8 Best and Popular Rouge Dior Lipstick Shades: Reviews & Swatches

8 Best and Popular Rouge Dior Lipstick Shades: Reviews & Swatches

    Rouge Dior Couture Colour Lipstick is the iconic lipstick of Dior brand. There are more than 50 shades total in four finishes: Matte finish, Satin finish, Shimmer finish,Metallic finish. They have medium to full coverage with a bit of shine, moisturizes. Choosing the right shade for you is more straightforward than ever before - and to make it even easier, I've reviewed 8 of popular Rouge Dior Couture Colour shades below. Hope it can help to to make a choice before you buy!

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($35.65 + 3.5-4% cashback at walmart)

Miss is a gorgeous cool-tone pink with a hint of iridescent fine-shimmers. It's one of their signature shades from the pink range. The texture is very slick and moisturizing but the wear-time is short. It is a bright pink but not too bright as to bring to mind a party-girl. It brightens up the face, especially if you don't wear a lot of bright eye makeup so it's a nice way to bring colour to your face.

Rouge Dior Lipstick #047 Miss


($37 +6% cashback at dior.com)

This is a super bright coral-orange. The formulation is slick and shiny, almost gloss-like. The pigmentation is sheer but the color is buildable to a plump and juicy finish. Actrice is very safe in everyday use,  even without makeup.

Rouge Dior Lipstick #028 Actrice


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($37 + 5% cashbackat Sephora)

Red Smile is a bright orange red with a glossy finish. This is another one of the cult shades and was worn by Natalie Portman. It was inspired by the 080 Red shade created in 1959. The color is very bright, the texture is hydrated and easy painted. It's a bit more lively than #999. This definitely says Summer to you.

Rouge Dior Lipstick #080 Red Smile


($37 +6% cashback at dior.com)

Rouge 999 Matte (Legendary Red) is the perfect red hue that suits any skintone. The lipstick has an incredibly light, creamy texture that just glides on the lips without creating any inconvenience and difficulties when applying. It's a matte, opaque and pigmented red in a fairly neutral tone. The matte finish is not a heavy flat matte, it still has a subtle soft sheen to it. It will not dry your lips out as the day wears on. It lasts on the lips 6h+.

Rouge Dior Lipstick#999 Matte


($37 +5% cashback at Sephora)

Darling is a warmed-up dark pink that looks beautiful on neutral or warm tones. It's semi-sheer/semi-opaque and feels really lightweight on the lips. This one is not a matte shade and some sheen to it. The consistency was smooth, lightly emollient, and applied easily. This pink will brighten your face as soon as you swipe it on. This shade lasted for six hours and left a stain behind, and the formula was moisturizing over time. 

Rouge Dior Lipstick #775 Darling


($37 +5% cashback at Sephora)

Grège 1947 is a soft, light-medium coral with warm undertones and a natural sheen. It had semi-opaque color payoff that went on evenly. The consistency was soft, lightly creamy, lightweight, and emollient, so there was a lot of slip, which made it comfortable to wear and more balm-like on. The formula is very creamy and moisturizing, but feels light at the same time. The downside was that it moved around more, and the wear time only came in at 4 hours.  

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick #169 Grège 1947


($33.81 + 3.5-4% cashback at walmart)

Mysterious Matte is a very eye-catching and bold purple-magenta with a warm undertone. It has a subtle glimmer, but it's not very noticeable. Its fine grinding gives the lipstick a velvety luste. The texture  is very soft and moisturizing as if you have a souffle on your lips.

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick # 897 Mysterious Matte


($37 3.5-4% cashback at walmart)

This sweet raspberry red is deep and perfectly flattering. It's easier for you to think of deep red with slightly reddish brown. But it's still fresh and soft and not too dark. You canwear it when you want to be more mature, especially when attending events, parties or interviews. Not only does it look vintage, but you also have a mature, seductive style.

Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick # 872 Victoire


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