1) Eligibility for VAT refunds

  • To qualify for a VAT refund, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old;

  • Be a resident of a non-EU country at the time of purchase;

  • Have been in EU for less than six months;

  • The VAT rules in Europe differ from country to country.

For example, to be eligible for a VAT refund in France, you must spend a minimum of 175.01 Euros at one store. In France, the VAT refund rate is usually 12% if processed in-store via a refund agency or 20% if processed by the shopper. To receive a VAT refund in Italy, a foreign shopper must spend at least 155 Euros at one store. Then, the refund rate is 22 percent if processed by the shopper. In Germany, to qualify for a VAT refund, the total on one receipt must be 25 Euros or more. The refund rate in Germany is 19 percent if you choose to process it by yourself. The Brexit transition period ends on December 31st 2020 and it is when the VAT RES is to be abolished. Thus, from January 1st 2021 foreign travelers are no longer able to reclaim the VAT in the UK.

  • At the time of purchase, you must be able to produce evidence of the above, such as a passport or, as an exception, an original, valid identification card if you live in a non-EU country that is part of the Schengen Area (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein).

  • A stamp by the customs office at the point of departure from the EU definitively exempts the seller from collecting VAT. It is up to the seller to reimburse the VAT paid on the basis of the customs validation.


Is Tissot a good Swiss watch brand?

Yes. Tissot watches are high-end, Swiss-made timepieces backed by quality and 160+ years of innovation. Tissot has an impressive collection of dynamic sports watches, bold diver's models, elegant dress watches, sporty chronographs, and the brand even created the world's first touch-screen, solar powered timepiece.

Is Tissot an entry level luxury watch?

The Tissot Classic watches offer an affordable way to get a classic dress watch. With a focus on offering an array of designs and price points, Tissot is a major player in the entry-level Swiss watch game that any new or veteran enthusiast should know.

The Classic Dream is Tissot's entry-level dress watch. Coming in at under $300 for the quartz model, it also offers one of the lowest entry points into a Swiss-made automatic movement.

Does Tissot hold value?

Tissot watches are definitely worth buying. Tissot offers a wide range of high-quality watches that you will love to wear and will last you a lifetime. 

But, the value for watches from common Swatch Group brands such as Tissot or Longines will not likely increase in value. In today's market rarity is really helps up the value for potential investment-grade watches.

TISSOT VS. SEIKO: which is better?

Both watch companies are known for creating high-quality, precision-performance timepieces. However, they feature completely different styles. Tissot, with its heritage in Swiss-made watches, is the clear choice for any buyer with their heart set on a Swiss watch. Some of their key differences are:

  • Luxury aesthetic: Tissot focuses on clean lines, luxury materials, and a distinctive look. Depending on the specific model, you can find stainless steel, rich leather, and more. The aesthetic is distinctly “classic luxury.” Seiko watches tend to be sportier and bulkier, with some lines featuring nylon bands, making this brand ideal for everyday wear. 

  • Functionality:  Both companies offer top-tier functions and options, scratch resistance, and water resistance. Tissot’s investment into touch-control sapphire technology has made its watches more versatile without cluttering the look and feel of the watch.

  • Power reserves:  Both watch companies use automatic winding for many of their watches. However, the Tissot outperforms. The Tissot Seastar automatic winding watch ensures the watch has 80 hours of reserved power. But the comparable Seiko model, the Seiko Prospex, reserves 41 hours. While both offer excellent reserves, Tissot is the better choice with nearly twice the duration.

Where is the best place to buy a Tissot?

Tissot watches are Swiss-made luxury timepieces, and like any premium product that is desirable to own, Tissot watches can be subject to unscrupulous counterfeiters. It is important that you only ever purchase a new Tissot watch from a boutique or authorized retailer.

 Additionally, if you are shopping on the secondary market, beware of‘too-good-to-be-true' prices and sketchy dealers that do not offer warranties or return windows.


The Best Place to Buy Tissot Watches Online

1. Watch Shop

WatchShop's history dates right back to 1991, when Sham Naib founded the jewellery retailer SDK Jewellers in the town which is still WatchShop's home, Reading in Berkshire. When Sham's son, Kishore Naib, joined the business in 2007, he established the website 

The Naib family proudly sold the business in 2014, and they have since grown into the biggest independent watch retailer in the UK. Stocking over 150 top brands. You can find Tissot PRX, Tissot Sport, Tissot Classic here.


Tissot Prices: $221 - $1053

Tissot Coupon or Discount: 

-Free on orders + free return.

-Give your friends 30% off when they place their first order. And you'll get a £10 gift card.

-Student get 30% off.

Extrabux Cash Back: up to 4-5% Extrabux cash back

2. The Watch Hut

The Watch Hut is an established retailer of renowned Luxury, Fashion & Classic Watch Brands.Established in 2005, their team have worked tirelessly over many years to curate a truly global range of Watches that are personally selected to both meet & exceed your ongoing needs & aspirations. You can find the best price and the best service here. 


Tissot Prices: $194 - $1480

Tissot Coupon or Discount: 

-Free UK next day delivery over £60.

-£100 OFF £400 with code: SAVE100; £125  OFF £500 with code SAVE125; £250 OFF £1000 with code  SAVE250.

Extrabux Cash Back: up to 5-6% Extrabux cash back

3. Jomashop

Jomashop is a leading fashion retailer in watches, handbags, and sunglasses. They also sell jewelry, crystal, fine writing instruments, apparel, and shoes. Their customer service specialists are always ready to assist, and their state of the art New York City fulfillment center is always capable of swiftly delivering products to over 150 countries. Jomashop's offering of men's and women's Tissot watches includes silver-tone luxury watches alongside rugged carbon fiber models. You can buy new and pre-own Tissot watches there. 


Tissot Prices: $97-$1999

Coupon or Discount: 

-Free Shipping with code FASTSHIP

-Spin to get up to $20 off.

-Up to 80% off select Tissot watches.

Extrabux Cash Back: 0.8-1% cashback

4. Mayors

In 1910, Mayors opened its first doors to connoisseurs of fine jewelry and elegant timepieces. Offering an unparalleled selection with first-class service, the humble jeweler quickly became renowned as the destination for quality and craftsmanship. Today, Mayors has 14 stores across Florida and Georgia showcasing iconic brands from around the world.

Explore Tissot's diverse range of exceptional watches, all available to purchase at Mayors -Tissot PRX, GENTLEMAN, T-RACE, CHRONO XL, SEASTAR, CARSON.


 Prices: $250-$1950

Coupon or Discount: 

-Free shipping on your order.

-SIGN UP AND GET $100 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER (Minimum spend $1000)

Extrabux Cash Back: 4-5% Extrabux cash back

5. is the online luxury watch store that you have been looking for. Have you been thinking of purchasing a Cartier, Rolex, Omega, Tissot or Seiko? Whether it will be your very first luxury watch or you're adding to your elite collection - they offer 100% authentic luxury watches at unbelievably discounted rates. Each brand new watch comes with their in-house warranty.

You can from classic men's watches such as the Tissot T-Classic and Tissot Heritage to ladies' favorites including the Tissot T-Lady collection here.


Watches Prices: $149-$1851

Coupon or Discount:

-Sign up to get $15 off your order.

- Up to 56% off select Tissot Watches.

- Free shipping on US orders.

Extrabux Cash Back: $16 - $20 Extrabux cash back

6. Nordstrom Rack

 Nordstrom Rack is the off-price division of Nordstrom, Inc. - an American luxury department store chain, and they've been serving up sweet deals to customers since 1973. At Nordstrom Rack, you can always find the brands you love up to 70% off. They make it easy to shop your way: in store, online and through the Nordstrom Rack app.


Tissot Prices: $145 - $1299

Coupon or Discount: 

- Free shpping on $89.

-Up to 60% off select Tissot watches.

Extrabux Cash Back: 1.5-2% Extrabux cash back

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