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Nike InfinityRN 4  vs. Pegasus 40 vs. Invincible 3 vs. Zoom Fly 5: Differences and Reivews 2024

Nike InfinityRN 4 vs. Pegasus 40 vs. Invincible 3 vs. Zoom Fly 5: Differences and Reivews 2024

    When it comes to finding the best running shoes for you, there are so many brands to choose.Nike needs no introduction. The brand offers some of the widest selections of highly-rated running shoes for both beginners and seasoned runners.Nike running shoes are built with high-performance technology and innovative features to make a runner’s ride feel smooth and efficient.The Nike React Infinity,Pegasus,Invincible and Zoom Fly are four most popular cushioned running shoes of this brand.They share similar design cues, technologies and intended usage.However,They are different in some or other ways.

    What is the difference between Pegasus and Infinity?What is the difference between infinity run and invincible run?What's the difference between Nike Pegasus and Invincible?What's the difference between Nike Pegasus and Nike Zoom Fly?In this article,I'll compare the newest version of each model:Nike InfinityRN 4 vs. Pegasus 40 vs. Invincible 3 vs. Zoom Fly 5 in terms of materials, performance,fit and sizing to help you decide which one is right for you.If you’re trying to decide among the Nike React Infinity,Pegasus,Invincible and Zoom Fly, you’ve come to the right place.


Nike InfinityRN 4 Review

Price: $160

The Nike Infinity series has an odd history. During its debut, it was advertised as a shoe that would reduce injury thanks to a small (poorly run) study comparing injury rates in neutral runners using it compared to the Nike Structure (which previously was not a shoe for neutral runners). What the Infinity series really came out as was a highly rockered daily training shoe with a heel clip that provided some mild guidance in the back.The RN 4 brings the Infinity series to the fully maximal realm.This 4th version has been completely revamped: it’s slightly softer, more comfortable, and more durable but it picks up an ounce of weight.

With supportive cushioning built for a smooth run, the Nike InfinityRN 4 is a brand-new take on a familiar favorite. It's made from all-new Nike ReactX foam, which gives you 13% more energy return compared with Nike React foam, to help you stay fresh and bouncy. Nike ReactX reduces its carbon footprint in a pair of midsoles by at least 43% compared to Nike React foam.This new midsole foam gives the Infinity RN4 a plusher, more engaging ride than previous Infinity versions.It also features a new waffle outsole, where they’ve added a bit more rubber to help provide durable traction and grip, and a brand-new, super stretchy knit upper, which features a water-resistant liner to help keep your toes dry.

Other than that, the Infinity Run 4 still has the same 9mm heel-to-toe drop and the same pronounced rocker outsole as the Infinity Run 3, but it’s noticeably wider and more accommodating – both on the midsole and in the toe box.The Infinity RN4 with its plusher ride is more suited to easy runs than the Infinity Run 3. The Infinity RN 4 is also better for long distances because it’s more comfortable. 


Nike InfinityRN 4 Pros and Cons

  • Incredibly comfortable shoe.

  • Looks good.

  • More environmentally friendly than past models.

  • Softer ride.

  • More durable.

  • Less Intrusive arch.

  • All-new Nike ReactX foam creates extra “bounce” and cushion.

  • Good lockdown.

  • Heavy.

  • Upper lacks support at times.

  • Warm upper.

  • High price point.

  • Some reviewers find the shoe runs small, consider ordering a half-size up.

Where to Buy Nike InfinityRN 4?

Nike Official Website(up to 3% cash back)

Dicks Sporting Goods(1.5%-2% cash back) 

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Nike Pegasus 40 Review

Price: $130

The Nike Pegasus launched in 1983 as the brand’s first running shoe. Over the years, the shoe has evolved to feature the high-performance technology of today, while still maintaining versatility and reliability.It is a neutral-support shoe, helping provide balance and stability for both heel strikers and forefoot strikers without being bulky. Whether you’re a world record-holder, a daily mile-maker, or just a first-timer looking to start on the right foot, Pegasus is the shoe for everyone.

The Pegasus, now in its 40th iteration, is a durable, dependable workhorse. It’s one of the most popular running shoes in the world because of its competitive price, wide availability and its consistent fit. For its 40th model, Nike has chosen not to shake things up with Pegasus, the flagship shoe of its running series. The biggest change is the upper, with a new, sleeker mesh design. This allows the foot to breathe slightly better while offering precise locking.The minor tweaks on the upper only result in a minor difference to the overall fit. The midfoot fit is more supportive under the arch; the Pegasus 40’s internal panel hugs the underside of the foot better than the Pegasus 39 ‘s Flywire lacing system.

The Nike Pegasus 40 largely sticks to the same design as the Pegasus 39.While it’s not packed with the newest cushioning or upper tech, it remains a comfortable daily trainer. Its versatility suits everyday training at different speeds and distances, while also being capable of a half-marathon.


Nike Pegasus 40 Pros and Cons

  • Attractive sneaker-style design.

  • Very accessible model for all levels.

  • An affordable, everyday running shoe.

  • Durable outsole that grips well.

  • Tweaked fit.

  • Stable ride.

  • Effective lockdown.

  • Improved upper comfort.

  • Little change.Not all that different from the Pegasus 39.

  • No energy return.

  • Some people may find the underfoot feel a little too firm.

  • Lacks some pop for faster runs.

Where to Buy Nike Pegasus 40?

Nike Official Website(up to 3% cash back)

Dicks Sporting Goods(1.5%-2% cash back)

Nike Invincible 3 Review

Price: $180

The Nike Invincible Run series is one of a few shoes that uses a brand's top-shelf foam utilized for racing in a training shoe. ZoomX became well-known in the original Vaporfly and has been incorporated into every new racing model since. The Invincible Run is a different take on ZoomX, making it a suitable platform for easy runs and high-mileage training. 

For the past 2 years, the Invincible Run has been the gold standard when it comes to max-cushioned trainers.Unparalleled in terms of softness and energy return, the Invincible Run has been a big step forward in running shoe innovation.In this third iteration, the shoe moved away from the unadulterated wildness of the v2 in favor of practicality and versatility.With maximum cushioning to support every mile, the Invincible 3 has the highest level of comfort underfoot. Its plush and bouncy ZoomX foam helps you stay stable and fresh.It is a super soft, max-cushioned trainer with more bounce and energy return than any other max-cushioned trainer on the market. 

Version 3 has a new strobel lining underneath its insole which gives it a firmer, more stable ride with less energy return. It also has a longer heel clip to improve stability but it may cause issues for runners with wide or flat feet. It’s also much heavier than previous versions.


Nike Invincible 3 Pros and Cons

  • More attractive design.

  • More stable than earlier versions.

  • Tall stack of impact-absorbing cushioning.

  • A solid ride that works for more runners.

  • Comfort for the entire foot.

  • Breathable.

  • Nice turnover to pick up the pace.

  • Thicker, more durable outsole.

  • Good energy return.

  • Great for recovery days and long easy runs.

  • Runs narrow.

  • High price point.

  • Poor grip on wet roads.

  • Heel clip can be irritating when cornering.

  • Less bounce.

Where to Buy Nike Invincible 3?

Nike Official Website(up to 3% cash back)

Dicks Sporting Goods(1.5%-2% cash back) 

Nike Zoom Fly 5 Review

Price: $160

The Zoom Fly is designed to be the training companion of the Vaporfly Next%: a more durable, cheaper version which can be used for training runs- a fast trainer which can also be used to race in.The Zoom Fly 5 shares very little in common with the Zoom Fly 4. It has a brand new outsole, midsole and upper which have transformed it into a completely different beast.

The Nike Zoom Fly 5 is a well-cushioned, carbon-plated training shoe suited to long, slow runs.Carbon fiber plate delivers a propulsive sensation and a smooth transition at a variety of paces. The plate provides a sort of roll-forward feel that makes you want to take on the next step.

Newly implemented ZoomX foam in the midsole takes an already respected, trusted shoe to another performance level that wasn’t present in the Zoom Fly 4. The addition makes for a lighter, more responsive cushioning system. Take advantage of these all-purpose traits that help you run easier, faster and have more fun on your runs.Both the forefoot and heel offer slightly wider bases for a stable platform, so you can tackle turns and long runs with confidence.

The Zoom Fly 5 is the slowest Zoom Fly version to date but also the most comfortable.If you are searching for a running shoe that feels quick and agile, the Nike Zoom Fly 5 could be the one for you.


Nike Zoom Fly 5 Pros and Cons

  • The shoe comes in a variety of sweet colorways and an awesome design.

  • More bounce.

  • Softer than its predecessors.

  • Increased cushioning.

  • Excellent upper comfort.

  • Fit is A-OK!

  • Planted strides when cornering.

  • Protects foot from impact.

  • Tongue stays in place.

  • Lockdown is awesome.

  • Clingy even on wet areas.

  • Most stable Zoom Fly to date.

  • If you aren't focused on maintaining good form, this shoe tends to feel off.

  • Slower than other Zoom Flies.

  • Stiff ride.

  • Chunky and clunky.

  • ZoomX core doesn’t feel bouncy.

  • Narrow.

  • Higher stack height.

Where to Buy Zoom Fly 5?

Nike Official Website(up to 3% cash back)

Dicks Sporting Goods(1.5%-2% cash back) 


Nike InfinityRN 4  vs. Pegasus 40 vs. Invincible 3 vs. Zoom Fly 5: Comparison Side by Side

1. The Outsole

Nike InfinityRN 4 - The InfinityRN 4 has Nike’s signature waffle outsole that creates durable traction, helping you confidently navigate wet pavement on a rainy day. It also has increased rubber, increasing durability against wear and tear on the shoe.

Nike Pegasus 40 - The outsole on the Pegasus 40 has a waffle-inspired pattern and the thick rubber used covers most of the bottom of the shoe. It’s an excellent outsole, providing reliable grip on wet and dry roads and being suitable for light trails as well, and it has also proved durable for us with past versions of the Pegasus. 

Nike Invincible 3 - The redesign of this shoe starts with the outsole, which is now a two-piece construction. It has small nubs on the bottom which provide decent traction.The outsole of the Invincible Run uses soft, flexible rubber which is less durable than the Pegasus’s outsole rubber but it has more flexibility. The entire midsole is covered in this soft rubber.Flexibility is better in the Invincible Run than the Pegasus because of its softer outsole and the absence of a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot.

Nike Zoom Fly 5 - I like the new outsole of the Zoom Fly 5. It has more rubber coverage which means more durability. The outsole design is also flatter and the rubber is softer so landings feel more padded. Grip has been improved as well but it’s still slightly slippery in wet conditions.However,The outsole rubber is softer than rubber you find on daily trainers such as the Pegasus and Structure so it wears down faster. 

2. The Midsole

Nike InfinityRN 4 - The Infinity RN4 uses Nike’s new ReactX foam in its midsole. This foam is slightly softer than regular React foam. It also delivers more energy return. This new midsole foam gives the Infinity RN4 a plusher, more engaging ride than previous Infinity versions.

Nike Pegasus 40 - Like all of the versions of the Nike Pegasus since the Nike Pegasus 37, the midsole of the Nike Pegasus 40 contains Nike’s React midsole foam. The shoe has two Zoom Air units — one in the forefoot, and one in the heel of the shoe. Underfoot, this leads to a bouncy, responsive ride. The React foam of the Pegasus is more durable than EVA foam so the Pegasus will not get a lot firmer over time.

Nike Invincible 3 - The midsole of the Invincible Run is made of Nike’s most advanced midsole foam which is Pebax-based ZoomX. ZoomX is super soft and super bouncy. It’s also lighter than most midsole foams which is why it’s considered a super foam.

Nike Zoom Fly 5 - The Zoom Fly 5 has a dual density midsole with ZoomX in the core and an SR02 carrier foam surrounding it- it’s the same foam found in the Structure 24.his ZoomX is different to the standard one: it’s small bits that have been crushed and glued together.If you were expecting Invincible Run or Vaporfly levels of bounce and energy return, then you’ll be sorely disappointed with the Zoom Fly 5. You can’t even tell that it has ZoomX in its midsole because it feels so flat and unresponsive.

3. The Upper

Nike InfinityRN 4 - The upper of the Infinity is also Flyknit and it feels like a knitted material. It is soft to the touch and it is very stretchy. The tongue is slightly padded and is longer than the tongue of the Invincible Run. The overall fit is very comfortable but it isn’t as plush as the upper of the Invincible Run.

Nike Pegasus 40 - The main changes Nike made to the Pegasus 40 are all in the upper, which is a single layer of mesh with generous padding around the heel and tongue to improve step-in comfort. Unlike the Pegasus 39, Nike has returned to a more traditional lacing system — with the older shoe the laces looped through the “Flywire technology” loops, that wrapped around the foot to keep it in place.There’s also a decent amount of padding around the tongue and the collar of the shoe to alleviate any rubbing or hotspots. The Pegasus 40 now also has a small, thin reflective stripe on the back of the heel which is always a welcome addition.

Nike Invincible 3 - The upper of the Invincible run 3 is made of Flyknit which has a bit of stretch to it.The FlyKnit material on the top appears to be thinner and possibly more breathable than the tightly woven previous versions.The tongue is thick and padded and it is also not sleeved but no tongue slide occurs. It has more padding than the upper of the Pegasus 40 but overall foot lockdown is below average.

Nike Zoom Fly 5 - The Zoom Fly has a mesh upper that feels similar to a daily trainer. The upper of the Zoom Fly has superb foot lockdown and is also very comfortable. It has extra padding on the inside of its collar so heel lockdown is fantastic and there is no heel slippage. 

4. Performance

Nike InfinityRN 4 - The InfinityRN 4 is a much softer shoe, and while it does also have more bounce, there isn’t enough springiness to counter the mushy feeling of the foam. Your foot sinks in and then the rocker is negated and you don’t get much bounce back off your toes. The result is a sluggish ride that doesn’t feel great even for easy runs longer than five or six miles because the shoe almost starts to sap your energy.On shorter runs it felt fine, though it’s not a quick shoe because of its weight and the slow transition from heel to toe. The midsole protects the legs well and heavy runners will appreciate the high stack of cushioning, but it is also less stable than previous models.

Nike Pegasus 40 - With its comfortable, cushioned design, the Pegasus 40 is ideal for covering many miles in preparation for a marathon or half marathon.Also, it’s relatively versatile and lends itself equally well to fast running tempo or fartlek sessions. It may also be suitable for interval training, but more experienced athletes will undoubtedly prefer another dedicated model.These are still an excellent running shoe for beginners, as they’re durable and have a lot of versatility thanks to that React foam and Zoom Air units. Faster runners will probably want to save them for easy runs. 

Nike Invincible 3 - If you previously found the Invincible Run too soft and unstable, I think you’ll be very happy with this new version which has a firmer, more controlled ride due to the extra strobel lasting underneath the insole. It also has a stiffer forefoot so it feels slightly more snappy.This is an ultra cushioned shoe, where the entire midsole is one solid chunk of foam. If you’ve never worn an Invincible, it will probably feel like nothing you’ve ever run in. The shape of the shoe also give a slight feeling of running down hill. The shoes are springy and responsive.

Nike Zoom Fly 5 - The midsole foam and carbon fiber plate in this model are on the stiffer side and therefore the landing comfort suffers a bit compared to other cushier models. Luckily, if you run with good form and maintain a more progressive foot strike pattern, the carbon plate and midsole foam can absorb most of the energy and return it when taking off. Less experienced runners may find this shoe to feel a bit uneven, and therefore uncomfortable, especially if you land flat-footed or on your heels.

You’ll be sorely disappointed if you were hoping for something soft and bouncy like Nike’s carbon fiber plate offerings. I don’t think the Nike Zoom Fly 5 ride even bares a resemblance to having ZoomX because of how firm and unresponsive it is.

5. Fit and Sizing

Nike InfinityRN 4 - The shoe fits true to size and it is not currently available in a wide or a narrow version.A knit shoe can come off the production line small.There’s also loads of plush padding around the collar and on the tongue, which has a gusset along the sides, so other than feeling on the tighter side, they are comfy and supportive – especially around the heel.

Nike Pegasus 40 - The Pegasus 40 fit us well in our normal size, and is reasonably spacious so should work well for those with wide feet. If you need more room, the Pegasus 40 is also available in a wide version.Comfort is immediate when you put these running shoes on. The lockdown is effective, with a precise fit, while the sole encapsulates the foot perfectly, especially in the middle of the arch.

Nike Invincible 3 - Nike ZoomX Invincible is true to size. The Invincible Run 3 has a less roomy fit than the previous versions and you don’t need to size down anymore. It has a narrow midfoot so it’s not suitable for wide feet but it has a normal-width forefoot and toe-box.

Nike Zoom Fly 5 - The Zoom Fly fits true to size but is not available in additional widths.This new upper still securely holds your foot with ample compression to feel locked in and stable, and there are minimal seams, reducing friction points and creating comfort even on extended runs. 

Comparison Table

Nike InfinityRN 4Nike Pegasus 40Nike Invincible 3Nike Zoom Fly 5
OutsoleSignature waffle outsoleRubber outsole with waffle-inspired patternSoft, flexible rubber with waffle-inspired patternSoft rubber
MidsoleReactX foamNike React foamZoomXZoomX
UpperFlyknitSingle layer of meshFlyknitMesh upper
Weight11.2 oz9.4 oz11.2 oz9.50 oz
Heel Drop9 mm10 mm9 mm8 mm
Cushioning typeResponsive/balancedBalancedPlushBalanced
Cushioning amountHighly cushionedMedium cushioningHighly cushionedHighly cushioned
StabilityVery stableVery stableSome StableSome Stable
SizingTrue to sizeTrue to sizeTrue to sizeTrue to size
Best forDaily trainingDaily trainingDaily trainingDaily training

Conclusion: Which One Should You Buy?

When it comes to selecting any of these shoes, you should try them out. They are very similar in a lot of ways and the choice will really boil down to your preference at that moment.

If you’re a runner looking for a more balanced ride, the Infinity is the shoe for you. It has a more stable ride than the Invincible Run and is $20 cheaper.The shoe  is better suited to faster paced runs than the Invincible Run and it has a less plush ride.

If you’re a runner looking for a cheaper trainer for shorter, faster runs, the Pegasus is the one you should choose.It packs an incredible amount of technology and premium materials.And it will fill the needs of both beginner and experienced runners looking for a daily trainer that is comfortable without being too heavy.

The Invincible Run is better for long distance runs and easy/recovery runs.If you’re a runner looking for an extremely plush, super soft ride, the Invincible Run is the shoe for you. It has incredible energy return and bounce but it comes at the cost of stability.The Pegasus has more stability than the Invincible Run and it is also more widely available.

If you love innovative shoes and want a fast-feeling shoe, the Zoom Fly is for you. The Zoom Fly shares many features with the record-breaking VaporFly Next% but at a much cheaper cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of Nike Invincible 3?

The Invincible 3 has high support technology, with cushion and stability intentionally placed and shaped to protect your foot from the effects of pronation. The more cushioning that you have underfoot, the softer and more comfortable your running experience can be.

Is the Nike Invincible 3 a stability shoe?

The Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit 3 has a number of elements that could provide stability, depending on a person's biomechanics. Despite having a high stack height of ZoomX foam, this shoe is notably less bouncy and potentially unstable feeling as compared to Version 2.

Is Nike Invincible 3 a daily trainer?

The Nike Invincible 3 is an everyday running shoe made for folks who enjoy a little extra cushion underneath their feet—and those who want a little more TLC for fatigued legs.

Are Nike React Infinity 3 good for plantar fasciitis?

Those with plantar fasciitis will find the shoe feels supportive and comfortable, with enough cushioning and arch support throughout to help prevent further exacerbating injury.

Are Nike ZoomX Invincible good for running?

The Nike ZoomX Invincible is a supportive run shoe for more natural stability but with plenty of cushioning.

How long do ZoomX invincible run last?

Can you run a marathon in Nike Invincible?

There are few, if any, running shoes that will make those everyday miles or long weekend runs feel as easy. This makes the ZoomX Invincible run a great option for marathons, if your goal is completing one in as much comfort as possible.

Can you run fast in Nike Invincibles?

It's not a particularly fast shoe, but it does everything well including handle tempo runs and fartleks. It is one of the best neutral running shoes available.

Is Nike Pegasus 40 a good running shoe?

A classic daily trainer, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40 is a shoe that can handle some workouts and long runs without issue. It's pretty no frills and has a firmer ride than other options, but it will reliably get the job done.

Can I run a marathon with Pegasus 40?

The Nike Pegasus is one of the most versatile running shoes on the market. It's for everyone, from speed walkers to everyday trainers and marathon runners. Year after year, runners turn to the Pegasus for its reliability, comfort, and neutral support.

Are Nike Pegasus 40 good for high arches?

The Air Zoom Pegasus 40 build on previous designs by Nike to deliver a top-tier shoe. Marketed as more comfortable for sensitive areas like your arches, this shoe is lightweight, responsive, and holds its shape run after run.

Is Nike React Infinity comfortable?

Overall, you will enjoy your miles in this shoe, especially the smooth ride and comfortable fit. I recommend the React Infinity Run 3 for the runner looking for a high-mileage daily trainer with plenty of inherent stability.

Is Nike Zoom Fly 5 good for flat feet?

Less experienced runners may find this shoe to feel a bit uneven, and therefore uncomfortable, especially if you land flat-footed or on your heels. Compared to previous version 4, the Zoom Fly 5 has softer cushioning that makes it a bit less firm and more similar to other well-cushioned models in today's market.

Are Nike Zoom Fly 5 good for overpronation?

The shoe is good for overpronators. You will like the new outsole of the Zoom Fly 5. It has more rubber coverage which means more durability. The outsole design is also flatter and the rubber is softer so landings feel more padded.

Is there a carbon plate in Zoom Fly 5?

If you're looking for the Zoom Fly 5 to be a dedicated, carbon-plated speed training shoe, it's likely that you'll be sorely disappointed. While there is indeed a snappy carbon plate inside the midsole, the combination of foams sandwiching it somehow takes away.

Can you run a marathon in Nike Zoom Fly 5?

Yes. It's the ideal long-distance running shoe, as well as an everyday trainer that doesn't require a prescribed method or skill level to run in. 

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