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Ingredients Reviews: NEW Origins Plantscription Active Wrinkle Correction Serum With Retinoid

Ingredients Reviews: NEW Origins Plantscription Active Wrinkle Correction Serum With Retinoid

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    • Retinoids are some of the most well-researched and revered ingredients in the cosmetic industry, due to the fact that they can combat a wide range of hard-to-treat issues, from dark spots, to wrinkles, to texture, to acne. In particular, retinoids are anti-aging powerhouses because of their ability to build collagen for firmer skin and less fine wrinkles. Origins' NEW Plantscription Active Wrinkle Correction Serum is made with potent retinoid and powerful plant actives to visibly diminish stubborn wrinkles on the face and eyes. Plantscription Active Wrinkle Correction Serum with Retinoid is gentle and effective enough for sensitive skin types and first-time retinoid users. Swipe on for everything you need to know about this new Plantscription Active Wrinkle Correction Serum from Origins.

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About Origins Plantscription Active Wrinkle Correction Serum



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This NEW 94% naturally-derived Active Wrinkle Serum with Retinoid is a gentle day and night ritual for powerful, visible wrinkle transformation, and is appropriate for all skin types—including sensitive.

It combines the potency of a Retinoid with powerful plant actives to reduce the appearance of some of your most stubborn wrinkles. Forehead lines, smile lines, and lines around eyes start to visibly diminish in just two weeks. Plus, skin feels firmer and looks more lifted over time. 

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Key Ingredients & Benefits


Key Ingredients:


Retinoids are a class of chemical compounds related to vitamin A. Retinoids work by initiating the skin to rapidly turn over cells, killing old cells in order to boost new cell growth. They also stimulate collagen production and thicken deeper layers of the skin, which is the source of wrinkles. Finally, retinoids correct pigmentation related issues by sloughing off brown spots and curbing melanin development. 

Retinoids also speed up cell turnover rates and can help unblock pores. So, retinoids are also used to treat acne.

- Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Peptide)

Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is a synthetic peptide that is primarily used in skin care products. Formerly known by its original trade name Argireline and generically as acetyl hexapeptide-3, it has water-binding properties and skin-restoring abilities that play roles in helping skin look and feel younger.

Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is a neurotransmitter-inhibiting peptide, meaning it works within skin’s surface layers to interrupt the look of expression lines; however, its efficacy in this regard doesn’t replace in-office wrinkle-smoothing injectable procedures.

The research has shown this peptide also helps support skin’s collagen and preserve a firmer appearance.

Anogeissus Bark Extract

Anogeissus Bark Extract comes from a tall deciduous tree native to the savannas of tropical Africa and the extract from its bark has antibacterial properties and may have an anti-oxidant and skin protecting effect. An Origins discovery proven to help boost skin’s natural key structural components and promote skin’s youthful-looking bounce.

- Laminaria Digitata

Laminaria digitata is a marine plant extract rich in nutrients and compounds that help to soothe signs of reddened, irritated skin and mitigate signs of sun damage.

Also known as sea kelp and brown seaweed, Laminaria digitata contains skin-soothing beta-glucan, polyphenolic antioxidants known as phlorotannins (these help brown seaweed withstand UV exposure) and phloroglucinol, which are responsible for this extract’s skin-calming benefit. These and other antioxidants help support skin’s firm look and feel, making Laminaria digitata a great option to see in anti-aging products.

Clinical Results: 

Reduces the appearance of three types of stubborn wrinkles in just two weeks:

-Forehead lines

-Smile lines

-Lines around eyes

Firmer-feeling skin starting at 4 weeks

98% said skin looked more youthful

99% said product left skin feeling comfortable



It comes in a plastic bottle that has a pump and you can dose the right amount of product you need. You can apply 3 pea-sized pumps, 1 for my forehead, and 1 for each cheek and smooth what's left on my neck area, every night. 

One customer said: "The texture is lightweight and the serum has a pleasant smell. It sinks into the skin right away and I am happy to report that my sensitive combination skin did not experience any major irritation. I did feel the product "working", a slight tingling, but nothing else, which made me use this serum every night. Used consistently, I noticed a visible reduction of my forehead and smile lines. I have incorporated this serum into my everyday nighttime routine, and in the morning I do my regular routine followed by my usual SPF. I have been enjoying this serum and I am happy it works for my skin."

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