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MCM Backpack Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Tell if MCM Bag is Real?

MCM Backpack Real vs Fake Guide 2024: How to Tell if MCM Bag is Real?

    • There are a lot of backpacks in the high fashion world nowadays and each designer brand has their own style. However, it’s worth noting that there is one particular backpack that’s quite popular today, and especially in Asia - It’s the MCM Backpack, which represent both luxury and sophistication in the world of stylish accessories. However, as the MCM Backpack's  popularity grows, so does the presence of counterfeit versions. So how do you tell if a MCM bag is real or fake? How do you know if your MCM backpack is real? How to find the MCM Serial Number? How do you authenticate original MCM backpack? What's the difference between a real and fake MCM backpack? How to spot fake MCM backpack quickly? Read on and below we will help you identify a real MCM backpack, ensuring that you don’t hand over your hard-earned money for a fake model.

How About MCM Backpack?

MCM Worldwide is a luxury designer brand founded in 1976 in Munich, Germany, by Michael Cromer. MCM gained popularity for its iconic Cognac Visetos pattern, a symbol of the brand and symbolic of the global jet-setter lifestyle during the 1980s.The brand’s luxury backpacks, bags, and accessories have been particularly popular among celebrities and fashion-conscious consumers.

Besides the backpack trend, the brand’s heritage logo, the signature MCM pattern, appealed to both 90s kids for their nostalgia and to Gen Z-ers for being less conspicuous than, say, logos from Louis Vuitton or Gucci. Thus, it keeps logo love alive while still being sufficiently under the radar to most people.


MCM offers well-made, functional, and chic backpacks in many sizes to accommodate your worldly needs while taking on the wrath of the elements with considerable stoicism.

Perfect for:

MCM backpacks are perfect for every occasion. No matter you’re going on travel or not. You can easily wear these backpacks for your shopping day, outing, studies while going on a beach or attending any party.

MCM Backpack Sizes

MCM have included the unique option of choosing various sizes for the same style, giving a slight edge on the majority of the competition. Available in X-Mini, Mini, Small, Medium and Large. 







7.8 in

21.1cm x 17.5cm



10.5 in

25.9cm x 21.6cm



12.5 in

33cm x 25.4cm



14.5 in

38.1cm x 30cm



16 in

42.4cm x 35.5cm

MCM Backpacks Price

MCM bags are expensive, like most other popular designer brand bags. Depending on the kind of bag you’re purchasing, you’ll end up paying anywhere from $625 to $1000 or more for a single backpack.

MCM Mini Stark Backpack

 $670 USD, €625 euro, £621 GBP, $1094 SGD, $5994 HKD

MCM Small Stark Backpack

$866 USD, €650 euro, £646 GBP, $1137 SGD, $6234 HKD

MCM Medium Stark Backpack

$1045 USD, €750 euro, £595 GBP, 1263 SGD, $7000 HKD

Where to Buy MCM Backpacks?

(1)New MCM  Backpacks

For authentic MCM  Backpacks, consider visiting one of their global boutiques or shop directly from their official website, MCM Worldwide (up to 2% cashback). This ensures you’re purchasing genuine products straight from the source.

You can also purchase real MCM  Backpacks from online stores that sell authentic designer bags. These sites include:

These retailers have good reputations and offer a wide selection of MCM bags.

(2)Second-hand MCM Backpacks

Finally, you can buy second-hand MCM Backpacks from other online marketplaces such as:

But there websites are generally less trustworthy than other options.

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How to Spot Real MCM Backpack?

1.Inspect the Size and Shape of MCM Backpack

  • You can easily compare the shape and size of your MCM bag with that on the MCM website. If the dimensions aren't the same, then chances are you have a fake MCM bag instead of a real one.

  • Also, a genuine MCM backpack, made with top-notch materials, won't collapse when you stand it up. Just put it on a flat surface without any support  to see if it can hold up on its own.


2.Pay Attention to the Materials of MCM Backpack

  • MCM worldwide uses luxurious and high-quality canvas and leather. When you look at the bag, it will look as if it has been made from one piece. And by the feel of it, the bag will be soft, smooth, and supple. Due to the high quality of materials, real MCM handbags feels luxurious.

  • On the other hand, looking at a fake one, the bag will be stiffer and have a plastic look to it, and the outer pockets are always the giveaways because you can see and smell glue on them. 

  • A simple yet effective test is the smell check. Real MCM leather carries a natural scent, reminiscent of pure leather or, for vintage models, that classic vintage leather aroma. On the flip side, counterfeit MCM bags might give off a noticeable plastic, chemical, or glue smell, signaling the use of lower-quality materials.


3.Cheack the Logo & Logo Plate on MCM Backpack

An MCM logo is very easy to notice at first glance, but there are many details that counterfeit bags often don’t get right. You can use these inconsistencies to determine whether the bag is fake.

(1)MCM Font Issues

If the letters MCM aren't the expected font or font size, it is a fake bag. If the letters are too thick or too thin, the bag isn't an authentic MCM bag.

(2)Logo Pattern and Print Quality

The print quality for the leather or fabric should be consistent. The logo should be clear and distinct. Any oddities will indicate a counterfeit bag.

(3)The Number of Bay Leaves in Wreath

You want to count the individual bay leaves on the wreath. You should find nine leaves on the left side and eight leaves on the right side. Any deviation from this means you have a fake MCM bag instead of a real one. Underneath the wreath and ribbon is the word, MUNCHEN. If this is missing, you have a fake MCM bag.


4.Check the Stitching and Lining of MCM Backpack

  • Real  MCM backpacks have neat and even seams with a consistent pattern, showcasing precise craftsmanship. On the other hand, fake MCM backpacks may display stitching issues like frayed or crooked seams, especially at the corners.

  • A consistent distance between the seams and the bag's edges is a sign of authenticity. It's crucial to pay attention to these stitching details during the authentication process. 

  • Examining the lining inside the bag also helps, with genuine MCM backpacks featuring quality materials and impeccable stitching.


5.Examine the Hardware and Accessories Used

Checking the authenticity of an MCM backpack includes looking at its hardware, a crucial part in telling real from fake. 

 (1)Logo plate

Focus on the screws holding the logo plate – real MCM screws are inserted, not star-shaped, and can be removed. If the screws are part of the logo plate, it's a clear sign of a fake MCM backpack.


  • Authentic: Thicker “MCM” text, and thinner screws.

  • Fake: “MCM” is too thin, and the bottom-left screw’s line is too thick.


Also, check the zippers; MCM uses sturdy ones often made by well-known brands like YKK. Consider the overall hardware quality, as genuine designer bags like MCM resist scratches, paint peeling, and have a solid weight.


  • Authentic: Thinner, longer stitches.

  • Fake: Thicker and shorter threads.


A key feature is the golden tint on MCM backpack hardware, a clear indicator of authenticity,so that should be a dead giveaway in itself, too.


  • Authentic: Less shiny and light-reflective metal.

  • Fake: Overly shiny metal.

6.Inspect the Strap of MCM Backpack

  • MCM backpack shoulder straps will have a slight inward curve for greater comfort. Fake MCM backpacks will usually have straight straps without any curvature.

  • On the other hand, the authentic MCM backpacks have thicker, more solid threads, And the fake MCM backpack"s stitching is too thin.


7.Cheack the Inner Tag of MCM Backpack

When MCM was sold to Sungjoo Group in 2005, a company tag was included inside the bags. One side features the MCM logo while the other side reads Made in Korea or Made in Italy. If this tag is missing on a bag manufactured between 2005 and present day, then it's a fake MCM bag.


  • Authentic: “MCM” is thinner.

  • Fake: “MCM” is way too thick.



  • Authentic: Thinner text.

  • Fake: Little bit thicker inscriptions.


8.The Studs of MCM Backpack

There are  little sharper studs on the sides and will have a more reflective area on some MCM Backpacks. 

  • Genuine studs on the MCM bag are partially matte. The square line in the middle of the diamond is also very regular. The studs on the surface have double stitches and are small spur pockets. Genuine studs are also a little convex and rough to the touch.

  • While the fake one has little darker studs, they will appear blind and won’t reflect as much. Also, the double stitching will be absent on the side.


9.The Signature Patterns of MCM Backpack

  • Identify the authenticity of the MCM backpack from the logo pattern on the outside of the bag. The logo in the middle should face up: the logo in the middle column of the bag should face up. The left logo is facing up: The left logo of the genuine bag in the middle column should also be facing up. The logo on the right side is facing down, and the logo on the right side of the genuine bag in the middle column should be reversed and facing down.

  • MCM Signature Visetos: One of the iconic patterns for MCM products is the use of their signature Visetos – which is made from high quality coated leather with a monogram printed pattern. 

  • The print quality for the leather or fabric should be consistent. The logo should be clear and distinct. The transitions between the monogram patterns should be uniform and seamless. Any oddities will indicate a counterfeit bag.


10.Where is the Serial Number on MCM Backpack?

  • The serial number can be found on each golden logo plate. The plate features rounded corners. Some bags may have a cobalt plate, depending on the bag color. if you’re getting a backpack, it must have these tags, as MCM started releasing them after they began adding tags to their apparel.

  • Genuine bags always have a clear, well-engraved serial number.Each plate features the MCM logo at the top center. The serial number is engraved underneath. The serial number on a vintage bag is a simple four-number series.

  • On the other hand, fake bags might have poorly done or missing serial numbers.If you are buying an MCM bag from a second-hand store or online, you can use the serial number to verify that the bag is authentic.


Tips: If you're unsure, double-check the serial number with MCM's official records to make sure your MCM backpack is authentic. If you are still unsure whether a backpack is authentic, you can contact MCM customer service for assistance. They can help you verify the authenticity of the bag.

11.The Authenticity Card, Care Instructions & Dust Bag of MCM Backpack

Authentic MCM backpacks come with important extras that confirm their genuineness. These include an authenticity card, care instructions, and a special dust bag with the MCM logo. 

  • The authenticity card, found in a black envelope with the MCM logo, contains details like the product number, assuring you of the backpack's authenticity.

  • The care instructions guide you on maintaining the bag's quality. The branded dust bag not only protects your backpack but also reflects MCM's attention to detail. Watch out for fake versions that might be missing these extras or show differences in design and quality.

  • A real MCM tote bag always comes with a dust bag - this is very plain in white and has a MCM logo as a print in black. Make sure that the logo is in the center and not smeared or ink stains anywhere.


12.Consider the Price of MCM Backpack

Knowing the usual cost of real MCM backpacks is vital to spot fake ones. Genuine MCM backpacks, recognized for their top-notch quality, usually range from $700 to $1,000, based on style and materials.

If the price seems surprisingly low, it might be a sign of a fake. Being careful about such deals is important, as it could mean you're getting a counterfeit product.

Tips:Choosing a genuine MCM backpack not only guarantees durability and quality but also maintains the brand's exclusivity and prestige.
If you want to kown how to spot a real MCM Tote bag, then you can learn from below real vs fake guide:



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