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Top 10 Longest Lasting Chewing Gum in the World 2024

Top 10 Longest Lasting Chewing Gum in the World 2024

    The number one reason people chew gum is to freshen their breath, which is why chewing gum is so popular. If we chew the best chewing gum, we can keep our breath fresh for hours; in addition, some gums are designed as fruit-flavored snacks, which not only satisfy our sweet tooth but also aid in removing food particles and bacteria associated with bad breath from teeth. As for flavor, which gum lasts the longest? In other words, which brand of flavored gum lasts the longest?

Which gum flavor lasts the longest?

In addition to its breath-freshening effect, chewing gum also pays special attention to its flavor.

Some of the most popular gum flavors include peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, cinnamon, watermelon, citrus, strawberry, and more.

Peppermint gum is the most popular gum flavor among U.S. consumers of all generations. Nearly half of young Millennials (49.8%) prefer mint gum to fruit gum. 

There is a reason for this. Mint flavor lasts the longest when chewed in the mouth. However, many other gums lose their flavor and sweetness after 5 minutes of chewing in the mouth.

But for the lasting time in the mouth, flavor is not the absolute reason, because different brands perform differently in the combination and retention of the flavor and sweetness of chewing gum!

Don’t worry, we’ve found the best and longest-lasting gum for you, including brands and products.

  Top 10 Chewing Gums with Long-Lasting Flavor and Taste:

  1. 5 GUM Sugar Free Chewing Gum, Peppermint Cobalt

  2. Wrigley's 5 GUM React Mint

  3. Trident's Mint Bliss

  4. Trident Perfect Peppermint

  5. Extra Polar Ice

  6. Extra Peppermint

  7. Dentyne Ice Peppermint

  8. Doublemint 

  9. Eclipse Winterfrost Sugar Free Chewing Gum

  10. Wrigley's Big Red

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Top 10 Longest Lasting Chewing Gums in the World in 2024 with Reviews

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1. 5 Peppermint Cobalt Gum

($8.34 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back)


Editor's review:

5 is a brand of sugar-free chewing gum produced by Wrigley Company, which is very popular among teenagers. Because it does what other gums do, but better. The flavor is rich and intense, doesn't wear off quickly, and holds up to many chews without falling apart.

5 Peppermint Cobalt Gum is considered a leader in long-lasting taste and uplifting spirits.

It delivers about 30 minutes of concentrated mint flavor, delivering an incredibly fresh taste you'll want to enjoy again and again.

Cobalt 5 gum offers a long-lasting, cooling peppermint flavor to satisfy to your sense of taste. The peppermint aroma appeals to your sense of smell. Sugar-free gum comes in a revolutionary wrapper to delight your other three senses. Square flat, slim box offers a dramatic design and is reclosable so the gum does not fall out. The fine-quality wrapper is quieter than standard wrappers.

2. 5 GUM React Mint 

($26.46 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back)


Editor's review:

5 React Mint Gum last twice as long as most other gums?

This should be true: We were surprised by how long it lasted. We kept munching on the gum until the flavor finally started to wear off. Even so, it's not unpleasant as a hint of flavor lingers for quite a while too.

There's a reason for it: Mint React is mostly Solstice (a glorified winter mint) with a touch of Cobalt (a really good, juicy peppermint).

React mint is like a more intense Solstice without the initial warming sensation. It tingles in your mouth like toothpaste, neutralizing any lingering lunch breath from chewing. The initial flavor is strong, but the gum retains some flavor as you continue chewing it.

In the end, we got about 30 minutes of flavor longevity!

3. Trident Mint Bliss Sugar Free Gum

($15.99 FROM Amazon)


Editor's review:

Trident has a strong reputation in the chewing gum world, primarily because of its convenient size and variety of flavors. 

No matter what you're craving, it's hard to go wrong, but Trident Mint Bliss is arguably the best.

Fresh, slightly sweet, and with a cool, mild, and minty flavor, this is everything you could ask for in a mint gum. 

The mint flavor is strong at first but becomes less intense after a few minutes. The flavor lasts longer than other Trident flavors, keeping your breath fresh.

These sticks of mint gum are individually wrapped for extra freshness.

4. Trident Perfect Peppermint Sugar-Free Gum

($16.63 FROM Amazon)


Editor's review:

Launched in 1964, Trident changed the chewing gum industry as it was the first patented sugar-free gum that contained three enzymes to fight the formation of tartar on your teeth! Since then, Trident has become a household favorite.

Another flavor in Trident gum that has a refreshing mint flavor is Perfect Peppermint. It's also a favorite of many people who like to chew gum throughout the day because they notice its clean taste and long-lasting flavor.

With a strong, long-lasting flavor, and a cool, refreshing aftertaste, this is definitely one of the better mint gums Trident sells.

5. Extra Polar Ice

($3.32 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back)


Editor's review:

A tasty mint gum that has long-lasting flavor you can't get enough of? 

If you're a fan of Extra products, you've probably had them more than once in your life. This is our favorite Extra Polar Ice flavor.

Polar Ice is described as "an avalanche of icy flavor" on the Extra Gum website and a "sweet-mint" on the blog Gum Alert, which also describes Polar Ice as "closer to a wintermint flavor than a pepper or spearmint." 

Anyway, I think it probably has the longest lasting flavor of all the Extra gums, Polar Ice is the pinnacle of minty perfection. In my opinion, it is absolutely the best Extra gum you can get and has a long lasting mint flavor.

6. Extra Peppermint Gum

($8.34 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back)


Editor's review:

While Extra's Spearmint flavor seems to have more fans, it can't beat Peppermint in terms of longevity; even though they both have a mint flavor.

Like most of Extra's mint flavors, the peppermint flavor is amazing. The mint flavor is strong, but not too overpowering, so you're left with a nice, sweet, and refreshing flavor.

We also love how long-lasting the flavor is, so the incredible flavor will stay with you for a long time, about 27 minutes.

Even without sugar, the sweetness of the Peppermint comes through, making for an excellent chewing gum.

7. Dentyne Ice Sugar Free Gum, Peppermint

($8.54 FROM Amazon)


Editor's review:

Have you seen this declaration? "Dentyne Sugar Free Gum quickly freshens your breath. Up to 60 minutes, including 20 minutes of chew time for Dentyne Ice and Dentyne Fire flavors."

Is that true?

Yes! We think Dentyne Ice Peppermint Gum has a strong mint flavor that keeps your breath fresh, and the flavor lasts up to 22 minutes when chewed.

Some of our other friends think Dentyne Ice is the only gum they can chew for a long time.

Regardless, there are several options for Dentyne gum:

Dentyne Fire – Spicy Cinnamon 

Dentyne Ice – Arctic Chill, Peppermint, Spearmint, Winter Chill 

Dentyne Pure – Mint with Herbal Accents, Mint with Melon Accents

8. Wrigley's Doublemint Chewing Gum

($8.34 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back)


Editor's review:

Doublemint is one of the best-selling gum brands in the world, sold in more than 140 countries; according to early advertising, it is "double strength" peppermint flavored.

Doublemint is no slouch in terms of flavor, but more importantly, it has the best advertising in the entire gum canon.

Upstanding balance of sugar, mint, and longevity. 

Doublemint gum is a line of chewing gum with a characteristic mint flavor that, when used, can help eliminate bad breath right from the stomach, give us fresh breath, and increase our confidence when communicating. 

9. Eclipse Winterfrost Sugar Free Chewing Gum

($8.34 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back)


Editor's review:

Eclipse is a brand that promises to give users "powerful fresh breath". 

Excel gum was launched in Canada in 1991. Eclipse gum, modeled after Excel, was first introduced in the United States in 1999 by Wrigley. It was the company's first entrant into the U.S. pellet gum segment. 

Good flavor aside, we think Eclipse fares better in terms of long-lasting flavor.

The flavor lasts for about 15 minutes on average when chewed.

10. Wrigley's Big Red Gum

($3.78 FROM Walmart - Get Up To 3% Cash Back)


Editor's review:

Generally speaking, in terms of flavor longevity, peppermint is the best, then other mint flavors like spearmint, then cinnamon, and fruit-flavored gums are pretty much among the shortest lasting.

But we have to recommend Big Red, a cinnamon flavored chewing gum! Because it's proven to last longer than most chewing gum!

The flavor lasts for about 12 minutes on average when chewed.

Since 1987, Big Red has been inspiring people around the world to make the moment last a little longer with a fresh dose of cinnamon.

For everyone who prefers cinnamon to mint breath freshener, nothing comes close to Big Red Gum.

Cinnamon-flavored products are often spicy or strong, but Big Red Gum strikes a good balance between tangy and breath-freshening.

At the same time, Big Red chewing gum can reduce bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. Cinnamic Aldehyde, an antimicrobial agent, has a significant impact on oral hygiene over the short term.

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