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GameSir X2 vs. X2 Pro vs. X3: Differences and Reviews 2024

GameSir X2 vs. X2 Pro vs. X3: Differences and Reviews 2024

    GameSir, originating from HongKong, China. Since its birth, GameSir has been adhering to the business philosophy of pragmatism, innovation, openness and cooperation, and has been continuously exploring the field of mobile game equipment. From game platforms to smart devices, GameSir conducts R&D based on the Internet model, and manufactures products in geek spirit to create a gaming peripheral that makes each player experience beyond and above gaming experience. Anyone that has been looking for the best mobile gamepads might have heard of GameSir X2, X2 Pro, and X3. The X2 Pro is GameSir’s first officially licensed mobile controller designed specifically for use with Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming. The X2 Pro can be said to be an upgraded version of X2 and X3. But what's the difference between them? Which one should you buy? Therefore in this GameSir X2 vs. X2 Pro vs. X3 comparison, we want to look at three gaming controllers from top to bottom. This includes their specs, price & avaliablity, designs, pros & cons, software, features, performance, compatibility, and more!


GameSir X2 Reviews

  • Remarkable performance on Cloud Gaming, Apple Arcade for android and iPhone

Though replaced by the updated GameSir X3 Type-C, the GameSir X2 offers a similar design – sans cooling capabilities, of course – and unlike the high-end variant, there’s a USB-C variant for Android, a Lightning variant for iPhones and even a Bluetooth version for the best of both worlds.

In terms of design, it leans into the whole Switch-esque design, sporting the same shades of red and blue beneath the analogue sticks as the most popular combination of Joy-Con, but that’s forgivable compared to the mimicry of Nintendo’s Y-X, B-A button layout. Considering most if not all mobile games are designed around the layout of the standard Xbox layout, you’ll find yourself battling against muscle memory when navigating menus – especially during fast-paced games.

If you can look past the odd button layout, there’s a lot to like about the X2, including the USB-C port that rotates by up to 51° to make slotting your phone into place much easier, and the inclusion of a dedicated screenshot button too. It’s also a generally nice-looking controller and it’s much more affordable than its premium sibling too.


GameSir X2 Pro Reviews

  • Officially licensed by Xbox for Android smartphones

The GameSir X2 Pro should be noted straight away that this is an officially licenced Xbox for Android controller. One of the first things about it compared to the standard X2 is that the four extra buttons on the front are different. They now represent the central buttons on an Xbox controller. Ideal if you’re playing on your Xbox through your phone, as the buttons do what they’re supposed to do. The controller has been specially designed for Xbox cloud gaming with Hall Effect analogue triggers, Kailh microswitch bumpers, Alps 3D joysticks, two mappable back buttons and textured rubber grips. Take AAA into portable gaming. X2 Pro perfects your mobile gaming experience beyond a console by making it happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

The X2 Pro offers customisation options, just like the X3, giving you interchangeable ABXY buttons and joystick caps. If you’re wondering why you would want to do that on an Xbox controller, it’s because you shouldn’t be limited. Different gamers can tailor it to their own playstyle, it can be used with a PC using Steam Link or Moonlight. If you want the A button to be where it is on the Nintendo Switch, then go for it. Like the phone controllers from GameSir, this one expands to match whatever sized phone you have. 



  • Officially licensed by Xbox

  • Support cloudy gaming & native gaming

  • Pass-through charging for select phone models

  • Xbox game pass ultimate for new xbox game pass ultimate members

  • Remote play your Xbox & PC

  • Unlimited customization

  • Instantly-mappable back buttons

GameSir X3 Reviews

  • Ultimate mobile controller - in-depth customization, 4,000 square mm cooling pad and RGB fan

For the utmost hard-core Android gamer, the GameSir X3 may be the ultimate mobile controller, carrying almost every feature you could ask for – including in-depth customization and an RGB fan – but that excess comes at a cost. The key difference between the GameSir X3 in comparison to the X2 is the inclusion of a 4,000 square mm cooling pad and an RGB fan. 

In the hands, the GameSir X3 should feel familiar to anyone who has used its predecessor, the X2, as well as really anyone who has played the Nintendo Switch. On the surface, you have two analog sticks, at the top-left and bottom-right, a directional pad, ABXY face buttons, start, menu, and screenshot.In the top edge, you have two shoulder buttons and two “triggers” which are simple (very loud and clicky) switches, rather than something with a dynamic pull range. Everything is laid out relatively comfortably, with nothing feeling out of place. 

Around the rear of the GameSir X3 are two rounded areas with an excellent texture, intended to give your other fingers a place to rest and grip the controller. While it’s in your grasp, your phone and the X3 aren’t going anywhere, as that bit of texture helps prevent slipping.One downside to note is that the cooling assembly does add a fair bit of weight to the controller. While still generally lighter than a Nintendo Switch, it’s got a noticeable amount of heft that may put a bit of strain on your wrists over time.

The X3 is already a well-made, decently comfortable controller, but GameSir has pushed the boundaries with its latest mobile offering by including customization options. Some of the core pieces of the controller are able to pop loose and be swapped on the fly for a more comfortable experience. Starting with the analog sticks, GameSir has included two different height options in the box, which can be quickly popped off and popped into place. You can also increase the surface area of the control sticks with slip-on convex/concave grips, though these do sometimes slip a bit. The GameSir X3’s level of analog stick customization was fantastic to see.



  • Controller & cooler in 1

  • Zero input delay

  • Detachable abxy layouts

  • Stretch design

  • Cloud gaming compatible

Where to Buy GameSir Gamepads?

You can buy GameSir phone gaming controllers at brands' official website (like Gamesir). You can also gBest, or to purchase gaming controllers. 

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GameSir X2 vs. GameSir X2 Pro vs. GameSir X3

Below we will look at these three gamepads from top to bottom. This includes their specs, price & avaliablity, designs, dispaly, software, controls, features, and more!

1. Specs

GameSir X2GameSir X2 ProGameSir X3
Price $49.99$59.99 / $79.99$99.99
Working PlatformAndroid or iPhoneAndroidAndroid
Connection ModeBluetooth or Type-C PortType-C PortType-C Port
Battery CapcityNo BatteryNo BatteryNo Battery
Interface DirectionLeftRightRight
Product Size178*84*37mm184*85*37mm180*88*48mm
One-click Screenshot
Customization options×
ABXY Detachable××
D-Pad Optional××
Joystick Optional×
Cooler Fan××

2. Price & Availability

Currently, the official website only sells GameSir X2 Pro, while GameSir X2 and GameSir X3 are available for purchase on the Amazon website.

GameSir X2 Pro$59.99 / $79.99
GameSir X2$49.99
GameSir X3$99.99

3. Color Options

ModelsColor Options 
GameSir X2 White Only
GameSir X2 ProWhite / Black
GameSir X3White Only

4. Design

GameSir X2

GameSir X2 with a full-sized back to the controller rather than a spine, like the Backbone One or Razer Kishi, gives it a more solid feeling in the hand too. 

All the buttons have a satisfying, tactile click to them and the analogue sticks are fantastic to use: smooth and precise with plenty of room to travel. For comparison, the Backbone One buttons are just as clicky, but the sticks are a little shallower and have slightly less space to move. And when it comes to small design decisions, GameSir really shows it cares. From the rubberized grips round back and the included case for additional protection, to the connector freely moving up and down by 50 degrees, ensuring you don’t damage your port or plug. It also protrudes a little more, so chances are if your case doesn’t have a lip covering the bottom, you could use the GameSir X2 with the case on.

It’s a very thoughtfully designed piece of kit for gamers, barring one thing. The triggers don’t have any travel. 


GameSir X2 Pro

At first blush, it's challenging to tell the difference between the older X2 and the newer X2 Pro, but there are certainly differences. First and foremost, the X2 Pro is wider, which means it can fit large phones, you know. Beyond the wider footprint, you get full-size face buttons, an improvement over the X2, though a continuation from the X3. You can even remove the face buttons to swap them around if you don't enjoy the Xbox layout. The X2 Pro does offer Xbox branding as the $80 device not only comes with a free month of Game Pass access but even includes a little Xbox button. No, it doesn't launch the Game Pass app; it's just a typical home shortcut like any other mobile controller.

Of course, the biggest addition to the X2 Pro is the fact is uses Hall Effect analog triggers. Many newer mobile controllers have been moving to this feature to deliver console-quality analog triggers, like the Razer Kishi V2, but since GameSir's X2 and X3 were missing out on these analog triggers, it's great to see them included with the X2 Pro, as it was the main sticking point with the previous iterations.

What's also unique to the X2 Pro is that it offers a couple of rear buttons, which can be handy as programmable shortcuts so that you don't have to move your fingers while playing. You can also expect many of the other upgrades that were included with the X3, including Kailh micro switches for the buttons, and Alps 3D joysticks, which are closer to the size of the joysticks on the Nintendo Switch than a full-size joystick on a typical Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Overall, the design feels familiar to previous models but has clearly been improved in key areas so that larger phones will fit, even if they have a case, with triggers that finally work with pressure and tactile buttons all around. 


GameSir X3

Gamesir's X3 retains the Nintendo Switch-like form factor, but makes meaningful changes in other areas, like the cooling fan on the back of the unit. It's easy to write it off as a gimmick, but it does actually help cool down whichever phone you're using to a noticeable degree. The fan is fairly quiet as well, meaning it won't become an annoyance after long periods of use. The biggest downside there is that the fan only works when the controller is plugged in to a power source separate from the phone via USB, which limits where players will be able to use it. 

Because of the placement of the fan, the controller is still comfortable to hold. The X3 uses a spring loaded mechanism so that either side pulls away from the center piece housing the fan. Unlike the X2, which had a fairly taut springs, the tension was adjusted this time so that the phone still feels secure in its hold but it isn't as forceful to remove it. The X3 fits most phones between 110-179mm. 

When it comes to the buttons, they're just as tactile as they were on the X2, offering audible feedback much like a mechanical keyboard would. The D-pad, now redesigned in eight directions rather than four, works just as well. Interestingly, the face buttons are now held in place by magnets and can be physically swapped out and rearranged in either an Xbox or Nintendo Switch configuration, depending on your preferences. This can be a double-edged sword because the controls aren't remapped automatically in-game, but it's still useful nonetheless. The X3's textured back also makes it less likely to slide out of your hands after longer play sessions. 


5. Compatible Phone Size

GameSir X2

The GameSir X2 can only open to 173mm. At present, the Amazon Luna app does not currently support wired controllers on Android, making the USB-C model GameSir X2 useless for that platform.

GameSir X2 Pro

The controller features an expandable design similar to the Backbone One or Razer Kishi V2 to support Android phones ranging from 110-179mm in length. It also features an articulating USB-C connector that allows for a more universal fit, and even accommodates most phone cases. 

  • An almost horizontally & vertically centered Type-C port as mainstream Android phones

  • 110-179 mm in length

  • 12 mm or below in depth (used without phone case, camera depth excluded)

  • 10 mm or below in depth (used with phone case depth ≤1mm, camera depth excluded)

  • Phone camera depth ≤3mm

GameSir X3

The X3 Type-C Mobile Game Controller is specially designed for Android phone, compatible with mobile phones with a length of 110-179mm, with X3, you can play all controller-supported android games from Fortnite to Minecraft.

Verdict: Which GameSir Gamepads Should You Buy?

There’s no denying the appeal of the GameSir X3 for the hard-core mobile gamer. It can simultaneously charge and cool your phone, keeping you in the game for hours on end. It’s even incredibly customizable to better suit your hands and play style.

But these nice features come with a few costs. Unless you’re deeply into the gaudy RGB lights of the “gamer” aesthetic, the X3 is not an attractive controller. And for cloud gamers, who shouldn’t be experiencing heat issues, the fan is simply extra weight and bulk. More directly, the GameSir X3 also carries a retail price of $99.99, which is a bit steeper than some may want to invest in their mobile gaming setup.

It really comes down to what you value most. If you want best-in-class customization options or you need serious cooling for your favorite game, the GameSir X3 (available on Amazon) is well worth its price. But, if you’re just searching for a quick and easy way to add a controller to your phone, there are more options that are more affordable and more portable. Cloud gaming fans and more casual players may prefer to stick with the older GameSir X2 instead.

The X3 was good but not as portable, with a very loud fan. The X2 is nice but limited. The GameSir X2 Pro, however, is beautiful in looks and feel. Even though it’s mainly plastic, it still feels premium. And the plastic helps keep the weight down. It’s light. Real light. Not only has the GameSir X2 Pro finally listened to fans, adding Hall Effect analog triggers for proper pressure-sensitive control perfect for racing games, but we also get excellent Alps 3D joysticks and Kailh microswitches, so all of the buttons, triggers, and sticks deliver on performance and feel. Combine this with a slightly larger footprint that can fit just about any phone.

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