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Allbirds vs. On Cloud vs. NOBULL vs. APL: Which Brand is Best Suited to You?

Allbirds vs. On Cloud vs. NOBULL vs. APL: Which Brand is Best Suited to You?

    Allbirds has been a trailblazer in the sneaker industry, focusing on quality and sustainably-made shoes that are affordable.If you love the comfort and sustainability of Allbirds, but you’re in the market for something different, this article is chock-full of the best Allbirds alternatives.What is comparable to Allbirds?On Cloud,NOBULL and APL are also the most popular sport brands in the world today.Each of these brands has been well-appreciated and applauded for creating exclusive shoes that come with quality build, efficiency, and longevity.But Which brand is best for you?What's so special about Allbirds shoes?What is special about NOBULL?What is special about APL?Are On Clouds better than Allbirds?On Cloud vs. Allbirds vs. NOBULL vs. APL:which is better?In this guide, I'm going to compare and contrast these four major running shoe brands so you can drill down and decide which style fits your running best.


About Allbirds

Allbirds is an American company that sells footwear and apparel. The company claims to keep its products as eco-friendly as possible and is a certified B Corporation.Their sporty, athleisure-style shoes are not only made from renewable and recycled materials, but the company offsets their carbon footprint through its investments as well. 

Founded in 2014 by New Zealand native Tim Brown, Allbirds has been a trailblazer in the sneaker industry, focusing on quality and sustainably-made shoes that are affordable.This brand is beloved by travelers for their lightweight, super comfortable wool shoes.They went the direct-to-consumer route (although they do have a few physical locations now) .People seem to really dig them and their popularity is skyrocketing.Today, you’ll see Allbirds on everyone from college students to busy parents, dancers, nurses and others who are constantly on their feet.

Allbirds Shoes Review

Allbirds started off as “the world's most comfortable shoes” with the launch of their first product - Wool Runners, an ultra comfortable shoe made from Merino Wool from the sheep in New Zealand.As pioneers of sustainable footwear, Allbirds strives to use eco-friendly materials while still producing quality shoes.They have since expanded to include shoes and clothing made from materials like eucalyptus trees, sugar cane, recycled plastic bottles, and castor-bean oil giving them the eco-friendly and sustainable stamp of approval.

Today, the sustainable brand creates an extensive range of sustainable sneakers, including the Allbirds Tree Runner, eco-friendly running shoes, the popular Allbirds Tree Dasher, and casual sneakers and flats, like the Tree Breezer and Wool Lounger.Each style of Allbirds comes in multiple fun limited edition color combinations. Both for wearing and gifting — the brand's basic styles are super versatile, and they have a unique construction that fans say makes them feel super comfy.

  • Sustainable materials.

  • Affordable or reasonable prices.

  • Variety of shoe styles.

  • Many designs to choose from, all simple and minimalistic.

  • Very eco-friendly.

  • The wool doesn’t smell, dries quickly, and is machine washable.

  • Color variety.

  • Super lightweight.

  • You can get away in them without socks — they’re not itchy.

  • Very soft sole.

  • Very comfortable to wear and breathable.

  • Great for day-to-day walking.

  • They come with a money back guarantee.

  • High positive reviews from customers.

  • Sizes might vary even though it’s publicized that the fit it “true to size”.

  • Runs a little warm.

  • Little arch support.

  • Over time the shoebox deflates.

  • They’re not for working out.

  • Not that water resistant. It’s kind of water resistant, but in a real downpour you’re in trouble.

  • Decent durability.

Where to Buy Allbirds Shoes?

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Globally, the brand has retail locations in China, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, England, and Germany.

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About On Running

On | Swiss Performance Running Shoes & Clothing

On, sometimes referred to as On Running is an athletic shoe and performance sportswear company originating in Switzerland that designs and markets sports clothing and running shoes. The company was founded by former Swiss Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard in partnership with David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti in 2010.From meager beginnings in the quaint town of Zürich in the Swiss Alps, On was made to achieve a single goal: revolutionizing the sensation of running - and that's exactly what they have done. Based on a simple, albeit radical, idea: soft landings and hard takeoffs, or as the people behind the brand prefer to say, "running on clouds."

Featured in The Wall Street Journal where it was acclaimed that, “On combines the best of a traditional and minimalist running shoe while staying exceptionally light,” On’s products have seen much praise.Along with a 500k following on Instagram, the brand has won more than one international design and technology award including the ISPO Gold Award for the Best Performance Shoes.

Today, you can buy On running shoes at over 6,500 premium retail stores in over 50 countries. The brand has provided running shoes to over 7 million runners worldwide. 

On Cloud Shoes Review


On’s line of top-notch running shoes, named Cloud, has been named so that these shoes give you the feel of running on the clouds.Their Cloud line of running shoes is completely cushioned and extremely lightweight.On Cloud running shoes are characterized by versatility, stability, and agility.These shoes include the CloudTec technology, which provides multi-directional cushioning and provides you with the softest landing and the most efficient take-off.The fit on these shoes is remarkably secure, and their grip is impressively firm.The speed lacing system featured in the On Cloud shoes makes it very convenient to get in and out of these shoes.

The performance of these shoes is noteworthy, irrespective of what On Cloud model you choose.These street-styled running shoes perfectly balance performance and style.The Cloud excels on both the track and the road. It is best used for speedwork, aerobic intervals and for tempo workouts ranging from 5-10km. 

  • Soft sole for maximum comfort for your feet when running.

  • Incredibly durable.

  • Wide variety of shoes.

  • Free shoe recycling service.

  • Positive reviews about the diversity of the brand, fast shipping, and shoe comfort.

  • True to size.

  • Secure, sock-like fit.

  • Breathable.

  • Responsive, bouncy ride.

  • Fresh feeling even after a half-marathon.

  • Free returns to most countries.

  • New pair of shoes provided after old ones are worn out.

  • Laces too thin.

  • Traps stones, mud.

  • Toes can't wiggle.

Where to Buy On Cloud Shoes?

On also has store locations worldwide. To find the nearest location to you, visit the “Where to Buy” section of their website. 


Marcus Wilson is the co-founder of NOBULL, an athletic footwear and apparel training brand that launched in 2015 for athletes and fitness self-starters who want solid products without gimmicks. The founders used to work for Reebok, and have experience with elite training and product design. NOBULL has 1M followers on Instagram, and promise that their products will enable you to achieve your workout goals.

NOBULL has come a long way as a brand since its launch in 2015. What started as a new-age brand became the CrossFit Games title sponsor in 2021 with an impressive roster of sponsored athletes—Brooke Wells, Katrin Davidsdottir, Scott Stallings, Will Greier, Tia-Claire Toomey, and Justin Medeiros, to name a few.But CrossFit athletes don’t spend all their training time on just one activity. They like to run, cycle and more, leading to the expansion of the brand’s footwear and apparel outside the gym. If you think gimmicks in your shoes make you a better athlete, NOBULL is not for you. NOBULL products perform with you when and where you need them. 

NOBULL Shoes Review


Since releasing the original NOBULL Trainers in 2015, the company has launched an entire apparel line as well as new types of shoes, including the NOBULL Runners, NOBULL Lifters, and NOBULL Trail Runners, as well as cycling shoes, golf shoes, and slides.

NOBULL, sticking to its philosophy that effective results can only be achieved through hard work and not improved technology for better output, provides shoes to cater to this philosophy.Their line of training and running shoes are minimal and clean in design.NOBULL’s line of running shoes is perfect for workouts that are high-intensity based so that you can make the most of lightweight, flexible, and breathable shoes.

  • A large selection of shoes, including NOBULL high tops, to meet workout needs.

  • Shoes fit true to size.

  • Stylish and comfortable designs.

  • Positive customer reviews.

  • Truly lightweight.

  • The mesh fabric of these shoes allows them to breathe, making you feel more comfortable during workouts. 

  • Highly flexible, making them ideal for everyday wear or CrossFit training.

  • Fairly inexpensive when you compare them to bigger names. 

  • Easy to clean.

  • With the one-piece construction, you will find these shoes are less likely to break apart and become damaged. 

  • Some users have told a different story with some saying they can fit a little snug in the mid-foot area.

  • Limited offering of NOBULL wide shoes.

  • Although Nobull shoes are known for their durability, some say training in them can cause premature destruction. 

  • Certain types of workouts put a lot of strain on the seams of the shoe and can lead to splitting. 

Where to Buy NOBULL Shoes?

The brand also has retail locations in Miami, Boston, and SoHo, US. 

About APL

Based in Los Angeles, APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) was founded in March 2009, by then 22 year-old identical twins Adam and Ryan Goldston. As former two sport collegiate athletes, playing both basketball and football at the University of Southern California, Adam and Ryan created APL; a company that makes revolutionary products symbolizing the intersection of luxury and performance.Today APL is globally recognized as a world leader in Men’s and Women’s athletic footwear and apparel. 

Beginning in June 2014 the company pioneered the “luxury performance segment” of the athletic footwear market in connection with the launch of its running and training shoes for men and women. The combination of APL’s world-class patented technologies and its unique, innovative design vision has enabled APL to be carried in over 300 of the finest luxury retailers in the world from Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Net-A-Porter, Mr. Porter, Barneys New York, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and so on.APL was also recently named as “One of the Five Best New Sportswear Brands in the World” by ISPO, the international sporting goods organization in addition to being named to the 2015 Game Changers List by Men’s Fitness. 

APL Shoes Review

 Rooted in technology and innovation, APL has been at the forefront of performance footwear since the introduction of the Concept 1 basketball shoe featuring groundbreaking Load N’ Launch technology, designed to instantly increase vertical leap.Today, the combined technology of their  LOAD ‘N LAUNCH and Propelium technology create one of the most comfortable, high performance athletic shoes on the market. 

APL describes their shoes as designs that sit at the intersection of luxury and performance.The brand continues to offer stunning footwear with innovative features such as removable laces that allow you to transition from lace ups to slip ons.This fashion-forward brand has even impressed celebrities and famous athletes, not only because of their style but also because they can deliver unbelievable performances.

  • Athletic footwear in a variety of designs for men and women.

  • Exquisite designs and high-performance.

  • Stylish and modern designs.

  • Recognized by many high profile magazines and media outlets including Business Insider, Forbes, and the Los Angeles Business Journal. 

  • Advanced and innovative performance features, including patented Load N’ Launch and Propelium technology.

  • Exceptional comfort and support.

  • Pricey compared to other high-end athletic shoes.

Where to Buy APL Shoes?

You can also find APL shoes for sale at their premier brick and mortar store in LA, as well as: Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, SoulCycle and more.

Allbirds vs. On Cloud vs. NOBULL vs. APL: Comparison Side by Side


Allbirds - You will still find the Allbirds shoes to be poor quality compared to other brands such as ASICS.The shoe’s upper part is very flimsy, and it easily snaps apart when worn for extended periods. Expect the Allbirds shoes to last for about 15 to 24 months before they wear out.

On Cloud - The On Cloud shoes come with high durability.The extremely lightweight build and the use of synthetic along with mesh overlays ensure that the shoes take in abuse for up to a long time.The outsole of the On Cloud shoes stays intact due to the presence of carbon rubber on those specific regions that get exposed to high wear-and-tear.The On Cloud shoes may last, like most other running shoes, between 300-500 miles, which is approximately 6 months, if used on a regular basis.However,Durability on the On Cloud shoes will vary between users due to how they wear the shoes.The On Cloud shoes tend to have very durable soles, but they still break down when worn for extended periods.

NOBULL - NOBULL shoes are constructed using SuperFabric flawless construction, which improves the durability of NOBULL’s line of shoes.To cater to the needs of their customers, their line of running shoes is built to be economical while being high in performance.You can wear them for your workout and running sessions for at least 8 months daily.

APL - APL shoes come with a lifetime warranty, meaning that you can expect this investment to last you almost your entire life.


Allbirds - Allbirds have an innovative technology to release moisture instead of retaining it within their shoes.On top of that, there are vents on most of their uppers to help them for ventilation purposes. That will allow air to pair with your foot to flow outside and dry quickly.Allbirds shoes are breathable, but they are not as effective or easily moldable as On Cloud shoes.You can drizzle water on these shoes, but bear in mind that the rubber will become sticky from the water that entered the shoe.

On Cloud - The breathability factor in On Cloud shoes is enhanced by the lightweight structure of the shoes.The On Cloud shoes feature a lightweight build for improved breathability.The design along with the padding is made to be thin in areas like the heel collar and the tongue so that the shoes do not retain heat inside them.They have developed the technology by using a mesh material on the shoe upper to release the air very easily.The technology will eliminate any water and moisture, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable while walking or running.The shoes can go up to 80 miles without feeling smelly inside.

NOBULL - The breathability of NOBULL’s shoes, especially the Runner+ series, is well-ensured by adding a tongue and mesh-based upper layer so that your feet can breathe no matter what the weather conditions are.

APL - All their models, including the running shoes TechLoom Phantom, are extremely breathable, especially as the thin lining of mono-mesh on the upper part of the shoes eliminates the heat from within while keeping you cool when running.

Allbirds - both for wearing and gifting — the brand's basic styles are super versatile, and they have a unique construction that fans say makes them feel super comfy.

3.Sizing and Fit

Allbirds - As a whole, the brand's shoes are exceptionally comfortable. The majority of the styles are available in whole sizes.Allbirds flexible materials are able to stretch and fit almost any foot, which is why they typically only sell whole sizes. If you're in between sizes, I suggest sizing up. Besides,The sole of an Allbirds shoe is made from a proprietary low-density foam that contributes to the shoe’s extremely lightweight feel, its main distinguisher from other typical sneakers.

On Cloud - The On Cloud shoes have a comfortable fit for the whole range of different sizes.Their sizes are perfect for all forms, from high arch to flat foot and even to people with a narrow fit.The On Cloud shoes also comes with V-molded heels so that they can easily adapt to the foot size snugly.This allows you to comfortably wear these shoes for a long time span without causing any injury to any part of your foot.

NOBULL - The length of their running shoes is quite long while being a bit narrow in shape. This can make wearing these shoes uncomfortable for those with wide feet.

APL - APL shoes are snug to fit as they feature TechLoom breathable kit in all their models. This knit ensures comfortable movement without stretching out.This makes the APL shoes perfectly fit into your feet without making you feel trapped.


Allbirds - Their shoes, which primarily sell direct-to-consumer through their website.Even though cheaper Allbirds shoes are going for around $90, the brand has high-end shoes that could get to the highs of around $210.Allbirds shoes cost a bit less than On Cloud shoes, according to the brand’s official website.

On Cloud - The On Cloud shoes will cost you around the average. owever, you can expect the high-end pieces to cost more than this, depending on the shoe’s features.The more sophisticated and impressive features the On Cloud shoes have, the more expensive they are.But,they are cheaper compared to the more ostentatious APL athletic footwear.

NOBULL - Like On Cloud,NOBULL also offer a competitive price range on their shoes.

APL - APL shoes are the most expensive among the four brands.If you can afford exquisite designs with performance then opting for APL sneakers would be a good choice.


Wearing comfortable shoes should be a very important aspect you need to put into consideration when making your choice of brand. The quest for finding the right running shoes often becomes a dilemma that no one likes, but not all shoes are built equally.

Allbirds Shoes offer high-quality shoes, eco-friendly shoes, sustainable ones, and stylish shoes with great designs even at affordable prices. 

Since the price range of On Cloud and NOBULL are almost similar, you can make your pick based on your preference for running and other workouts you would want to engage in with your athletic shoes.However,the narrow design of the NOBULL running shoes might be the only possible drawback for this brand, especially if you have wide feet and cannot fit into their shoes.

There’s no denying that the more you spend the better quality gets delivered to you.If you are someone who gives priority to looks, then you should save enough to own a pair of APL sneakers.

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