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Charlotte Tilbury NEW Fragrance Collection of Emotions Review

Charlotte Tilbury NEW Fragrance Collection of Emotions Review

    • As if conquering the makeup landscape wasn’t enough, Charlotte Tilbury is about to turn the fragrance world on its head. Not satisfied with launching one fragrance, Tilbury has developed a line of six perfumes called Collection of Emotions. More than just a perfume launch, the six-scent lineup was created with a transformative goal in mind: Each fragrance has the ability to unlock specific emotions. While this is a big claim to deliver on, Tilbury and the brand worked with master perfumers and researchers to carefully develop the fragrances. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to read the full review of the Fragrance Collection of Emotions.


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Inspired by six emotions, you can simply spray on how you want to feel and let the emotion-boosting molecules do their thing. 

The scents include Love Frequency, Joyphoria, More Sex, Calm Bliss, Cosmic Power, and Magic Energy. 

Charlotte Tilbury worked with world leaders in fragrance including Anne Flipo, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, and Dominique Ropion, to customize these specific scents. 

Getting down to the science of it, the brand also leveraged the IFF SCENTCUBE™ algorithm which analyzed over five billion data points to create ingredient combinations that work in synergy to boost different facets of each emotion.

"I have always been enchanted by the olfactory magic of perfume from the way that a scent can enamour a room of people to the glamour of glistening bottles on my mother Patsy's dressing table," says Charlotte Tilbury on her website.

She added, "Since I was 13, I have been fascinated by the magical ability of fragrance to unlock memories and emotions. Fragrance can transport you to another world full of fantasies and dreams! It can help transform the way you feel and can create the most magical aura around you."

And staying true to the glamorous Charlotte Tilbury aesthetic, each bottle is like a work of art in itself. The inspiration comes from 18th-century alchemy bottles and the lids are an ode to Egyptian pyramids.

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  • Products Reviews

Charlotte Tilbury More Sex Eau de Parfum


TOP: Bold black pepper oil, magnetic juniper berry oil

HEART: Seductive sexual accord (ambroxan, sexual musk, aldron), addictive leather accord

BASE: Velvety musk, caressing ambery wood, sensual sandalwood oil

More Sex feels SEDUCTIVE and TEMPTING, like a RUSH OF PASSION through your body, that combines the perfect blend of bold black pepper oil and magnetic juniper berry oil for an intoxicating allure. A FIERY UNION of sultry ambroxan, velvety musk and animalic aldron create the hypnotic sexual accord that leaves you feeling like you want more. The magnetism of the scent is enhanced by the ADDICTIVE and INTOXICATING leather accord and SENSUAL caressing sandalwood.

More Sex is a fragrance full of PASSION and SENSUALITY, it is the perfect scent for an ALLURING AURA OF ATTRACTION! It glides over your skin, leaving a SEXY, HYPNOTIC scent trail in its path that can put you in the mood – with an exceptional scent trail that lasts up to 18 HOURS!


This alluring scent represents exactly what you’re thinking: seductive passion. Hence why Tilbury chose a pair of lush lips as the symbol on the glass bottle, along with the Roman numeral “V,” which represents “natural magnetism and seductive energy,” she says. Sandalwood, leather, and musk are just a handful of the warm notes that make this sultry fragrance ideal for a night out.

Charlotte Tilbury Love Frequency Eau de Parfum


TOP: Addictive pink pepper

HEART: Sultry saffron, romantic rose ultimate extract, hypnotic rose essential

BASE: Sensual musk, alluring cashmeran, captivating ambery woods, intoxicating patchouli heart

A vibrant union between bold patchouli, sensual woody notes and velvety addictive musks, LOVE FREQUENCY is the alluring and perfect scent of eternal and all-encompassing LOVE. It elicits feelings of LOVE to make your heart dance, with an exceptional scent trail that lasts up to 18 HOURS!


"Floral, soft, and delicately hypnotic" is how Tilbury describes Love Frequency. Someone describes this romantic, floral fragrance as a mix of both sweet and sour. "There's a slightly tangy note I picked up on after misting, which adds some balance," she says. The unexpected notes of pink pepper and saffron give the rosy, floral-forward fragrance a spicy kick.

On the outside of the morganite glass bottle, you'll notice the numerals "IX" etched onto the vial, along with a sacred heart with flames, which is said to symbolize all-encompassing, passionate, divine love. If you're intrigued by a mix of gourmand and tart notes, with a touch of floral, you may love this scent—no pun intended.

Charlotte Tilbury Joyphoria Eau de Parfum


TOP: Joyful petitgrain oil, euphoric coconut water accord, uplifting neroli oil

HEART: Intoxicating tuberose absolut, warm jasmine sambac, radiant ylang ylang

BASE: Enchanting vanilla bean extract, velvety cashmere wood, powdery musks

Joyphoria is an olfactive symphony of a EUPHORIC, JOYFUL SUMMER that transports you to PURE PARADISE. Blending summer-blooming white florals, Joyphoria feels like a ray of GOLDEN SUNSHINE. This is a balmy, warm and RADIANT fragrance with UPLIFTING neroli oil, SUN-KISSED ylang ylang, subtle coconut water accord and JOYFUL petitgrain oil.

A voluptuous SUNNY BOUQUET with warm jasmine sambac, intoxicating tuberose absolute, addictive vanilla and velvety musk, Joyphoria is the perfect CELEBRATION of HAPPINESS, with an exceptional scent trail that lasts up to 18 HOURS!


Joyphoria is a warm floral scent with notes of tuberose and ylang-yang. The brand says it's meant to boost your mood and enhance feelings of happiness. 

One reviewer said: "The subtly sweet vanilla scent is all too familiar in my fragrance lineup, but with the addition of coconut water accord and ylang-ylang, it brings a welcomed tropical twist to my norm. I tend to gravitate toward comforting yet sophisticated perfumes that remind me of the California sunshine, but still feel mature enough to wear at the office, and that’s exactly what Joyphoria is."

| Charlotte Tilbury Magic Energy Eau de Parfum


TOP: Reawakening bergamot oil, earthy myrtle oil

HEART: Sophisticated cypress ultimate, sweet jasmine sambac, refreshing seaweed absolute

BASE: Cashmere wood, spiritual palo santo accord, ambergris accord, olibanum resinoid

Magic Energy is a SOPHISTICATED and REAWAKENING scent that helps connect you to the FOUR ELEMENTS OF NATURE. AIR is channelled through the crisp and effervescent bergamot, bringing a fresh, floral, zesty note with a hint of spice to the fragrance. The creamy and aromatic palo santo accord combined with the resinous incense-like finish of frankincense imbues magic energy with FIRE.

Grounding, energising cypress ultimate connects the fragrance with EARTH, emitting the delicate, mossy and forest-like aspects of the scent. WATER is represented by the unique and marine-like aspects of seaweed extract, like a splash of energy provoking fresh and salty facets to the scent.

Magic Energy is the perfect REAWAKENING and ENERGISING fragrance with an exceptional scent trail that lasts up to 18 HOURS!


Magic Energy has notes of bergamot, Palo Santo accord, and frankincense. The brand says it will boost your energy. This fragrance also felt lighter than many of the others and very "foresty." The scent can reminde you of walking through nature.

| Charlotte Tilbury Calm Bliss Eau de Parfum


TOP: Fresh bergamot oil, sweet neroli oil, relaxing lavandin oil

HEART: Soothing orange flower absolute, refreshing watery accord

BASE: Warm tonka bean accord, pure white musks, peaceful orris concrete

CALM BLISS gently manifests TRANQUILITY AND SERENITY, illuminated by the sparkling, precious neroli oil that provides a fresh and floral facet to the fragrance. The PEACEFULNESS is embodied by the scent of natural lavandin, which gives it a DISTINCTIVE FLORAL AND AROMATIC CHARACTER.

It evokes a BEAUTIFUL, TRANQUIL AROMA, which perfectly combines with the weightlessness of the watery accord. Orris concrete has flowery facets, with very powdery notes, and a dry woody-root nuance that, combined with the softness of white musks, CREATES THE INNOCENCE IN CALM BLISS.

Calm Bliss is the perfect relaxing fragrance with an exceptional scent trail that LASTS UP TO 18 HOURS!


Describing the fragrance as a fusion of masculine and feminine notes, this scent to carry a very aquatic aroma. But make no mistake, this is not a tropical scent adorned with fruity notes, like coconut and pineapple. Instead, it could be more defined as a clean, musk-driven juice that smells like the embodiment of an escape to an oceanside resort. 

| Charlotte Tilbury Cosmic Power Eau de Parfum


TOP: Bold black pepper oil, divine cinnamon bark oil, uplifting bergamot oil, fresh woody elemi oil

HEART: Opulent rose ultimate, empowering frankincense accord

BASE: Mystical amber accord, enchanting vanilla bean extract, powdery musks

Cosmic Power is a LUXURIOUS and OPULENT SYMPHONY of SPICES. Its unique and distinctive trail derives from the POWERFUL combination of bold black pepper oil, divine cinnamon bark oil and fresh woody elemi oil. The EXQUISITE union of precious rose ultimate, mystical amber, ancient frankincense accord and enchanting vanilla bean extract, creates the warm, SPICY and ADDICTIVE signature of the fragrance.

Cosmic Power is the perfect EMPOWERING SCENT that transports you on a MAGNETIC JOURNEY into your INNER SELF, with an exceptional scent trail that lasts up to 18 HOURS!


The richness of wood and the nose-grabbing spice of pepper seize attention, but as the fragrance lingers, the softness of rose and vanilla surface. These notes round out Cosmic Power's profile, making for a richly complex scent that lasts throughout the day,.

As for the amethyst-colored glass bottle, the color purple is said to symbolize balance and restoration, similar to the pull of a new moon, which is etched on the front with the Roman numeral 'VIII'. cooperates with many merchants, such as: Walmart (Up to 4% cashback), Sephora(4% -5% cash back), Moosejaw (5% -6% cash back), LOOKFANTASTIC (Up to 10% cash back)Sam's Club (Up to 15% cashback)Norton(Up to 20% cashback), Microsoft (Up to 7% cash back) and so on. You can save on buying daily necessities, fashion, beauty, electronic products, broadband installation, mobile communication, air tickets, hotels and other aspects of life! 

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