How to Use Extrabux Cashback Boost Card to Get Extra Bucks?

How to Use Extrabux Cashback Boost Card to Get Extra Bucks?

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The 2018 shopping season is just around the corner. To help our loyal members to get bigger discount and higher cash back, we present you Cashback Boost Card. With a simple click, you can boost your cash back to a maximum amount and earn so much more.

What is Cashback Boost Card?

Cashback Boost Card is a card which can be used at your Purchases. If you use it on one of your purchases, the cash back will be boosted immediately.

Let’s take an example and do the math.

If you pay $100 at Kiehl's and the cash back rate is 9%, which means you will get $9 cash back. And now you use our Cashback Boost Card. The cash back rate is boosted to 12%. That is $12 cash back now. Just a simple click but it will earn you extra $3 cash back.



How to use Cashback Boost Card?

1. Check what is inside your Card Pocket.

Go to your “Card Pocket” after you logged in. You will see all your Cashback Boost Cards there. If you are not a member of Extrabux yet, it’s never too late to sign up here!


If you didn’t see any available Cashback Boost Card, don’t get upset. We will send you new cards every now and then.

Note: 1. One Cashback Boost Card can only be used on one “Pending Purchase”.

          2. The final boosted cashback is based on the Super Cashback Rate when you made the purchase.

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2. Use the Cashback Boost Card.

After you apply the Cashback Boost Card, you will be redirected to “Pending Purchase” page.

Choose any of your purchases and click “Apply Cashback Boost Card” button.


If you don’t have any pending purchases, don’t be sad. You can make an order now and use our Cashback Boost Card to earn more cash back.

After you click the button, a Cashback Boost Card confirmation page will pop up and you will see the extra cash back you will get. What a surprise! And don’t forget to click the button below~


Now, your cash back is officially boosted!



Extrabux is devoted to help our members to get best discounts and at the same time earn more cash back in a simple way. Buy more, save more!

If you know how it works, then let’s use it to earn more cash back!