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New Balance 550 Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Real?

New Balance 550 Real vs. Fake Guide 2024: How Can I Tell If It Is Real?

    The 550 is a basketball sneaker from New Balance that originally released in 1989 as a low-top counterpart to the 650. In 2020, the brand began producing retros again as casual sneakers.It boasts a clean and straightforward style that amplifies its adaptable vibe from the hardwood to the playground. Despite having no modern technology, this kick will not disappoint in providing you with lasting cozy strides while keeping you stylishly chic on the city streets.When a sneaker is the “it” sneaker, it’s tough to get a pair.If you’ve managed to locate a pair, it’s understandable you want to make sure they’re legit..If you’ve managed to locate a pair, it’s understandable you want to make sure they’re real.It is very difficult to notice the difference between a real and a fake New Balance shoe these days as the replicas are getting more and more like the authentic one.How to spot real vs. fake New Balance 550 sneakers?How do I know if my New Balance 550 is original?How do I know if my New Balance 550 are fake?What's the difference between the Real Vs Fake New Balance 550?In this post, I’ll quickly show you some tips on how to spot a fake New Balance 550 — from the sole to the logo print, all details are included.And at the end of the article, there are a few websites to buy new and second-hand New Balance 550 online for the cheapest.


1. The Overlook of New Balance 550

The original 550 debuted in 1989 and made its mark on basketball courts from coast to coast. After its initial run, the 550 was filed away in the archives, before being reintroduced in limited-edition releases in late 2020, and returned to the full-time lineup in 2021, quickly becoming a global fashion favorite. 

The 550’s low top, streamlined silhouette offers a clean take on the heavy-duty designs of the late ‘80s, while the dependable leather, synthetic, and mesh upper construction is a classic look in any era.Gen Z has shown a curiosity for “retro” styles, making dad shoes an easy way for brands to bring back an old look with modern colors and accents.And to add some modern hints, this sneaker is dressed in different hues giving users the luxury of picking which NB 550 colorway fits their style. 

Replica New Balance 550s are typically smaller than real ones. They’ll run smaller in terms of shoe size (so an 8.5 might fit like an 8 or in between) and might run narrower as well.The shoe might fit without noticeable size issues. You can line up the sole of your New Balance 550 with another authenticated New Balance sneaker of the right size or the sole of another sneaker of the right size.


2. The Side ‘N’ Logo

01) The original logo is well below the side surface.And there are double steps in the original. None in the fake.

02) The ‘N’ is well defined in shape and has space on all sides. The indents on the top and bottom are angled and narrow, making the letter clear. The two stitch lines outlining the ‘N’ don’t touch the detailing underneath the logo.The pieces around the letter N are flat in the fake.

03) The logo area will be smooth and soft, the fake will be rough.

04) If you run your fingernail over the ‘N’ it should have a fine ridged texture, similar to that of a lenticular print. You can identify a fake New Balance 550 ‘N’ logo if the surface is smooth.  


3. The ‘550’ Print

01) you can see that the ‘550’ print in the authentic shoe is large and raised up from the surface of the panel. If you ran your finger over the ‘550’ it would be textured instead of flat.On the other hand,the fake New Balance 550 ‘550’ print does not fill up the designated space and appears flat.

02) the ‘550’ print in the authentic shoe is located on the upper area near the shoelaces.A replica New Balance 550 might have the ‘550’ printed larger or to the right side of the tongue.


4. The Heel Logos

01) Original heels has perfect NB logos and symble engraving.The same is valid for this other originals too.

02) On the real shoe, the ‘NB’ is well-centered with even white space around the logo. Fake New Balance 550s often have the heel logo positioned too high.

03) ® is engraved in the Original. Fake ® is not.


 5. The Tongue Logos

Original logos have superb fabric and stitching.Fake tongue has regular logos,and fabric looks good too.

But the stitching lines are not as good. Look at all the ripples and wrinkles created at the edges of the fake fabric.


6. The Shoe Front

01) The toe piece is almost flat in the original.It is curved a lot in the fake shoes.

02) Some fake dots are barely visible,original dots are wholesome.

03) The color of an authentic New Balance 550 suede patch is a cool-tone light grey or stone color. Replica shoes typically have warmer, yellow-tone toe box patches.


7. The Outsole

Original NB 550 outsole has superb patterns and logo engravings.The fake outsole has tried to copy all the elements.The logos are regular in here to .But the "NON MARKING" engraving is not as emphasized in the fake.


8. The Inside Tag

Fake shoe has a seemingly regular inside tag.All the elements are present. Even the style number matches (same model same color) ,but the letters and logos are clearer in the original.

Fake letters are not aligned.Original has CM length. Fake has MM. But MM nomeclature can be witnessed in a few originals too.


Where To Buy New And Second-hand New Balance 550?

The New Balance 550 sneakers are available in New Balance boutiques worldwide and online.  And you can also get a second-hand and New Balance 550 on some resale websites! Sign up at, you can get up to 4% cash back on new and second-hand New Balance 550 purchase at these sites!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do New balances 550 run small or big?

The New Balance 550 runs slightly larger than true-to-size.

Why is New Balance 550 so popular?

A combination of vintage looks and 80s-era basketball sneakers being fashionable, high profile collabs and limited availability have made the New Balance 550 an extremely popular sneaker model.Hailey Bieber, Laura Harrier, and Kendall Jenner are a handful of the New Balance 550 sneaker's biggest fans. 

Why Is New Balance 550 so expensive? 

The New Balance 550 is expensive on the aftermarket due to popularity and the resulting rarity. High demand combined with staggered releases make them fly off the virtual shelves which drives up the price.

Are New Balance 550 high quality?

Are The New Balance 550 Good Quality? Quality on the 550 is decent overall but varies depending on the material composition of each colorway. The model is not part of New Balance's Made lines and generally has average quality materials. The shoe is solidly constructed however.

Are New Balance 550 comfortable for walking?

Like most New Balance models, the NB 550 is true to size. If you have a wide foot, it makes sense to buy the shoe in half a size larger. The chunky sole makes this model very comfortable and suitable for everyday walking.

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