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10 Popular Chinese Books with Pinyin and English 2024 (Simplified & Traditional Chinese)

10 Popular Chinese Books with Pinyin and English 2024 (Simplified & Traditional Chinese)

    For those who are learning a foreign language like Chinese, reading definitely accelerates overall progress. You can not only learn Chinese grammar along with vocabulary from books, but also Chinese culture. And for beginner stage Chinese learners, the Chinese books with a corresponding pinyin of the characters will be the best choice. Because you can learn how to pronounce each character using the English alphabet. The following are 10 popular Chinese books with Pinyin and English in 2024, some offer both simplified and traditional editions. You can improve your Mandarin language listening and reading ability quickly with them. Let's check it!

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1. My First Book of Chinese Words: An ABC Rhyming Book

(Price: $11.10 + up to 5% cashback at

My First Book of Chinese Words introduces young children to basic words and concepts in the Chinese language through colorful rhymes and beautiful imagery. It is a book that parents and young children will enjoy reading together. The Chinese words in the book are all common, everyday items, and the rhymes are informative and fun for children.


The goal of My First Book of Chinese Words is to familiarize children with the basic sounds and written characters of Chinese, to introduce core concepts of Chinese culture, and to illustrate the ways in which Chinese sounds differ from English ones.  Each word is presented in Chinese characters (both Simplified and Traditional) as well as Romanized Pinyin for easy pronunciation.

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2. Chinese and English Nursery Rhymes: Share and Sing in Two Languages

(Price: $41.56 + up to 5% cashback at

As Mother Goose has known for centuries, rhyme and rhythm are fun! And what could be a more enjoyable way for children and their parents to learn about different cultures and languages than through familiar rhymes and songs?


In Chinese and English Nursery Rhymes, an innovative collection of favorite rhymes are put in pairs—one from China and the next in English—to show how the things that kids love are the same, no matter where in the world they live. This book breaks the language down quite nicely and has the English words on the first line, followed by the Chinese pinyin on the second line and then the actual Chinese characters on the third line. Whether your native language is English or Chinese, you can learn the rhymes along with your children.

3.  Bao Bao Learns Chinese

(Price: $22.99 at

Bao Bao Learns Chinese was created so babies everywhere can learn Mandarin Chinese. This bilingual singalong music book supports early language learning! Research shows songs are the best way for babies to learn languages.


As an interactive Chinese children's sound book, you can read, listen and sing along with Bao Bao, the panda, to 6 classic nursery rhymes. Each song is sung twice, so you can follow along with the PinYin (the phonetic pronunciation) with your children and learn Mandarin together! This songbook is a fantastic introduction to Mandarin Chinese. The durable construction and bright illustrations make this the perfect board book for anyone: newborn infants, babies, one-year-olds, toddlers, and parents.

4. 20 Classic Fairy Tale Books for Children Aged 2-6, Bedtime Story Books, Written in English And Chinese Pinyin

(Price: $23.75 at

This series of books is written in both English and Chinese, and pinyin. The stories are: "The Frog Prince", "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty", "Pinocchio", "Thumbelina", "The Wizard of Oz", "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", "The Ugly Duckling", "The Little Match Girl" etc. This is a series of beautifully illustrated storybooks, drawn by professional illustrators based on the stories, with bright colors and vivid images that arouse children's interest in reading.


This book contains 10 extra fairy tale stickers, which are also written in both English and Chinese, with Chinese pinyin phonetic notation. In order to allow children to have more interaction during the reading process, these stickers can guide the baby to deepen the storyline and characters. Reading will not become boring, and the baby will experience more happiness!

5. Let's go on a hike! Written in Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English: A bilingual children's book (Chinese Edition)

(Price: $15.99 + up to 4% cashback at

 This is a book about nature that rhymes in both English and Chinese! You can discover all the wonders of nature with this beautifully illustrated book all about a little boy on a hike with his dad, mom, and Archie, the corgi.


 It is great for children ages 2 to 8, this delightful book is full of a child's fun curiosities, adventure, and poetry! The interior has large Simplified Chinese characters with Pinyin and English for support. This story is also separately available in Traditional Chinese.

6. I Found It! a bilingual look and find book written in Traditional Chinese, Pinyin and English (Chinese Edition)

(Price: from $7.50 + up to 5% cashback at

I found it! is a fun find and seek or look and find a book with 12 engaging and colorful scenes. Learn new Chinese vocabulary through this interactive children's book! Learning Chinese has never been so easy!


Written in Traditional Chinese, Pinyin, and English, this book includes 12 different scenes with the names of various objects as well as a thought-provoking question per scene. Free audio reading in Mandarin is also provided for correct pronunciation. This engaging bilingual book is also separately available in Simplified Chinese with Pinyin and English.

7. I love my grandpa (A bilingual children's book written in Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English)

(Price: $11.99 at

Mina has a brilliant idea for her puppy, but she can't do it alone! She spends a fun-filled day with her grandpa, creating, building, and developing their special bond. Join Mina and Gong Gong (grandpa) as they team up to bring her idea to life!


 This book showcases everyday dialog to support your child in Chinese learning. Written for children ages 2 to 6 in Simplified Chinese, Pinyin, and English, this sweet story with vibrant illustrations is easy to follow. Your little one will learn common conversational sentences in Chinese as well as new vocabulary. It is also available in Traditional Chinese with Pinyin and English.

8. Chinese for Kids Set 1: 10 First Reader Books with Online Audio and 100 First Words

(Price: $25 at

Chinese for Kids Set 1 is a motivating set of first readers for children ages 3-8 who are beginning to learn Chinese. Developed with teachers, the Spot Color Immersion Method combines simple sentences, humor, visual cues, repetition, and context in just one line of text per page to help beginners learn vocabulary. Children soon read each page by themselves until they proudly finish their first little book in Chinese, then all 10, an achievement that builds confidence and motivates them to continue learning. Kids learn the correct pronunciation by listening to the online audio by a native speaker.


This book features:

  • 10 easy Chinese readers, every 16 pages with a simple storyline;

  • One line of text per page in pinyin with Traditional Chinese characters (Simplified variants incl.);

  • English translation at the back;

  • Bilingual Chinese-English vocabulary charts on the inside cover;

  • Access to online audio using the web address/URL in the books (stream or download).

9. My First Mandarin Words with Gordon & Li Li

(Price: $12.31+ up to 5% cashback at

You and your children can learn English and Mandarin words with panda cousins Gordon and Li Li in this charming and colorful bilingual first words book! Gordon and Li Li are cousins. Li Li is from Beijing, China, and speaks Mandarin. Gordon lives in Brooklyn, New York, and speaks English. When Li Li visits Gordon for the first time, the cousins must learn to communicate using simple, everyday words. Children and caregivers can read along with Gordon and Li Li as they learn basic English and Mandarin words and their correct pronunciation.


Each spread of this sturdy book spotlights a different theme, including greetings, everyday words, numbers, and animals! And every word features the English and Pinyin spelling along with the Chinese character and the phonetic Mandarin pronunciation to help readers practice. This is an adorable and informative must-have first words book for any family who wants to get little ones excited to open the door to learning a second language.

10. Graded Chinese Reader 500 Words: Selected Abridged Chinese Contemporary Mini-stories  (English and Chinese Edition)

(Price: $16.98+ up to 5% cashback at

This is the fourth book of the Graded Chinese Reader series tailoring for foreigner Chinese language learners at new HSK Levels 2 & 3 or above. The book can both serve as a Chinese reading textbook and also an after-school extensive reading material. It includes 15 award-winning mini-stories from China.


The book has the following features: Abridged versions of mini-stories written by contemporary Chinese writers, reflecting the everyday lives of ordinary Chinese people. The vocabulary in this book consists of 500 essential Chinese words, which are mainly chosen based on the first 500 Chinese words of the 1,500 high-frequency words in the International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education (2008). The book also includes some of the 600 Chinese words of the Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus Level 3 (2009). The 500 high-frequency words along with some new HSK Level 3 words that appear in the book are all included in the glossary. Pinyin is added to the complete text, English notes or sample sentences for difficult words and sentences are provided; The same side note may appear again in the following articles to facilitate readers who want to choose an article of interest from those offered.

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