The 16 Most Expensive and Valuable LEGO Sets in the World 2021 (Sale+8% Cashback)

The 16 Most Expensive and Valuable LEGO Sets in the World 2021 (Sale+8% Cashback)

    • Who doesn’t love Legos, those familiar colored plastic pieces that fit together to build anything?Even in this digital era, Legos have held their popularity with both children and adults.So what are the most valuable Lego sets around?Why is Lego so expensive?What is the best Lego set ever?If you are also a lego fan, you can take a look at 15 of the rarest, most valuable LEGO sets future investors might want to check out.


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The Most Expensive and Valuable LEGO Set 

1.LEGO Architecture The Eiffel Tower 10181

Pre-owned Price:$2,064.94(@ebay)



Breaking out of the Star Wars Bonanza is legos rendition of the Eiffel Tower, released in 2007. With 3428 pieces, this is the tallest lego set on the market and should only be attempted if you have the dedication and endurance to see it through! It was built to 1:300 scale from the real tower’s original blueprints. 

If you can’t buy the Lego Eiffel Tower Building 10181 series and like this style, you can also try the new 21019 series.

Latest price:$84.99(@Walmart)



2.Lego Star Wars 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer 

Latest price:New & Used  from $1,514.39(@ebay)



Next on the list of the most expensive lego sets in the world is by far the coolest Star Wars set on the planet – The Imperial Star Destroyer!If you’re a Star Wars fan then you understand what this is, and why it’s so cool to be able to make it in lego. It has just over 3,000 pieces and is approximately 3 metres long. So, if you add this to your collection, make sure you have the room before you start building it!

If you can not get this one ,you can try LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 Building Kit.

Latest price:$699.95(@Walmart)



3.Lego 10196 LEGO Grand Carousel

Latest price:$2,800(@ebay)



Coming in at number 9 of our list is this no-nonsense set. The Carousel has 3,000 pieces and comes with remote control. It’s fully functional as well, meaning that you can actually use/play with it. It is a pretty big set when all is said and done, but unlike some of the previous lets on our list, you can kind of see it being relatively manageable to build, right?

4.Lego Star Wars 10179 Millennium Falcon

Latest price:$5,999.99(@Chowren Toys.com)


Source:Chowren Toys

Back in 2007, the Ultimate Collector's Series Millennium Falcon was the most expensive LEGO set ever at $499.99. A decade later, that price doesn't seem so bad. Well, maybe it's still bad because that's a lot of money, but compared to the $799.99 price tag on 2018's Millennium Falcon LEGO set, it's a major discount. Too bad you can't actually get the original Falcon at that $500 price point anymore. Right now, you'd have to drop about $4000 on this set mint in box, with some reaching five figures in value.

Friends who want to buy 75192 New Millennium Falcon can go to the following Lego official website to buy.

Latest price:$159.99(@Lego)



5.Lego Star Wars Death Star II 10143

Latest price:$2,799.99(@ebay)



With such an awesome name, and being so iconic, it’s no surprise that the Death Star II is one of the most expensive lego sets in the world!To put this thing together, you’ll need to place all 3,000 pieces in their exact places and have the room to move around whilst you’re doing it. When all is said and done, it will definitely be worth your time and effort, to see this magnificent lego set in all its glory! 

If you can not buy Star Wars Death Star II (10143), you can try  Star Wars Death Star .

Latest price:$499.99(@Lego)



6.Lego Star Wars 10179 Millennium Falcon



The title of the biggest Star Wars lego set on the planet goes to the Millennium Falcon. It’s the second-largest Lego set in the world, just behind the Taj Mahal, and is made up of 5,174 pieces. Also, in the box, you’ll find some awesome mini-figures of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.Overall, it sounds like a pretty good deal if you’re into your lego and you’re a big Star Wars fan… just think of all the hours of fun you could have with it!

7.Lego Taj Mahal 10189

Latest price:$3,999.99(@Amazon)



Based on the famous Taj Mahal tomb in India, this set was part of Lego’s Sculptures series. At the time of its release, it was the largest kit ever released by Lego with 5,900 pieces.The Taj Mahal was meant for experienced builders and not intended for play once it was finished. The model accurately reproduces the minarets, domes, finials and arches of the original building.

If you can't buy the out-of-print 10189, the 10256 edition of Conscience Reissue is also good!

Latest price:$369.99(walmart)




8.Lego Creator 10190 Market Street

Latest price:$2,199.99(@eBay)



When Market Street was first released in 2007, you could have brought it home for just $90. As one of the earlier modular sets aimed at the adult market, Market Street made quite an impact for the Factory brand. Not only did it have more than 1,200 pieces, but it featured interchangeable floors, rotating parts, and a promise to fit in with a larger, expanding cityscape as those sets released. While LEGO has continued to release new buildings and elements to go along with Market Street's theme over the last decade, few of those pieces have appreciated in value like this one.

9.Lego Statue of Liberty 3450

Latest price:$2,199.99(@eBay)



There are few landmarks in the world as iconic as the Statue of Liberty, which is why she made perfect sense for LEGO to adapt as a building set. Released in 2000, the green goddess stands at nearly three-feet tall when fully completed, provided you could actually tell any of the 2,800 green pieces apart from one another to actually complete the build. Unlike the more recent, smaller edition, this Lady Liberty doesn't come with the rest of the national monument base, and stands merely on her small pedestal.

10.Lego LEGOLAND Train 4000014

Latest price: $3,500(@eBay)



There are two variations of this set, with one being offered to fans during a LEGOLAND weekend event, and the other being made available to employees. The weekend edition comes in a white box, and had an edition size of 350, whereas this one comes in a black box, and only had 80 made. The two sets are otherwise identical, right down to the seven different minifigures included.

11.Lego Make & Create Café Corner 10182

Latest price:$3,299.99(@Walmart)



With just over 2,056 pieces, the Cafe Corner lego set features three different stories, a bicycle and a mosaic. Not the most interesting of sets, however, it’s still pretty cool to look at, and would look cool in a collection.

12.Lego Rebel Blockade Runner

Latest price:$2,500(@Amazon)



One of the biggest lego sets on our list is the Rebel Blockade Runner.It’s pretty gigantic, to say the least, and is made up of over 1700 pieces and is from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. If you’re also a Star Wars fan then you should seriously think about adding this to your collection, as you’ll get some major kudos!

13.LEGO Star Wars Darth Maul Bust 10018

Latest price:$3,010.31(@eBay)



Kicking off the list is this awesome head bust of Darth Maul.If you don’t know who he is, then I suggest you watch Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. This lego set contains over 1800 individual pieces, making one hell of a set to complete. 

14.LEGO Disney Castle 71040

Latest price:$349.99(@Lego)



The castle at the center of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is available as a LEGO set. The LEGO shop sells the 29-inch-tall Disney Castle for$349.99. With the 4000 pieces that come in each box, builders can construct a five-level palace that’s fit for a princess—or at least fit for the Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Tinkerbell minifigures included in the set.

15.Lego Hogwarts Castle 71043

Latest price:$399.99(@Lego)



LEGO delighted Harry Potter fans when it released a detailed replicate of Hogwarts Castle in 2018. The set, which has over 6000 pieces, is a masterpiece of interlocking brick architecture. All of the building features that fans remember from the films—including the chambers, towers, classrooms, and even the Whomping Willow—are recreated in the toy model. 

16. LEGO Minifigures Series 10, “Mr. Gold”71001

Latest price:from $2,989.89(@brickeconomy.com)



If you have kids, you know the thrill of hunting for the rare, blind-boxed Lego Minifigures. “This Minifigure was limited to 5,000 pieces,” explains Malloy. “Sold to the public, they were mixed in with the unmarked, blind packs as a ‘treasure hunt’ item.” Minifigures, which are a huge part of Lego lore can drastically affect the value of whole sets. “It’s common to sell sets without the Minifigures, which will often drop the value by at least 50%,” Malloy adds. And Mr. Gold, because he wasn’t part of a larger set, had a sticker price of only $2.99 during his release in 2013.

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