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Where To Buy Versace The Cheapest in 2024? (Cheapest Country & Place, Discount, Tax Refund)

Where To Buy Versace The Cheapest in 2024? (Cheapest Country & Place, Discount, Tax Refund)

    The Versace brand is one of the top Italian fashion houses in the fashion industry, and has remained a celebrity red carpet favorite in the decades since. Founded in 1978, it was instantly recognizable by its signature Medusa head and Greca motifs. Streamlined tailoring meets '90s nostalgia on statement-making ready-to-wear designs for men, women and kids. Gilded accessories with oversized logos and cult-favorite footwear form a distinctly contemporary vision of Italian luxury. Where to buy Versace cheapest? Is Versace cheapest in which country? Is Versace cheaper in Europe? How to get tax refund on Versace. In this guide, I will tell you the cheapest country to buy Versace and recommend you some cheapest place to buy new and second-hand Versace items online!


The Cheapest Country to Buy Versace 2024

The prices of Versace items vary between countries, because of the currency exchange rate, current prices, VAT, taxes and other factors that play a role in how much the luxury watch cost. Let's look at the Versace cost comparison between the US, Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, HK. In this comparison, I will calculate the price difference with the currency exchange, sales tax and the VAT Refund amount. 

For example, we will look at the price of Versace Greca Goddnss Shoulder Bag. Versace Greca Goddess bag is a must-have for girls. Harnessing Versace's reverence for myth and culture, the Greca Goddess line is characterised by the central Greca chain hardware and detachable chain strap. Crafted in Italy from smooth leather, it features a spacious interior with an additional slip compartment. Pricing and exchange rates are as of December 29. 2024.

Country & RegionLocal PriceUSD Equivalent PriceGeneral VAT Rates

United States



0%-9.55%(Sales Tax-different states vary)

United Kingdom







SwitzerlandCHF 2420$2620.407.7%






Consumption tax: 10%

AustraliaAU$4080$2761.81Goods and services tax: 10%




Combined federal and provincial/territorial sales taxes range from 5% to 15%.
China¥21,300$3067.0913, 9, or 6% depending on the types of goods and services.




There is no VAT or sales tax in Hong Kong

SingaporeS$4080$3035.26Goods and services tax: 7%

  • What is VAT?

The value-added tax (VAT) along with the goods and services tax (GST) is a consumption tax, which means it is paid by the private consumer. It is not a revenue tax. While over 160 countries use a value-added tax, it is most common in the European Union. It can be labelled VAT, TVA, IVA, moms, MwST, and a few others depending on each country.

  • What is VAT refund?

European countries let foreign (non-EU) travelers claim a so-called VAT-refund on eligible purchases. VAT translates as “value added tax”. VAT charge in Europe fluctuates anywhere between 7-25% and is already included in the market price of an item, unlike in the U.S., where tax is an extra amount charged at checkout.


As you can see from the chart above: if you are going to buy a Versace bag, the cheapset country is in Europe(especial Ireland, Finland, Spain, Italy). The two main reasons for why people choose to shop for luxury in Europe are VAT-refunds and cheaper prices

The most expensive country to buy Versace is China. When European luxury goods are shipped for sale overseas, they typically incur import/duty taxes and higher transportation costs. These extra costs result into higher retail prices abroad.


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Eligibility for a VAT refund in Europe

The conditions will vary a bit depending on the country and the store, but normally you have to meet the following (in France):

  • Spend at least €100 in the same store and on the same day;

  • Come from a country outside the EU;

  • Be 16 or older;

  • Stay in Europe for 6 months maximum;

  • Have your passport with you when you're shopping;

  • You will then benefit from of a 12% refund on the price of each product.

Where and when can you get a VAT refund?

In European countries, most downtown department stores, large shopping centers, brand stores, factory stores, specialty stores, etc. can get tax refunds, and you must look for the "VAT Refund" and "Tax Refund" signs. 

Within 3 months before leaving the country, tax rebates can be obtained for clothing, cosmetics, luggage, electronic products, handicrafts and other items that can be carried out of the country purchased in these places.

Get tax-free and tax-refund Versace items in USA

When shopping in the United States, the listed price of the merchant does not include sales tax (Sales Tax), which will only be calculated at the time of Checkout. Different states in the United States have different laws, and each state has a different sales tax. 

  • States with no sales tax

 There are five states with no state sales tax at all: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.You can visit those states and check if the official store has the Coach item you desire.

  • States with tax refund

There are two states that have a tax refund program for tourists, they're Louisana and Texas. You can claim the sales tax back after shopping. There are rules of course and processes that you need to go follow. 


Duty-free airport shopping,Is it worth it?

Duty-free airport shopping can vary depending on where in the world you are and where you're headed. Making savvy duty-free purchases can save you money if you purchase the right products in the right airports.

Shopping designer bags at Airports are usually the cheapest. It's far better than shopping at the retail stores in the cities. However, shopping at Airports has pro's and con's of course.


It's faster, because you don't need to process tax-refund.

It's cheaper, because there are no extra costs involved.

it's convenient, because you are already flying back home.


The stock at airports can be limited.

You need more time to shop and find the boutique.

You might not find what you want.

What is Versace brand known for?

Versace became internationally renowned for ultra-glamorous creations as well as spectacular theatrical costumes and innovative menswear design. Versace's style combined luxurious classicism with overt sexuality.

It designs, manufactures, distributes and retails fashion and lifestyle products including haute couture, prèt-à-porter, accessories, jewellery, watches, eyewear, fragrances, and home furnishings all bearing the distinctive Medusa logo. Gianni Versace chose Medusa as the logo because she made people fall in love with her and they had no way back.

Why is Versace so expensive?

Versace is considered a valuable brand because it stands out for desirability, power, status, and prestige. The Italian fashion house is expensive because it's a luxury brand, provides exclusivity and status, has a loyal customer base, uses the best materials and craftsmanship, and celebrities love it. Versace can offer its consumers all these qualities, and that's why you pay more for its products.

Is Versace cheaper in Paris?

The short answer is yes, luxury brands are cheaper in Paris. Luxury brands that are cheaper in Paris and France include Hermès, Givenchy, Christian Louboutin, Lancôme, Guerlain, Longchamp, Celine, Diptyque, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Balenciaga, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Loewe, Valentino and Moncler.


The Cheapest Place to Buy Versace Online

1. is a top online luxury fashion destination with 5 million visitors per month with worldwide shipping. Its headquarters and stores are in Florence, Italy. LuisaViaRoma is known all over the world for its curated selection of over 600 luxury brands, including both iconic brands and emerging talents. 

With collections of clothing and accessories for men, women and kids, designer home items and beauty products, the company is a leader in the new fashion landscape. You can buy Versace trending items at the moment include timeless clothing, shoes, bags, belts, jewlries at


Versace Prices: $35 -$ 8725

Coupon or Discount: 

-Import fees included.

-40% off full-priced items. Code HL40 (Time limited)

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GIGLIO.COM was established in 1996, right at the beginning of the e-commerce era, becoming the first Italian online fashion store. Today GIGLIO.COM is a global independent fashion destination devoted to style, committed to offering its customers a truly superb experience. With more than 500 luxury fashion brands for women, men, and kids, they reach clients in over 150 countries.  You can find discounted Versace items here.


Versace Prices: $48 -$3790

Coupon or Discount: 

-Up to 50% off selected Versace items.

-Free shipping on orders over $501.20.

Extrabux Cash Back:  5.5-7% cashback


Saks Fifth Avenue is the premier destination for luxury fashion, driven by a mission to help customers express themselves through relevant and inspiring style. Since inception in 1924, they have delivered one-of-a-kind shopping experiences, featuring an expertly curated assortment of fashion and highly personalized customer service. You can buy Versace clothing, bags, accessories, beauty items here.


Versace Prices: $ -$ 

Coupon or Discount: 

-Get $50 Off Every $250 You Spend. Use Code WINTERSF(December 28 through Friday, December 30)

-Free shipping & free return.

-Enter for a Chance to Win a $1,500 Gift Card.

Extrabux Cash Back: 1.5-2% cash back


Nordstrom Rack is the off-price division of Nordstrom, Inc. - an American luxury department store chain, and they've been serving up sweet deals to customers since 1973. At Nordstrom Rack, you can always find the brands you love up to 70% off. They make it easy to shop your way: in store, online and through the Nordstrom Rack app. You can get discounted Versace bags, shoses, watches,perfume, glasses here.


Versace Prices: $24.93 -$1401

Coupon or Discount: 

- Free shpping on $89.

-Up to 60% off selected Versace items.

Extrabux Cash Back: 1.5-2% Extrabux cash back

5. Shop Premium Outlets

The Shop Premium Outlets (SPO) marketplace brings the Simon Premium Outlets experience online to connect you to the brands you love in a convenient way. Now you can shop from the world's finest outlet shopping malls from home where you can enjoy guaranteed quality and authenticity on sale, clearance, and outlet styles. Save up to 90% every day on clothing and accessories, handbags and shoes, home and kitchen, and more in one place.


Versace Prices: $14 -$2319

Coupon or Discount: 

-Free Shipping & Returns in US.

-Up to 73% off selected Versace items.

Extrabux Cash Back: 3-4% cash back

6. Vestiairecollective

Founded in Paris in 2009, Vestiaire Collective is a social commerce platform that enables people to buy and sell luxury, pre-owned fashion products. Join the global fashion activist community and discover thousands of carefully curated new bags, sneakers, shoes, watches, and more. Sustainable fashion shopping has never been easier.

They add over 3,000 pieces to their marketplace every week. From LV to Gucci, Fendi to Prada, Vestiaire Collective has an unrivaled selection of vintage and designer clothing for your sustainable fashion shopping.


Versace Prices: $30 -$2995 

Coupon or Discount: 

-Enjoy NO Selling Fee on your first listing up to $1,000 and shop $30 off your first order $150+ (code: WELCOMEUS)

Extrabux Cash Back: Up to $20 Extrabux cash back

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