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Top 8 Baccarat Rouge 540 Alternatives: Comparison & Reviews 2024

Top 8 Baccarat Rouge 540 Alternatives: Comparison & Reviews 2024

    Maison Francis Kurkdijan’s Baccarat Rouge 540 has taken the beauty world by storm. Launched in 2014, it is still among one of the most popular fragrances across the internet. The woody scent releases a poetic alchemy, a highly condensed and graphic olfactory signature. Breezy jasmine facets, radiant saffron boost the ambergris mineral notes and the woody tones of freshly-cut cedar. The subtle yet notable floral fragrance will be sure to capture the attention of anyone, male or female, without overpowering the senses. Some would call it overpriced, some elegantly luxurious, intensive, others would say it’s gorgeous and unique. It is very sophisticated yet sensual. Definitely a unisex fragrance and a must have for collectors. However, the hefty cost of $325 is a huge deterrent so that people are still searching high and low for alternatives. What is an alternative to Baccarat Rouge 540? Does cloud by Ariana Grande smell like Baccarat Rouge 540? What's the Zara alternative to Baccarat Rouge? Here are the best Baccarat Rouge 540 alternatives that you can get this complex aroma with cheaper prices!


1. AllSaints Sunset Riot Eau de Parfum Review

Official Price: $84

Gender: Unisex

Fragrance Family: Woody Floral

Scent Type: Floral Woody Musk

Key Notes: pink pepper, orange flower, rose,amber, cedarwood

How long does AllSaints' Sunset Riot last? 

6-8 Hours.

What does AllSaints' Sunset Riot smell like?

AllSaints' Sunset Riot Eau de Parfum is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. Sunset Riot was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Gabriela Chelariu. 

The star of this fragrance is pink pepper, with cedarwood playing into the mix. The key note is pink pepper, offering a tingling floral and rose scent. Orange flower's citrus kick gives a lightly punchy and fresh edge, whilst base notes of cedarwood complete the perfume with a richly warm and earthy finish that balances the coolness of orange flower.

Allsaints' sunset riot is the closest alternative to Baccarat Rouge 540 I've tried, but it's not as sweet and sticky as MKF540, and the metallic and powdery feeling is stronger. What sets it apart from Baccarat Rouge 540 is the middle note of orange flower, which gives it a touch more citrus that’s beautiful for spring and autum.


Where to buy AllSaints' Sunset Riot online cheapest? ($84+ 0.4-0.6% cashback) ($67.70+ up to 6-7% cashback)

2. Ariana Grande Cloud Review

Official Price: /

Gender: Female

Fragrance Family:  Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Floral/Gourmet

Key Notes: Lavender, Bergamot, Vanilla, Coconut, Musk, Woody 

How long does Ariana Grande Cloud last? 

5-6 Hours.

What does Ariana Grande Cloud smell like?

Cloud by Ariana Grande is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. Cloud was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Clement Gavarry. Cloud's formula avoids using red berries and white florals, two scent profiles that most perfumes - especially celebrity perfumes - tend to rely on.

Top notes are lavender,  pear, and bergamot; middle notes are whipped cream,  Praline, coconut and vanilla orchid; base notes are musk and creamy woody notes. It smells like a warm but clear breath of air.

This addictive scent opens with a dreamy blend of alluring lavender blossom, forbidden juicy Pear and mouth-watering bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is a whipped touch of creme de coconut, indulgent praline and exotic, vanilla orchid. The vanilla-praline middle notes are extremely similar to Kurkdjian's candy-sweet ambroxan. Sensual musk's and creamy woods add cashmere like feel that seduces the senses. 

Cloud as an affordable alternative for Baccarat Rouge 540 has the same woodsy, musk-oriented base notes coupled with sweet, gourmand vanilla. With both giving off final woodsy notes, it's clear that the base notes of the two are very similar, but the top notes are not very similar.

Photo of Ariana Grande Cloud , EDP Spray - 1 fl oz

Where to buy Ariana Grande Cloud online cheapest? ($35.99 + 3-4% cashback) ($26 +up to 3.5-4% cashback)

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3. Zara Red Temptation For Her Review

Official Price: $29.90

Gender: Femal

Fragrance Family: Woody Floral

Scent Type: Moss Woody 

Key Notes: saffron, coriander, bitter orange, praline accord, moss and woody amber

How long does Zara Red Temptation last? 

5-6 Hours.

What does Zara Red Temptation smell like?

Red Temptation For Her by Zara is a fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Red Temptation For Her was launched in 2020. Top notes are Saffron, Coriander and Bitter Orange; middle notes are Praline and Jasmine; base notes are Amber, Moss and Musk.

An eau de parfum dressed up with the warm and textural notes of precious saffron and coriander, bitter orange provides a fruity and colorful touch to the luminous floral bouquet. The brightness of jasmine reveals all the sensuality and femininity of white flowers, enhanced by a praline accord, modern and highly addictive. The flowers highlight the potency of moss and woody amber notes, wrapped in a musky cloud, leaving a wake of complete femininity.

The similarities of Zara Red Temptation to Baccarat made it a massive hit on social media posts for a long time. This doesn't have the same level of sweetness as MKF540 for me. The orange note up top is sharper and sweeter than 540. Then it's smooth, fresh, and has a good deal of ambroxan in the middle act - that's when it's most similar. So it has great value for money as an alternative.


Where to buy Zara Red Temptation online cheapest? ( $29.90)

4. Casino Royal by The Dua Brand Extrait de Parfum Review

Official Price: $60

Gender: Unisex

Fragrance Family:  Oriental Floral

Scent Type: Citrus Aromatic

Key Notes: Jasmine, Saffron, Orange di Capri, African Marigold,  Cyclamen, Ambroxan,  Cedarwood, Ambergris, Fir Balsam

How long does  Casino Royal  last? 

8 Hours.

What does Casino Royal smell like?

The Dua Brand specializes in creating alternatives or similar smelling fragrances. Casino Royale was inspired by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait de Parfum.

Casino Royale  is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women and men. Casino Royale was launched in 2016. The nose behind this fragrance is Mahsam Raza.  Top notes are Marigold, Indonesian Jasmine, Buchu or Agathosma, Saffron and Orange; middle notes are Cyclamen, Ambroxan and Oakmoss; base notes are Ambergris, Balsam Fir and Moroccan Cedar.

This exquisite sparkling, warm, and extremely aromatic scent is a composition that's luminous and sophisticated. You get hit with a distinct kick of sweetness, but not too sweet. It's like sweetness that comes off of a flower, with a faint citrusy note umderneath that. Hours later, your own pheromones and clean sweat combines and warms up this scent, bringing it back to life with soft woody and ambrogenous allure. Casino Royale lays flawlessly on the skin like a perfect cashmere garment; true poetic alchemy in a bottle. 

This a good alternative to BR540, but the differences are also noticeable. To my nose, it isn’t as sweet or smooth, and has a larger floral presence. Though, that’s to be expected with the price difference.


Where to buy  online cheapest? ($60)

5. DOSSIER Ambery Saffron Review

Official Price: $49

Gender: Unisex

Fragrance Family: Woody Floral

Scent Type: Woody Floral

Key Notes: Saffron, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Plum, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Fir Balsam, Amber

How long does   last? 

4-5 Hours.

What does    smell like?

With the scorching heat of saffron, Ambery Saffron inspired by MFK's Baccarat Rouge 540 opens up with a bang. Top Notes are Saffron, Orange Blossom; Middle Notes are Jasmine, Plum, Cedarwood; Base Notes are Oakmoss, Fir Balsam, Amber.

Often avoided in perfumery because of its intensity, the warm temper of saffron is balanced with sizzling cedarwood and sultry amber. With depth and an intoxicating spice that you won’t find anywhere else, Ambery Saffron is full of mystery, delivering on warmth and unique texture. You can even combine two fragrances to create your own dreamy blends. This perfume is the perfect mix of warm and spicy, offering a unique texture that will leave you wanting more. It is a must-have for summer.

DOSSIER Ambery Saffron is a great and cheaper alternative to MFK 540 with similar fragrance and at a much lower price. But the Baccarat Rouge is more long-lasting and has much better sillage too. The original has more ingredients, and its formula is more complicated. 


Where to buy online cheapest? ($49+up to 3.5-4% cashback)

6. Al Haramain Amber Oud Rouge Eau De Parfum Review

Official Price:  /

Gender: Unisex

Fragrance Family:  Woody Floral

Scent Type:  Creamy Oriental

Key Notes: Saffron, Jasmine,Ambergris, Musk,White Cedar Extract

How long does Al Haramain Amber Oud Rouge last? 

6+ Hours.

What does Al Haramain Amber Oud Rouge smell like?

Al Haramain Amber Oud Rouge Cologne by Al Haramain, Starting in 2018, Al Haramain has slowly been introducing a delicious collection of creamy oriental perfumes in the Amber Oud collection. In early 2020 Al Haramain Amber Oud Rouge was added to the already impressive array. Top note is Saffron; middle note is Jasmine; base notes are Ambergris, Musk and White Cedar Extract.

The fragrance is complex and sweet, allowing it to blend in in a variety of settings. It opens with distinctive top notes of saffron and a touch of floral accents. The middle is a sweet and salty combo thanks to rich amber wood and a touch of ambergris. The base exudes the warm scent of agarwood along with a few specially-chosen woodsy scents including fir and cedar. This fragrance is easy to enjoy anytime, but is especially suited to adding spice and warmth to cool evenings.

One look at the notes in this fragrance and it’ll be easy to understand why it's a Baccarat Rouge 540 alternative. In fact, the notes are nearly identical with a few additions.

Al Haramain Amber Oud Rouge Cologne by Al Haramain

Where to buy Al Haramain Amber Oud Rouge online cheapest? ($70.18 +up to 3.5-4% cashback) ($82.58 + 0.8-1% cashback)

7. Burberry Her Intense Eau de Parfum Review

Official Price: $79 - $136

Gender: Female

Fragrance Family:  Floral Fruity 

Scent Type: Gourmand

Key Notes: Red Fruits, Blackberry, Jasmine,Benzoin, Amber

How long does   last? 

4-6 Hours.

What does Burberry Her Intense smell like?

Burberry Her Intense by Burberry is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. Burberry Her Intense was launched in 2019. The nose behind this fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian. 

The fragrance opens with dark berry tones of blackberry and cherry, while the heady and intoxicatingly floral heart honours Her through its marriage of jasmine and violet. Finally, the base has an added depth, warmth, and richness thanks to balsamic benzoin and soft cedarwood. If you’re a fan of oriental fragrances that centre around dark fruity tones and seductively warm notes, you’ll love this perfume.

Those who tend to hone in on the sweet notes of Baccarat Rouge 540 will find that this perfume from Burberry has a similar quality.  It' good for date nights or going out. And the Intense version feel like Autumn and Winter perfumes to me, though I think you could wear them in the Spring and Summer in the evenings.


Where to buy  online cheapest? ($89.69+0.08-0.1% cashback)

8. Glasshouse Fragrances Midnight In Milan Eau de Parfum Review

Official Price: $74.95-$139

Gender: Unisex

Fragrance Family: Chypre fragrances

Scent Type: Mossy-woody Floral

Key Notes:  rose, buttery saffron, aromatic moss, amber, musk

How long does Midnight in Milan last? 

6+ Hours.

What does Midnight in Milan smell like?

Midnight in Milan by Glasshouse is a chypre fragrance for women and men. Midnight in Milan was launched in 2020. 

Top notes are Black Currant and Saffron; middle notes are Rose, Jasmine and Ambergris; base notes are Amber, Cedar, Musk, Moss and Maltol. You’ll find these notes in every whiff of Glasshouse Fragrances’ Midnight In Milan Eau de Parfum, along with complementary scents like rose, blackcurrant, and musk. It's a bit lighter than Baccarat Rouge 540 with those notes of rose peeking through. 

A sensual, exotic chypre, floral fragrance to arouse what lies hidden. Notes of saffron and rose descend into subtle amber and distinctive mossy-woody base. The fragrance is long lasting, daringly potent and absolutely addictive.


Where to buy Midnight in Milan online cheapest? ($100 + 10-12% cashback) ($69.99 + 3-4% cashback)

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