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On Cloud 5 vs. Cloud X 3 vs. Cloudswift vs. Cloudnova: Differences and Reviews 2024

On Cloud 5 vs. Cloud X 3 vs. Cloudswift vs. Cloudnova: Differences and Reviews 2024

    On is a Swiss company known for its comfortable and performance-focused shoes.It has made a big splash in its relatively short existence, and now has the accolade of being the fastest growing running shoe brand in the world.On Cloud 5,Cloud X 3,Cloudswift and Cloudnova are the four most popular On Shoes.Each shoe features On’s signature CloudTec and lightweight constructions, however, there are subtle details that make each shoe slightly better than the other for certain activities.What is the difference between On Cloud 5 and On Cloud X 3?What is the difference between On Cloud 5 and Cloudswift?What's the difference between Cloud X and Cloudswift?What's the difference between Cloudswift and Cloudnova? On Cloud 5 vs. Cloud X 3 vs. Cloudswift vs. Cloudnova: what is the best type of On Cloud shoes?What is the most cushioned On Cloud shoe?Which shoes is best for walking?Which On Cloud shoe is right for you?In this article, I’ll discuss what makes these four shoes so great and how to find the right one.Read on to discover the differences among n Cloud 5 ,Cloud X 3,Cloudswift and Cloudnova.


On Cloud 5 Review

Official Price: $139.99

First launched in 2014,the On Cloud 5 is one of On’s most popular shoes for daily wear and travel and was previously known as the On Cloud.The On Cloud was one of On Running’s first ever shoes, and the one that really put them on the map. It’s seen everywhere, from the feet of celebrities to commuters dashing across the city.Although the On Cloud was originally marketed as a running shoe, it’s now categorized as a lifestyle shoe. This means it’s perfect for casual outings, daily errands and, yes, maybe the occasional magazine cover. It also works well for gym and cross training sessions.

The On Cloud 5 is a neutral, all-day wear shoe that features light and fast cushioning. It features On’s signature Cloudtec technology, a series of pods underfoot that compress during landings and pop back up during take-offs. This technology, combined with On’s Zero-gravity foam, creates a light and springy ride in the new On Cloud.On beefed up the midsole with more Zero-gravity foam in the latest version of the Cloud, creating a more comfortable and cushioned feel.It also features On’s signature Speedboard, a rigid plate in the midsole that propels you forward, which is much more flexible in this shoe than in On’s performance running shoes.Designers also threaded quick-tie laces through the soft upper for a performance-minded fit that’s easy to slide on and off.And what’s more, it raises the bar in sustainability too, as it’s made from 44% recycled materials.In addition, the upper mesh is breathable, and the fit is light and snug.


Who should buy the On Cloud 5? This On Cloud is ready for walks of any distance, long hours of standing at work, traveling, or simply enjoying your weekend leisure. It is perfect for the fans of lightweight walking shoes.It can also be used for light home workouts, body weight, or with lighter dumbells and kettlebells. 

Who should not buy the On Cloud 5? The outsole of On Cloud 5 lacks long-term durability for outdoor wear. It’s a good daily driver, but not a super durable serious training shoe or a shoe that will fare well with a lot of concrete walking.This shoe’s toe box runs on the narrower side and this shoe has a fairly tapered midfoot.If you have wide or flat feet then you’ll also want to pass on this model. 

On Cloud 5 Pros and Cons

  • Sleek and aesthetically designed.

  • Available in lots of colors.

  • Very breathable.

  • Easy to slip on and off.

  • Unbelievably lightweight.

  • Snug and supportive.

  • Perfect for all-day wear.

  • Can do low-impact workouts.

  • Regular laces are added.

  • Good for walking, standing, and traveling.

  • Not for wide feet.

  • Outsole lacks long-term durability.

  • Outsole catches pebbles.

  • Not made for running long distances.

  • Speed lacing may not suit everyone’s foot shape.

Where to Buy On Cloud 5?

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On Cloud X 3 Review

Official Price: $149.99

On Cloud X is a popular choice for millions of runners. It offers an incredible level of lightness and provides full cushioning.The Cloud X is an evolution of the On Cloud, with a more intensive performance focus, and is geared towards runners who also want a shoe that can do the proper distance, but is also versatile and supportive enough to be used for gym and weight sessions.The shoe is designed to perform well with you across a variety of workouts such as HIIT, mixed-sport, and short runs. 

On designed the well-rounded Cloud X 3 to be agile and versatile. To do that, designers started with Helion foam. The lightweight foam is cushioned on landing and responsive on takeoff to give you a powerful feel.It has been revamped with a luxurious three-layer engineered mesh upper, offering breathability and support in a smooth, lightweight package. The material is made from 90-95% recycled content, part of On’s sustainability initiative.With On’s signature Speedboard for a snappy ride, the On Cloud X 3 is an ideal training partner for whatever workout you have planned.It also adds a firm, rigid quality to the midsole, making this a great choice for runners who enjoy a stiff, stable platform. A wider platform offers more lateral support than previous versions of the Cloud X, so you can tackle any workout with confidence.

The On Cloud X 3 is built on a bed of CloudTec cushioning.The Clouds are molded from On’s signature Helion foam, a lightweight midsole foam that combines rigid and flexible elements into the same foam compound.A new star lacing system and updated heel create an even better fit that is great for all sorts of workouts.It also offers a wide range of striking color combinations with bold contrasts and neutral undertones. Even if you’re not heading to the gym or out for a run, you can sport these just about anywhere for a sleek, stylish look.


Who should buy the On Cloud X 3? This shoe is for the individual who wants a shoe that does it all. It performs exceptionally well in the gym for those grueling workouts but also transitions flawlessly to some runs.

Who should not buy the On Cloud X 3? If you’re looking for a lot of extra cushion and bounce, this might not be the shoe for you. However, that firmness creates an excellent stable platform that makes this shoe gym worthy.This shoe is not for the runner that is looking for a plush long-distance running shoe. 

On Cloud X 3 Pros and Cons

  • Very lightweight.

  • Highly breathable.

  • Excellent ground feel.

  • Decent training shoe for short runs and daily wear.

  • Durable and well made.

  • Reworked and recycled upper feels ,more durable.

  • Stable.

  • Flexible forefoot.

  • A little pricey.

  • Bunching when laces are pulled tight.

  • No upper durability.

  • Runs pretty narrow and can take a bit to break In.

  • This shoe can be limited with its workout use.

Where to Buy On Cloud X 3? 

On Cloudswift Review

Official Price: $119.99 - $159.99

Given the popularity of highly cushioned running shoes in recent years, On has had a gap in its offering for runners who want a softer, more cushioned ride. The Cloudswift is designed to fill that gap.Cloudswift is built for urban running.It features the latest technological innovations and materials. From an aesthetic standpoint, this shoe is appealing without being too flashy.

Cloudswift is a running shoe that’s very different from other On running shoes, not only from an aesthetic standpoint but also in how it feels and responds while running. It's light and agile but absorbs heavy impacts to protect you from the tough surfaces. The Cloudswift shoes use a new type of EVA which On calls “Helion”, describing it as their super foam that is designed to increase energy return, fusing firmer and softer elements.Re-positioned CloudTec in Helion superfoam offers increased forefoot cushioning and enlarged Clouds to the rear dampen heel strikes. The extreme rocker outsole and re-engineered Speedboard optimize the natural rolling motion for even more propulsive power that feels smooth and effortless.

The recycled engineered mesh upper offers an easy step-in, the ideal fit and total comfort. Together with the lining, laces, quarter cage and internal reinforcements in the forefoot, it ensures an improved hold throughout the shoe. New rubber grip pads offer better traction even on wet surfaces.It delivers unrivaled impact absorption in each step! If you want a daily trainer that will handle your slow, short runs and gym sessions with ease and style, pick the Cloudswift.However, note that it is still materially firmer than shoes like the adidas Boost, so this isn’t the shoe for those looking for a plush ride.


Who should buy the CloudswiftThe Cloudswift is a good all-rounder for runners who want a bit more cushioning, but still want a firmer, more active ride than conventional cushioning shoes offer.This model is comfortable for all-day wear and the CloudTec midsole can be a visually appealing aspect for some runners and active individuals.

Who should not buy the Cloudswift? This model is not going to be the best bet for the more serious runners who are constantly training outside.There’s a vast array of other daily trainers out there that perform better, weigh less, and fit properly compared to these.

Cloudswift Pros and Cons

  • Exceptionally durable, grippy, and protective.

  • Great for the gym.

  • Good for casual in-door training.

  • Excellent laces.

  • The one-piece upper construction wraps nicely around your feet.

  • Laces stay tight.

  • Very breathable upper.

  • Good color options.

  • Nice hidden pocket to stash laces.

  • Lightweight and mobile.

  • Weird lockdown.

  • Long-term durability.

  • Lacks cushioning underfoot.

  • Not great for lateral work.

Where to Buy Cloudswift? 

    On Cloudnova Review

    Official Price: $159.99

    On Cloudnova is part of the brand’s athletic lifestyle series which packs all the right things from their running shoes to make a go-to daily beater. The Cloudnova is positioned as an all-day sneaker that borrows technology from On’s mainline running shoes, blending performance with comfort.It features On’s pride and joy, its patented CloudTec technology that the company has engineered to provide cushioning and multi-directional compression in order to provide a soft landing and punchy take-offs.It has more than just the CloudTec technology. It is also constructed with On’s signature Speedboard.The Speedboard is a liquid-injected plate of thermoplastic polymer located between the midsole and upper. It works in conjunction with the Cloudtec cushioning so that the Cloudtec soles soften the landing of each footfall and compress while the Speedboard loads with energy, flexes and releases to create a propulsion forward. 

    The 'heel tongue' and inner sock construction offer a superior step-in feel: soft and supportive. With a padded heel and a customizable lacing configuration built for enhanced bend and flex, it’s ideal for exploring city limits, your limits, any limits.The shoe’s breathable mesh top ensures that your feet keep cool and dry throughout rigorous training sessions.In addition, Cloudnova comes with rubber reinforcements that support the natural rolling motion of the foot to keep you moving with good form. And the roomy toe box allows for natural swelling that occurs after spending time on your feet.

    Overall, On Cloudnova Shoes offer a wonderful combination of comfort, durability, and style, making them a popular choice among shoe enthusiasts.


    Who should buy the Cloudnova? These shoes are best suited as an everyday shoe for urban outings and walking.Its practicality also makes the Cloudnova a perfect pair for traveling.If you are not willing to sacrifice style for comfort, you can get both with the Cloudnova.

    Who should not buy the CloudnovaIf you are looking for a running-specific shoe, the Cloudnovas may not be for you. They do boast features seen in On running shoes but are specifically engineered for everyday wear so may not support sustained running. If you want just as good-looking and comfortable lifestyle shoes but for a lower price, try the original On Cloud.

    Cloudnova Pros and Cons

    • Perfect for all-day wear.

    • Stylish design.

    • Ideal for a variety of activities.

    • More comfortable.

    • High-level of cushioning.

    • Great travel shoe.

    • Excellent support for long hours.

    • Does not require a break-in period for most users.

    • 10% recycled materials.

    • Not good for long runs.

    • Pricey.

    • Mid-cut bootie may feel uncomfortable to some.

    • May run a tad small.

    • Sole catches debris.

    • Not suitable for very wide or narrow feet.

    Where to Buy Cloudnova? 

    On Cloud 5 vs. Cloud X 3 vs. Cloudswift vs. Cloudnova: Comparison Side by Side

    1. Shoe Specs

    On Cloud 5On Cloud X 3On CloudswiftOn Cloudnova


    Best For
    • Walking and Light Running

    • Standing All Day

    • Light Workouts and Cross-Training

    • Bodyweight Training

    • Plyometrics

    • Short/Mid-Range Runs

    • HIIT Training

    • Agility Workouts

    • Longer Walks

    • Shorter Runs

    • Mid-Range Runs

    • Daily Casual Wear

    • Shorter runs

    • General training sessions

    •  Everyday use

    2. Upper

    On Cloud 5 - The On Cloud 5 features a lightweight and breathable mesh upper throughout. The forefoot has a high degree of ventilation for breathability and the boot on this model is a little longer to support the slip-on and off nature of this shoe.This shoe’s upper is definitely best for warmer environments which On specifies on their product page.

    On Cloud X 3 - The upper is made with re-engineered, 3-layer mesh. Its breathability is superb. You could wear them without socks and feel comfortable for those who are into that.The material is made from 90-95% recycled content, part of On’s sustainability initiative.

    On Cloudswift - The upper uses a new recycle engineered mesh and the entire upper has been stitched together to form a bootie. This makes on and off and off really simple and they did a good job providing a bit more roominess to allow for greater diversity in foot shape. The upper mesh is extremely breathable too, which you’ll notice when running in hot weather. The holes that the laces loop through in the side-band also allow for a quick and easy lace fastening because the laces glide through it when pulled from the top, with little to no friction.

    On Cloudnova - The upper of the On Cloudnova sneaker is seamless and it’s made of an engineered mesh similar to the one from the On Cloud 5 running shoe. It provides the same excellent breathability the flagship model is known for. And the entire upper has been stitched together to form a bootie. This makes on and off and off really simple and they did a good job providing a bit more roominess to allow for greater diversity in foot shape.The perforated panels and reflective accents throughout the sneaker allow for breathability and visibility in low light conditions. 

    The upper is built for everyday wear and not as a traditional running shoe. Therefore the tongue is elongated and the heel is a bit high which may bother those using these for long distance running. 

    3. Outsole

    On Cloud 5 - The CloudTec throughout the midfoot on the On Cloud 5 has exposed foam which can be problematic on certain surfaces. 

    On Cloud X 3 - On Cloud X features a thicker outsole to enhance its durability. It lasts longer than the average running shoe.

    On Cloudswift - I do think these shoes will have plenty of life. The shoe features a pretty stiff rubber outsole to protect the highest wear areas.

    On Cloudnova - The shoes have a sturdy outsole that offers outstanding traction and grip on various surfaces. The high-quality rubber used for the outsole is resistant to abrasion and wear, extending the shoes’ lifespan.The outsole pattern is similar to the one from the Cloud 5 which works great for an everyday shoe.Keep in mind however that the groove in the middle may catch a stone or two if you’re walking on rubble with these. 

    4. Midsole

    On Cloud 5 - The On Cloud 5 features a new Cloudtec configuration, creating a more stable landing experience. It also features On’s signature Speedboard, a rigid plate in the midsole that propels you forward, which is much more flexible in this shoe than in On’s performance running shoes.These shoes aren’t overly soft or plush, but they provide enough cushion to comfortably get you where you need to go.

    On Cloud X 3 - The CloudTec midsole that is built with Helion foam is lightweight and offers a nice level of “bounce” and this model delivers a nice level of comfort for walking as well.This is all similar to the On Cloud X’s midsole construction.

    On Cloudswift - There’s very good cushioning in the Cloudswift shoes’ midsole, that makes these shoes excellent for long distance running, even marathons.On has enlarged the “clouds” in the heel, which should make heel strikers more comfortable in the shoe. They also added additional forefoot cushioning and re-engineered their Speedboard which helps with overall rocker and helps propel you forward. Despite the addition of increased cushioning, you should still expect a firmer overall feel from the Cloudtech.

    On Cloudnova - The sneakers use CloudTec and Speedboard technology, offering exceptional cushioning and support for your feet. The first one is the proprietary cushioning system from the On brand that delivers smooth landings and explosive returns. The Speedboard is a liquid-injected plate of thermoplastic polymer that works in sync with the Cloudtec to amplify the energy return of the midsole. The result is ultimate comfort but also it makes it so you use less energy with every step so your feet will not feel tired even after a whole day of wearing these. They also have a 14mm heel to toe trop which is a bit above standard and adds more ease to the heel to toe transition for a smooth ride. 

    5. Fit and Sizing

    On Cloud 5 - The On Cloud 5 fits true to size and is a comfortable wear. The thin tongue is sewn into the upper, making for a seamless fit and an easy-to-slip-on shoe. At the back of the shoe, the heel counter is both flexible and durable, allowing for a secure fit.However,it is fairly narrow through the to box and midfoot. If you have wide feet and want more width in your shoe’s toe box, then you’re going to want to look into other shoes.

    On Cloud X 3 - If you have a narrow or neutral-width foot, then you should resonate with the fit of the On Cloud X 3 and this model has a bit more upper volume than the On Cloud X. The toe box in the On Cloud X 3 feels spacious and the heel feels comfortable yet secure.

    On Cloudswift - The On Cloud swift fits true-to-size and I think most will find their length and width work well for their foot. The bootie construction and external layers of the mid-foot lock the foot down well.It’s generally a really comfortable fit that feels great right out the box, with absolutely no ‘breaking-in’ necessary.The only caveat to this model’s fit is that On models do have a slightly more narrow last and build, so if you have a wider foot, then you may want to avoid this model.

    On Cloudnova - They are built to fit like a sock so they do feel a bit snug on your feet.Some users recommend sizing up at least half a size to get the perfect fit. It is also important to note that the sneakers are a bit wide, which can be a concern for those with narrow feet.

    Conclusion: Which is Best for You?

    The On Cloud 5,On Cloud X 3,Cloudswift and Cloudnova are all overall good shoes and if you go into them knowing what you’re getting, then I think you’ll enjoy these shoes. 

    While the On Cloud 5 isn’t the best choice for running, it’s a perfect option for casual wear, gym sessions and travel days. If you’re after a lightweight versatile shoe for an active lifestyle that you plan to use every day, and looking fashionable is important to you, then I recommend the On Cloud 5.

    On Cloud X excels in terms of design and versatility. The durable upper and inner structure makes it more suitable for dynamic movements.The shoe is made for workouts and cross-training. The shoe is comfortable, breathable, and slightly more spacious than the Cloudswift. 

    The On Cloudswift running shoe is an okay model for casual wear and running. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and maneuverable which makes it a joy to wear for longer periods of time.Cloudswift is built for urban running.

    If you’re searching for a comfortable and adaptable shoe for daily usage, running, or hiking, I highly recommend trying On Cloudnova Shoes. With their creative design and superior support, they will keep your feet comfortable and pain-free.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is the Cloud 5 waterproof?

    Runner-tech performance meets all-day comfort in a hybrid running/lifestyle shoe that wraps every step, stride and jump in waterproof protection. The upper is made of 100% recycled polyester and sports a speed-lacing system for get-it-on-and-get-going convenience.

    Can you run in On Cloud 5?

    You can wear it for running, but it's not exactly a running shoe. Instead, this fashionable shoe shines as a day-to-day shoe, one you turn to when you want long-lasting comfort throughout an active day. 

    Are On Cloud X good for standing all day?

    The Cloud Xs have a lot of positive reviews. Users love to use them in HIIT classes, CrossFit, and for standing all day at work. 

    What are Cloud X shoes for?

    The Cloud X is for those who refuse to define themselves by one activity. A lightweight and ultra-agile shoe built to handle punishing paces and intense mixed-sport workouts. It's at home on the track, street and in the gym. Get stronger, run longer.

    What are Cloudswift shoes for?

    Cloudswift running shoes are the ultimate footwear for urban runners. Each pair is built with innovative On technologies to give you the best run yet. 

    Are on Cloudswift good for running?

    These shoes are versatile and can handle a range of different workouts. From long distances, to quick runs and even the occasional gym workout. This shoe can do it all. 

    Do Cloudswift run big or small?

    The ON Cloudswift comes in slightly on the wider side, but true to size in the length.

    Are On Cloudnova good for standing? 

    The Cloudnova is engineered to support everyday, all-day wear. While their specs and technology place a heavy emphasis on performance, the truth is that these cushy shoes are just as comfortable when standing. Yes, they are responsive but they are also supportive.

    Do on Cloudnova shoes run big or small?

    Usually, your best bet is to go with your regular size. If you jump between half-sizes often though, it's better to go with the half-size up. Wider feet struggle to find the perfect fit since the Cloud features a narrow toebox and a roomier heel.

    Is on Cloudnova a running shoe?

    Unlike conventional On shoes, the Cloudnova uses cloud parts that are connected together to widen the ground contact surface and disperse pressure. The unique design system also makes this a stylish pair of sneakers for city walking, rather than running shoes. 

    What are Cloudnovas best for?

    If you have to spend many hours standing and walking. These are the shoes. They will give you great support to your feet and the shoe sole is designed to give you support to your back. They fit very tight.

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