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Air Max 90 vs. 95 vs. 97 vs. Air Max Plus: Differences and Reviews 2024

Air Max 90 vs. 95 vs. 97 vs. Air Max Plus: Differences and Reviews 2024

    Nike Air Max is one of the most popular sneaker lines of all time,designed for runners in the late 80s and early 90s.Next to the Air Jordan line, the Air Max line is the most important and significant piece of sneaker culture that there isSince the release of the very first Air Max in 1987, fittingly called the Air Max 1, there have been innumerable releases and versions in the decades since, some entirely new or others just slight tweaks of past designs.Nike releases a new model on Nike Air Max Day (yes, it has its own day on March 26th) every year, along with a raft of redesigns and colourways for other popular models too.Air Max 90,95,97 and Air Max Plus are four trendy Air Max styles worn and praised by mass people.Air Max 90 vs. 95 vs. 97 vs. Air Max Plus:which Nike Air Max is right for you?Which Air Max is most popular?Which Nike Air Max is most comfortable?Are Air Max 97 better than 95?What is the difference between Air Max 95 and 97?Do Air Max 90 and 97 fit the same?What is the difference between Air Max 90 and 97?Why is Air Max Plus so expensive?Are Air Max plus comfortable?If you’re tangled among these four classic Air Max pairs and wanna know which is worth buying in 2024, this article is for you.In this article, we will discuss the differences among Air Max 90,95,97 and Air Max Plus. Let’s explore to know more about the four Air Max sneakers!


  • Nike Air Max 90 

Year Released: 1990

Official Price: $35.97 - $200 (from baby to adult)

History and Review: As the name suggests, the Nike Air Max 90 made its debut in 1990. At launch, the Air Max 90 was initially named the Air Max 3. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that the shoe took on its new identity.In the years since its inception, the Air Max 90 has also appeared in a number of unique variations inclusive of FlyEase mods and ACG palettes. Designed by the great Tinker Hatfield, who also designed the Nike Huarache,  the shoe was originally created to be a performance running shoe, which offered a light frame and responsive Air Max cushioning that would propel you forward.Using similar design ideas to the Nike Air Max 1, the Nike Air Max 90 still remains immensely popular today. Everything on the Air Max 90 is designed to be bigger and better than it’s predecessors. Meaning a larger heel and larger Air Unit.It contains a slightly larger Air unit and taller profile with deep ridges on the outsole.The Air Max in the heel keeps your feet supported, and the padded collar and tongue makes sure that no fabric rubs on your feet throughout the day. They’re able to span the range of wearability: they look just as good with leggings or a hoodie as they do with dresses and suits.

The sneaker continues to endure not only as one of the most popular silhouettes among the Air Max collection, but shoes in general, finding favor year after year among sneakerheads and non-sneakerheads alike.Decades after its release this sneaker does not feel outdated as it’s still very lightweight for a casual shoe, stylish and comfortable out of the box.


Nike Air Max 90 Pros & Cons

  • Huge amounts of colorways.

  • Quality materials.

  • Very durable.

  • Comfortable.

  • Various designs and styles available.

  • It has different sizes that range from toddlers to a full-grown man.

  • Great price for a statement shoe.

  • Fits true to size.

  • Runs a bit narrow.

  • Limited arch support.

  • So stiff it asks for adjustment period.

  • Some designs, according to people’s reviews, are not suitable for long runs or gymnastics.

  • Nike Air Max 95 

Year Released: 1995

Official Price: $98.97 - $215

History and Review: The Nike Air Max 95 is Air Max royalty. One of the most popular sneakers in the world, it has been subject to numerous rereleases. Today it's still the strong, well-designed, comfy-as-hell sneaker that we love.Released in 1995, and often referred to as the Nike Air Max 110, the Nike Air Max 95 only needs a simple muted color palette to make its mark. In the early 1990s, Nike found themselves wanting to depart from the original design of the Air Max in an effort to breathe new life into the line. Designer Sergio Lozano was granted complete creative control, and from that the Air Max 95 was born, a sneaker inspired by Oregon’s nature and the process of erosion, the upper panels, which typically fade from light to dark colors, reflecting this process. 

The chunky kick – inspired by human anatomy – boasted two Air units (one at the forefoot and one at the rear), a ribbed lacing system, layered gradient upper and a mini swoosh. As the first Air Max silhouette to launch with a black midsole, the kicks were certainly head-turners when they first hit the market, although the reason behind the gradient-like uppers was to increase the lifespan of the sneakers by making them more dirt-resistant. Wavy side panels add natural flow to any outfit while a mix of leather, shiny knit and airy mesh give these kicks a premium look and feel. The shoe features different materials and structures with excellent design. Air Max 95 shoes come in different types such as Nike Air Max 95 Premium, Nike Air Max 95 Essential, Nike Air Max 95 SE, Nike Air Max 95 iD, Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot, Nike Air Max 95 NRG, and so on.


Nike Air Max 95 Pros & Cons

  • Best for colder seasons.

  • Super durable construction.

  • Great lacing for a secure fit.

  • Available in different colorways.

  • The shoe can be worn for any occasion.

  • Very comfortable.

  • Part of Nike Street Style Heritage.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Great fit.

  • A bit heavy.

  • Takes time to wear in.

  • It gets dirty easily is what some customers say.

  • Some customers think the shoe is too narrow and tight.

  • Nike Air Max 97 

Year Released: 1997

Official Price: $90.97 - $205(from kids to adult)

History and Review: When the original Nike Air Max 97 was released in 1997, it was considered to be a ground-breaking model for its time. It was the first sneaker to not only feature a full-length Air Max unit but a hidden lacing system too.The Air pockets sit below a foam-cushioned midsole and above a durable rubber outsole.The Air Max 97 — designed by Christian Tressler and inspired by waterdrops making ripples in a pond — is the darling of the sneakerhead community. And its wavy design, inspired by Japanese bullet trains, gave it a futuristic flair that truly made it stand out. 

When it was re-issued twenty years later, fans were extremely happy to see that it was still the same as they remembered it. Its responsive Air Max unit still makes the shoe just as fit for the gym as it does for casual walks. Its upper’s design, complete with a hidden lacing system, is still as unique as ever and is now available in many eye-catching color options. When paired with a durable outsole and reflective stripes, runners have a shoe that’s both stylish and versatile.


Nike Air Max 97 Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable wear.

  • An identifiable piece of fashion history.

  • Made with high-quality materials.

  • Pairs well with many looks.

  • Multiple colorways available.

  • Versatile usage.

  • Good all-season sneaker.

  • Good for sockless wear.

  • Feels as athletic as it looks.

  • Near indestructible.

  • Can feel bulky.

  • Fits larger than average.

  • Long break-in time.

  • Attaches to stains easily.

  • Nike Air Max Plus

Year Released: 1998

Official Price: $80.97 - $175(from kids to adult)

History and Review: Following the lackluster reception to the AM98, the Air Max Plus was released in the same year of 1998, receiving a more positive response. The shoe was originally designed by Sean McDowell, who at the time was an inexperienced designer that had been hired just a year before the shoes release. The Air Max Plus is known for its vibrant uppers and its caging, inspired by McDowell’s time in Florida, where he would sketch the sunsets on the beaches. The caging is said to have been based off the palm trees blowing in the wind, and the bright colors are reminiscent of the sunsets that McDowell would have experienced.

The sneaker marked the debut of the brand’s Tuned Air technology — whereas the goal of the previous Air models was to feature as much of the Air technology as possible, the Air Max Plus favored hemispheres (the half-spheres found in the sole and Air unit) which would work to reduce pressure in the heel.Aside from that, it's incredibly comfortable, durable, and weather-resistant. It is not necessarily the best Air Max in the dynasty, but you can't say that it's not either!The synthetic weave of the upper helps to keep them box-fresh. Grab this classic in every colour, whilst you have a chance.


Nike Air Max Plus Pros & Cons

  • Excellent for everyday use.

  • Supreme comfort.

  • Surprisingly lightweight.

  • An incredible choice of colorways.

  • Spectacular, unique design.

  • Great heel support for every pronator.

  • Supportive and responsive.

  • Fits true to size.

  • Durable.

  • Toe box susceptive to scuffs.

  • Moderate breathability.

  • Outsole can be a bit squeaky.

Where to Buy Nike Air Max Cheapest?


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Nike Air Max 90 vs. 95 vs. 97 vs. Air Max Plus: Key Differences


Air Max 90 - Air Max 90 is unique for its recycled material. This style provides you with an ethical, bio-friendly option without compromising the quality. Nike AM 90 is constructed with a leather tongue tag, features a mesh insert that makes the shoe even more comfortable as it allows penetration of fresh air to your feet, keeping it dry and non-sweaty.It also has stitched overlays, classic TPU accents that serve as retro appeal design for your maximum comfort, durability, and the salient 90’s look you love.Nike has been getting better at the materials used for this shoe and nowadays it looks and feels even more solid than before. 

Air Max 95 - The breathable mesh upper of Air Max 95 shoes are reinforced with leather and synthetic overlays. These materials ensure maximum comfort for the wearer during long walks, prolonged wear, and casual wear. The ventilation system with synthetic materials keeps the feet dry after extended wear.

Air Max 97 - The upper of the Air Max 97 shoes are usually made of synthetic and mesh materials.The mesh material is featured in smaller segments of the shoe, where the foot needs the most airflow. It has formed panels on either side of the arch and two thin stripes that encircle the shoe from the toes to the back of the heel. When paired with the synthetic leather, these create the wavy, rippling lines that make this shoe stand out. Three of these lines are also reflective, as are the two bands that run down its tongue, allowing the shoe to be seen in low-light conditions.

Air Max Plus - The textile of the upper greatly enhances the breathability of the shoes in addition to maintaining a comfortable and luxe feel against the toes. Moreover, it is composed of a sleek mesh overlay with a distinct looking TPU stripe pattern. It has been described as soft to the touch and generally comfort- able to wear.One downside is that it is not very water resistant and as a result is susceptible to get- ting soaked through.


Air Max 90 - The outsole features the classic waffle sole traction we have gotten used to on classic Nike models, and so far, its rubber compound has held up nicely.There’s also a flex groove in the outsole for flexibility that makes the sneakers bend with your feet. A padded collar at the ankle that provides softness relaxes your feet and prevents blisters at the corner of your ankle.It also ensures protection from the rubber outsole that is waffle-styled, which makes it even better for strong traction, no skidding, no slippage.Although the sole technology is retro design, it still gives the comfort, the firmness, the cushioning you have ever desired in sneakers and always been among the best you can have in your wardrobe.

Air Max 95 - AM95 has rubber traction in the outsole with a curved design. These features give the wearer an elevation for workouts like weight lifting. The rubber traction ensures that the Air Max 95 wearer has stability during movement.The curved outsole of the Air Max 95 provides elevation and stability during sports like basketball and long walks. The curved shape protects the flat feet since flat feet are more prone to injury. The air cushioning of this style is an excellent choice for comfort and stability for the arches.

Air Max 97 - Nike’s trademarked BRS 1000 Regrind is the brand’s very own form of carbon rubber, which gives the Air Max 97 an extremely durable outsole. Its unique and textured tread pattern, which features a boxy design on the forefoot, ensures that the runner will have a high level of traction on all everyday surfaces. Flex grooves are also carved into the midfoot area to give the runner completely comfortable and natural movement throughout the day.Air Max 97 has a rubber outsole with a flat design, replicating the structure of the human feet. Hence, this outsole distributes the body’s load equally throughout the feet- preventing injuries.

Air Max Plus - The bottom part of the Air Max Plus boasts a clearly thicker design than most of Nike's other running shoes. Though at first this may make the shoes seem bulky, this is critical in getting the right amount of bounce when running.Because of this thickness, it glides easily over rougher sur- faces and protects your foot in a lovely way, thus preventing blistering and soreness.


Air Max 90 - The shoe has a full-length polyurethane midsole that ensures comfort all day long, a Max Air unit at the heel serves as excellent impact protection to your feet and a shock absorber.

Air Max 95 - AM95 is the first air max with two separate air windows under the forefoot and heel.It provides flexible movement and arch support for a comfortable feel. The lacing system for ensuring a snug, customized fit.

Air Max 97 - AM97 has a full-length air cushion that feels springy for prolonged physical activities. Even though this style has a hidden lacing system, the wearer gets enough support for physical activities.

Air Max Plus - Air Max Plus was the first sneaker to feature the Tuned Air technology, which focused on how to best implement air, instead of how much air could you implement. The way Tuned Air works is that instead of having pillars for support in the air bubble, the air unit is held up with connecting semicircular foam balls, that compress more easily, therefore providing more comfort. With the TN technology applied in the heel area, this sneaker is able to better adjust to the wearer’s pronation and deliver optimal support and stability.


Air Max 90 - Air Max 90 is a little bit bulkier. So this model is an excellent fit for those people with a broader feet. But that does not mean you need to size down if you have a narrow foot. The length of Air Max 90 is true to size. It comes with a lace-up closure for easy adjustment to your desired fit.The shoe molds to your feet without any break-in time and makes up for the somewhat narrow sole.

Air Max 95 - Some find the Air Max 95 comfortable, but the sneaker has a more rigid and narrow fit than its predecessors in the Air Max line. Wide footers may need to go up a half size.

Air Max 97 -  97 run true to size.But you might feel a little stiffer if you have wide feet.In addition, it also features a hidden lacing system for a highly secure fit.

Air Max Plus - In general the Nike TN Air Max Plus fits true to size.So I suggest you order your normal size.


Air Max 90 - The insole of the sneakers has a very soft lining. The material is exceptionally breathable. So you can wear both of them in hot and humid weather. The larger air bubble in the Air Max 90 makes the walking experience more fun and easy. The 90s get the edge for having a better fit after their break-in period. Once they have broken in completely, they mold into the shape of your feet. Nike Air Max 90 is more comfortable than the Air Max 97 shoes. Even though the air-cushioned technology covers most parts around the outsole, they feel stiffer than the outsoles of the 90s.

Air Max 95 - Nike Air Max 95 has a slight curve of the outsole. This design feature makes it an excellent choice for people with flat feet, arthritis, and lifters who need elevation. The air cushioning ensures that the wearer can be comfortable during prolonged wear. Also, the wearer gets enough wiggle room for toes- preventing long-term foot ailments.It is so stable that you can walk on rough pave effortlessly.So, if you are a tourist and love to roam different cities around by walking, Air Max 95 is best for you. 

Air Max 97 - Nike Air Max 97 boots have visible Nike Air cushioning with an upper design and a natural foot structure. These shoes give the wearer a barefoot effect.When you wear this, you feel like you are wearing a feather. Having a full cushion midsole provides excellent comfort while you are standing. But during walking, you can feel a lack of flexibility.You can wear Nike Air Max 97 during long walks, sports, and workouts with great arch support. Nike Air Max 97 shoes also have expansive toe room to protect the wearer from bunions, cuts, and sprains during physical activities.

Air Max Plus - The Air Max Plus prides itself on its amazing comfort and is undoubtedly a top choice by athletes because of this reason.The secret to what makes them so nice to wear is tuned air system in the midsole as well as the stretch- able weave.Your toes and foot will feel amazing in these shoes no matter what shape they are as the shoes adapt to you. They are built with high quality materials and were designed by Nike with maxi- mum comfortability in mind.


Durability depends on your usage. Nike Air Max 90,95,97 and Air Max Plus are all durable shoes. Almost all of their styles have a mesh upper that avoids creasing. Besides, they are made of a high-quality combination of materials.If you treat your shoe well and do not frequently use them in wet weather,they may support you for at least 7 years. But if you frequently use it in hiking, during the rainy season, and at work, their longevity will be less than 3 years.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Buy?

Choosing which of the four sneakers you should buy will ultimately come down to personal preference.It all comes down to what you prioritize the most. Is it how comfortable a shoe is? Is it how sleek the design of a shoe is? 

Having this classic silhouette in your sneakers will not be a bad idea. Air Max 90 is a popular sneaker, and it remains an important sneaker in the sports world and Nike’s works.It is still comfortable in its way and in production to this day. 

If you have a flat foot and need a comfortable shoe with good traction, Air Max 95 is a good choice for you. It will offer a cozy winter with a classic look.

If you often go through different physical activities and want a sporty look, Air Max 97 will be the perfect fit for you.

Air Max Plus sneakers are great for any kind of casual use, and would even work for some light exercise. Their technology is a bit dated, but the upper especially still provides a very comfortable fit, that is much nicer than a lot of the new knitted uppers brands are pumping out.

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