48 Kawaii And Creative Japanese Products That You Can't Tear Yourself Away

48 Kawaii And Creative Japanese Products That You Can't Tear Yourself Away

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    Speaking of creativity and novelty, we always think of Japanese in the first place. There are a lot of creative products in Japan that are hard to find on the Internet. You can find a variety of products on Rakuten Global Market. They are fun and special and also very practical. These small objects can make your life easy and interesting. Here we have compiled 48 Kawaii Japanese products in four categories, including Stationery, Home & Life, Kitchenware and Costume/Cosplay. Don't miss it!


                             48 Kawaii Item Selection

Rakuten Ichiba is the biggest and the most popular e-commerce site in Japan, while Rakuten Global Market is its overseas version supporting four languages: they're English, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, and Korean, so that clearing away the first obstacle for non-Japanese-speaking customers. There are a lot of creative products on Rakuten Global Market! You can feel that the Japanese are really full of passion for life by using these items.

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TOMBOW Play Color Dot Markers

As low as $3.38 (¥356)

This 12-color set allows you play with cute colors and shapes - perfect for drawing and note-taking.


Vegetable Crayons 

As low as $12.31 (¥1,296)

You heard it - these crayons are made of vegetables! Have your kids to draw safe and secure.


Food Erasers

As low as $0.47 (¥50)

Cutest erasers you could have, which one would you go for: Sushi or Dim Sum?

brother P-TOUCH CUBE Label Printer

Smartphone Dedicated label maker with bluetooth, have all your belongings organized.

As low as $115.39 (¥12,150)


Needle-less Stapler

As low as $5.67 (¥597)

What a great invention! Save cost for buying staples & less effort to remove them from papers.


Pentel AnkiSnap Memorize Marker

As low as $6.15 (¥648)

Step 1: highlight the parts you need. Step 2: take a photo of it. Step 3: open AnkiSnap app and it turns it into a game where you can test yourself.


Printoss Smartphone instant photo printer

As low as $33.55 (¥3,533)

Whenever, wherever you need photo to be printed out!


Frixion Erasable Stamps

As low as $2.25 (¥237)

There are Frixion erasable pens, but did you know there are stamps too?


D-Line Handy Paper Cutter

As low as $15.39 (¥1,620)

A handy cutter when making scrapbooks, article cutting and other daily scenarios.


Saito OHAGIYAMA Sumo Series

As low as $2.05 (¥216)

Ohagiyama the Sumo wrestler! His favorite snack is cheese rice crackers.


Summer Themed Audio Postcards

As low as $1.38 (¥145)

Enjoy sound of summer in Japan!


Japanese Snacks Stationery Series

As low as $0.60 (¥63)

A bunch of stationery inspired by packagings of a series of famous Japanese snacks.


Godzilla Humidifier

$70.98 (¥7,499)

Attention Godzilla fans! Definitely the coolest Godzilla related product you could find on market - mist comes straight out from his throat - that's how Godzilla helps to humidify air.


Kangaroo Laundry Apron

As low as $16.94 (¥1,784)

Sick of having to bend down to grab clothes out from laundry bag? You need this apron to make your life just a little bit easier.


Food, Car and Other Shaped Candles

As low as $1.03 (¥108)

Candles in shapes of various foods.


Spirited Away Paper Craft Kit

As low as $7.28 (¥767)

What is your favorite scene in Spirited Away? Treasure your favorite scene with these paper craft kits.


ECO Melody Toilet Sound Blocker

As low as $13.78 (¥1,458)

How to mask the sound you make in restrooms - simply press the button and all set.


Matcha Set

As low as $0.09 (¥10)

Enjoy afternoon-Matcha with these lovely Matcha sets.


Portable Handy Fan

As low as $1.67 (¥177)

Nothing handier than these portable fans when in heats.


Fried Dumpling Shaped Accessories

As low as $8.47 (¥896)

Have fried dumpling be best friends with your smartphone - fried dumpling phone stands, fried dumpling key chain.


Ki-gu-mi Wooden Color Model

As low as $1.88 (¥198)

The Ki-gu-mi Wooden Color Model requires no glue or scissors to assemble into picturesque replica of Japanese historical architecture models.


Macaroon Shaped Bedding for Cats

As low as $28.30 (¥2,980)

Imagine your cats rolling around these fluffy and comfortable beds shaped in macaroon…


Utaet Karaoke Mic

As low as $20.30 (¥2,138)

When you feel like give it a shout but concerning your neighbor might knock on your door - all you need is this Karaoke Mic that silence everything.


Snack Dispenser

As low as $68.00 (¥7,160)

You don't need a snack dispenser but you need a Star Wars snack dispenser.


Mt.Fuji Glasses

As low as $38.73 (¥4,078)

Sake glasses in shape of Mt.Fuji - one of the most representative symbol of Japan.


Beer Tumblers

As low as $25.02 (¥2,635)

Keep your beers good and iced during heat!


Traditional Japanese Chopsticks

As low as $0.10 (¥11)

Cooking Japanese at home? Why not complete your Japanese meal with these traditional Japanese chopsticks?


Food Themed Handkerchiefs

As low as $4.55 (¥479)

Simply too cute to use!


Wooden Wappa Lunch Box

As low as $9.19 (¥ 972)

Wappa lunch box is made by bending thin wooden boards into desired shape, it is ideal to maintain freshness of cooked dishes owing to wood's ability to absorb moitsure.


Kakigori Ice Shavers

As low as $38.38 (¥ 4,060)

Kakigori is Shaved Ice in Japanese - a dessert everyone loves in the summer of Japan. Try make your very own Kakigori this summer!


Kimono Wine Bottle Cover

As low as $20.51 (¥2,160)

Dress your wines with decent kimono cover.


Four Seasons Seasoning Container

As low as $23.48 (¥ 2,484)

Seasoning has never been this delightful!


Rilakkuma Kitchenware

As low as $1.23 (¥129)

Have Rilakkuma to feature every corner of your kitchen!


Training Chopsticks For Kids

As low as $1.74 (¥183)

Perfection comes with practices!


KINTO Coffee Dripper

As low as $16.41 (¥1,728)

KINTO is famed for its usability and aesthetics in the production of coffee ware, adds color to your daily life with its elegant presence.


Hasami Stackable-design Mug

As low as $10.26 (¥1,080)

Modular and aesthetic HASAMI porcelain made for stacking.


Kimono for Pets

As low as $3.08 (¥324)

While you looking for a costume for yourself… why not look for one for your pets too?!


Sailor Moon

As low as $15.31 (¥1,612)

"On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you! "


Kiki's Delivery Service

As low as $19.31 (¥ 2,043)

One of the most well-known characters of Ghbli - Kiki the delivery girl!



As low as $20.15 (¥ 2,132)

Ninja costumes for adults and kids.


Dragon Ball

As low as $30.83 (¥ 3,262)

Find your favorite Dragon ball characters here!


One Piece

As low as $23.51 (¥2,487)

One of the most representative Japanese anime that starts in the year of 1997.


Hatsune Miku

As low as $47.49 (¥5,000)

Long turquoise twintails is the symbolic characteristic of the virtual idol Hatsune Miku, who was initially released in 2007.



As low as $3.79 (¥399)

The lazy egg Gudetama is so lovely.



As low as $12.27 (¥1,296)

Dress up as Japanese popular hero Momotaro the Peach Boy!


Attact the Titan

As low as $47.57 (¥5,026)

Hands up if your are a fan of Attack on Titan!


Sleeping Baby Art Costumes

As low as $1.79 (¥189)

Treasure the most adorable moment when your babies at sleep with these cute costumes!


Detective Conan

As low as $30.48 (¥3,220)

"There's only one truth…!" by Detective Conan.


Creativity makes people feel that life is full of fun and freshness. A little change can bring you more happiness. Pick the small Kawaii items you love from here now!

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