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Anker vs. Mophie vs. Belkin vs. Jackery Power Bank: Comparison & Verdict 2024

Anker vs. Mophie vs. Belkin vs. Jackery Power Bank: Comparison & Verdict 2024

    Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make life so much easier. But these devices' battery is a finite resource, they may run out of juice at the most inopportune times. So power banks have become a common item for many people. You can charge your smartphones, laptops and other battery-powered devices anywhere. However, there are a ton of competing power bank brands. How are you supposed to know which ones offer the best value? In this guide, I will introduce and compare the most famous four power bank brand: Anke, Mophie, Belkin, Jackery to help you make a wise decision.

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  • Anker

Anker Brand History and Origin

Anker is the world's No. 1 mobile charging brand and a charging pioneer for  over 10 years. It is a brand of Chinese electronics company Anker  Innovations (formerly Oceanwing) based in Shenzhen. Steven Yang started  Anker in 2011 after working as software engineer for Google in  California.Anker keeps subsidiaries in California, Germany, the United  Kingdom, Japan, and China as well as contractors in South Korea, Kuwait,  Saudi Arabia, and Romania. 

Anker charging devices use its PowerIQ  proprietary technology, which  detects the connected device and automatically optimizes the current  delivered, thereby reducing the amount of time for a device to reach  full charge. With over 200 million products sold across 146 countries, Anker have the most awesome community of fans both on and offline.


The Anker Power Bank Review

The Anker Power Bank divide into four series: Series 7, Series 6, Series 5 and Series 3. Each series to accommodate a selection of products that are designed for a specific tech lifestyle.

The Series 7 is all about tech. Tailored for those who value the latest technology and high performance above all else, the star-studded portfolio of Anker Series 7 is the definition of innovation. From industry-leading GaN II fast charging technology and the ultimate data transfer speed of Thunderbolt 4 to the frontier of VR technology, Anker Series 7 embraces new possibilities that only come within reach when you look to the future.

If you love exploring uncharted territories of innovation, then Series 6 is for you. Digital life should be fun with unexpected surprises and fresh experiences.From an entire lineup of magnetic charging solutions that just click with your new iPhone to cables with a unique silicone finish that feels remarkably soft between your fingers, Series 6 sparks your imagination with original tech concepts.

High quality is Anker's signature. That said, Series 5 has products that are the cornerstone of Anker’s success. From  their best-selling Nano Pro chargers and cables with a 30,000 bend lifespan to portable power stations with 6 times longer battery life than the industry average, Anker sets the benchmark for quality.
Prefer simpler, more minimalistic products? Go for the Anker Series 3. With Series 3 products, you can focus on the core function you really need.

The Prices of Anker Power BankSeries 7: $99.99-$199.99; Series 6: $49.99-$79.99; Series 5: $39.99-$109.99; Series 3: $21.99-$66.99

Where to Buy Anker Power Bank for the Cheapest?

Anker (6.5-8% cashback)

Anker UK (5.5-7% cashback)

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  • Mophie

Mophie Brand History and Origin

Mophie  is a California-based technology company that manufactures accessories  for smartphones and other mobile devices. The company's main products  are portable charging accessories, particularly phone cases with secondary batteries contained within. The company is listed as an Inc.  5000 company, and it was rated in the  Top 100 Consumer Products & Services Companies in 2013.

In 2013,  mophie had $215.4 million in sales. mophie was acquired by Zagg in 2017  in a deal worth at least $100 million.Featuring fast-charging capabilities and integrated cables, Mophie's power banks offer a boost of power when you need it most.


The Mophie Power Bank Review

Mophie is the leader in portable power banks and #1 selling mobile battery case, the following are their most pupular power banks models:

The Mophie Powerstation XXL has an integrated 4-light LED power indicator that shows the charging status and the current battery life.With a 20,000mAh large internal battery, the mophie Powerstation XXL high-capacity power bank enables super-fast charging that can fully charge your phone up to 4.6 times. Charge 3 devices at the same time. In addition to the USB-C PD port, the portable power bank also has 2 USB-A ports for charging smartphones, tablets and other USB-enabled devices.

The Mophie Powerstation Wireless XL 10,000mAh power bank can charge two devices at once using both wired and wireless methods, with Lighting and USB-C ports an option too. Capable of dealing with almost anything you throw at it, it's a bit chunky and heavy but it does the job.

The Mophie Powerstation Plus XL 10,000mAh power bank is ideally designed for iPhones and iPads thanks to its embedded Lightning cable. It can charge two devices at once too via the 10W USB-A port and the integrated charger.

The Prices of Mophie Power Bank: $39.95-$199.95

Where to Buy Mophie Power Bank for the Cheapest?

ZAGG (5-6% cashback)

Walmart(3.5-4% cashback)

  • Belkin

Belkin Brand History and Origin

Belkin  is an accessories market leader delivering power, protection,  productivity, connectivity, audio, security and home automation  solutions for a broad range of consumer electronics and enterprise  environments. Designed in Southern California and sold in more than 50  countries around the world, Belkin creates products that empower people  through technology whether at home, at work or on a new adventure.

From USB adapter cables to power adapters and protective cases, Belkin seemingly sells it all and has built a solid reputation for reliable products. The company also offers a range of power banks designed to charge up a variety of your gadgets.Like many other excellent portable power banks, Belkin has choices that will satisfy both power output and capacity needs. With such a great reputation in basically every other area, it’s no surprise that Belkin’s power banks are of top quality.


The Belkin Power Bank Review

The Belkin USB-C PD Power Bank 20K brings enough capacity to power up even the best Chromebook with its 30W PD USB-C port, while simultaneously keeping your phone topped up with the USB-A port.

Belkin Gaming Power Bank with Stand is perfect for long mobile gaming sessions when using one of the excellent mobile gaming controllers, or when you have to attend video calls on your phone. This power bank has a 10,000mAh battery, USB-A, USB-C ports, and a built-in phone stand makes charging and playing on the go a snap.

Belkin BoostCharge MultiPort 10k Power Bank not only offers 10,000mAh of charging capacity, but it also gives multiple ways to charge and recharge. It has two USB-A ports and a USB-C port for charging your devices. Then, when recharging the portable pack, you can do so with USB-C or micro-USB.

Designed especially for iPhone and iPad, BoostCharge Power Bank 5K With Lightning Connector is the first-to-market MFi-certified power bank to recharge via Lightning connector, allowing you to use the same Lightning cable to charge the power bank, as you use to charge your iPhone. This one-cable solution makes this small, thin, lightweight power bank (aka portable charger) ideal for on-the-go charging and is fully MFi-certified to guarantee compatibility with iPhone and iPad.

The Prices of Anker Power Bank: $29.99-$69.99

Where to Buy Anker Power Bank for the Cheapest?

Belkin (3-4% cashback)

Walmart (3.5-4% cashback)

  • Jackery

Jackery Brand History and Origin

Established in 2012, Jackery designs, develops and manufactures portable power and energy solutions.  It is headquartered at 48521 Warm Springs Blvd, STE 313 Fremont, CA 94539. It was co-founded by former Apple senior quality engineer and CEO Mr. Sun, a pioneer in the design and development of Li-battery technology with over 17 years' experience.

Jackery offers an array of portable power supply solutions, including portable power stations, portable solar panels, and portable power banks. With over 9 years of experience in the field, Jackery is now a global energy leader, the number one producer of portable power, and one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of outdoor solar utilities. In redefining the use of clean energy for outdoor living, they are a major front in the fight against climate change.


The Jackery Power Station Review

Jackery Portable Power Station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. Equipped with AC outlet, DC carport and USB charging ports, they can keep all your gear charged, from smartphones, laptops, to CPAP and appliances, like mini coolers, electric grill and coffee maker, etc.

In 2015, the world’s first lithium portable power series—the Explorer—launched Jackery’s avant-garde portable power line and featured an innovative battery management system. The Explorer 240 produced in 2018 is a classic model that has become a bestselling staple in the family of portable power stations. Now Jackery expanded Explorer Portable Power Station Line With more new models. The Jackery Explorer Series now includes the Explorer 160, Explorer 290, Explorer 300,  Explorer 500,  Explorer 550, Explorer 880, Explorer 1000,  Explorer 1000 pro, Explorer 1500 and Explorer 2000 pro in addition to the 240.

In 2020 Jackery expanded its product line to tightly integrate portability with solar power—the Solar Generator series, designed to effectively combine power stations with solar panels.Jackery SolarSaga solar panels can be folded and strapped for easy carry and use. The goal of a solar panel is to turn as much sunlight into clean energy as possible, and Jackery's panels have a 23.7% efficiency.Combining their solar panels with any Jackery rechargeable portable power station creates a solar generator system. Solar power is stored in the station's lithium battery to keep all your gear charged.

The Solar Generator series have eight models now, that is Solar Generator 160, Solar Generator 240, Solar Generator 300, Solar Generator 500, Solar Generator 1000, Solar Generator 1000 Pro, Solar Generator 1500 and Solar Generator 2000 Pro.

Jackery also offers portable chargers, or so called power banks come in pocket size from mini 3350mAh to 26800mAh capacity battery. With smart charging, quick charging and USB Type-C Power Delivery charging, you have various options and budgets to choose what fit you best. They are portable chargers for iPhone and Android.

The Prices of Jackery Power Station: Explorer Series: $139.99-2099Solar Generator Series: $599.98-$6199;

Where to Buy Jackery Power Station for the Cheapest?

Jackery (5-6% cashback)

Home Depot (6-8% cashback)

Anker vs. Mophie vs. Belkin vs. Jackery Power Bank: Verdict 

Anker, Mophie, Belkin and Jackery are all reputable power bank brands. You can rest assured that you’re getting a dependable, long-lasting and feature-packed power bank whether you go with which brand.  Howerver, Anker offers a wider selection. No matter what your needs in terms of features and capacity, there’s almost certainly an Anker power bank for you.Belkin power bank  is oderately priced which will most likely not break your bank. Even the highest-capacity models cost only around $70. Jackery solar generator is a clean power source for campers, RVs, or as emergency backup.  For techies who want to travel light, the Mophie Power bank is a godsend.

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