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28 Popular Hair Color Ideas for Asian Tan Skin in 2024

28 Popular Hair Color Ideas for Asian Tan Skin in 2024

    • When it comes to choosing the right hair color, your skin tone is a major factor when figuring out which hue is the best hair color for you. If you have a gorgeous tan skin tone, it’s only right that you flaunt it. And when it comes to updating your beauty look with one of the best hair colors for tan skin, you certainly don’t have a shortage of options. So what hair colors look best on tan skin? What hair color is good for Asian tan skin? What color looks best on East Asians? whta's the best hair color to cover gray for asian hair? Or What hair color suits South Asian skin? Read on and whether you love blonde hair or you want to be a brunette, there’s a hair color for everyone.



How to Choose a Hair Color for Tan Skin?

1.Determine what colors from your wardrobe suit your skin tone

  • If you look good in red, orange, golden, yellow, green – golden blond, golden brown, strawberry blond, and auburn are the colors that will suit you.

  • If you look good in maroon, fuchsia, black, royal blue – platinum, ash blond, ash brown, burgundy, and jet black will suit you.

  • If you look good in red, purple, charcoal gray, teal – sandy blond, beige blond, chocolate brown, and mahogany will look good on you.

2.Your eye color also plays an important role in determining the hair color that will suit you.

  • People with hazel, green, and brown eyes can go for warm overtones in colors. Golden blond, golden brown, and burgundy are some of them.

  • People with blue or gray eyes can go for cool overtones in hair color. Platinum, ash blond, ash brown, and blond colors will suit these people more.

3.If you have dark skin tone, and still want to go in for full hair color, or let’s say you have gray hair and want full coverage, choose a subtle blond that is between brown and blonde, also known as bronde.

What Hair Colors Are Suitable for Tan Skin?

  • Women with warm skin tones can sport blonde, red, or brown hair colors. However, they need to pay special attention to the shade. Butterscotch, honey, caramel, strawberry, and golden blonde are the best choices.

  • If you want to become a redhead, use dark red blonde or medium red-brown. Such shades can make tan skin glow. Reddish caramel colors are also a good option.

  • If becoming a brunette is your goal, try to choose brownish shades with a touch of red. Try to avoid blue undertones.

  • The overall goal of a person with tan skin is to make the skin color look brighter instead of darker. Therefore, You should avoid anything with blue shades, such as platinum blonde or light red.

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Popular Hair Color Ideas for Tan Skin

1.Tangerine Brown


While bright orange hues may have taken the beauty scene by storm in 2020, this striking hair trend has returned in 2024 in a more wearable fashion. Tangerine brown is one of the best hair colours for Asians this year simply because it’s extremely wearable and flattering on Asians with warm skin tones. While you may think that this is yet another boring brown hue, the tangerine brown hair colour leans more towards the golden orange side. This adds a pop of colour to your overall appearance and instantly makes you appear radiant and fresh!

2.Dark Brunette


Dark brunette is a universally flattering hue that’s easy to maintain. The glossy brown shade brightens up your complexion and goes well with any makeup styles. In addition, this versatile hue is also suitable for any occasion, be it at work or in the university. With dark colours, your black hair roots will not appear as obvious. This makes dark brunette a low maintenance hair colour for those who don’t want to have to dye their hair often. 

3.Burnt Toffee


For the brunettes out there that are afraid of going too light, this dark and mellow toffee brown hair is an easy alternative. Minimal dimension is fine with a funky cut, but if you have long locks, consider adding some depth with lowlights. 

4.Soft Balayage


One of the biggest trends as of late is subtle highlights focused on the bottom half of the hair with subtle streaks throughout the scalp. This makes incorporating toffee balayage hair easy, stylish, and complimentary, as your root color still shows through the style. 

5.Mushroom Brown 


Source:Instagram Twicetagram

Those who have tried dyeing their hair grey or silver will know how difficult it is to achieve the perfect shade – and even more so to retain the colour beyond a week. But this is unavoidable, as Asian hair is notorious for turning brassy after multiple washes. However, your grey hair dreams are not yet shattered. Introducing mushroom brown, a greyish light brown hue designed specifically for Asian hair. It’s much easier to maintain compared to its grey counterpart, and is flattering for all skin tones, even warmer ones!

6.Golden Brown


Want to add a touch of gold to your strands? Allow us to point you in the direction of a golden brown hue. Perfect for those who are already starting with a brown base, this radiant hair color features a gorgeous honey undertone for the perfect sun-kissed look.

7.Effortless Toffee Blend 


If you’re fearing commitment to a total candy-colored overall, try out toffee ombre hair color. Not only does it ground your look in your base hair color, but a good blend will grow out with ease. Medium-length hair is a great place to start. 

8.Dark Brown


One of the best hair colors for Asian women. If you are not ready for hair damaging bleach process, you can consider brightening your hair up slightly with brownish tones. Dark brown is a wonderful natural hair color that makes Asian women look fabulous.

9.Reddish Auburn


The darker your skin tone is the more fabulous reddish auburn looks. When you opt for such a color, you have to reconsider your makeup. Lighter hair dims your features slightly so you need brighter makeup. And this color brings out the amazing texture of your hair really well.

10.Colored Highlights

Your highlights can be so much more than a few pieces of blonde hair that are very popular. Instead, try something else and create a gorgeous color combination that will amazingly suit an Asian girl. Go for a pixie cut and combine lighter and darker green shades with purple highlights for a magnificent look. 


Your highlights can be so much more than a few pieces of blonde hair that are very popular. Instead, try something else and create a gorgeous color combination that will amazingly suit an Asian girl. Go for a pixie cut and combine lighter and darker green shades with purple highlights for a magnificent look. 

11.Brown Ombre


Ombre is a perfect way to play with hair colors of the Asian women. Leaving your naturally black hair on top and dyeing the locks brown on the bottom creates a brighter image without too much hassle and frequent maintenance.

12.Blonde Nape Hair


If you want a pop of color that works with everything, blonde is the right pick for you. This is among the most requested hair colors and hairstyles for Asian women because it’s cool and can be easily covered. Wear your hair loose and some people won’t even notice the color difference. 

13.Strawberry Blonde Highlights


If you have tan skin, try a copper base color with strawberry blonde highlights added throughout. Adding lightened pieces to your hair can make your metallic shade seem more natural and effortless, and the lightened pieces will add brightness to your complexion. 

14.Light Golden Brown


Golden brown hair color looks amazing on Asian women since it has very natural hues. This color should be avoided if you have yellowish skin tone. Meanwhile, it complements reddish skin tones rather nicely.For those who love lighter strands, light golden brown hair is your mane match. 

15.Brown to Blonde Ombré


Two shades are better than one — that’s how the saying goes, right? Brown to blonde ombré hair features a seamless transition from brown to blonde for a look that easily makes a stylish statement. Not to mention, the darker roots make it super low-maintenance. That’s what we call smart hair coloring.

16.Bright Auburn Highlights


Using auburn hair color to brighten up your locks is a wonderful idea. Auburn is one of the most suitable hair colors for Asian women who have yellowish and dark skin tone. Whether it is short or long,  any dark hair will look fabulous with some auburn highlights. They will give your whole mane that most wanted glow and if you use a thick wand to curl your hair, you might find yourself looking like a Hollywood star. 

17.Medium Brown


Medium brown Asian women’s hair color is one of the most popular options. It brightens your hair better than dark brown while not allowing the roots to show too much. Medium brown is a great place to start your dyeing journey.

18.Dark Auburn Wavy Hair


Softening a prominent jawline has never been easier and if you pick a dark brown hair color with auburn highlights and a wavy bob haircut, you might get your wish. You can also draw all the attention to those thick eyebrows and brown eyes with Tan Skin.

19.Raven Black


If you want to outline your facial features without doing too much damage to your locks, opt for raven black hair color. Asian women have naturally dark tresses but making them even darker amplifies the mystery effect.

20.Dark Hair with Auburn Highlights


A short hair with auburn highlights might be the change you needed if you’re aiming for a glamorous look. The bob shape is probably the best option because it’s also long enough to style flattering waves. You can use a wand or a straightening iron to pull off those curls.

21.Honey Glow


This honey blonde shade is undoubtedly a beautiful hair color idea for women with tan skin. Define the look further by adding light blonde babylights that add an instant glow to the face while the dark roots set off this style further.

22.Soft Chestnut Brown Hair


Those who want to keep it natural and low-key can opt for this elegant hair color. The soft chestnut blonde hue gives the skin a brighter gleam while caramel highlights peeking through the darker hair takes this look to another dimension.

23.Blonde Moment


Although a golden blonde shade does not suit a warm skin tone, a bronze blonde hue surely does. Use this color as a base and amp up the look by going for champagne blonde highlights. Leave these locks on the loose to keep all the eyes on you. 

24.Chic Highlights


Here is another ideal hair color for tan skin. Copy this jaw-dropping hair look by dying it in a dirty blonde shade and adding chunky highlights all around the head. Add loose waves to the luscious tresses and leave them loose for a romantic appeal.

25.Subtle ginger highlights


Ginger is not the best hair color for tan skin, but it can look amazing when used as subtle highlights. Leave your hair the natural color and dye just a couple of strands of ginger. You’ll be genuinely amazed by the result.

26.Auburn Spice


Reddish Auburn is one of the most popular colors women with tan skin tone choose when they decide to go red. It’s a warm and calm shade, which doesn’t need too much maintenance. However, you have to be ready for touch-ups once every 1.5 months.

27.Rich brown with golden highlights


Rich brown colors look the best on the Asian tan skin, but they are tough to maintain. Add a few golden highlights to give your mane some shine when the color starts to wash out. They need to be touched up less frequently.

28.Cool Toffee Highlights


Not everyone is suited to a warm and cozy tone for their hair. Cool dark toffee hair color is great for fair skin or those with yellow or tan and olive undertones. Don’t be afraid to lighten the ends, though! Dimension is everything and feels the most modern. 

Best Hair Dyes For Hair In 2024

Since Asian hair is different from other types of hair, it is recommended to use products that are exclusively formulated for them. 

Best Hair Dyes For Asian HairBest ForColors Available
Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair DyeDamaged HairBeige, Brown, Burgundy, Red, Black
Bigen One Push Hair ColourInstant Hair DyeDark Brown and Black
Salon de Pro Hair ColourGrey CoverageAsh Brown, Brown, Chestnut
Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour TreatmentSensitive ScalpsBlack
ShoHan Instant Powder Hair Colour- BlackNatural Asian HairBlack, Dark Brown
Etude House Bubble Hair ColouringDyed Asian HairBlack, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Blonde

How to Dye Hair Color at Home?

Step 1: Find a color that suits you

  • Find a color that suits you.

  • Choose a color that is suitable for your complexion.

  • Choose a color that suits your hair type.

  • Choose a color that suits your lifestyle.

  • Choose a color that suits your personality, age, and skin tone.

Step 2: Buy the dye online

The next step is buying the dye online. It can be expensive in the store, so if you want to buy it in bulk or in different shades or brands, it’s recommended that you do so online. 

Step 3: Prepare for the dyeing process. 

The dye process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the product and how long it needs to stay on. Remember that if it says “leave in for 10 minutes,” don’t leave it on any longer than 10 minutes!

Using a timer is helpful because you’ll want to track how long each color has been sitting in your hair. You may even want to set up a basin or sink in the bathroom so that you can wash out the excess dye after each application.

Step 4: Put on some latex gloves. 

Now that you’re covered in dye and ready to go, it’s time to apply the dye. Make sure you have latex gloves on so that the dye doesn’t stain your hands, then carefully apply the color to your hair. 

Finally, wear a shower cap over your head while leaving it in for at least 30 minutes (but not more than an hour) before rinsing out under cool running water until no more dye comes out of the roots of your hair.

Step 5: Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner

After following the instructions on the box, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Then, let it air dry. To keep your hair healthy, use a hair mask once or twice a week (or at least once per month). You can also use oil to keep your tresses shiny and soft.


1.Which is best suited for tan skin? dark or light hair?

Tan skin can look attractive with both dark and light hair colors. Regardless of the hair color shade, the warm and cool tones matter more when matching hair color to your skin tone. Whereas, ashy hair colors complement cool skin tones.

2.Will black hair color suit tanned skin?

Black hair can suit tan skin as long as it has some kind of tone or subtle shade in it, as a fully neutral black would not look attractive on tan skin. Black hair with hints of brown looks particularly good with tan skin. 

3.Which Hair Color is Best for Asian skin?

When it comes to Asian skin, the answer isn’t straightforward. As you might have guessed, different people have different skin tones.

It’s also important to note that some Asian countries, such as India and Japan, have a wide array of ethnicities.

4.Can tan skin pull off pink hair color?

Tan skin looks attractive with pink hair, and many celebrities can prove it. Pink hair with warm or golden undertones is especially flattering with tan skin. 

5.What is the best hair color for tan skin and brown eyes?

Many people with tan skin and brown eyes have a warm complexion that would pair well with warm hair colors. For example, honey blonde and mahogany brown look beautiful with tan skin and brown eyes. 

6.How Often Should Dye Hair?

Whether you opt for a professional treatment or an at-home bottle job, there’s a fine line between maintaining your roots and overdoing it on the dye. How often you can colour your hair depends on factors such as your hair type, natural colour, and what shade you are changing to. However, you are still dolloping chemicals on your ‘do, so most professionals suggest leaving at least two weeks between each treatment to minimise damage.

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