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6 Cheaper Alternatives to Lululemon for Men's 2024

6 Cheaper Alternatives to Lululemon for Men's 2024

    Lululemon has long been a staple for anyone looking for athletic clothing that’s functional, fits great, and lasts for years if taken care of properly. Everything from their sweats and shorts to tees and polos has ultimate comfort and breathability. I know a lot of men who love Lululemon just as much — or more than — women. However, the prices of Lululemon clothes for men's are quite steep compared to other brands. They’re also very popular, and sizes often sell out. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternatives that are just as comfortable, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I will recommend you 7 cheaper alternatives to Lululemon clothes for men's to help to dress well, comfortably, all while helping you save money. Check out now!


Lululemon Clothes for Men's Review

Price: pants ($39 - $218); shorts ($39 - $128); shirts ($29 - $98); Hoddies ($59 - $198)

Lululemon athletica inc. is a Canadian multinational athletic apparel retailer headquartered in British Columbia and incorporated in Delaware, United States. Lululemon offers high-quality, well-designed athletic wear with technical features tailored for various activities. When it comes to quality and performance, Lululemon apparel stands out from the crowd. The brand has gained a reputation for using versatile, technical fabrics that are specifically designed to enhance athletic performance. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or practicing yoga, Lululemon’s fabrics are engineered to provide the right amount of stretch, breathability, and support. This ensures that you can move freely and comfortably without any restrictions or discomfort. 

Lululemon has always been loved by men and women. You can buy men's athletic wear from pants to hoodies, shorts and shirts from Lululemon. Men love its ABC Pants most which got their name due to their revolutionary “anti-ball-crushing” gusset, which offers plenty of space and freedom of movement. They created a whole new category: dress pants that looked like dress pants, but didn’t feel like dress pants. No one would mistake them for the comfort of sweat pants but they weren’t as stiff and uncomfortable as other dress pants on the market. Consequently, you can wear them for just about any event or activity, and you'll remain comfortable and unconfined without compromising on style.


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6 Cheaper Alternatives to Lululemon for Men's

1. Vuori

Encinitas, California-based Vuori makes a wide range of thoughtfully-designed premium athleisure apparel for women and men with a commitment to ethical manufacturing and sustainable planet. It has tried to take the Lululemon blueprint and put its own spin on it. The company’s line of clothing is very similar to that of Lulu’s.  For men’s athleisure, look to Vuori for Kore shorts, hoodies, and joggers. It also offers elevated outdoor and workleisure options including shackets (shirt jackets) for men, and tech chinos, polos and button down shirts for men.

1) Vuori Kore Athletic Shorts

Price: $68

For men, Vuori Kore Athletic Shorts are consistently considered some of the most comfortable shorts out there that many consider better than the fabrics used by lululemon. And like Lululemon (perhaps even more so), you can count on style as well as quality, but compared to Lulu’s bright colors, Vuori’s aesthetic leans toward a more beachy vibe, with neutral colors and earthy tones.


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2) Vuori Long-Sleeve Strato Tech Tee

Price: $64

Vuori's Long-Sleeve Strato Tech Tee has a more traditional collar and overall silhouette compared to lulu’s Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve. The Strato’s design makes it so you can wear the tee more casually outside of the gym. Think of it fitting like a cotton long sleeve tee but made from performance fabric. Oh, it’s also $30 less than lululemon’s comparison.


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2. Gymshark

Gymshark makes a wide range of affordable and comfortable lululemon alternatives for men, including t-Shirts & tops, joggers & sweatpants, hoodies & jackets, shorts etc . For men, their shirts are made from 100% cotton or cotton blends, and their joggers are made from a cotton-polyester fabric.In comparison to Lululuemon, it has a sportier vibe. Where Gymshark succeeds in being similar to Lululemon is that the high-quality workout clothes will make you feel great when you are grabbing a sweat sesh. Prices are lower than Lululemon, but they are even better when you can shop a sale. Gymshark’s clothing for men is among the most affordable alternatives to lululemon on this list.

1) Gymshark Studio Joggers for men

Price: $48

With high-stretch, lightweight fabrics for full freedom of movement and a buttery soft feel for all-out comfort, Gymshark Studio Joggers for men got your back. Not just for your next mobility session, but for whatever else your day throws at you, too. What's more, it only cost $48 and seem very similar to the lululemon Surge jogger which go for $118.


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3. Zella by Nordstrom

Zella is a pretty unknown athletic wear brand at Nordstrom that makes fantastic and relatively affordable athleisure for women and men. Nordstrom’s Zella line is heavy on long sleeve performance t shirts, slim jogger pants, leggings, tank tops and sports bras, woven dresses and exercise dresses for women, and performance t-shirts and woven pants for men that looks like you are scrolling through Lululemon’s site.Almost everything is within the $40 - $80 range.

1) Zella Restore Soft Performance Joggers

Price: $69

Not only are the Zella Restore Soft Performance Joggers a close duplicate, but you will also find similar styles to your favorite Lululemon shorts, tops and more with more afforable price. Nordstrom regularly has sales on the Zella line, and you can also find discounted Zella styles at Nordstrom Rack.


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CRZ Yoga is an Activewear brand owned by Guangzhou Jumi Network Technology Co. Ltd that focuses on affordable technical athleisure wear. You can shop men's  pants, shorts, hoodies, tops and so on at CRZ YOGA.

1) CRZ YOGA Men's Stretch Golf Pants

Price: $45

The CRZ YOGA Men's Stretch Golf Pants is nearly the exact same as the real  Lululemon’s iconic ABC pants for 1/4 of the price, so it won’t make a huge dent in your bank account. The polyamide-spandex material is similar to Lululemon’s Warpstreme fabric in that it’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, and extremely stretchy — but still durable and wrinkle-resistant so you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Due to its high-stretch design, you won’t feel restricted at the office, on the field, or while you’re out to dinner.


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2) CRZ YOGA Men's 2 in 1 Running Shorts

Price: $32

CRZ YOGA Men's 2 in 1 Running Shorts are designed for workout or running. Customers like the durability, comfort, appearance, fabric and value of the shorts. All the important details on Lululemon’s License to Train lined shorts are featured on this CRZ YOGA short  — the lightweight feel, comfortable lining and interior mesh pocket.  Its an excellent lululemon alternatives with a fraction of the cost.


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3) CRZ YOGA Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

The CRZ YOGA men's long sleeve shirts uses stay-cool fabric, which features soft, lightweight and moisture wicking. Engineered for comfort. Breathable Underarm gusset, athletic crew neck and rounded scallop bottom are designed for moving freely and comfortably. From a looks standpoint, this dupe is nearly identical to the Lululemon Drysense shirt. It’s designed to wick away sweat for a comfortable workout.


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5. All In Motion from Target

The All In Motion is a new activewear brand from Target. Target is looking to take on Lululemon with this own brand of activewear. The All In Motion has shorts, joggers, polos, shirts very comparable to lulu feel for less than 1/4 of the price.

1) Men's Golf Pants - All In Motion

Price: $40

The Men's Golf Pants - All In Motion is closest to Lululemon’s best selling ABC/Commission pants. No gusseted crotch on these, but the fabric is awfully similar to the Warpstreme material Lululemon uses, albeit a little thinner/lighter feeling here. Great stretch, feels nice and cool, wicking/breathable/etc.  They feature a hidden zipper pocket provides secure storage for on-the-go valuables, while two front pockets make it easy to access what you need most. At it's regular price of $40, the Men's Golf Pants - All In Motion  is cheaper  alternatives to Lululemon.


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6. Old Navy

Old Navy is known for its inexpensive but decent quality everyday wear. The retailer's activewear selection upholds those same values. For men, Old Navy has a large selection of T-shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, shorts and underwear, as well as sport-specific clothing like golf shirts and slacks.

1) Old Navy Slim Tech Hybrid Pants

Price: $26.99

Priced at $26.99, the Slim Tech Hybrid Pants by Old Navy are another good alternative to Lululemon's Warpstreme pants. They are perfect for work, golf, school, and even for dates - they are up for anything! They have a contoured waistband, with button closure and built-in belt loops. Scoop pockets at the hip, with a hidden zippered pocket at the left hip to secure your stuff.


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