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20 Popular Hair Color Ideas for Asian Men in 2024

20 Popular Hair Color Ideas for Asian Men in 2024

    • We all kown that Asian men’s hair is normally short and usually cropped. It can be coarse or smooth in texture and always black. While hair color other than neutrals is not often seen on men, when it is, the colors are bold and bright. So the colors used for Asian men's hair are also many, from bright reds, oranges, and yellows to dark browns and blacks. If you want to look unique, try using colors that are not widely used by other men. Which hair color is best for Asian skin? What hair color do Asians look best in? What are Must-Try Hair Colors for Asian men?  Looking for ideas on guys with highlighted hair? If you’re an Asian looking for the perfect hair color for men, look no further than this Asian men’s hair color guide now.


How to Choose The Right Hair Color for Asian Men?

Before selecting your shade, think about whether you prefer a hair color that will mesh well with your skin tone, or something that will create a drastic contrast. 

But what are things you need to consider when choosing hair highlights? Here are some of them:

1.Skin Tone

Having the right hair colour can make a big difference to how you look, which makes finding the right shade for your skin tone so important. 

As a general rule, you want a hair colour that’s the opposite of your skin’s undertones. Those with cool skin tones have blue or purple veins and suit warmer colours, while warm skin tones have more greenish-looking veins and suit cooler colours.

2.Personal Style

You can take all the ‘what colour should I dye my hair’ quizzes the internet can muster, but no matter what your star sign/spirit animal/favourite Disney princess leads you to an answer, it won’t be the right one if it doesn’t suit your personal style. 

Consider factors such as your job (and the dress code it requires) as well as everything already hanging in your wardrobe before even picking up a colour swatch.

3.Hair Type and Colour 

Generally, the darker, thicker or curlier your hair, the harder it will be to bleach. That’s not to say a new ‘do is off the table. However, it may take several treatments to get the desired effect, which can cause damage to your hair.


For most men, it’s the tell-tale signs of ageing that gets them reaching for the dye dispenser.  Past your late 30s, sidestep neon pink in favour of something a little more classic.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Hair Dyes?

There isn’t a "best" place to buy hair dyes from and at the time of writing there was good availability from US retailers.

The below shows some of the cheapest online stores and it’s always worth checking out eBay, too.

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The Hottest Hair Color for Asian Men 2024

1.Mushroom Brown 


Those who have tried dyeing their hair grey or silver will know how difficult it is to achieve the perfect shade – and even more so to retain the colour beyond a week. Introducing mushroom brown, a greyish light brown hue designed specifically for Asian hair. It’s much easier to maintain compared to its grey counterpart, and is flattering for all skin tones, even warmer ones!

2.Golden Brown


If you’re ready to get a lighter shade than chocolate brown, then this golden brown and blonde shade is the way to go. The best thing about this Asian hair color is its nice, warm glow, which works even better if you have that signature morena tan.

3.Mahogany Highlights


Source: Instagram   official_theboyz

From bright red ruby tones to deep burgundy hair colour, red is a staple in almost every year’s hair trend. If you’re thinking of going red in 2024, we suggest going darker with a brownish mahogany red colour! This is one of the best hair colours for Asians who are looking for a bold yet work-appropriate shade as it isn’t too bright or in your face. Moreover, it’s a universal shade that will flatter all skin colours from the fairest to the tannest. 

4.Very Peri Purple


Source: Instagram  bts.jungkook

Purple has always been a popular shade when it comes to makeup, fashion and needless to say, hair colour. While lilac was one of the hottest colour trends of the past years, it has taken on a stronger bluish tone for 2024. 

5.Dark Brunette


Dark brunette is a universally flattering hue that’s easy to maintain. The glossy brown shade brightens up your complexion and goes well with any makeup styles. With dark colours, your black hair roots will not appear as obvious. This makes dark brunette a low maintenance hair colour for those who don’t want to have to dye their hair often. 

6.Ash Blonde Highlights


Do you desire a more subtle look yet something that still brightens up a medium-dark hair color? Then consider this ash blonde highlighted hair. Mix it up with lighter hues of brown to also help create dimension. This style looks especially great when gelled up. To get the look at home, use the L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Fade-Defying Shine Permanent Hair Color in Ash Blonde.

7.Orange and Blonde Highlights


Looking for a fun and bold change as we move into the fall season? Then you should consider getting blonde and orange highlights added to your look. This hairstyle looks especially great if you want a new way to accentuate your curls or textured hair.

8.Copper Highlights


 You can also dye certain portions of your hair copper, so you can enjoy both your natural hair color and your new hue.If you’ve light brown hair, chunky copper red highlights blend very nicely. At the same time, it creates the perfect color combo for summer and spring. As the highlight fade, you will get a natural red tone.

9.Black Asian Mens Hair


Black is a very popular color for men. It is also a very flattering one. The best thing about black is that it looks great on any skin tone, so you can use it as a base color or add highlights to it to make it stand out more.

10.Light Brown Hair color


Light brown hair is a great choice for Asian mens. It has a warm, natural look that suits all skin tones. Light brown hair color is also very versatile and can be colored with highlights or lowlights to add dimension or change the tone of your hair.

11. Asian Grey Hair Highlights


Asian grey hair is a popular color that offers a timeless look. If you want to change your look with gray hair, you will find that this color is easy to maintain. It’s also very common and many people like it because it doesn’t stand out as much as other colors.

12.Platinum Blonde Highlights


Platinum Blonde is the best color for Asian mens hair color. It is a very light blonde that looks very natural and blends well with Asian skin tone. Platinum Blonde is a good color for Asian men to use because it looks like natural blonde hair color for men and does not stand out like many other colors. 

13.Icy Blue Hair Color


It is a cool and trendy hairstyle that can be styled in various ways. The Icy Blue hair color has been gaining popularity among Asian men because it gives them a very stylish look. This hair color is suitable not only for men but also for women and children.

14.Balayage-Inspired Highlighted


Put a take on the classic balayage hair coloring technique with this guy's highlighted hair look. If you are looking to test our highlights, you can start with highlighting your bangs before moving on to the rest of your mane

15.Cool Mocha Brown


Mocha brown is a nice shade for pale skin with a cool undertone. With a little black mixed into the brown, this shade takes on less of the golden, warm brown tones of shades like chocolate and chestnut and more of the inky depth of shades like cafe noir and espresso brown. 

16.Ash Brown


A trendy Filipino hair color, ash brown is a medium shade of brown with a tinge of gray. It borders between light and medium brown, so if you want to simply dip your toes in the medium hair color spectrum, ash brown is your best bet. It goes well with either a neat comb over hairstyle or a playful textured 'do.

17.Frosted Tips


If you're not keen on coloring your entire hair, you can just color the tips. Frosted tips hair coloring is like dip-dyed hair. It works best when you choose a hair color that is in stark contrast with your dark hair color, like blonde against black hair.

18.Platinum Blonde Burr Cut


Even if you have an extremely short haircut, you can still sport a trendy hair color and make it pop! This platinum blonde burr cut creates a fresh and hip look that's perfect if you're ready for a big change.

19.Honey Brown Highlights


This warm color with golden undertones is flattering for Pinoys' naturally brown complexion. Wear this hair color as highlights and simply brush your hair back to create a stylish but laid-back look.

20.Sandy Blonde


This warm shade of blonde has a beige undertone. Wear this color with flair by keeping the top section of your hair long and side-swept. You can also go for textured hairstyles to keep your hair from looking one-dimensional.

Best Hair Dyes For Asian Hair In 2024

Since Asian hair is different from other types of hair, it is recommended to use products that are exclusively formulated for them. 

Best Hair Dyes For Asian HairBest ForColors Available
Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Hair DyeDamaged HairBeige, Brown, Burgundy, Red, Black
Bigen One Push Hair ColourInstant Hair DyeDark Brown and Black
Salon de Pro Hair ColourGrey CoverageAsh Brown, Brown, Chestnut
Rishiri Kombu Hair Colour TreatmentSensitive ScalpsBlack
ShoHan Instant Powder Hair Colour- BlackNatural Asian HairBlack, Dark Brown
Etude House Bubble Hair ColouringDyed Asian HairBlack, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Blonde

How to Dye Asian Mans Hair Color at Home?

Step 1: Find a color that suits you

  • Find a color that suits you.

  • Choose a color that is suitable for your complexion.

  • Choose a color that suits your hair type.

  • Choose a color that suits your lifestyle.

  • Choose a color that suits your personality, age, and skin tone.

Step 2: Buy the dye online

The next step is buying the dye online. It can be expensive in the store, so if you want to buy it in bulk or in different shades or brands, it’s recommended that you do so online. 

You’ll also have access to a wider range of products with more options and sizes than what is available at your local drugstore!

Step 3: Prepare for the dyeing process. 

The dye process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the product and how long it needs to stay on. Remember that if it says “leave in for 10 minutes,” don’t leave it on any longer than 10 minutes!

Using a timer is helpful because you’ll want to track how long each color has been sitting in your hair. You may even want to set up a basin or sink in the bathroom so that you can wash out the excess dye after each application.

Step 4: Put on some latex gloves. 

Now that you’re covered in dye and ready to go, it’s time to apply the dye. Make sure you have latex gloves on so that the dye doesn’t stain your hands, then carefully apply the color to your hair. 

Finally, wear a shower cap over your head while leaving it in for at least 30 minutes (but not more than an hour) before rinsing out under cool running water until no more dye comes out of the roots of your hair.

Step 5: Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner

After following the instructions on the box, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Then, let it air dry. To keep your hair healthy, use a hair mask once or twice a week (or at least once per month). You can also use oil to keep your tresses shiny and soft.


1.What Hair Color Looks Good on Asian Men?

Asian hair color is black and brown. Many Asians have naturally dark brown or black hair, but this isn’t always the case. Some Asian men have blonde or light brown hair, and some even have white/grey hair!

However, if you’re not sure what color your Asian man’s natural hair would be, it’s okay to ask them about their heritage before choosing a permanent dye for him. 

2.Which Hair Color is Best for Asian skin?

When it comes to Asian skin, the answer isn’t straightforward. As you might have guessed, different people have different skin tones.

It’s also important to note that some Asian countries, such as India and Japan, have a wide array of ethnicities.

3.How Often Should Dye Hair?

Whether you opt for a professional treatment or an at-home bottle job, there’s a fine line between maintaining your roots and overdoing it on the dye. How often you can colour your hair depends on factors such as your hair type, natural colour, and what shade you are changing to. However, you are still dolloping chemicals on your ‘do, so most professionals suggest leaving at least two weeks between each treatment to minimise damage.

4.How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

It’s worth sticking with semi- or demi-permanent dyes unless you’re 100 per cent confident you know what you’re doing. These usually last around 28 shampoos, but to save your scalp from drying out, it’s wise to skip a wash every now and then so this can be between four and six weeks.

5.What Hair Color is Asian Hair?

Asian hair is usually straight and either dark brown or black in color. It grows perpendicularly to the scalp. This hair type has the fastest growth rate at approximately 1.4 centimeters per month. A strand of Asian hair has a somewhat round, even shape.

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