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    7 Best Logitech G HUB Alternatives in 2023 (Free Download)

      Peripherals play a great part in one's gaming experience. High-tech mouse, keyboard, and headset will bring an unforgettable gaming adventure to you. Logitech G HUB is a software for adapting Logitech peripherals which enables the configuration of settings for gaming devices such as mice, keyboards, and headsets, giving you the freedom to tweak it to suit your gaming preference. It is a pity that Logitech G Hub only supports modern Logitech gaming devices. So is there any other software can help you customize your other gaming devices? What are the best Logitech G Hub alternatives? I collect 7 alternatives to Logitech G Hub for Windows, Mac, Linux. Let's have a look!

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    Speck Presidio vs. Presidio 2 vs. GemShell vs. CandyShell: Differences and Reviews 2023

      Since 2001, Speck has been creating award-winning products. Their phone cases manage to find the perfect balance between protection and bulk and add a few useful extras that make it a fan favorite as well. So if you don’t need the heavy-duty protection of Otterbox, Speck phone cases is a great choice. However, Speck has a wide range of phone cases,such as Presidio series, Presidio 2 series, GemShell series and CandyShell series etc. You may be wondering which series to choose? And what is the difference between the various series? In this article, I will make a comprehensive comparison between these four most popular Speck phone case series to help you make an informed purchase decision.
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    Top 6 Affordable Alternatives to Kindle Paperwhite in 2023

      E-readers can be very convenient as they allow you to have your favorite books with you anywhere, at the touch of a button. In the digital reading world, Amazon Kindle holds the dominant position for a very long time. Its Kindle Paperwhite is the most welcomed e-readers on the market which can offer you a natural reading experience. However, the Kindle Paperwhite is not your only option. There are some excellent Kindle Paperwhite alternatives out there. Read on to find the best one that is right for you.

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    UAG Pathfinder vs. Monarch vs. Plasma vs. Civilian: Differences and Reviews 2023

      Now, smartphones are blazing fast with brilliant cameras, but they’re more fragile than ever. So you need a rugged case to protect your phones from damage. Urban Armor Gear, or UAG, is one such brand. It prides itself in making cases that offer the best protection against drops, bumps, and scratches. However, UAG's mobile phone cases are divided into several different series, such as UAG Pathfinder Series, Monarch Series, Plasma Series and Civilian Series, and each series has its own characteristics. You may be wondering what's the difference between them? Which series of UAG mobile phone cases is best for you? In this guide, I will be comparing these four UAG cases in detail to help you determine which series is best for your needs.
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    Logitech Gaming Software vs. G Hub vs. Options: Differences and Reviews 2023

      Most peripherals from leading companies come with their software for customizing things like lighting and button mapping on said devices. The Logitech Gaming Software, Logitech G Hub and Logitech Options are three most famous Logitech software, all can lets you customize, set up, and program Logitech’s gears like mice, keyboards, headsets, and speakers. Users are faced with the tough decision about which is better and which one should I install. This article focuses on what they are, an the differences that you must know before turning to any one of them.Let’s find out everything in detail!

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    6 Cheaper Logitech MX Keys Alternatives: Comparison & Reviews 2023

      The MX Keys is a great keyboard for most business users, especially where fast, tactile typing is an essential part of our everyday. It is also one of the few keyboard models that can easily switch between three PCs, supports both MacOS and Windows, is also equipped with a backlight. But price at $99, this keyboard isn't affordable for everyone. If you are looking for the cheaper alternatives, you come to the right place. In this article, I will recommend 6 cheaper Logitech MX Keys alternatives for you, which also have good typing experience and multi-device pairing function, but at lower price. Let's have a look!
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    Logitech K380 vs. MX Keys Mini vs. Apple Magic Keyboard: Full Comparison & Verdict 2023

      If you spend hours typing each day, it is necessary to buy a keyboard for your Mac. A good Mac keyboard feel comfortable to type on, even during long sessions. It will pair with your Mac wirelessly, so you don't have lots of trailing wires cluttering up the place. There's no doubt the Apple Magic Keyboard is the best Mac keyboard. But there are also quality Mac-ready keyboards on the market that cost a lot less than Apple Magic Keyboard, such as Logitech K380, Logitech MX Keys Mini. You may want to know the difference between them and which one is best for your needs? In this guide, I will make a detailed comparison between these three keyboards to help you decide.
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    Apple Watch Ultra vs. Garmin Fenix 7 vs. WHOOP 4.0: Full Comparison & Verdict 2023

      Amidst the ever-growing popularity of smart wearables, Apple Watch, Garmin, and Whoop are widely considered three of the heavy hitters in the market. The three brands offer features and functionalities to appeal to a wide range of demographics, including but not limited to fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Among the three brands, Apple Watch Ultra, Garmin Fenix 7 and WHOOP 4.0 stand out the most. Apple Watch Ultra with a tough and longer-lasting smartwatch made for adventuring types who need something a bit more rugged; Garmin Fenix 7 is advanced multi-sports watch, but its new training tools have been carefully designed to make them accessible to a wider range of athletes; WHOOP 4.0 is the most lightweight and minimal so nothing gets in the way of a snatch, swing, or stride. So Apple Watch Ultra vs. Garmin Fenix 7 vs. WHOOP 4.0: which fitness tracker is best for you? To answer the question, we'll compare their price, design, GPS tracking accuracy, battery life, smart features, and value for money in order to help you find the best smartwatch.

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    Belkin UltraGlass vs. Anti-Glare vs. TemperedGlass vs. InvisiGlass Ultra: Differences and Reviews 2023

      If you're using a high-value phone like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you might want to protect that screen and keep it in pristine condition for years to come, so it is necessary to buy one screen protector for your phone. Screen protector is a defense barrier between your phone glass touch screen and the surrounding environment which can prevent your phone screen from be scratch and crack-free. Belkin is a phone accessories market leader that offers different types of screen protectors, the most popular four are the UltraGlass, Anti-Glare, TemperedGlass and InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector. You may be wondering which one should you choose? In this guide, I will introduce the features and differences of these four screen protectors in detail to help you make the right decision.
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    6 Best & Affordable Magic Keyboard Alternatives: Comparison & Reviews 2023

      The Apple iPad is one of the best tablet on the market which comes with a capable virtual keyboard. Typing on the touchscreen is already surprisingly fluid and natural. But to serve the purpose of turning an iPad into a more efficient device, Apple also offers Magic Keyboard to give you the best typing experience. While the Apple Magic keyboard is the best external keyboard for your iPad, It is an incredibly pricey investment that not everyone can break the bank for. As such, looking for alternatives is your next option. In this guide, I collect 7 best & affordable Magic Keyboard alternatives for you. Read on to find the perfect match for you.

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    Top 10 Cheaper Alternatives to OtterBox Defender in 2023

      iPhone screen repairs aren’t cheap, so people would do anything to ensure its protection. Otterbox is a company that makes phone cases boasting superior protection from drops. Their Defender series is widely recognized as top-of-the-line phone cases, but may not be as affordable as some people may like.There is also the issue of their design being too bulky and heavy for some people to like. Luckily, I find 10 cheaper alternatives to OtterBox Defender which offer slim design and good drop protection. Let's take a look!
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    OtterBox Defender vs. Pro vs. XT vs. Pro XT: Differences and Reviews 2023

      Regardless what outdoor activity you are pursuing, protecting your smartphone is vital. In the world of durable cases, one brand reigns supreme: OtterBox. Its Defender series is known for its high level of protection. But when it comes to Otterbox Defender vs Defender Pro vs. Defender XT vs. Defender Pro XT cases, what’s the difference? What their features are? Which phone case will best suit you and your phone? In this article, I will make a detailed comparison between Otterbox Defender, Defender Pro, Defender XT and Defender Pro XT series. You can take a look before making a decision!
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    12 Cheapest Sites to Buy Drones (Extra 13% Cashback) - DJI, Skydio, Autel & more

      Drones are one of the hot gadgets on the market today. They can give you a fun way to explore varied terrain without walking or hiking and can also take pictures and videos of special moments. Flying drones is an exciting frontier for hobbyists, aviators, and photographers. After you decide which drone is the best drone for you, you’ll need to find a place to buy it. Most drone manufacturers have their own online stores. Plus, you can also buy them from reputable online retailers. In this article, I will show you the 12 cheapest sites to buy drones online. Don't forget to enjoy extra 13% cashback from Extrabux when placing you order.

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    DJI vs. Autel vs. Skydio vs. Holy Stone: Which One Makes the NO.1 Drone Brand in the World?

      Drone technology has made leaps and bounds in the last few years. These aerial vehicles can provide new ways of looking at the world by taking photos and videos from different perspectives. Whether you’re a newbie shopping for your first drone to take amazing aerial photos of the family reunion, or an advanced pilot looking to upgrade your existing drone, there are so many brands to choose from. Some of the top retail drone manufacturers include DJI, Autel, Skydio and Holy Stone.So which one makes the NO.1 drone brand in the world? Which drone should you choose? In this guide, I will make a detailed comparison between these four drone brands from price, durability, features, and customer service to help you make an informed decision.

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    OtterBox Amplify Glass vs. Alpha Glass vs.Trusted Glass: Differences and Reviews 2023

      Screen protectors are incredibly important tools to keep your device's display safe from scratches and drops. If you are looking for a ideal screen protector, take OtterBox into consideration. OtterBox is renowned for its line of heavy duty cases, its screen protectors are no different. But OtterBox provides several screen protector series, like Amplify Glass, Alpha Glass and Trusted Glass, many people will be confused which series to choose? Which screen protector is most suitable for their devices? In this guide, , you will find out the key characterizes of the OtterBox Amplify Glass, the Alpha Glass and the Trusted Glass. You will discover the main differences between OtterBox these three popular screen protectors series.