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Valentino Handbag Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Real?

Valentino Handbag Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Real?

    • Since showing at the 1979 Milan Fashion Week, Valentino bags has grown into a fashion powerhouse that is still incredibly relevant today.Valentino has many styles popular among fashion artists and celebrities and the exclusive craftsmanship, premium materials, and impeccable design enhance their desirability. However, Due to Valentino bags popularity and high price tag, they are a common target for counterfeiters willing to earn quick money. So how can you tell if your Valentino bag is real? Do all Valentino bags have a serial number? How to authenticate Valentino bags? Do Valentino bags come with authenticity cards? How to spot fake Valentino handbag?
    • Read on and in this guide, we'll look at the differences between the real and fake Valentino bags. Most of the differences seen in this post will apply to any style of Valentino bag that is being faked.


How About Valentino Handbags?

The Valentino Bag brand was established in 1952 by Italian designer Mario Valentino. Since its inception, the brand has been known for its feminine and glamorous designs. While they offer a range of accessories, Valentino's bags are particularly popular, with their elegant shapes and luxurious materials.

Valentino Bags are designed with the modern woman in mind. The bags are fashionable and functional, with plenty of space for all of your essentials. But what really sets Valentino Bags apart is their attention to detail. Each bag is crafted with care, using only the highest quality materials. The result is a handbag that is both stylish and long-lasting. Whether you're looking for an everyday carryall or a special occasion bag, Valentino Bags has something to suit your needs. 


The Valentino Glam Lock is an iconic style released by this brand, which has had various updates through the years. The leather construction features a streamlined look enhanced with studs, making an ideal bag for the day and evening.

The Vsling has a signature minimalist look, with a statement clasp that carries the "V" logo. The banded clutch is the same color as the leather construction, and these bags often have a monochrome look.

The Spike bag makes a bold statement with the tiny spikes and signature pattern. The iconic bag has a top handle to carry it in your hands and a shoulder strap.

Where to buy Valentino bags the cheapest?

The online market for designer handbags is booming and new  Valentino dealers are appearing everywhere.When looking for a new or second-hand  Valentino bag,it can therefore be quite difficult to find a trustworthy seller.Fortunately,there are now certified online shops,which can guarantee the authenticity of the Valentino bags.

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Tips for Valentino Bag Online Shopping:

  • If you're shopping online, research the seller or wrestling website you're buying from. Also, make sure that your price matches the market value of your chosen bag style. 

  • If purchasing a Valentino bag from individual sellers, check the product photos in the listing. There should be plenty of high-quality images to help you identify the key characteristics of a genuine bag.

Whether You spotted a brand new Valentino Rockstud bag or a pre-loved Garavani V logo bag, confirming its authenticity is essential. Some proven authentication methods are checking the bag style, materials, authentication label, hardware, logo, stitching, interior, price, and purchase sources.

How to Spot Real Valentino Bag?

1.The Overall Look of Valentino Bag

In Valentino bag authentication process, one crucial step is checking the overall design and construction. (1) You can tell this fake Valentino Garavani bag visibly struggles to stand on its own, appearing slouchy and misshapen. Unlike a genuine pre-loved bag that might display signs of wear but retains its design and house codes, the fake bag sets off alarms immediately.  

(2) The fake  Valentino bags have absence of proper proportions and key design features that align with Valentino Garavani house codes, along with incorrect leather in the wrong color.

(3) Loose construction along the edges is another significant red flag, as Valentino Garavani is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail. 


2. The Materials Quality of Valentino Bag

(1)Valentino uses high-quality leather to craft their bags. The texture can vary depending on the bag style, but you can recognize the key characteristics of genuine leather.

(2)You can recognize genuine leather by observing the pattern. Natural leather comes with tiny bumps that form the signature grain. The pattern varies through the bag, and you can spot creases and wrinkles.

(3)Fake leather feels stiff and sturdy to the touch. Also, it lacks the leathery smell, which can be replaced with an unpleasant chemical smell.

(4)The fake leather feels very smooth and has a consistent texture. You won't be able to spot any variations in the leather grain.


3.The Stitching of Valentino Bag

Valentino bags can fetch thousands of dollars, so poor quality in the smallest details like stitching are unacceptable. 

(2)The authentic Valentino bag instantly gives off a high-quality feel. When you look up the stitching closely, you notice the preciseness, with each stitch keeping the same position and size. The material is precisely cut at the seams, ensuring a pristine look typical for a big-name brand.

 (2)If you see loose threads, uneven stitches, or double stitches along the edges or around the logo, this is a sign of substandard craftsmanship from fake handbag manufacturers.  


4.The Inside & Flap of Valentino Bag

Open the bag and look at the flap on the interior side. We can see that there are Thicker and shorter stitches on authentic  Valentino Bag, but there are Thinner stitches and also too long on fake Bags.


5.The Engraving on Valentino Bag

While the counterfeiters tried hard to copy the logo, we can notice differences in the engraving quality.

(1) The zipper and flap in the authentic Valentino bag features the signature font of this brand. Also, the letters are thick and precisely engraved into the metal.

(2) When zooming in on the fake Valentino bag, we can notice poor engraving quality. The letters are thin and lack precision, indicating poor manufacturing practices typical for a counterfeit product.


6.The Zipper, Button & Closure of Valentino Bag

(1) We start by comparing the zipper shape in fake Valentino vs real. The pull has a nicely carved square shape with rounded edges in the original. On the contrary, we can't spot the same quality in the fake product. The square is smaller, and the edges look uneven, indicating poor equipment.

(2) Another critical difference is the zigzag cutting on the bottom of the pull. The pattern looks larger on the fake bag.

(3 Lastly, we should focus on the zipper color. The original has a beautiful golden color that looks very subtle. But we can't say the same for the fake one. The fake zipper has a glistening sheen and a yellowish color, indicating poor quality.


7.The Logo of Valentino Bag

  • Printed Logo

(1) In contrast to other Valentino bag models, the logo on Rockstud bags is always printed directly on the leather or on a separate leather flap. A glance at the color of the print can also give an indication of a fake product, as it should always match the colors of the rivet decoration. If the rivets are gold, the writing should be in gold, if they are silver, the writing should be in silver.

(2) In contrast to other Valentino bag models, the logo on Rockstud bags is always printed directly on the leather or on a separate leather flap. A glance at the color of the print can also give an indication of a fake product, as it should always match the colors of the rivet decoration. If the rivets are gold, the writing should be in gold, if they are silver, the writing should be in silver.


  • V Logo

Authentic: Thicker “V” symbol — also less reflective of light.

Fake: The logo is too thin and shiny.


8.The Tilting of Valentino Bag

Both Valentino bags are empty in the picture below so as to keep the comparison fair. This way, you cans ee how the fake bag angle too much to the left side, even when empty.

Authentic: Perfectly on the ground on both sides.

Fake: The bag tends tot angle to the left — hence, the right side is floating.


9.The Rivets of Valentino Bag

(1) The Valentino Rockstud style consists of studded metal attached to the bag. Each rivet should be pyramid-shaped and have equal distance from other rivets. The rivets should also be aligned with the stitching. So if the stitching forms a diamond quilting pattern on the bag, each rivet should sit perfectly on top of the intersecting stitches.

(2) All rivets must also be fully attached to the leather. If you find gaps underneath the rivets when you move the bag, this is a sign of poor craftsmanship that Valentino wouldn’t do.

(3)  While looking at the rivets, check for the quality of the metal. Valentino studs aren’t plated and do not tarnish. On the other hand, replicas can either look tarnished or have a cheap shine.


10.The Strap of Valentino Bag

For most bags, the strap is a chain. However, it’s also common seeing leather on authentic bags.

Authentic: Light color, reflecting any light landing on top of the chain.

Fake: The spikes are not as reflective of light a s they should be.


11.The Serial Number of Valentino Garavani Bag

(1) Valentino bags come with a serial number printed on a tag sewn onto the interior lining side seam. The serial number should match the one on the authenticity card. 

(2) The color of the label usually does not correspond to the other components of the bag, but often has a different color tone. Usually, these are either black, cream, or light brown.


An older Valentino serial number tag, credit Real Authentication


Newer Valentino bag serial tag, credit Real Authentication

12.The Authentication Card of Valentino Bag

Every Valentino bag sold by an official retailer or purchased through Valentino’s website has a special security or authenticity tag, as well as a separate authenticity card. 

(1)Authentic Valentino comes with authenticity tags and cards containing detailed product information such as model specification, serial number, and Made in Italy statement.

(2) The serial number on the authenticity card is also printed on an authentication tag inside the bag. You can find the label inside the pocket of your bag, sewn into the side seam.

(3) You can also check the product code and match it with Valentino’s online boutique to verify if it matches the handbag design.


13.The Valentino Bag Price and Purchase Sources

Anything that sounds too good to be true indicates a counterfeit bag. Valentino bags cost up to $5,000. Some styles are on the cheaper side, so be sure to check the price range for your chosen model.

Valentino’s handbags, wallets, and purses all vary in cost. You tend to see the price go up when the bag size gets bigger. 

For example, the Valentinos micro Loco bags cost around $1,490, while the small versions double in price at $3,250. Prices always vary according to the season and availability. 

That being said, Valentino offers luxury bags at a much lower cost than other competitors like Louis Vuitton.  Purchasing a bag from a Valentino store or licensed retailer is the best way to ensure you purchase genuine products.You can also find excellent resale prices with a little hunting on Vestiaire CollectiveThe RealReal or Fashionphile. However, you want to be careful when shopping from individual sellers.


1.What is the most popular Valentino product?

One of the most popular product lines from Valentino is the Valentino Garavani Rockstud. This line includes signature products with recognizable pyramid-shaped studs featured on bags, leather goods, and shoes.

2.Where is the serial number on a Valentino bag?

Valentino Garavani bags should have a serial number, usually located in the inside pocket. Read more about how to spot a fake Valentino bag.

3.Are Valentino bags good quality?

Yes, Valentino is well-known for producing good quality bags with detailed craftsmanship that last many years.

4.Do Valentino bags retain value?

It must be said that when compared to the likes of Hermes, Chanel and Dior, Valentino bags don’t hold as much resale value. However, the most recognizable bags, such as the VLogo, Rockstud, and Roman Stud, all speak classic Valentino and retain their value well.

5.Is Valentino a high-end luxury brand?

Valentino is a widely recognized luxury fashion brand. However, it is not as high end as the likes of Hermes and Chanel.

6.Are Valentino's bags the same as Valentino?

Valentino Garavani and Mario Valentino are separate brands. They differ in terms of style and design

Valentino Garavani (the brand) is the diffusion line under the umbrella of the Italian fashion house, which focuses on handbags, shoes, small leather goods and other accessories for women and men—whereas Valentino (without the Garavani part) is primarily clothing, ready-to-wear, and couture.

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